The wind is hardly blowing. I can hear little frogs in the back in the pond behind me, it’s really nice out here this morning the sun is coming up. It’S filtering through a tree, ah it’s gorgeous, but it’s gon na cloud over and rain soon. So i better get this video out all right. So we have the recon six with us today. Now i’ve reviewed the recon three four five and now we’re up to the six, so you’re wondering why do they just keep making these numbers go one increment higher, well that’s because of the prop size, so the recon six has six inch props on it. So when you put a six inch prop on it, it means the arms really have to spread out and when you spread the arms out and put a six inch prop on a drone, it means stability is like out of this world. This one here is designed to take a 4s battery or a 6s battery i’m looking down, because i have my batteries here. So let me just show you: this is a 4s battery that i’m going to fly it with today, i’m, going to give it a shot with a 4s it’s, very small check out the same battery in the 6s format, it’s much larger. If you want 30 minutes of flight time, you have to use a battery like this. They make one that’s a 4 000. You can, you can buy one, and if you stick to 4 000 on here, then you get like the 30 minutes of flight time.

Now i should mention something about the props. If i bring this really close to the camera, look at how they are mounted, they have a tiny little nut in the center i’ve. Never seen that before they call it t mounted props. Normally, on an fpv drone, you either put two two screws that go into the props: to hold them in place if it’s, a small prop if it’s a big, prop it’s, always a big nut that you stick on well, it’s the same idea except it’s, a very Tiny nut for weight saving now in the weight saving world, you would think, oh, my god, they must be saving weight because they want it to be under 250 grams, well, it’s about 250 grams as configured without the gopro. So, whatever battery you stick on it you’re over 250 grams, but then again it is a long range drone. So long range very stable, big props, but a 4s. The props will not be as crazy. Less weight, you’ll get long range super long antenna with the vtx. Here, 800 milliwatt vtx, so that’s pretty good for long range. I don’t think i have mine set at 800 for today i think it’s uh, i don’t know what i have it set at. I might have it set pretty low i’m, not gon na fly it far. Today, because this is just a morning where it’s very quiet, no one’s around and i’m just gon na take it for a nice little spin around this area here not very far.

I just want to see how it flies uh. It also has a gps in it, which i’m not going to use for this here, video, the gps rescue is in case i go too far and all of a sudden i lose control with my transmitter and everything i can turn on the gps rescue and then Come back to me, which is a nice thing to have they’re, putting on a lot of drones nowadays, especially long range, because you need it. If you fly long range and then you go too low to the ground behind some objects, you might you might lose your connection. So what else does it have? It has the finder beeper, as would be expected for a long range drone there’s a beeper on the back. In other words, if you crash and your battery flies off well you’re never going to find your drone, because you have no more video to look in your goggles, see where you are. But this beeper is self powered and will go off and beep and beep for about 45 minutes to an hour until you find the drone and there’s a little light on it as well and it’s pretty loud. So you’re going to find you’re definitely going to find your drone. Mine has a crossfire unit in it. I never asked for crossfire, but this is the first time somebody sent me one with a crossfire unit and check this out. Look at the antenna see if i can show this right here, so this crossfire unit has something that’s, pretty sweet.

Look at the antenna. So when you fly you can put the antenna vertically. You know like it’s from top or from one end to the other end. Here hopefully it’s showing up in the camera yeah, so that’s pretty cool. You can get really long range with that and then, when you want to just put it away and store it, you just push the antenna down like that that’s pretty sweet. I haven’t seen that on too many drones before so it’s. A really nice touch that they put on this. But then again it is a recon fpv and, as you know, i’ve said it many times a recon fpv will usually be the highest of quality in parts that they put in their drones because they want to be known as the top dog in the fpv long Range drone world, and so far they pretty much are. You can see on the bottom too, if there’s enough light right here, two aluminum bolts go right through they hold this frame super secure to everything else. The arms and everything else is held super secure, so there’s, no vibrations going through this. I don’t know if i mentioned it already, but it has an f7 flight controller. It has esc’s in it that can shoot pretty high. So i think they’re 28 amp esc’s these motors – if i look at them – they’re, 210, 5.5, 1500 kv and with the esc’s and the motors, as i mentioned at the start of this video, you can go from a 4s battery all the way up to a 6s And that’s what i’m going to try in this video and what’s? The last thing i want to tell you: oh the camera up front, that you’re going to see when i’m flying uh for my pilot camera is a cadx retail 2.

. This is entirely analog. Drone it’s, not digital. This is fully analog, so it’s not super expensive when it comes to a recon drone, when you go digital, they get more expensive. So this one here is priced very nice that’s. Why i’m just going to fly it calmly around here now? Let me show you this uh when i do fly it, since it is analog i’m going to use my fat sharks. That means, when i record the video from the pilot’s camera it’s going to record inside the fat sharks. Fat sharks are not made to record cinematic footage. They’Re only made to record videos so that if you crash your drone, you can replay the video and see where you crashed it so it’s very low resolution and finally i’m going to use my radio master tx16 right here, and i do have my crossfire unit. On the back, since they put a crossfire unit in this here, uh drone, so uh let’s go fly. It first flight is gon na be with this four cell 850 battery. Now i should mention. I have a gopro hero 7 on the drone that’s going to show you video, as well as you’re, going to see the video from the pilot camera. The gopro hero 7 has a gps in it i’m, going to enable the gps to show me the speed. So when i fly with the four cell you know i’ll fly it for one point: at a good speed and i’ll see what the top speed is and then i’ll do the same later, with a 6s battery, all right so let’s take her up.

So this is with a four cell it’s supposed to be a very smooth flying drone and my god, is it ever smooth. Look at this little smooth. It flies here. I’Ll bring it back to me. Look at that! Look at this it’s, not punchy at all. I was expecting it to be like super punchy, you know like fly up in the air, but no you just this is like a sunday drive or flying around you’re just flying around here. One thing i have to be careful of is this school right in front of me here it has a pile of wi fi in it and it gives off interference. I can see it on my screen, everybody knows about it and we all avoid the school, but here i am today over by the school because there’s supposed to be soccer games happening. So i want to stay away from the kids before they come up and do their soccer games. Let’S go over here, my god, my god, with the gopro on the front. It weights it down i’m, going to tell you that right now, so, with my tiny little 4s 850 battery it’s, not what i’m used to i’m used to drones, that you just touch the throttle and you punch so you saw when i was coming to those trees. I just skimmed the tops because i was given a throttle and it was like it it wasn’t punching. I have to move the throttle a bit farther so i’m gon na say right now.

Drones like this are just so perfect for beginners. You cannot get into trouble because normally on an fpv drone, you just sneeze on the throttle, control and yeah what’s gon na happen is the drone is gon na fly up in the air super fast and you’re going to be all confused on what’s going on. But this one, no nothing like that. You have to really move the throttle to get it to go, which is so so nice really really nice and enough power. I would sue yeah. You could flip it. That was like a fast flip, so let’s try. The quality of a drone is how slow you can flip it. Slow flip yep no problem there and i guess my question is: how would the 6s battery then uh do compared to this because it’s freaking heavy, but it is a 6s powered battery right now on my screen: it’s, not saying i’m low power or anything – and this Is with the 850 pulling a gopro, so this is very efficient, a very, very efficient drone. I took off before letting the gps rescue get satellites. You see it says up the top right it’s showing a big zero that’s, because it won’t get any satellites, because i didn’t let it get any satellites there. We go going this way going this way coming around this way. The sidewalks and back over to me over here i’ll bring it over and land it over here all right, pull back see if the gopro can get it and let’s bring it down for a landing over here there we go just want to show you the little 850 milliamp hour four cell battery ahead on the back, so there it is that’s what i was flying with tiny tiny battery on this massive drone.

You know it’s very odd. I would never fly with an 850 milliamp hour battery on a drone this large, but i did – and it never gave me any problems with being out of power. It uh it’s, it’s so efficiently tuned that it doesn’t pull all the power out to give you that throttle blipping going crazy, freestyle or amazing. I don’t know stuff it’s, it’s really tuned for long range, yeah, it’s, it’s a long range drone all right. Let me see if i can get this in the picture here, so this is my six cell 6s battery. Look at it watch this. If i stick it there it’s massive it, it probably weighs well and probably weighs almost twice as much so that means, with a 6 cell, a lot more voltage, but a lot more weight. All right, let’s go with the 6s battery let’s see how she performs. Since i have the 6s i’ve, let the gps rescue get the satellites so that i can see the speed in the top right corner of your video here. Yes arm the motors everything down and i’ve turned the satellites on, so you can see them up in the top right hand corner so i’ve got 11 satellites. That will give me the speed. I just want to see what it is with the 6s motors just buzzing around me same i’m, not going far, but here we go. I notice a little bit more blipping Music, but yeah.

You see like that. A lot faster right, not as smooth not as smooth, and can you hear it it’s, just a howling it’s, just a going crazy. This is insane here chase the birdies. You hear the props just to screaming, because i got ta lift that weight and then when they lift the weight, uh they’re just gon na power. This thing forward so watch this here see my speed. Go way up there it’s quite fast let’s. Go this way. I’M. Gon na i’m gon na crank it over here come back. Let’S see what our speed is: Applause, man, that is scary. It reminds me of like dive bombers or something it is crazy. Before i landed, i think the fire department is uh. Gon na shoot some water. They always do their little fire department stuff over in the river here, yep they’re doing their little fire thingy, and i can just hear them talking: hey there’s, a guy with a drone. All right, let’s take it back over here. You can see it with all the weight of that battery coming down, missed the landing pad, but close enough all right here we go. I’Ve got another six cell on here this thing’s going to scream and that we’re going to follow a plane. The drone can go pretty fast. It can do maybe about 80 kilometers an hour but uh in short, bursts, okay, well, let’s let’s! Do the space marker, okay, sounds very cool all right.

The biggest problem with putting a battery on is, i can’t tilt the gopro back far enough to get the angle of the pilot’s camera, which is going to be an issue all right, we’re up and flying and we’re about to chase the plane. Now. The first thing i noticed after i reviewed the video was that yes, my pilot camera and the gopro were not at the same angle, the gopro needed to be tilted back farther and that huge battery was blocking it. So i did get a lot of footage, but sometimes the plane goes out of the video. As you see here now, the recon 6 had no problem chasing a plane, but let me tell you this: if you’ve never chased an rc plane before rc planes can climb and dive very fast as well, they can turn extremely quickly. Now a drone can do pretty much the same thing except the plane and the drone have no brakes. So when a plane accelerates it cannot slow down quickly and when a drone accelerates neither can it so watch the speed at the bottom as i’m. Increasing acceleration and trying to decrease just by the force of gravity and you’ll see we’re going to get into a bit of a problem coming up so right here you see my altitude on the left. You see my speed on the right i’m chasing the plane and you’ll notice. Neither the altitude nor the speed remain stable.

They keep on changing because the plane is going up and down, as well as the speed and i’m trying not to crash into the plane as i’m flying here now. If i get too close to a plane, i just fly under it or over it. But what happens if a plane is coming up as i’m going down? Well we’re gon na see it right here. Watch this chasing the plane. Neither of us have brakes i’m going down planes coming up and whoa. We almost collide let’s slow that down and check this out again, i swear watch how close we’re gon na come. I swear. We are less than an inch apart when we almost hit so after that close call. I decide to land the drone to keep it in one piece for this review: fire truck, yep yeah yeah yeah yeah photo hogs always trying to get in my photos all right before i give you my final thoughts on the recon 6, which is pretty darn cool. Uh, let me show you what comes in the box check this out. This would be the box, the recon 6 comes in, and these would be the specifications of the recon 6 that i reviewed in this video. The cad dx retail 2 cameras very well protected up front and the carbon fiber design of this drone is really good, very solid. If you buy spare batteries for this drone, please ensure they have an xt60 connector.

The drone is compatible with most cameras that require external power. Two sets of gem fan hurricane six inch props are included. Two battery straps are included as well as the hardware for a naked gopro mount. You do receive a pile of screws. Some are for prop mounting and some are just spares. The zeus: f7 flight controller diagram is included in case. You wish to add other items to the flight controller and let’s, not forget the recon fpv stickers, two optional carbon fiber arm braces are included and you can install them, as i did in this video. Please note that if you do install the arm braces, it will put the drone over 250 grams. All right firefighter guys are over there and we have this rule. What oh this here is the beeper i was talking about. I just unplugged the battery. So if i were to crash this drone, this beeper would go off and it would sound like that and i don’t know you can see there’s a little light on the bottom too. Maybe if i move it, you can see it if it was nighttime. The light would shine up so there’s an on off switch right over here kind of hard to see but that’s. How you turn the beeper off. It would run for another 45 to an hour 45 minutes to an hour. I’Ll hold that in and then i will tell you my final thoughts on this off all right, so in canada, whenever we have emergency services, you’re not allowed to fly drones around them, even if they’re, practicing or whatever, because you never know what they’re really doing they’re.

Just practicing there i was here first, i know but anyways. Those are the rules, uh drone rules in canada, so i can’t fly this anymore. So let me just sum up really quick and tell you what i think about this recon six. I honestly preferred it with a four cell battery, so let me just put this down and show you the difference in the batteries. I showed you once already, but i’ll show you again, so both of them are 850 that’s, an 856 cell that’s, an 854 cell. Look at the width of the 4 cell and look at the width of the 6 cell a huge amount of weight on the 6 cell, because there’s two extra cells, then on the 4 cell. This drone flew like a sunday driver on the four cell, and i preferred that because it’s a long range drones, if you’re not familiar if you’re new to fbv long range drones should all fly like sunday drivers. They should fly so smooth you’re, just cruising over the treetops you’re having a great time really smooth, turns and motions, because they just trickle out the power into the esc’s into the motors and the battery lasts for a long time. They’Re all designed to give you an awfully long flight time on whatever battery you use and if you use i have a battery over here. If you use a battery like this, then you’re you’re, getting close to the 30 minute mark with stuff like that, so that’s.

What they’re, designed for – and oh, i should mention if i use the battery like this and i was coming at a tree – i’d – probably hit the tree. You have to really give it throttle long before you hit the tree to get it up when you’re, using a battery like this, it there’s just not a lot of it. Trickles out the power let’s just put it that way for a drone this size, and if i was doing long range, i probably would not put a gopro on it. Either i’d probably put something lighter like an insta, 360 go or an insta 360 or a naked gopro or an smo 4k or even iflight. They have a new camera out too. So, all in all, if you’re in the market for a long drone, recon makes a pile of them so they’ve got the six they’ve got the five. They got, the four and so on and so forth, and it just goes on that way. So i would say: um look at one that’s in your price range. You know the four, the five or the six and find one that is for you all that happens when you go up in those numbers. Four five, six is the props get larger the larger? The props, the more they can lift that’s it. So if you plan that you wan na always fly with a full size, gopro you’re gon na need the six.

But if you’re gon na use something lighter, then you can get the four or the five and that’s it they’re. All the same, all the everything the features on them are all the same, because they’re made really high quality. All right, guys, i’m gon na put links to this product below go check it out. I don’t know if there’s any discounts there might be discounts on the banggood website, so i’ll put links to that as well check it out, see if it’s for you and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on anything, you saw today just post them below, and i will get back to you thanks for watching, take care catch the next one.