We have all seen the exciting and amazing footage that have been recorded. There are fresh, fallen, snow winter landscape with the sun just shining onto it. Casting really nice shadows and that basically two main challenges. First of all the temperature and that can come in different flavors. You can freeze on your hands and lose your ability to operate the drone, but also then the drone might not even be able to take off. If you dont make sure that the batteries are kept warm just before you launch the drone. Secondly, theres reflections. Everything when the sun is shining on these white surfaces will be very reflective. So we need to dim down the shutter speed of the drone for that knot. To skyrocket, through the roof and for that purpose, of course, we have our trusted nd fillers and in this case its a kit from freewell. I have mounted the nd 64, a polarizer version here on the drone, and i made sure that the ring here the front ring that is positioned vertically on the drone. So i get the maximum polarization effect the battery. You need to keep that warm so for this experiment. I just kept it here below sort of the recording bracket that im using for the gopro max so im, pretty sure that this is a preheated. You dont need to do that, but dont leave the batteries in your car overnight, ready to get out flying because then you might run into problem when you want to launch the drone freezing.

Your fingers is often a problem when youre out flying your drone winter time, but i often use my car because thats nice and warm – and i can sit here inside, even though its pretty freezing outside without having any issues. This is not always possible. Of course, you can end up in a situation where youre on a mountain or a hill or somewhere, where you cant bring your car. So thats, of course, always not an option but in many cases its a very convenient just to sit here in your car and concentrate on the job and, of course, not flying too far away, which you still cant spot. The drone. If you need to im outside the city and lets, take the mini for spin and see how that goes position on the launch pad, and i brought the smart controller and make sure to minimize the time from when you put it on the launch pad. Until you launch the actual drone, because once the juices are going to flow from the battery into the motors or the escs, everything will start to heat up and you would not have problems getting it. Oh so lets just launch it here. So just underexpose it a bit here. Music lets fly over to those mills over here. The temperature is slightly below zero or 32 fahrenheit, which i think its equivalent to in the u.s, and so far as you can see, there are absolutely no problem and the landscape is as stunning as i would imagined.

It would be. Lets just fly a little bit further down here. We can put it in sport mode and were doing it a little bit faster. So i got a weak signal, thats, probably because im in the car, so dont lets so im over here somewhere, oh thats, because i put in some aggressive exponential settings the other day. I did that video about these settings where you can slow down the stick response. So if you missed out on the video that i made about the expo or exponential settings of the drone, where you can slow down the stick response, when youre flying you can access those under this, these three dots here you can see you can set your expo Settings for the drone. I made a separate video about that and make sure to link that up here somewhere, if youre interested in that – and you can see – i put in some very aggressive settings here for for for sport boats, which was the reason why it was reacting a little bit. Crazy, so we mounted the nd filter and the drone before we took off so lets just see how that brings the shutter into play here. So if i stop the video here shortly, you can see here iso 400. We dont need that we need to put the iso down to 100, like this, that was actually um, so the filter is actually too dark for this scenery. You see, if i put it down to 100, you see that the footage will be underexposed with 1.

3 stop, which is okay, but it is still maybe a little bit too dark so lets just try and put it up here, 200., so in in any other case, I would have flown back and replace the nd 64 to nd 32 to make sure that i get closer to zero in exposure. If you want to understand more in depth about nd fillers and why and how and when youre going to use those, i made a separate video about that, which i make sure to include somewhere in the description below im. Probably getting these weak signals warnings, even though its just in front of the car here so im located down here at this spot behind those machinery. So maybe that is whats causing the interference with the signal to the drone, but its very beautiful, very beautiful landscape. So so far so good, we are flying perfectly fine below the specification of the drone. We can do a little point of interest here manually, so lets move to the right and then i compensate with the yaw. So in that way i can keep the car in the center of the frame here and just just keep your hands. Steady, dont touch anything, and then you can very easily make a scene like this. So lets get the drone back. Someone asked me if im doing the return to home while sitting in the car, if the drone can actually find the car on the way back, so lets make a test of that.

So basically, the conclusion here is that its perfectly fine to go outside flying below the specified temperature of the drone. As long as your batteries are preheated, you need to compensate for the extra brightness of the sun, basically bring down your shutter speed by using nd filters, because you dont have any other way to reduce the amount of light that hits the sensor you can deal with At least to some limited with the cold, the freezing goal is by staying inside some sort of shelter. In my case, this is the car that will make it a more easy for you to just sit very cozy and quietly and deal with whatever obstacles that you are being exposed to. I do want to add a very, very important disclaimer is that you should avoid to fly under very moist and foggy conditions, especially when its around 0 celsius or close to freezing you might end up in a situation with icing on your props popping, the motor oil Warning out of nowhere forcing you to land instantly or in extreme cases, simply make the drone crash so be really careful when flying under moist conditions. So lets see whats going on here. I usually stop it just before it hits the roof, because i want to make sure that that everything goes well and for that purpose the pause button. That is really your friend, because that will stop any operation and, as i can see it its not going to hit the car you see, it would have missed the car if that was the case.

So what i do now is i just normally just oh, so safe back on the roof, so thats thats, pretty uncomplicated, just as a test lets grab a few questions from one of the previous videos and, in this case its the expo or exponential settings of the Remote introduced with the gti fly app 154 and, as many of you have pointed out, its not called exposure but exponential or expo settings, which is something that is very familiar to ones of you that have been flying. Rc aircrafts before youre entering into the dji arena. With the expo settings, youll be able to adjust the stick sensitivity around center, making it a lot easier for you to capture smooth footage. Some of you reported quick shots were missing after installing 154, but in most cases this is because you have forgot to mount a sd card in you, which will mean the quick shots will be missing and youll be recording in a low resolution. If you are recording directly onto your phone, so just slap in an sd card and everything will be back to normal. How do the expo settings affect the advanced gimbal settings? These two advanced settings are not linked at all, as the advanced gimbal settings is only related to the movement or the tilling of the camera, where the expo or exponential settings are related to controlling the drone by itself. So what do you think about me? Answering your questions directly as part of a video.

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