This is minefield its a lovely place its where were going to have our meetup happening on saturday august, the 20th plenty of stuff for you to fly, including this crane wait whos. That is that your buddy ken it is your buddy ken, but wait whos that up top thats billy thats, the sculptor thats billy tripp billy tripp, you whack em all. What are you doing? Oh? No, oh, no! Ah darn it! Well! I guess thats it for the drone um. It is a bit windy out here and my hands were shaking, so you can see how you can have a really great time here at minefield and just go to and sign up its completely free and its going to be a lot of fun. So i hope to see you here now: i got to climb down holy hell by the way, huge thanks to beta fpv for providing this new cetus pro learner drone. This is a great kit. It comes with the goggles drone controller bunch of batteries, its all in here, theres the bird itself right there aint she purdy. This is everything you need in one kit to get started with fpv the goggles that come with. It are a mono goggle, but the resolution is really good. I cant wear them because i wear corrective lenses. If youre near sighted, you might have to figure something out but thats. Why i have these, so i can tune into this signal.

With these one lucky person will take this home with them as a prize during minefield. August 20th thats a saturday. This is a little whoop style drone that you can fly indoors outdoors when theres, not a lot of wind. I am giving this away im going to show you how it flies. Hopefully i dont break it. The great thing about this drone is that you can set it for any kind of skill level. You can have it flying slowly, medium or fast. If you dare uh its got manual mode, which is like acro im going to fly it in the mid mode because i dont want to crash, i dont want to crash the prize. So here we go there. We go all right, Music, its a good little flyer. Let me see if i can keep from crashing into stuff were in the water thatd be bad there, we go come back around and its ducted, so you can bump into things sort of Music all right. Let me see if i can come through here. Oh, i dont want to crash it. It is fun. These little drones are great learners, ill, put a link in the description so that you can get one. But if you want to try to win one join us august 20th, thats saturday right here at minefield, im gon na land, it there we go so thats. The cetus pro from beta fpv ill put a link in the description to their website and uh hope to see you here at minefield.

3.0. What no dont do it billy, no Laughter? Well, there you go thats. What the super g looks like now. I think its fixable, the battery might be toast uh. The top plate, i think, is cracked yeah, but uh shell fly again and the gopro survives so thats good got ta risk it for the biscuit. So i said i was coming to visit you to do another promotional video for minefield, which is happening saturday august 20th. Here at minefield its going to be fun yeah it is, and then you texted me back hey ill help. You climb the crane and i thought to myself. Well, okay, that was a misquote. I i i wanted you to help me, lift the crane. Oh, that was it okay, so i guess i probably shouldnt have climbed it. I need a sd card. Do you have one? No for this, ah dude yeah. Are you rule? Thank you. Oh hell, yeah. Oh.