Mini uh has a decent camera already tested it as far as app transmission goes and whatnot, it does take a sd card. We will get on that as well, but for now, im just going to show you flight characteristics. Um should be able to fire motors by going down and in well go up ringing over this way away from the sun, see my trucks full that trucks full hummingbird hauling. We are ooh batterys just about done. I think the batterys just about cooked batterys, just about cooked, get over here, nope, maybe not made out of me on the sticks, come on so im, not using hat cam guys. What im doing is uh the cell phone holder im using and im trying to fly this here. We go, get it right right up in here, the coolest van. Ever behind it. There we go there. We go Music telling you that batterys low weve uh im running on the same battery that i did the the camera test on uh as far as app transmission goes, and this thing smoked the ground from that tree all the way up there. It also flew around extremely sporty, which im not now here. Lets lets go ahead and put in a higher speed there. We go beep, beep, beep and im. Sorry, if i wasnt on it there we go im telling you that batterys getting low. This thing initially feels extremely super toy, but boom i mean its very sporty.

If you get on it and again that camera i have yet to test the sd card in the camera, but from what ive seen from uh the app transmission via wi fi man, im im pretty excited to uh, actually do a camera test on this almost smoke. Myself go ahead and just run it down and well just jack it straight back, so im going backwards, it was not the battery. Maybe it was that i just had it in a low speed setting i mean this thing will climb. I dont do it in extreme wind. I already did that and got it stuck in the tree, but you can see its up. There were not gon na go too much higher, because again we dont got the camera running no real reason to be that high. Just besides to demonstrate that it can go that high for you go ahead and bring it down so im holding the stick down its taking considerable amount of time to come down, so be wary of that um. If you got to bring this thing down quickly here, i know how to bring it down quickly as a heavier back pitch watch. This pull back, pull back and hold down, watch whoa watch how quick i flow into a tree boom thatll be the third durability test on this. So this time on the third durability test, it smoked itself pretty hard. Our rubber grommets popped out, thats very simple.

To put back in, all you got to do is squeeze them in half, and there you go, all you got to do is squeeze them in half and put them back in those holes uh that was a pretty pretty hard hit, and again, our lights are off. Where this thing hits it either shuts off or the battery disconnects im, not sure, because that battery looks like its pretty snug the other two times i crashed it. The battery didnt look like it was in there lets, go ahead and get this back in there lets show you that this thing could still fly as far as propellers go. They all look pretty straight um, so give me one. Second, all right guys. That was actually not easy, so it is pretty easy on uh. Let me see make sure this is focused yeah that should be focused um, its easier on like quadcopters, where you would hook up a action camera like the sema, x8 and stuff like that theres no slots in here there. There should be a slit on each one of those circles that way you could actually pinch it slide it in and then itd pop open, thats extremely difficult to do. I used a what i use a very small nail and a flathead screwdriver, but lets go ahead and try to get this in there again see if itll run im actually going to put it over here, just see the lights lights are turning on.

Look at that this thing can take a beating and still keep ticking man. I guess the traditional thing would be uh, take a licking and keep taking uh, so we should be good good to go, were gon na go ahead and throw this up again. I do have wires directly above me and speed three and again id assume this battery is fairly tired. Although i dont see an lvc, but i can see a little bit of a lag, but then again we shoot it downfield the things still quick. It is still quick just bring it up a little bit, bring it back back back back back side, step like to get up close to it. Try to move that camera back up too yeah. I dont know ive tried to move the camera up and ill try to do it before the video is over Music. That was an excellent catch im walking towards it, but i definitely cant fly it with one hand here. Maybe i can bring it towards myself. What up buddy, let me go ahead and just bring it towards myself set it down. I want to see if we can adjust that camera like. I was just telling you and lets see if we can sit down with one hand too. Probably not the winds blowing again sitting down sitting down im, holding down im, holding down holding down holding down motors shut down and they did shut down. No damage done.

They actually shut down and then tipped over, but that camera is tilted downwards, as you can see right there and were gon na go ahead and try to get that back up all right guys, we got ta back up. The camera is up. Unfortunately, the roller buttons are like super glued and they dont even do anything. So i physically put it up. I would think, probably an app that youll be able to do that, but guys im, j drone. If you havent, subscribed smash, subscribe button questions comments, concerns put it down below.