I came out to the beach and it was sunny, but look at its just fog fog has rolled in and its blocking the sun. This is the weirdest thing i have seen in a while. So i brought the splash drone 4 right here out with me because im going to plunk it in the water and well, this is the only time i have this week, so yeah im going to plunk. It in the water out in the fog – you might not see too much but ill try to get really close to it. So you can see it ill, keep it close to shore, so i can see it and everything else i cant. I cant shoot it far out because i wont even see the drone, so ive got to keep it near sorry about that. Also, if you have not seen my video of the splash drone 4, the unboxing, what comes in the box go watch that its linked below ive also done a video on some of the camera features and flying it in the rain that is linked below ive. Also done a video on launching stuff from the bottom, there is a quick release system underneath it and that video is linked below, but in todays video in the foggy video we are going to go out and drop it in the water. So here we go now. You will notice down here. Hopefully this camera picks it up. I have the antennas pointing straight up thats what you have to do if you want to use it in water, so having them point straight up, is the opposite of having them point straight down into the water, so that way, youll get reception.

Back to your controller, you can also see out in the foggy water area here that theres some ripples wind happening, so the splash drone 4 wont sit exactly flat in the water. It will bounce around move around thats, pretty good, because thats pretty much realistic. All right lets start up. The motors lets take it on up there. We go theres, our splash drone ready to go so here i am, and if you look down theres my super white leg, so i could walk in the water and uh yeah. Look at theres. Even fog behind me, you cant see too far. If i took this drone away up, like i dont know a few hundred feet, it would go beyond the fog i might try that later, but for now lets slowly yawed around and head on out into the water. All right, so here we go so its got a lot of wind power to lift that weight, as you can see its blowing down into the water down there, its pretty cool. So let me bring it over to my gopros, so we can see whats happening so bring it over there, its in the center of the gopro, so they should get it when it lands, so uh lets drop it into the water ill go down slow. This time there we go ill go down slow this time there we go. So if i pull this left joystick down its going to stop the motors watch ill, stop the motors and its just going to float there now the camera underneath.

It is not seen much that i could see on my display, but i can move it from left to right as im doing here and i can look down so you can see some sun there we go. So i can look to the left and theres a leg and i can move it to the right. So if we were looking at fishies, i could see that right now were just flopping around in the water and i can have it look down at the uh. The water below theres, the beach sand, this just flop, flop flip flop. So let me just bring the camera back up to the front. Let me give you something good to look at theres, my foot there. It is right there theres look at the size of that toe all right, all right, so our drones out there. If i want to start it up again, lets just plop it in the water pull these in and were gon na go and then take it up. Really fast, so the props dont hit the water there we are and the camera the camera is designed that if you look down, let me just go like this. If i look down so im going to bring the camera looking down, a lot of the droplets of water should fall off it and then, if i bring it back forward, if i was flying through the air, it would dry off a lot of the water and There i am there so lets, try a few other features, and i love this feature where i could just leave the drone there and move the camera like this left to right and look around at certain things.

I dont have to yaw the drone, its pretty good for that. So a lot of people fly in this drone. You wont be so kind and gently landed in the water youll. Do this ready. This is a hard landing there we go and you can see its just sputtering in the water, but its designed for that. You can smash it into the water. If you want its, not a problem and again just pull these in and i can take off again. Applause, no problem there so now youre wondering hey what if i put this in the water and it it it flips over upside down, will it flip back over well apparently its supposed to so let me try that. Let me just land it in the water there. We go land, it im going to hold the left joystick down, so the motors stop and im going to do one of these things so lets say its flopping around in the water and all of a sudden, a big wave hits it and will it work. I dont know if its deep enough here, let me go deeper in the water here. I have to come backwards. Make sure i dont step on anything all right now, im getting pretty deep. Hopefully these gopros could pick me up still ill go over here, all right. So my hat cam should see it. So all of a sudden whoa we hit a big wave were upside down.

Now. What do we do? Our drone we cant take off. We just pull the joysticks in and it should flip here we go and there we go here we go and there we go. We are good and we could take off again ill, just spin it sideways. So we can take off so thats what you do when youre out in deep water lets go up there. So with this drone you never have to worry about losing it in the ocean or the water. It will just you just flip it and you get it back as you need to use it. Lets bring it over here, plop it down. Now there is a special boat mode on this thing. Let me just get over here uh, i dont know if itll work, because the boat load requires calm water or it requires if its bouncy water, you need the foam little foam feedies on it, which ill show you a picture of what they look like here. Theyre, like little foam inserts flotation devices so on here i have boat mode. Let me see, can i find it im going to hold that down and i should be in boat mode now. So if i try to move it forward so now you notice with boat mode. It hovers off the water about an inch so that it can actually drive like a boat, but you need the flotation device to drive it on. So you can see on the camera underneath im just driving it around.

So without the flotation device it could smash into the bottom of the sand, so it just keeps on going in the direction you left it, so it will just keep traveling that direction so lets turn it off there. We go lets stop that right, starter up again. All right, so you can see, we have a boat mode, we have a flip over mode, we have a land in the water mode and you can do a lot of cool things. There is also an extension for this that causes the camera to be lower so that you can go in deep water and film deep underwater. I dont have that extension, but i have something thats almost as cool. Let me show you all right see if i can squeeze in here, so what i have is. I have a gopro seven on the end of a cable right here that im gon na dangle from the bottom of this under the quick release mechanism. Im not gon na launch it, but this way i can come down to the water and drop this into the water and see deeper into the water farther out so lets. Try that all right so lets hit the payload button over here. Get that in there we go all right were losing our sun. The sun has gone behind the fog, the fog is really thick, so i cant go as far as i want, but you can see. I have the little gopro hanging from the bottom watch.

This lets go up, go up in the air and its going to pull up the gopro, so that gopro should be filming me right now. There we go and theres the drone up there so lets just take it forward. Music, i was hoping the fog would be gone, so i could take this farther out and show you the gopro in the water, but i could only dip it a little bit, but here we go all right. Its kind of dark, too, and the wind is picking up all right, so let me go down and ill show you what i mean. So, as you can see, you get the hint put the gopro in the water and the gopro. If that was deep water. Well, you could go way right down and go really deep or you could just drag it along the water from above like this, there we go. So you can see what the gopro looks like what im doing that. So if we were someplace in hawaii clear waters, ocean waters, you could get some pretty cool footage. You might see fishies and everything else if you put a super long cord on or whatever here. Let me just bring it back this way right over here, dragging the gopro. It probably is its looking up. So there we go its not seeing everything, but if i take it out, let me go farther out Music go out there its deeper over here.

I should be able to put it down and the gopro shouldnt touch the bottom over there. There we go lets, take it back up and bring it back to me. Do you want to see what a gopro looks like falling from the sky? Lets bring it over to me closer to the water here: okay theres, my gopro drop it in the water. Here we go bye there. She goes make sure i remember where that is theres. My gopro drop it in the water. Here we go bye all right. Our drone is, there got the fog here, look at its just disaster im going to see if i can take this up, uh, maybe a few hundred feet and see if i can get it above – the fog, the cameras probably still wet with water, but well see What the image looks like so here we go. Let me just take it down the beach a bit all right lets. Take it up lets see if we can get over the fog, so you cant see anything about 50 meters, 55 meters, so im at 115 meters and uh. Can you see anything lets see? Oh, it looks like some blue sky over there looks like i have to im at my limit. Ive got the height limit set at 120 meters because thats what it is in canada, so i cant go any higher uh, but look at you could see im just at the tip of the fog.

If i could just go higher, we could see higher im just going to rotate it here and see if the fog breaks in any other direction, uh thats dark. Getting that way. I dont know what the hecks there flying forward. I can see through the fog just slightly there we are so. The drone is quite a distance away from me now and we can see blue skies, but i cant go any higher because of the limitations in canada, all right im going to bring it back to me. So when you want your drone to come back to you, you just hit return to home, because you cant really see it with all this fog, so im going to hit return home and it should come back to me. Let me look at the map and ill just see it coming back. I could see that my drone is a way out over the water and i can see the arrow. So i just point the arrow back to me. It always comes back to the location of this here controller, so i could hear it above me its a way. The heck up there here comes and theres our drone right above me coming down. So, no matter where im standing with this controller is where the drone will return to. So here we go now. What im going to do is take control of it before it hits the beach sand, because i dont want any beach sand in the motors and there we go, but there you have it the splash drone 4 in the water, what it can do: boat mode flip Over mode camera mode, all sorts of things, so its pretty cool.

Now, if i had an area where it was crystal clear waters, the underwater video would look amazing and, like i said, you drop a camera down in the water even farther, or you get the extension to go deeper into the water and you can have some pretty Cool footage this drone is made for people who fish people who boat or people who are in search and rescue or for people like me who want to fly in every environment conceivable so in the wintertime youll see me flying this drone as well. As you know, poor weather, like a blizzard or whatever it will fly because it can fly and wind and everything else all right im going to put links below to where you can find the splash drone, for they are below this video. Also, the links to all the previous videos i made about the splash drone 4, showing different features are below this. Video go check them out hey. So if you enjoyed this video of me out in the water with my super white legs on a cold day, its kind of cold thats, why i got sweatshirt on! Please give this video a thumbs up and stay tuned for more videos of all types of drones and rc products on this channel being reviewed in a really fun and cool way. Till the next video take care. Music.