Yes, uh! There is rain in the forecast and, as i look that way, i can see it coming. So what i want to do in this video – because i wont have much time – is im going to show you some of the features on the controller, how it functions and show you the drone close up and then what im going to do is because its going To rain pretty soon is im going to fly this in the rain and ill show you a video from that. So lets start off first by showing you how i pack things in this case now. Hopefully i can get good angles of what im about to show. You with my hat cam going and i have a gopro here and a gopro over there, so first off when you buy this product, it comes in this foam case and there is locking latches down here, its just for transportation, thats it, and if i can get This open there we go youll see how i package everything in my case. So when i go to the field, all i have is my radio controller here. The drone is here: the carbon fiber props are here, and i bring the instruction manual because a lot of times, if things are rattling around, i just put the instruction manual on top of it, and it stops things from rattling around inside the case and of course, The batteries back here so i have a battery a battery and then theres one inside the drone.

So i have three batteries in this case you can see theres room to put other stuff big holes down here, but thats all i take with me. So the first item i want to show you would be the remote controller. So let me ink that out and tell you all about it. First thing to know about the remote is that it is 100 completely waterproof. You can drop this in a lake river ocean. It will float and you can just grab it back out. No problem up top here is an aluminum holder for your phone. So lets pull this out of the way, so we can see what were doing and your little display is down here and thats only going to show you information from the buttons you select as well as your telemetry. Now, what sets this controller, apart from all the other drones on the planet, is that these buttons are all hard coded into the controller, so in other words, you dont have to touch your phone or you, you dont have to use a phone if you dont want To to select things so in the winter time, when you have your gloves on well, then you just press these big buttons and everything functions and when youre out on a boat or its a rainy day and your hands are all wet and your phone screen is All wet nothing will work if you touch it, so you have the hard buttons to touch everything and then everything functions.

So your first button on the lower left is your payload release. If you press it, it will just release whatever you have attached to the bottom of the drone and it will fall from the sky. The next item is boat mode. If you press this this one here boat, then the drone will no longer have any power to take off. You can try to take off all you want. It wont its to keep the motor spinning slowly so that you can drive the drone around in the water. Like a boat, so the camera is below and looking around and filming in the water up here we have our smooth control for yaw, so this is a yaw controls. If i move the joystick that way, im yawning to the left yawning to the right. That just means its spinning around in the air to the left or the right. As soon as i press this button, there is no more yaw control and all of a sudden, the yaw control goes to this dial and now, if i want it to spin to the left, i turn this and it can spin slowly to the left or spin. This slowly to the right – and i dont have to touch anything i just let it go and thats for filming over here you have the follow me button press that its a gps, followed. The drone will follow you. That is your power button. Here we have our return to home button.

This button is your smooth roll control. So this is your roll here. If you want the drone to roll to the right, you go like that. Roll to the left. You go like that. If i press that button, this no longer functions, and you will do this if you want the drone to roll to the right slowly, you do that or like that to the left, so you could be filming something. So you say i wanted to go to the right, and then you start filming something you dont have to use these controls anymore, because its very smooth it just goes this one here is your gimbal mode. If youre used to like dji drones and all that other stuff, you have like a follow mode or an fpv mode that you can switch between so in this one, you have a gimbal lock mode, so in other words, if youre in follow and say this is My drone and i yaw the drone this way. Well, the camera just follows it right. Wherever you point, the drone is where the camera is pointing. But if i press this and say i was staring at something like maybe a boat, i could press that and the camera will just stay on the boat and i could turn the drone. But the camera will stay in one spot ooh. I almost dropped it and your last button down here is another payload release, but this one at the moment is not functioning only this one functions to launch payload.

As far as i can tell. Next, we go up to the top switches. Let me spin it around and show you so once again, if youre used to flying dji drones, you will leave it in gps mode, which is this switch to the far left, uh thats, so that you just fly around in position mode next, you have addy mode Put that one in the center, that means youve turned the gps off and you have full control of the drone. So you can fly it faster. Do cooler things dji usually doesnt have that on their drones because they make their drones for beginners and they think beginners will get into trouble. So they leave that off a lot of their drones and the last one you have on here is custom mode. You have different features. You can customize with the app up here and for this button over here. So right now i have mine customized that when i flick this switch like that it goes into orbit mode, but you could have it switch into sport mode. If you wanted to so i just leave mine into orbit mode on custom, then on the other side, you have all these features here which are not functioning because theyre all to do with the landing gear. So in the future there might be a drone where theres landing gear that goes up and down, and you can see its designed for auto. You can put the gear up or the gear down, so maybe thats something coming in the future.

Then if we go to the back of the controller over here, you have your gimbal, so you can move the camera looking 90 degrees down or straight forward by turning that right here you could take a photo and then, if we go to the other side, this Does something pretty cool uh? You can actually sway your camera from left to right. So what that means is like say i had a camera hanging off here on most drones. You have a camera that hangs off and it points to the front right thats what it does. If you want to take that camera and move it to the left or the right, usually you have to turn the drone. But with this dial here you can turn the camera, while its sitting in midair left or right. So if you saw something moving on the ground once again ill say a boat, you could follow the boat. Just with this dial, you dont have to actually move the drone or turn the drone or yaw the drone and its a dull day out here. But if i turn on the screen, you should see it easily. There we go so its an lcd screen like nice, big lettering on it easy easy to see all right. Now i have the drone itself, and this is your little included. Gimbal guard right here. Its just a piece of foam that is packaged with it. It fits on really nice and it holds your gimbal into place.

Every camera you buy for this theres various different cameras. You can get for this uh. They all come with their gimbal guard, different gimbal guard. What i want to show you on this drone is the bottom, because i have attached everything since the last video so over here i have the quick release: payload launch system, its right here, uh you can see how its attached and over here i have the gimbal. How its attached everything is waterproof, it all screws into the bottom. You can attach other things as well. Another thing i want to point out: are these antennas theyre pretty sweet different than ive, seen on a lot of drones because theyre movable and they lock into place so they have a little dial on them. Let me see if i can turn it this way. If you spin that dial im unlocking it now and i can move the antenna so say, im going to fly this drone in water, so if youre on water, you need reception right so down on the ocean youre far away. So you put the antennas up and you lock them into place because you know thats what youre going to use this drone for, but if im just flying around filming ill, probably lock them down this way, so thats usually the way. I keep it because i dont do a lot of water filming with this on the rear for your battery to keep it waterproof.

Everything is waterproof anyways, it doesnt really matter, but you just unlock it. So your battery doesnt fly out in midair like this theres. Your battery and you can yank it out there we go now. I will say: lets get my head in here now i will say: ive taken about nine flights with these batteries and they are rated at 30 minutes and ill say you get pretty close to 30 minutes of flight time. You do get an awfully long flight time with this here. Drone on the top is an indicator light that is really important if youre on water, because it will be like a little beacon going beep beep. Well, you wont hear anything. Youll see the light uh out on the water, so you can find this thing if youve lost it for some reason, also. Obviously, when youre flying, you cant see it because its up in the air, but it is a requirement for a lot of drones flying in the air that they have an indicator light that flashes, so you dont have to buy a strobe light for it. Its right here, you do have the normal lights for flying at night right there you can get a camera order, a camera um maybe ill have one in the future. There is a camera for knight flying its uh, its a night flying camera, and you can fly this around at night and see just like it was daytime. One of the cool features is the carbon fiber props and i will say, never have your hands or anything around carbon fiber because yeah it will.

It will chop off your fingers or whatever. So these are quite dangerous. The way they make it so that you dont goof up and put the wrong prop on the wrong motor is on the top. You see it says counterclockwise ccw, and then you look for the motor that says ccw like theres, one right there. So you match this up to that prop and also they have you can see on on the prop. They have a lock and unlock uh feature all right next thing to show you is this flying in the rain, so i can see the rain coming from over. There i can see it falling from the sky, so i know, as it approaches me, uh – probably its probably 20 minutes out – maybe a half hour out. So what im going to do is im going to head to my beach, its not far from here and ill. Be there waiting for the rain and then when it starts raining, im going to go, fly this so that video is coming in the future. But since this is an edited video, i could just grab it from the future and stick it in right here so check this out. All right, as you can see its raining out, check out out there and you can see my controller is soaking wet thats. The great thing about this here drone is that you can fly it in the well the water conditions, so here we go lets.

Take it up Music. Here we go here. I am out in the rain with this here: splashed road 4., so lets take it over the water theres, some fog out there. It is quite a noisy drone, especially right now, where theres no noise – and this is the only noise – it sounds pretty loud. So lets take it over there. There we go Music now im going to take it up. I see a pile of geese. Oh this thing is so noisy that its going to scare them im going up in the air and uh there we go ill. Go a little bit forward, see how close i can get before it scares the heck out of them well thats closer than i thought because yeah with the sound coming from this thing, there we go. I dont want to fly over them, so ill just fly behind them, yeah. So its raining out right now and here we are looking at geese and i am just uh about a meter two meters off the water. I could plunk it in the water. If i wanted to all right im gon na bring it back because im pretty sure my camera lens is probably full of water yeah, i can see water droplets now so ill bring it back to me nobodys out on the pier one thing they should built into This is a windshield wiper or something to clean off your lens. All right, im out in the parking lot here in the rain, lets bring it over to me and bring it down ill.

Get close. You can see the water dripping off the bottom. You can see the entire drone is uh full of Music lets, break it water. Now one thing to mention: when you have this drone out and you fly it in the rain check out the controller, its totally waterproof, no problem there just make sure your phone is also waterproof or really, you know really good water resistant, because its going to get Wet if youre going to use a phone you can use this without a phone phone is not required, but you just wont see what youre filming, but you can visually see the drone and fly it around all right. Welcome back. So this is like a time machine. The video you just saw is going to take place in the future im going to head to my beach and go film all that, but i havent done it yet at this point in this video. So what im going to do now is im going to power everything on ill show you how quick you can get it all powered on and just show you a few other things. So here we go. Let me power this on first things. First, let me just pull these antennas up there. We go spin that around im trying to do it with one hand and then im going to hit the power button down here and the next thing im going to do is power on our drone.

Push once push a second time and the gimbal up below should start moving. Everything should start moving, see all that stuff all right. So there we go. We can see our gimbal is still moving down there, its adjusting itself and its getting itself ready to go theres. Our little indicator light up top next were going to put our props on so its pretty simple. I got ccw here and on the motor. It says ccw there so lets just match them up there. We go and ill turn it so its on lock, so that dot has to touch the lock. You can see it right there dot and lock there we go, and we do that to the other one so were all set. Now, on your controller with it powered on theres one thing i dont know: if you can see it, i cant see it on my screen, but maybe you can up here theres a little flashing circle looks like a bullseye. That flashing circle is the gps on this. Here remote, when it stops flashing, it means that the gps on this remote has acquired signal and it is connected to our drone back there for gps. So there we go, i dont know if you can see it, the circle has stopped flashing and that means youre ready to fly. So you notice, i have not attached my cell phone, you really dont need to if youre just going to fly around an area like this.

But if you want to film and do some of the camera functions, youll have to attach your cell phone there we go. My cell phone is attached and what im going to do is im going to put the record on the cell phone just to show you some of the interface really quick. Here we go now to fly this beast. The app youre going to use is called sd fly, im just going to tap on that, its going to say swell pro and its going to tell you when its going to connect its how it works is its all wi fi. So your phone will connect to the controller, and this is a big wi, fi repeater that sends it out to the drone on my screen. It says log in so im going to click on log in and, if i spin it sideways there we go. You can see what i see and what i see is what the camera sees on the drone. Now a lot of you out, there are only used to camera drones and youre used to filming with a drone. So you all want to know about the camera on here, so it is a 4k 30 frames per second. Let me just show you the camera quick. So if i click on the three little lines, thats your camera things theres my photo size im shooting at 12 megapixel 16×9. I have burst mode self, timer, photo mode, auto, so im not manually setting the settings for the lighting note here.

Next, if i go into video you can see these are all your video modes. You can see the highest resolution, it can do, is 4k 30 thats the highest it does it doesnt do 60 or anything higher than that, and you also see it has electronic image. Stabilization ive never used it. If i turn on the electronic image stabilization with the 3 axis, gimbal then ill get a super smooth video, but it will actually crop in because thats how electronic image stabilization works. I believe thats what would happen. I have not tried the eis in conjunction with a 3 axis gimbal. Normally, if theres a 3 axis gimbal, i never bother turning on eis, because the 3 axis gimbal does everything for you and you can change your format standard for where you live in the country. I live in north america, so mines ntsc and then i have video formats. Since i use a mac at home, i leave it on move mov and if you go into manual mode, you can see you can adjust all your settings there everything else there. Now a lot of people are going to ask me: can you take photos in raw or anything like that? I have not seen that on here to take photos in raw now theres a pile of other features in the app but im not going to show you in this video thats for a future video because, like i said, the rain is coming and im heading to The beach, so the last thing im going to show you is im just going to take it up ill turn the camera on.

So you can see what the camera looks like just filming me. Nothing excited and thatd be it so here we go all right to fly this baby, just pull the joysticks inward. They will start up nice and slow. If i dont do anything in the next, like i dont know 30 seconds or whatever theyre going to shut themselves back off to fly up, there is an auto takeoff on the app i dont use it. I just take the left, joystick and power it up. So here we go so the camera should be on now it should be filming there we go, i could take it along the ground, nice and low ill, just bring it up. So i dont hit my other camera now. One thing i want to point out with the drone: there are no sensors on the bottom, so it uses a barometer, i believe, to stay in position and that could be dangerous for beginners, because a lot of the drones on the market. If you go and pull the joystick left down, they will slow down before they hit the ground because they know the ground. Is there this one thinks that you want to land in water and because of that it doesnt slow down? You can actually slam this into the ground thats the only dangerous thing for a beginner you have to be aware of. So when you go down you go right down to the ground, hit the ground.

It will not slow down. So you have to be very careful on that and finally, the last thing i want to show you before i put the drone away im going to bring it back out on a sunny day and show you a lot of features, but right now. The last thing i want to show you is over here i have a dial. I can move the camera gimbal down and up. So if i want to go down im going to go look down on my shoes there, we go its very smooth and if i want to bring up up and look at me its very smooth. But this is the cool thing. If i want to go left to right, i use this dial and watch what happens here so now. I want to go one direction. There we go. I can look that way. Drone has not moved only. My camera is moving, so i could go out and look. I can go so far that i could see the leg and if i go the other way, i can go so far that ill see the leg like you can turn it fast or slow im going slow because thats more cinematic but yeah watch this right over Over find the leg and there we go and lets put it back in the center and there we go so for flying around and filming things. You really dont have to move the drone around a lot in the air.

You can do a lot with just the camera and the gimbal and, of course, these other features here with these two dials for your smooth control, its pretty darn sweet all right. What im going to do now is land it, but a lot of people probably want to know whats so cool about this for on a boat. If youre on a boat, you will have a problem with getting your drone back, because you cannot land a drone safely on a boat, its just its very difficult, the boats moving all over the place. Second thing is: you cannot have returned the home on a boat because return to home was over there thats, where you had the boat when you took off and now youre over here, so the drones going over there into the ocean or the lake. So this has dynamic return to home, which means it will always come back to where the controller is so. I took off from over here hang on a sec. I took off from over here see that theyre moving around me, so i took off from over here, but what im gon na do is im gon na go stand over someplace else. Well, the field is big out here. I got ta go stand over here. So, thank god, okay, so the drone is way over there. So what im gon na do is take it up in the air go way up im going to point it away from my jeep there we are im gon na.

Have the camera looking down at the jeep and i am going to fly it forward full speed, all right, im gon na get to the end of the parking lot and stop it right there and now im gon na hit return to home, and hopefully the drone Comes back to me should go up its gon na spin around here comes back and remember. My return to home was over there. The drone was up there, its going up to my 35 meters thats, what i set it at its turning. It should coming back ill. Just bring the camera looking down, so you can see me a little bit better and now that im standing over here it should come back to me and look at that its coming right up over here. So if i was on a boat, drone comes back and the great thing im looking up at it. The great thing is: if youre on a boat, you do not have to land the drone on the boat, just let it land in the water or try to hand catch it with those little arms at the bottom. Actually, i probably let it land in the water now. The last thing to say is: it is designed that it wont land on the remote, because then that would hurt so it lands about one meter to two meters, just outside of the remote. So, im still looking up my remotes here, its just gon na pass me as it comes down: whoa thats, a lot of wind thats, a lot of wind and look at that right there and it should shut off there.

You go so as mentioned many times. This is the perfect drone for a boat or for any adventure you take where youre going to be moving and doing some pretty cool things, and, of course, now i got to carry it all the way back over there, its not that heavy. Actually, you would think this drone would be heavy for the size, but its not that bad all right. So there you have it. The rain is getting closer, so im gon na head to the beach and that video you saw earlier thats the video im about to take so hopefully that all worked out. Well all right guys, thanks for watching this one. When i get free time in the future and its on a sunny day ill bring this out and show you a ton, more features a lot of features on this thing until then uh thanks for watching this one. If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to find out more about this drone, how much it costs where you can buy it, the links are below go check them out and have yourself a great day until the next video bye Music.