A lot of you want to see it landing in water and that video is coming up, but this video is all about the quick release system on the bottom. This thing can lift a huge payload, its designed to lift fishing lures and go out fishing or search and rescue items today were going to lift water bottles and drop them from the sky, and nelson is here my brother in law, nelson hes, here to film it With his uh dji pro 2. correct, correct, okay, i got it right so youre going to see footage of that. So were going to go fly this now. Here we go so nelson. I have a job for you in this bag over here. I think its still in there you could see us in there in the bag. I have a pile of water bottles, so let me just take out two if i can get you to take this paracord just two, and because each of these are i weighed them. Each of these are about just over 500 grams. So two will give you a kilogram and which is over, which is two pounds yeah a little bit two and a quarter pounds. So lifting these two will be like lifting two and a quarter. Pounds tie them together. Yeah theyre gon na be falling out of the sky, so it doesnt have to be perfect and so that we see it better falling in a second ill.

Put this on it now, im going to run this little orange bag through and those well see that perfect and on here just have to tie a loop all right, okay, so were all set. So what im going to do is, since everything here is going to get smashed, as it falls im just going to move this out of the way all right. So this has to go to the bottom of the drone ill. Give you this cable, its got a wrap right, see in there im going to put it press the button. As soon as i press it there we go its open, got it ready, youre, good, perfect, thanks just going to pull those bottles, no problem, Music, all right! Let me just bring my camera down a little bit. I want to put it over the orange cones im going to bring it back here, so i could drop it no problem, which is good. You see where it goes guys yeah step back, because the drones, the drones, might Music, oh youre, pretty far nelson, you gon na catch it from there yeah. Okay, i can hit the release button here. I go ready. Three. Two one release me: how much lift does that thing have? Oh, it can lift about four pounds get that in there there we are shes on okay were good. Here we go, i can see the bottles dangling below Music, okay, thats super high, okay. Nelson.

Let me know when you have a good shot: okay, nelsons the way up there. I think hes kind of high, like everythings gon na look like a dot but uh, my hat cam might catch it. There we go there. It is up there way up there and im gon na press the quick release – and here she comes now whoa now. Okay lets bring our drone down heres our bottles, these ones kind of survive. No, oh one uh there. We are not too bad. That ones got a hole in the bottom, but uh overall, pretty good all right. So that was just a quick, quick video showing the quick release system on here. The payload release you can use it for all sorts of applications. The drone had no problem lifting that that was about well when these two bottles full is just over a pound uh, and this thing can lift about just over four pounds. So not an issue. Anyways hope you enjoyed this video. If you have questions on this drone post them below, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up thanks to my brother in law now, so where are you youre over there? I thought he was behind me: hes standing right beside me. Thanks to my brother, oh yeah, the water from the sky, uh yeah, thanks nelson for helping out so uh in the next video im gon na. Take this and uh splash it down in water and youll, see it landing in water and looking underwater and all that other cool stuff, so stay tuned for that until the next video bye Music.

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