5 inch props lots of power super smooth flight if youre a beginner or a pro youre gon na love this baby, the molded prop guards add another level of safety. So if youre doing silly things like we were doing here flying it around us going between our legs going between our arms, then pretty much. Everybody feels a level of safety, even when things go wrong. As seen here, hey, nobody lost an eye as an fpv pilot of this drone youll find that it inspires confidence. Youll be able to do things with this drone that you can do with other drones. Alright, so Steve did all those cool acrobatics and in and out of between people and Steve, what do you think I had lots of fun with it very predictable, even if its pretty windy today and uh very efficient on the battery too lots of power. But the voltage doesnt go down quickly and I love it. I really love it. Music, hey everyone! Welcome to my channel. This is the beta fpv Pavo 25, its new on the market Ill. Tell you a little bit about it. Im going to fly it out here on this beautiful foggy morning should be pretty interesting. What type of image I receive flying it out here, Im going to fly it over by the school way back. There should be next to nobody in the school, so it shouldnt bother anybody. It should be a lot of fun, but first, how about I tell you about this drum check this out.

This is the Box. The Pablo 25 comes in and you can see the Drone is made out of metal, carbon, fiber, molded plastic and a bit of 3D printing. This is a 4S drone, so if you buy 4S LiPO batteries make sure they have an xt30 connector take off weight at the Drone. When you attach a 750 milliamp hour, LiPo battery to it is 232 grams. The digital camera on my model is a nebula pro nano and the brushless motors are 4500 KV, with three bladed props foam bumpers are provided for flying indoors, so you dont mark up your walls. Finally, a very well tuned F4 flight controller is one of the highlights of this drone. Alright welcome back. This is going to be the foggy flight because its still foggy everywhere. I look so I have the Drone almost ready to go. I do have the beta fpv. 750 milliamp hour LiPO batteries that you can get off the website. If you want, and also Im using an insta 360 go to camera on the front to capture some quality video, it is pretty low light with the fog. So I dont know how everythings going to turn out so Ill. Show you a video from this camera and video from the digital camera up front and, of course, since its digital and I did get the Plug and Play PNP version. That means I can just connect my DJI fpv controller to it and it works, and it also means I have to use the DJI fpv goggles.

You can use version one or version two with this, and it works no problem. There, I think, were all set to go so first things first lets turn on our controller next Im going to plug in my goggles and then finally lets just connect this here drone and it will be ready to fly Ill. Show you on the back connecting right here, just plug it in makes a beautiful, sound spin it around. So we are set to go and youll know its set to go, because I have the Beeper set to go off when its ready to go theres. The Beeper and I could turn that off just by by flicking that switch on my controller, all right lets go fly all right lets put out our goggles. If we have an image – oh my god, with the fog, it looks so cool. This is gon na be fun, so here we go Im gon na wheres, my joystick, so here we go gon na fly in Acro mode. If youre wondering, if I have a spotter people, always ask me that, of course I have a spotter Jacques behind me, hes in the white car back there all right lets go up. Let me put this in Acro mode and let me hit the arm switch there. We go its very, very quiet, hardly even hear it. Okay and up we go and forward Im taking it slow, because this is a pusher style.

Pavo drone, like a cinema. Look theres Jacques. Over there see the white car and theres another car over beside him right. There so thats my spotter. This flies extremely amazing. Oh my God. This flies awesome. Look at this all right lets not hit that lamp post and lets go over this way. Now. Obviously, youre thinking hey, how can a spotter see through the fog? Well, no worries because over here I have my second spotter over by the garden. Yes theres, a lady who Waters the plants and she always watches out for me, shes very nice, very kind. All right lets go this way lets go this way. Oh my God. This thing is so responsive, like just a small little movements on the joysticks, and you can get some pretty awesome. Awesome awesome movements on this, its almost like theres, a nice little Expo built into the pits. So, in other words, if I move the joysticks too fast, do something crazy. The Drone just moves smooth it doesnt do anything crazy. So this is good. Now, in the days when school was on which school is out now all the kids would be hanging out here and they go through those doors but thats long over now because its on summer vacation. So you see that truck right there. That is the lady watering. The plants, so she said, shed watch out for me and you can see somebody right there see. Look it right at me.

Hes probably wondering oh theres, a two of them wondering what the heck there we go, theres a few more over there, so Im gon na go this way and come this way. Look at that going through the fog isnt that an awesome image. Hopefully, my camera is not watering up up front lots of battery power remaining too, with this thing, yeah its showing that you have ample battery power to go for quite some time, thats good. Apparently, according to the website, you can get eight and a half minutes flight time. If you put an 850 milliamp hour, light pole battery on it and no camera, I have a camera on it, so that adds extra weight. But if you just went with no camera up front, then youd be fine and you could fly for an awfully long time, but for now right now, Im just using as a drone to go in and out of things. So lets go back this way. Its kind of cool with this vlog Im seeing water droplets on the front of my lens, the camera, so its probably showing up as well on Insta 360. Go to so I guess, Im gon na have to bring it back and wipe that off. Then all right. So as I go up in the air, let me just go up here and just show you some freestyle youre not going to see much because its just White. How does that look for a world that has just gone into uh? You know, like whiteness, looks like a blizzard, a white out all right thats.

What happens when you fly through clouds which are fog you get water droplets everywhere, so lets break it over here and pop it on down over in front of one of these cameras. There we go awesome, awesome flight. All right. We got some company out with us. This morning, more people are showing up so uh. I dont really need jock as a spotter anymore, because Jacques is now going to fly his fpv drone so coming over here you can see Jacques and Ill Point down here. This is what hes gon na fly. So the plan is that jock is going to fly his drone right here that is powered on. I dont want to chop my fingers and hes going to go around this little track and Im Gon na Fly my little drone and follow him. Its not gon na be fast because theres too much moisture in the air and were getting everything all full of water on our goggles uh, but at least I can fly behind him beside him in front of him and around him at least thats. The plan so lets go. Try it all right drones down there, goggles are going on Jocks over there ready to go. Okay, Jacques Im gon na fly over to you and when I come over your direction, you can pop up and then head straight out sound good. Okay, shes powered Ill go way up fast, so it doesnt hit me and over to Jacques there we go see that dot on the ground.

That is his drone all right, jock any time here he goes now following a quad is extremely difficult any day, but following in the fog, is super difficult, all right so Im in Acro mode, and I can get some cool shots of his theres a quad following A quad this is very, very difficult hes having difficulty too seeing where hes going, just as I am because of all the raindrops falling on our lenses. Well, not raindrops the moisture in this here fog, but uh there we go. You can see him cruising something different thought I would give it a try uh if he went away up in the air, itd be difficult to follow him, because these things are just too small and get in front of them and go backwards and thats pretty hard. Because now I dont know how high I am off the ground but uh there. We go okay, Im gon na Blast by him and come back if youd like to buy the Pavo 25 Ill, put links below the video, its not super expensive, and there is a discount code check for that. Whoa.