This was actually really good, but the firmware for the flight wasnt as great they updated on this. They added a gimbal, awesome and scoop. Now we are doing a dreamer. Mini looks like a dope camera on it. Lets go ahead and get into the box weve seen uh bugs three mini. Do pretty good boom thats clean theres, a nice box lets go ahead and pop it over boom super clean 32 seconds in and we are already looking at it. Im not wasting your time im, not like the other guys im gon na go ahead and pop everything out of here by the power of youtube, very basic lightweight drone. The camera lens actually looks really good theres an sd card thats. Definitely a plus the controller theres. Nothing to brag about its, not rechargeable its extremely lightweight um, not extremely lightweight. Actually, this weighs a considerable amount. Considering what the drone weighs heres a little look at a battery. You get two in the package. You also get an extra set of blades and your goodie bag, but were dealing with a 3.7 volt 1500 milliamp an hour. This should fly forever, guys im joining. If you havent subscribed.