Let me explain so if we jump back, let me find one here: if we jump back to the summer of the year, 2020 flywood came out with the explorer right here. Super super good long range drone. This thing here is so popular, and then they made different models out of this. This is under 250 grams and you can put a battery on it and a very tiny camera and you’ll still stay under 250 grams. It is really good at long range, but not very good at freestyle or race, then get bar c came out with this guy, the crocodile baby, this one here once again, under 250 grams, you can put a camera on it and a battery, and you could do Long range but uh yeah, it’s, no good at freestyle or racing, then eachine came out with the lightest of all of them. This year, shadow fiend it’s lighter than all the drones. So this one, you can put a camera on it and you can put a battery a bigger battery and you can still stay under 250 grams and probably have a lot more fun on this one, but it’s terrible at freestyle and race. So the one i’m going to show you today is what hglrc came out with look at this baby. Look at this thing, so this guy here is well it’s under 250 grams, but if you put a camera on it and a battery it’s over 250 grams, it doesn’t matter what you do.

You’D have to like. Don’T put any camera just put a very tiny battery to keep it under 250 grams. However, it’s a long range drone and it’s outstanding at freestyle and it’s outstanding at race. It is super fast and super agile. So if you’re out there in the world and you’re going well, i think i’m gon na fly long range every now and then okay, so that’s good for you and if you’re thinking, i really like freestyle to do flips and rolls and all these other cool things. Well then, this is good for you. You know i want to get from point a to point b really fast and racing and get some really fast footage unless i’m just cruising over the ground and stuff, and then this is the one for you, so that’s what they made, and this thing here i’ve Got it on the box right there? What is that called the recon, and i think they even call it recon fpv right here, so it has a lot of the same features as all these other drones here, but it’s a lot more powerful, a lot more powerful. The motors on it are super powerful. The construction is awesome, it’s the dead cat. I know you’re, probably cringing, that i’m throwing these around, but these are fpv drones. They’Re all made out of carbon fiber super strong it’s got that beautiful dead cat. You know design on the bottom let’s see if the camera picks it up, but yeah it’s really really good, strong, props five inch.

You know it’s everything you want, so you can treat this just like a five inch drone and yet it’s still long range. But as i mentioned, the only achilles heel is that as soon as you throw a camera on there and throw a battery and you’re over 250 grams, so you’re out of that so i’m gon na stop talking and how about. I just show you me flying it here: we go hey everyone! Welcome to my channel well i’m out at my local beach today, and it is i’m looking at the temperature here and it is minus 17 degrees celsius. I’Ll put what that is up there in fahrenheit. So uh in layman’s terms, it’s like freaking, cold and watch this i’m just going to spin the camera around. Look at these people bundled up. They should be passing by any second, hopefully, the camera’s, picking that up there they are they don’t. Look too warm so back to me all right, so today, i’m flying this. This is the recon 5 by hglrc, and i am super excited to fly this because it’s, like a five inch, long range quad. All the long range drones on the market today are under 250 grams, and this one is well but it’s. A five inch. So it’s got the power on it to easily easily lift a gopro at least that’s. What it says in the literature – and it says you can put a massive battery on it too, so i brought with me: i’ve got a 6s.

This is a 6s quad and i’ve got an 850 milliamp hour battery here. Watch this there’s a gopro on it. It’S kind of heavy now there’s my big battery here you can see it takes up a lot of space, but this thing is so powerful that it can lift it all right. So what i’m gon na do? It’S uh super cold out, so i’m gon na go fly around the whole beachy area here and check out the foolish people out on the cold. Besides me, ed you’ll always know when it’s cold out when i’m wearing this hat this goofy hat, i always say if you see me wearing this, this hat this is this is it’s so cold out, because there is a windshield that i got to stay warm all Right here we go: oh, this is cold on the hands. Let’S get the battery to fit plug it in when it gets this cold out. All the uh cables and wires yeah now it’s going nuts. All the cables and wires are just freezing up everywhere. So they’re not easy to manipulate they’re really hard to move all right, make sure any wire is sticking out any place. Remember that ice it’s going to get the gps signal in the back. It does have gps rescue it’s. Okay, that works, i’ll put an acro mode. So we’re good whoa, oh this is all frozen. The cable on here the battery cable is all frozen yikes.

So what i’m going to do is i’m going to move to the front of the jeep. This is the back of the jeep move to the front of the jeep so that when i’m flying, i have the whole outer area. I’Ll leave the gopro back here. Looking at this here, drone all right, i’m, pretty sure no one’s flown this drone in as cold as weather as i’m about to fly it. So if it conks out or crashes it’s, the cold guys it’s the cold. Okay, there’s nobody out here on the beach, so i’ve got the whole area to myself. People are ice fishing that way and over this way, they’re ice fishing. That way so i’m gon na fly around here here we go, let’s put the arm switch on there. We go and take it on up. Let’S go here through the trees. Come back, so we can see what this drone looks like there. We go there’s my jeep over here and coming over. Let me go in the back here, so you can see it there. We go go buy. The gopro should be able to see this here now now. The first thing to show you on this drone is the speed check this out. Gopro 7’s on top and i’m just cruising look at how fast look at how fast it accelerated now. I’M going to go out over the water. Yes, this is not a big field of snow. This is frozen water with snow on top and we have people ice fishing, here’s, the comparison between the gopro hero 7 and the nebula pro camera, the pilot’s camera.

On the drone you can see in the nebula pro that you do get the props a little bit in the frame. So you probably wouldn’t use it as a cinematic camera you’re going to want to put a gopro on top or some other type of camera. To get the cinematic footage, like you see here now, you can really flick this drone around in the sky. You can do flips and rolls, as you please, and you can swoop down out of the sky, very easy and stay true to the course that you’re heading on, as you see here now i’m gon na swoop over here, and go to another area of the beach. Where i have more water, that is frozen because it’s winter and people are ice fishing on it, as you can see over here so i’m flying quite far away. My thing with long range drones is that you can fly anywhere. You want as you’re just exploring the world so here i’m over the ottawa river, which is totally frozen and i’m going to come back to my little beach house once again, i’m, giving you a demonstration of the video from the gopro hero 7 and the nebula pro Let’S enlarge the nebula pro, so you see it full screen there you go so that is the pilot’s camera that’s. What you would get if you put no camera on this drone and just record the image in your goggles. If you want cinematic, filming, you’re gon na have to put a camera on the top some sort to get something really good here, i’m doing some freestyle just flicking it around in the sky to see how well it does, and of course it performs well quite impressed With it, it flies just like any freestyle drone watch that just miss the tree, because it’s got so much power that i can pull up and out no problem now, if you want to fly slow and low to the ground here, i’m going slower low between trees To make something cinematic and again flying along even my digital goggles i’m, not gon na notice, the branches to the last minute and i’m gon na fly right into them.

Here i go, but the drone survived no problem there. Now, as for flight time, i really don’t know what the flight time on this drone is because it was so cold that my batteries were not performing well. I was not getting a massive amount of flight time with these large batteries i put on, and that was due to the cold. So i honestly can’t tell you what the flight time is on this here quad. I just want to show you when the drone lands. You hear the beeping that’s, so you can find it it’ll just go on and on and on for hours, it’s using its own battery power, well, actually it’s using this battery power. But if i disconnect this battery power watch, what happens i’ll just pull it out there. We go it’ll stop but give it a few seconds it’s going to start up again. Watch this because it’s going to use the reserve battery power to say, hey the big battery died, main power source, but uh you’re, probably looking for me. So i better start another beeper signal to let you know where i am so here we go a little bit different, beeping sound, but uh that’s pretty much it. It just keeps on going and that will go for hours and hours, underneath here, there’s an extra little tiny little battery like a watch battery or something that’s been charged up by the big battery and that’s. How you find this drone, i got ta admit this – is such a good drone, it’s extremely fast, which is surprising, especially with all that weight of the battery for a five inch long range, it’s very weird, especially yeah.

The weight. The power and weight ratio is just off the scale for this thing really really good all right. So the next thing i want to show you is what comes in the box and tell you a little bit about the specs so check this out here we have the box and it does not say hglrc anywhere, but hglrc sent it to me. So taking the cover of the box off, you have the drone it’s almost fully assembled. The only thing you have to do is take the antenna. You can see it here and just push it into the tiny hole that’s at the rear of the drone. Like all good new long range drones on the market, you get an external power supply to power, a naked gopro or a naked insta 360 or some other camera. I won’t be doing that so i’m, stuffing it back inside included in the box. You get two full sets of hurricane props. Five inch put one set on the drone, keep a set just as spares for backup. You also get the screws that you will use to screw. The props to the drone plus some spare body screws, a naked gopro mount is included if you have a naked gopro. You also get two battery straps, plus some documentation on the flight controller and a few other odds and ends two carbon fiber arm braces are included. You do not have to install them, but if you do, it strengthens the arms in case of a crash and when you have them installed.

It looks like this. My drone weighed 222 grams out of the box. My drone came with 6s motors, so they’re 1800 kv very lightweight, very pancake style here’s, a nice touch to protect the cadx digital nebula pro camera in the front, the pilot’s camera. If you look there’s a tpu mount 3d printed, all around it, but on the bottom they actually have a carbon fiber chin. You can see that as i lift the drone up right there, so there’s a lot of protection. It does come with an f7 flight controller and 30 amp escs, a full size. Xt60 connector is included here. You can see the very thick carbon fiber dead cat frame and those two red circular items are actually aluminum holding everything together. This is a close up of the finder beeper on the tail end, and here we have the gps rescue unit that had no problem gathering satellites during my flights. Finally, here we have the rhcp sma small hammer antenna, so there you have it so. The drone is under 250 grams, however, like i said you put a camera on it and a battery and you’re over 250 grams. If you want to stay under the 250 gram limit on a long range drone and fly far, then you need. You know these other ones that i showed that i’m. Throwing on my little thing here. You’D need one of these ones here, but if you want to go really fast and you want to do freestyle and still have a long ranged road, if you want to fly this 20 miles out, that’s fine put a crossfire on it at a bunch of other Communication systems and you’re fine, you can’t, but uh you’re, going to be over 250 grams, all right i’m going to put links below to where you can find this baby and go check it out, because i think it’s really good.