My name is andrew willey im, a professional photographer based in los angeles and as a long time, mavic enthusiast. I was really excited when adorama hit me up to test out their new mini 3 – pro Music Applause, Music, all right so before heading out in the field. To actually put this thing to the test, lets take a look at whats inside the box. Alright, so heres, the drone and first thing im noticing is that this thing is small, not only that, but its super light. So this is going to be really really awesome. For anybody that is out, hiking and doesnt want to carry a big heavy bag with them. So taking a closer look at the gimbal here, we can see that this is an all new 3 axis mechanical gimbal, which is going to give us improved video stabilization. But in my eyes the real game changing feature here is that were able to flip to portrait mode again now this is huge not just for beginners, but even experienced creators out there all right, and so this now is the new rc controller, and this thing is Sweden, it feels really nice in my hand, already. Obviously, we have a built in screen, which is huge. Anybody thats been flying. Drones at all knows that having a built in screen and not having to rely on your phone is a big win overall, so thats huge that theyre, including this with the new package at this price point, especially all right.

So while i could spend all day looking at this beauty, lets take this thing out in the field and really put it to the test, all right, so im getting ready to head out to my first location and im excited because i dont have to bring my Big 30 pound bag, which i usually would have to. Instead, i get to just bring this little case here, and this has the fly more kit for the new mini three comes with the drone itself, the controller and then two extra batteries, so im gon na be set shooting all day today and with that said, lets Just get going Music all right, whats up guys, so we made it into the field at our first location, and i chose this one because we have just a really nice road that leads right up to los angeles, with some nice palm trees on each side. This is also a residential area too, so lets test out how quiet this thing actually is. I have a feeling that its going to be really quiet, which is perfect for situations like this, and that said, lets get this thing set up and put it up in the air Music. So first thing im noticing is that its actually really really quiet and like i said that is always a really big benefit for any time youre out flying a drone, yeah, so right off the bat im actually noticing that it flies really really nicely.

That was going to be one of my biggest concerns with how light it was, but that definitely isnt an issue. It flies its really stable im able to fly straight through the palm trees, which is exactly what i wanted to do with this shot. Another new feature is that the gimbal can tilt the camera up to 60 degrees, for these really dynamic shots which hasnt ever been offered on any consumer drone to date. Another thing that im really liking so far about the new controller is the joysticks here they just have really nice, precise control and feel really good to fly around and, like i said, give you the control that you need when youre up flying in the air. So, since were out here during the early afternoon, we have some really nice long shadows out here. So im gon na switch the gimbal and angle it straight downwards and see what i can get in terms of creative shadows for people walking by and maybe some palm trees and different things like that as well too. But thats always one of my favorite things about drones – is that you can just get these really cool, unique perspectives that you otherwise just wouldnt, be able to get all right. So just finished up my first flight with the drone and im really impressed this thing honestly handled the wind really really well, the controls felt really nice and i was able to get a lot of really nice smooth footage and overall, like i said, im, just really Really impressed with this so far but im stoked to take it out on the other side of la and see what else we can get with it all right.

So we made it to our second location here at elysian park, and i met up with my buddy whos, going to just take us one moment and cruise down the street while im able to get some nice golden light tracking him down. The road lets go Music, Music. Another thing that ive really been enjoying about the new remote is the fact that it just switches between sport mode, normal mode and super super quick. So i can be in sport mode to really get to the shot that i need to get to as fast as possible and then just switch over to cine and instantly everything slows down and becomes a lot smoother. Another thing i noticed about the new remote is that it comes with a new interface thats, really clean and super easy to navigate. As you can see, all of your controls are nicely positioned. To give you more time, focusing on flying and less time searching for your settings, Music right now, youre having a look at some of the vertical footage shot with the new 3 axis gimbal honestly, creating content for social media has never been easier. Alright, so i made it to my last location of the night and since this thing has a 1.7 aperture lens, i really wanted to test out its low light capabilities. What better way to do that than, of course, than being right in front of downtown los angeles at blue hour, and that said, lets just get this thing up in the air and see how it performs Music between its small footprint, the new rc controller.

4K. 60. Video capabilities and its new 3 axis gimbal for vertical content. This truly is a no brainer for both experienced content creators and new drone pilots alike, thanks again adorama for letting me test this bad boy out, dont forget to like comment and subscribe to see more of their awesome content once again, im andrew willey and ill see.