If you want to get into elrs, this might be the easiest way to get into elrs, because beta fpv has released the light radio 3. It also has a module in the very back which i love. So internal elrs is in this radio. This radio is ready to bind up straight to 2.4 elrs. Now there might be a 915 megahertz version coming well have to see about that, but this is awesome, because this lets us bind up to any built in spi version of elrs or if you have a standalone, elrs receiver on board. So this has f4 flight controller. This is the meteor 6.5 pro and its running today. On a 1s bt, 2.0 connector 300 milliamp battery were just going to plug that into the bt 2.0 connector and were going to turn the radio on and im going to show you how easy it is to bind up ers, because i just wanted you to see In this demo, youll see that it goes blue when its connected here but im going to go ahead and restart this buying process. There is a bind button right here on the bottom front of the radio, usb c port for charging up. We have the train report. Port setup port here and we have bind button, so you just hit the bind button and you go on the quad youll, see it flashing red go up in the front here, hit this little gold button right here in the very front.

If it stops, flashing, go ahead and do it again and when you see that this little guy is gone, solid, green youre, bound up thats it and well, do it again just hit this gold button. It starts flashing, and you hit this one here and when it goes blue here and solid green here bam, youre bound and thats as easy. It is as it is to bind up elrs for the first time user, uh very, very simple. Within a couple minutes, we have it bound up um, just giving you a quick overview of how to do that, because i dont know if theres any other reviews out there for the meteor 6.5 and just how to bind it really quickly. So in the beginning of this video, i want to show you that and then just jump right into some of the flying, because the meteor 65 pro its the one to get. In my opinion, it is the one with the built in spi receiver and paired up with this radio its the perfect match, so lets go ahead and do some flying now and ill. Show you how fast this little guy is its one of the fastest 1s whoops out there on the planet. Meteor 65. Pro here we go Music. This is Music, so Music, so Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, good Music. All right guys welcome back from the flight test. So today was a little bit wet outside and i almost crashed in a puddle but its back in the house in one piece now and i have to say that this one handles really well in acro or in stabilized mode.

If youre brand new, just start out in stabilized mode and work up to acro acro is the holy grail of fpv, so on the website it says about four minutes flight time i think its realistically. What im getting is is more like three minutes close to three minutes and the weight on this little guy is around 22 grams. So you know in a real world setup ive built them somewhere around 21 grams 20 grams with brushed motors. This one has brushless on there. It is much much faster than previous years versions of these, so i think the meteor 65 was one of the fastest indoor quads that i ever flew, and now that the pro came out im happy with this one, because it also has the option for you guys To do a 350 milliwatt btx setup so, and it has larger props on this one i believe theyre the same motors as the original 6.5. If you want to go back and get something a little cheaper and you dont want elrs, you can do that ill. Put the link down below for that one, but it is running the same battery its a bt, 2.0 300 milliamp 1s battery from beta fpv exclusively, and i believe tiny whoop also makes some bt 2.0 connectors. But these are the zero eight zero. Two se motors on here 19500 kv one of the things you you should watch out for when youre flying these. If youre brand new, just a tip, is to check the motors every once in a while push down on the prop, because these props do start to ride up and they will come, they will come off eventually, and i believe these were one millimeter shafts on this.

One ill have to double check ill, try to find some links to the props for you guys, if you, if you order one of these from my link, please do order. Some extra props. Also you want to watch out for hair. Getting in the motor hair will start to wind up in the motor when you crash in the carpet. If you have carpet in your house or even hardwoods, you can pick up long hair and it will string up inside the motor here now we have an f4 flag controller. It also has plug and play motors, which is really nice. So if you burn up a motor, you get some hair stuck in there and it burns up. You can replace that just by unplugging it and playing it back in also, i can remove this. I did remove the one bolt one screw on one side just to just to show you guys whats going on under the hood here. This is that f4 flight controller, and you can see a little tower right here. That little tower is the spi receiver and thats. Your elrs receiver theres a bind button right underneath it here. Remove this. You can see a little gold button here, thats the bind button, and i showed you the procedure in the video, the video earlier in the video of how to do that. Its super super simple. So guys that kind of intimidated by elrs this is really really simple guys, so dont dont be intimidated.

We also have that classic beta fpv camera on here, that is the c02 camera and its the m03 25 milliwatt to 350 milliwatt vtx under here with that dipole, and i believe you can replace this with something else. A lot of guys are upgrading this to a right hand, circular polarized antenna, which would you know, work out pretty nice, but i think its nice and lightweight, i, like the tri blade props, were going to also review the larger one, the big brother to this one. I believe it was the 7.5, but for today, its all about the 65. If you want something smaller and just way under 250 grams grab, one of these with a couple batteries and this little usbc charger its stupid, simple to use, and you can also use it as a little battery tester. So if you plug in a battery without the usb c plugged in the display, will come on and show you what the cell is reading so 4.3 and they should charge all the way up to 4.35 volt, because these are actually hv batteries. So if we can plug that in and just let it charge all the way up and itll go green when its done so those are pretty much just topping off and theyll be ready to go. But you can check out the link down below guys and um grab one of these meteor 65 pros. If you want, i think this one is is definitely a better upgrade than the original one.

Uh 350 milliwatt vtx just means more power and a more solid image. So, when youre doing the outdoor flying with this its going to give you a nice, solid video signal – and you can go a little further with the express lrs version so yeah this one and the the light radio three. In my opinion, this is definitely the the perfect combo for for anyone getting started. This is the way to go. Absolutely. You can use my uh discount code down below for any of the meteor six files on banggood.