Something thats really important to me is portable power, because i dont want to be stuck in a situation where i run out of battery during the day as im shooting, and i can no longer fly my drone because of this. I featured a lot of these different portable power stations here on my channel, some that are relatively smaller, like little battery banks, all the way up to massive generators that could literally power your house, but sometimes i dont need all that much power with that said over The past few weeks, ive been using this power station from anchor and dont. Let its size fool you, because it holds a serious amount of power allowing you to charge and power a lot of things on the go. The power to weight ratio of this power station really is perfect. What i mean by that is like for how small the form factor is. It can hold a whole lot of energy inside. When i bring this with me, i never feel like im constrained. I never feel like it. Doesnt deliver enough power for what i need to do on the day to day now, speaking of its size, the form factor is really whats made. Me fall in love with this thing. So much usually when i have these power stations, i leave them inside of my trunk of my car and ive got to continue to go back to my car to grab batteries but whats great about this being so small.

Is i dont mind bringing it with me whether ive got a lug it a half mile or a full mile? It never bogs me down because of its size and again that ratio between weights of power in this power station really is perfect. Now the official weight is 8.2 pounds and the handle at the top makes it really easy to move around with, while were looking at the power station. Here i want to point out the available i o on the front working our way from the left to the right. We have a car outlet and a switch to turn power on and off in the middle is our display panel. That shows various pieces of information. Like the input and output wattage the percentage remaining, how much time the power station will last with its current usage, how much longer it will take to recharge and the ports that are currently drawing power? You can wake the display by tapping the display button here. That is in line with our three usb ports, one of which is usbc, while the other two are usb. A on the right side of the power station is two ac outlets, with a switch to control power, theres also, a power saving switch that, when turned on will turn the power station off after all, connected devices have been charged. The final thing on the front side here is this light bar that emits a warm light. It only sips to watts of power, so you can run this light for days on end on its own without charging or powering anything else.

To finish, our walk around of the power station theres a dc input on the back to charge the internal battery from the wall, your car or the sun, using a solar panel to note some more general things about the build of this device. Theres openings on either of the shorter sides for ventilation, theres rubber feet on the bottom, to support the power station and the entire thing is made of a high quality plastic which drastically helps keep the weight down. So, overall, i would say that im relatively happy with the available port selection here on the anker 521 power station. It gives me a lot of different ways to charge the devices that i bring with me, but if i had to nitpick i would complain about only one usb c port and two usb a ports. I mean. I know that were in this weird transition period, going from usb a to usb c as the standard, but i feel like most devices now are shipping with a usb c cord in the box and therefore, i feel like they should have done like two usb c Ports and one usb a port as like kind of a backup, but the one thing that im ecstatic about, especially in a power station. This size is two ac outlets. Usually, a smaller power station will kind of sacrifice in terms of what they offer and just give you one ac outlet. But this gives you two so in my case, im able to charge two drones at once, whether its my two drones or, if im sharing power with somebody else so having two ac outlets is huge.

Now, speaking of charging, batteries lets talk about output power of this power station. The internal battery has a capacity of 256 watt hours. The dc input charges the power station at 65, watts, the ac outlets, output, 200 watts and the usb c port outputs, 60 watts of power. It also actually acts as an input, so you could charge the internal battery through the usbc port. If you forgot your dc charger at home, but just know that it will be a little bit slower at 60 watts as a 16 inch macbook pro user, unfortunately im unable to charge this device directly from the usb c port. Here on the power station, i mean, i guess technically i could, but it would just either die slower or it wouldnt charge all that fast. So for those more power hungry devices like a 16 inch macbook pro or these drones, i have sitting here on the table. You can make use of the two ac outlets now. One quick thing to note is that if you are using a smaller macbook pro like a 13 inch, macbook pro or even a macbook air, you will be able to charge it at full speed using the usb c port, because those laptops are smaller and dont require. As much power, so with those smaller laptops, you can use the usb c port, which really does make things easy now onto the drones. Ive got three of them sitting on the table here.

Ive got the mavic 3, the air 2s and the mini 2.. I would say that these are like the most popular drones in their category. Weve got like professional prosumer more like an intermediate drone and weve also got a beginner drone, even though the mini 2 is a beast. I hate classifying it as a beginner drone. So, to give you the rundown, basically, i drained one battery down from each of these drones to 25, which simulates how much power that i would expect to land with remaining in the battery with safe flight practices. You obviously wouldnt want to land with like zero percent battery left. It wouldnt make any sense. So the mavic 3s battery, when plugged into the acl that used up 31 of the power stations battery, which means that we can expect to recharge about three batteries with some power left to spare the air 2ss battery drained the power station down 18 for one charge. So you can get about five and a half extra flights with your drone and the mini 2 charging rate off of the usb c port only used up 5 of power from the power station, which means that you could get about 20 extra charges or 20 extra Flights, which is seriously amazing, all right so guys there you have it, that is the anker 521 power station. In my opinion, it is the perfect portable companion to bring with you when you are flying your drone to provide portable power for your batteries and i wont lie when i first pulled this out of the box.

I was downright worried. I was like man. This thing is small: how many extra flights can i get like, maybe one or one and a half full charges on my drone batteries, but to my surprise, being able to charge my mavic 3 batteries three more times to get three extra flights. I mean look at the advertised flight time of 46 minutes multiply that by three you get like 138 extra flight minutes thats over two extra hours of flight time. All thanks to this power station and lets talk about price, because that puts things into perspective as well. One mavic 3 battery is like 210 thats, an absolute guess, ill put the real price right here in editing, so you get about 210 dollars for one extra flight on the mavic 3 or for 250. With the anker power station. You get three extra flights. In fact, right now on amazon, its on sale for 199, so this is actually cheaper than a mavic 3 battery. I know which one id be choosing anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know your thoughts on the anchor 521 power station.