Thank you all so much for joining me. Let me know if you have any questions down below and ill catch you next time, happy wargaming! Okay, but you know in my defense time works differently in the realm of chaos. Welcome more gamers to the deluge. If you have joined the channel in the last two years and have no idea what this is essentially, i started a series a long time ago, following my construction of a maggot can of nurgle army, and so i wanted to do a project log. All these kinds of things and a couple of things happen that i will talk about later that basically derailed me from that project, and i moved on to other things. You know im somebody who loves to hop army projects and paint all different kinds of stuff, but i thought what more appropriate way to jump back into the deluge than with games workshop being kind enough to send me the maggotkin of nergal battle, tome, okay, so thats. What were going to talk about primarily today when it comes to that nothing to do about you, know hobby progress or the projects going forward. I just really want to focus on the battle tome today. However, i just want to say thank you, because they also sent me one of their new vanguard boxes, and i will be doing a full review of this with the context of the new battle tomes. To give you a sense of like what the value for money is here, is it a good place to start um so kind of like how i do my star collecting box reviews? I am going to do one for these as well, and then.

Finally, there is the uh rottbringer sorcerer, which is a great model uh and hes. A cool little guy im excited to get into so, like i said mostly today, were just gon na focus on the battle tone. That really really is the primary thing that i wanted to have a video out uh for the day the book you know, ive they kind of kept punting back the date on when i was allowed to talk about it, and so i wanted to have something ready And, of course, they punted it back to a date when i have family in town and wasnt able to do a live stream. So, im going to make this video real, quick and simple and sweet, and were going to talk about some of the cooler things about this book, some high level, what i see going on uh with maggot kin of knurkle. I will say this: if you want a detailed, like literally someone reads you the book, so you can listen to all of the rules and all of the commandabilities all that stuff go check out our uh ash barker from gorilla miniature games. Um i dont get his links early, so i cant put it in the description for when this video go lives, but when he does battle tom reviews, he just he reads them. He does a great service for the community. People love it. This is more of a high level im going to talk about the feel of the book kind of what i think they were going for and what kind of armies you can make from it right before we dive into this.

Just as a side note, i want to say the reason i stopped. The magikin project primarily was because of my basing if you are curious as to why i stopped its because i did custom. You know rolled out green stuff, world bases on every single one of them, and it got to the point where it became such a hassle. To add any units to the faction that i i didnt want to do the project anymore, i just got burnt out so with the resetting of the deluge. I have to decide if im going to keep doing that basing project scheme or move into something different, either way im excited to get back into the plus filled goodness. That is nurgle. So with that out of the way lets go to the downward cam check. This puppy out so here we have the maggot kin of nurgle battle tome, especially for third edition now the lore stuff, of course, im going to be doing a lore week. I have family in town right now, so i havent been able to record, but i will do those things very very soon. I promise we see a couple new pieces of art, a lot of the stuff that weve seen before, and there are some really cool things that kind of put nurgles place in specifically the realm of geranium into context. This is the first time we really see a good map of where nurgles forces and or influence are so thats pretty much it for the the lower side is what im going to talk about today.

You know they didnt really add any units. I mean we got a new model for the uh sorcerer, but he was actually already there its just an older one, that didnt look as good and so im going to skip past that a bit. We still have a fantastic model gallery as well as painting tutorial section and were going to move straight into the battle traits now. One thing i want to say very much up top this hobby miniature war, gaming and specifically games workshop as a hobby is in a state of constant change. Okay, anytime, a new battle tome comes out or codex for a 40k army things change. The army is different. The best players in this game see as a new challenge and they arise to the occasion the worst parts of our hobby just stagnate and complain about how things were better before thats my opinion, so youre going to see a lot of vitriol online about people. I didnt like this change. I dont like that change. If you like it awesome, if you are cool enough to to rise to the challenge of what new options are available to you, because they took away some things, but they always give you new tools. Those are the folks i i just encourage you to listen to, rather than just straight negativity, thats just my opinion, um im gon na do a quick, high level view of what i think the book is and then, as were going through the different pages uh thats Thatll kind of act, as my you know, my supporting uh evidence of it.

So my thesis here is quite simply that nurgle used to be a very speedy and aggressive army with a potential to do a lot of mortal wounds. The reason it was speedy is because there were a lot of movement buffs as well as, of course, the fecult normal, which allowed you to run in charge if you were within seven inches of it. So when i played maggot king of nergal last, i really focused heavily on puscoil blight lords, specifically because i could make those big walls of wounds its just two models in the unit, but my god, between deep striking from the sky and getting additional movement from the Lord of afflictions, you know movement abilities. They were in your face. I had very reliable turn: one charges, every single game so, like speed was, you know the name of the game before for me that has changed that has gone away and that sucks. To be honest, if you know, if thats kind of what i was building my whole collection around, it would stink what we got replacing it, however, is an army that is far far more durable than they used to be um. We have still have tons of ways to deliver mortal wounds theyre in a different way now, as were going to touch on with the way diseased mechanics work, but we have that theres, also a ton more potential to actually make summoning useful. To me, nurgle was one of the best chaos god specific battle tomes like disciples of zinedine, shade night slingish blades of corn mag king of nergal, was always on the weakest of that scale when it came specifically to summoning because of the way that the fecult neural Mods worked.

I think that the chart for spending um was it contagion. Points is kind of their their token that they use to uh. You spend those and thats how you can summon stuff. They were a pain in the butt to get. I felt like the prices that you know in contagion. Points was way off, so the most you would ever summon is either another secular norma or a five man squad of plague bearers yeah. So i think that that has radically changed to the point where there is a true summoning list in this book, and that is what i want to play. I want to play a mortal army that has an aggressive stance with summoning and thats possible now, and it was just not a real option before not because it didnt exist in the book, but because there was just very few mechanisms to be able to meaningfully interact With how summoning worked so uh, you know im a glass half full guy. I lost something. That was absolutely the way i would have played before, but i gained something new and exciting and i just invite you to have that same opinion. So lets go ahead and talk about their allegiance abilities, so theres stuff, we already know like you – can choose a sub faction. All the sub factions that were introduced in uh was it wrath of the ever chosen are now here complete in their book, which is just a blessing.

I love that so much and were introduced first off to their core idea called diseased. This is a brand new mechanic and i freaking love it. Okay, essentially this um. I want to work with this and actually always read. It always read the whole thing. So, at the end of the movement phase and at the end of the combat phase, give one disease point its like a little marker to each enemy unit that is within three inches of any maggot can of nurval units, so pause mega can of nerve units. Its not going to affect, if you bring slaves to darkness in your coalition. Those things wont break you from having a mega kin of neural army, but they dont have the magicking of nerve keywords. So its just stuff. In this book, a unit can have a maximum of seven disease points at any one time, and it cannot be given any more until it has been reduced to less than seven at the start of the battle shock phase for each disease. Point that an enemy unit has, you must take sorry, you must make one dice roll called the disease roll for each for up the that enemy unit suffers one mortal wound at the end of the battleshock phase, reduce the number of disease points. Each enemy has uh to one and then, as a designers note, once a unit is quote unquote. Infected, meaning theyve had some interaction with a magicking of nerve unit.

They basically always carry forth one disease point into the next round and of course, you know lets say its my turn and i put three disease points on a unit when it goes to you know. After the battle shock phase, they do or do not take mortal wounds and they just go down to one and then the next round in my opponents, turn theyll accrue more because its not your movement phase and combat phase. It is just the movement phase in combat phase, so every single turn youre going to be accruing, and you know spending is kind of the wrong word, but rolling to do mortal wounds. Based on how many disease tokens you have put on the board, now were going to look at these next two things that are very ancillary to it: diseased weapons. If the unmodified hit role for an attack made with a missile weapon or a melee weapon by a friendly maggot kin of nergal model is six. That attack inflicts one disease point on the target, in addition to any normal damage. This is incredible. Okay, so this the fact that now were we have something to fish for sixes will always do something, even if its the crappiest of attacks thats going to become very relevant for creatures like nurglings. Here in a little bit, i love it um. One thing that i think is a unique kind of take when it comes to these design, books or sorry.

The design of the current third edition battle tomes is this idea of healing disease points when a player uses an ability that allows them to heal any wounds that have been allocated to a unit for each wound that they are allowed to heal. They can instead remove one disease point from that unit. Now this, in and of itself, is not a massive rule. Theres not like a ton of like very, very aggressive healing lists in an art. You know in the current thing theyre sold like grave lords. You can bring stuff back or heal. Multi wound summonable models uh. You obviously have a lot of stormcast stuff and silvanette that can heal things and add wounds. But what i like about this is you know the rest of these things. Are your rules for maggotkin of nergal, but its its kind of one of the first books that ive seen that, like it gives your opponent something too? Like hey, you know, those kind of you know uh special rules for healing and stuff that you might ignore on your lord relictor, all of a sudden that becomes a lot more useful, and i like that, i, like you, know. Obviously, this whole book is about matt campbell, but in facing them every time you face against this army, you get a little something too. You may not have access to it, thats dependent on your list, but its a cool idea, so theres that, as far as legions of chaos go, that is just telling you that you can have two in every four units can be from slaves to darkness, but they Have to have the nurgle mark, one in every four can be from clan pestilence, which is huge because good golly.

You want to talk about ways of barfing out sixes to hit good gravy um and then actually that wouldnt work, because if theyre on mega king of nergal, they are just nurgle. So thats interesting. I thought about that, as i was saying it out loud and then finally, one in every four can be from beasts of chaos as long as it doesnt have this inch keyword, so no zinc or stuff. Now over here we have our disgustingly resilient before demon models. Uh, i should say some models had a rule called disgustingly resilient, which allowed them to shrug off basically a ward safe right, its its all. It was but a lot of the mortal stuff. In fact, i say most of it: didnt um, with the exception of pascal blight lords, because they got that rule from riding the demon flies. But now friendly, magikin of nurgle models have a ward of five up just flat across the board. In addition, at the start of your hero phase, you can heal one wound allocated to each friendly, mag kin of nurgle model. That is huge. That is a huge increase in the efficiency of disgustingly resilient. Not only are you now shrugging a third of the wounds that come at you with the five up, but also you know, your opponent has to do additional wounds to be able to finish off a unit, because if they leave someone with one wound left – or you Know one wound taken: they heal right back up and thats every unit, every hero, everything in knurling, everything a blight kings, all of it and that is cool also is the locus of fecundity.

We saw this uh introduced and i believe it was wrath of the ever chosen as well, where the following units are each a locus of fecundity, the great and clean one horticulture slimex, the glottkin and festus the leech lord disgustingly resilient battle traits heal d3 mortal wounds. Sorry wounds allocated to a model instead of one if that models unit is wholly within 14 inches of any locus of fecundity, so they kind of took it away. It used to be this thing where, like um, small heroes of nergal would have a little aura around them. I think zinc still does that now they kind of got away with that, but then theyre like okay but weve, taken the big centerpiece heroes and not i dont mean like the physically large models. Festus leech lord, is super tiny compared to the glopkin. But you know he represents a focal point of knurkle power. Those guys can emit a huge bubble. The glottkin is a huge base and so a 14 inch bubble around him with you know, units that are between 10 5 guys. You know some of those things its a huge amount of the board and your army that hes going to cover with that, so that is really cool. And, lastly, with this section we have the summing demons of nurgle. This is basically how you accrue and spend your contagion points that allow you to summon demons to the field now very very quickly.

At the start of your hero phase, you receive three uh contagion points uh if there are any friendly, magikan units holy within your territory. So you should almost always get at least three per round and three um contagion points if theres any friendly models. Uh lets see wholly within your opponents territory. So the minute you start pushing forward like you would for an objective or something like that. Youre going to be getting six minimum if you receive any contagion points for a territory and there are no enemy models in that territory. You receive one extra contagion point now what this is doing for you is when the game first starts right. First, hero phase lets say its your you go. First, you get three for having models in your side of the table and youre gon na not get anything because you havent yet moved stuff into your opponents side of the table. Unless you have pregame moves which do exist in addition, because theres no enemies near you or in on your side of your like yo, your area, your your zone, youre, going to get an additional one and that just keeps going every single time now. Its always lets see here at the start of your hero phase, so youre not accruing them when your opponent is going and thats totally cool. When you go to use these, you just kind of keep track of how many you have youll get a d20 or something like that when you do that, if you have any cp at the end of your movement phase, you can summon one unit or terrain feature From the list below it has to, you have to have the cost deduct it from there.

You dont have to spend all of them, so you can save some and bank so much. I, like uh new units, must be set up more than nine inches from all enemy units and wholly within seven inches of a mag kin of neural hero or holy within seven of a secular, narrow, ma and then theres. Some rules for effectual narrow mods. You have to set that up, basically, seven inches away from any other secular, neural, mods and more than three inches from all models, objectives and other things. Just basically, you just cant have it within three inches of anything, and it has to be at least seven away from other trees, and i like that, because it doesnt clog a lot of board space. It kind of keeps things somewhat manageable and you cant plop a tree down. You know on something to specifically cause mortal wounds. Now, when we look at the the summoning things, the actual like what you can summon and how much it cost, when we look at the contagion points, it starts at seven goes all the way up to 30, which actually, with this system and some of the other Buffs that you can get in this book is quite reasonable. I think i think its quite all right um, so you can get a heroes, yeah sloppy bile piper and the spoilpox scrivener. Both heralds of nergal come in at seven. So if you just need a support piece, something that has that maggot kin of nurgle keyword to trigger some stuff, thats awesome, nurgling swarms, which well cover uh, are eight effectulant.

Normal is nine, which is actually, in my opinion, good, because i didnt like that. It was one of the cheapest things you could summon before um. A single beast of nurgle is 10 poxbringer, the different herald of nurgle is 12, and a plague bearer host with 10 models is 14. A plague. Drone set of three models is 18 and, of course, the great unclean one is 30.. Now that doesnt look, you know vastly different from the list that we had before, but with the the different ways that you can accrue points, i do think it will go much much faster youll, be able to rack them up faster and therefore actually use something in A meaningful way and the last thing as far as allegiance abilities go is we did keep the wheel okay, so you have all that stuff before the way that um poi poison, no disease thats what it was diseased and you can summon stuff. We will also have the wheel and the wheel did change quite a bit in terms of theres, less stuff that has to do with speed, uh and and just kind of a general change to it. So basically it works the same and at the start of the first battle round, you roll a die and there you go. You consult your chart, so were gon na go in order, so its one through six plus an extra one, because its just one, you cant roll for so unnatural vitality.

All mega can of nurgle have a ward of four up instead of five up for their disgustingly resilient thats nasty uh. Second figure. All units are treated as being within 14 inches of a locus of fecundity, meaning theyre, all going to be able to heal d3 wounds. Instead of one at the start of your hero, phase roll a number of dice equal to the number of the current battle round for each four up, you receive one extra cp, which is pretty nice and the fact that you know theres ways to make. You can manipulate the wheel, and so you can come back to this. If you know youre going to have a cp intensive round, um plague of misery, heroes that do not have the nurgle keyword cannot carry out heroic actions or issue the rally or inspiring presence commands. That is a ball buster. Okay, im just going to be honest with you, that is a curb stomp for some factions, especially when youre talking you know, depending on the size of games that you play for me. I play a lot of 1000 to 1500 point games, uh. That is savage at those levels when you dont have other means necessarily with points wise of fitting in good synergies to protect your units so thats crazy. I love it. Um nauseous revulsion subtract. One from the charge rolls for enemy units that do not have the nurgle keyword, enemy units that do not have the nergo keyword cannot finish a pile and move closer to a friendly nurgle unit than they were at the start of the move.

So its just a real great way of mitigating it. If you are a mega king of nervous player and youre, going against a huge horde who is not nurgle, so not a clan pestilence army or something its a great way to mitigate getting absolutely dumpstered by a bajillion attacks because they cant wrap around you. In the same way, they have to stay pretty much where they are then theres rampant disease, which is add one to disease rules that you make, which means now for every time you you know in your battle, shock, phase or rolling, to see if your diseased weapons And stuff do damage its on a three up, rather than a four up. That is cool and the last one here is corrupted growth. At the start of a hero phase, you receive one extra cp for each secular, gnarl ma in your army. That is on the battlefield, so you cant roll for that one. But you know youre gon na generally speaking at least get one right, because youll get at least one just for showing up and taking mega kin of nurgle as a rule set. So you know, depending on how you want to lean into the various things with with summoning and and using faculty normal mods thats, going to be a great one to have now im not going to go through every single of the enhancements im just going to pick Out a few that i think are meaningful um, for example, you still have some of the old classics.

Like you know, once per battle at the start of the battle round, you can move the cycle of corruption, pretty much just one step around where it is currently thats great for controlling this and controlling your opponent, because these are all board wide, which is really really Nice um infernal conduit basically gives you a chance to get more and more contagion points. If this general is on the battlefield to start the hero phase, uh its your hero phase, specifically roll a die and on a one, nothing happens on a two through five. You get one contagion point on a six. You get d3, so thats, just one more way to rack those up. Um lets see theres a few ways to give more or additional contagion points or disease points to other people. At the start of your hero, phase roll a dice for each enemy unit within seven inch of this general on a two up give that unit one disease point and you receive one contagion point. So if you have a hero who can move up and be aggressive, i could see this being really great. On a lord of afflictions, im sorry yeah mortal hero yeah. So we can do this um. He can run up there. He can be protected by his boys. The other possible blight lords, but hes still within seven, and so he can be dishing out mortal wounds and getting him more contagion points um, theres, a bunch of stuff that has to do with making them more tanky.

On the demon side lets see. Hes got some buffs to their attacks. Characteristics subtracting hit rolls uh from hit rolls from your opponent as theyre, hitting you and uh pestilent breath, which is just essentially like a an extra weapon that they can get as a command trait an extra attack. I should say rather than weapon now we look at the artifacts here and, of course, theres the nurgle and uh the demon now its interesting for they used to have mortal mag king of nergal and demon. Maybe i misread something and the mortals can take these. Let me know in the comments below, because this is like the way that theyve worded uh enhancements to me is still a little bit. Muddled um. But i mean im only ever going to play like if im going to play meg king of knurl im, not bringing slaves to darkness. I want these guys thats just kind of how my brain works. So i look at this as like. Oh yeah, i can take all of these um. We have some great, i mean honestly great stuff, rust fang is still here once per battle. At the start of the combat phase, you can pick one enemy hero within three inches of the bear subtract. One from save rolls that target that hero for the rest of the battle, that is a colossal stomp, because rust fang used to be incredibly good it. It got toned down a lot now, its basically just pick a hero screw that hero and thats thats.

All there is to it it used to be like whole units. Oh man, it was so beautiful. You can sorry here we go shield of growths. You can reroll save rolls for attacks that target the bearer. If the save roll is equal to or less than the number of wounds allocated to the bearer, so that is situational, but it could be a really powerful shield, um theres a couple once per battle things honestly artifacts. Typically, not my my big thing were gon na move right here and spell lures uh blades of putrification used to be or putrefaction sorry used to be one of the go tos because it would just make your sixes explode into madness. Lets see blades of putrefaction is a spell that has a casting value of 7 and a range 14. If cast pick one friendly magnet can of nervous unit within range invisible to the caster to your next hero phase. Each attack made with a missile weapon or melee weapon that inflicts one disease point on the target on an unmodified hit, roll of a five or six, so its just modifying the disease role that you do, which i like i mean honestly its a mechanic already built Into the book i like, when theres different ways of manipulating it, so i think thats, cool, um, its plague, squall plague squall, is a casting value of six. If cast roll seven dice for each six, you can pick one different enemy unit that is visible to the caster.

Give it a disease point that i love it thats the kind of stuff im here for where its just like its table wide. As long as the spell caster can see, whats going on, you know nothings going to hide from the glocken hes way too tall pick. It pick a couple of units that guy gets a disease point. Is it great not really? Is it fun absolutely so yeah um? Looking at the different plague, legions, i feel like most of them still have kind of the same vibe that they did before. But there are some some real standouts here – uh, for example the magnificent wanderers theres kind of like demon, focused ones and then mortal focused ones. If you can kind of divide it that way in your head, so for the munificent wanderers um, if an enemy unit is within three inches of a magnificent wanderous plague, bearer host meaning playbear unit, they just change the name to host that has ten or more models At the end of the movement phase, it receives two disease points instead of one okay, thats, pretty cool thats, a great way. Just if you can body spam and just rack up more disease points, all it does is just add to plague binge strengths. A befouling host, which is the second one uh that has a demon general, can include two faculty neural mods. Instead of setting up one fantastic uh, well talk about secular, normal mods im going to skip ahead and talk about those before we start talking about other units because its a big change, the droning guard subtract one from hit rolls for attacks that target plagued drones in The first battle round and in the battle round in which they were set up, so if you bring them in from the sky by some means, put them on the table afterwards, whenever they come onto the table or the first round, they are minus one to be Hit now it is very specific to plague drones, which i feel like they used to have a little bit more oomph um, like the droning guard specifically did more for them, but minus one to be shot pretty dang good right now.

Now we have the blessed sons up here: uh, which is sort of the. I guess the generic magicking of nerve mortals. Typically, all the heroes and stuff are from the blessed sons. Why? I say that if a friendly, blessed sons, mortal mortal model is slain within one inch of an enemy unit before removing that model from play pick one enemy unit within one inch of that model and roll a number of dice equal to the wounds characteristic of that Model for each six, the enemy gets a disease point. This to me turns maggot can of nurgle into storm cast. Storm casts have that ability that when they get killed, number of wounds roll a die on a six. It does a mortal wound to somebody within an inch, and so i kind of look at that the same way except theyre, just feeding this further into the mechanics that were already established early, on which i like to be honest, um. You know when you figure a blight king has they still have four wounds. Lets see four wounds, so you know youre going to be rolling enough of them, certainly with putrid uh pluscoil blight lords and that kind of stuff. So you know it, it will come into effect, especially if you want to have a melee focused army. Then there are the drowned men which this is what my faction really was before. They used to give you all kinds of bonuses to movement and be very aggressive with possible blight, lords and simply here after deployment.

But the first battle round begins. You can move each friendly, drowned men, lord of afflictions, and pus coil, blight lords unit up to eight inches. If you both, have it just roll off and see who goes first, so i like it um to me it sucks a lot of the wind out of the sails haha pun intended uh, because theyre sea pirates um out of it for me because its not the Kind of motion and aggressiveness that i wanted from the first kind of version of john men, so i dont think i would lean heavily too much into possible blight lords this time around. But i do like them still and then the last one for the mortals is the filth bringers. You can include rock covens in your army page 104. At the start of the hero phase. You can pick one wizard from each rock coven in your army. Add one to casting and unbinding and dispelling rolls for that wizard in that phase add two: instead, if one of those wizards is within three inches of one other wizard from the same rot, coven add three: instead, okay, just the more wizards you have and close to Each other the stronger that bonus gets but lets take a look at the rock coven page 104.. What we essentially get is theres the rock bringer sorcerer the single model, but specifically for the filth bringers. They have a different unit entry. That is 360 points.

Single can only be included in a filthbringers army. These units must be taken as a set referred to as a rot coven, although taken as a set each is a separate unit. You essentially get three sorcerers for a discount. There are 360 points and um. Basically, they they function like it dictates here. This is the only place that mentions the rock coven, its just its specifically a group of wizards that give each other a buff. If theyre close, so you can have this nice power base of wizards, you pick one each round depending on how many from that rock covenant around them. They get bonuses to cast on, buy and dispel all that kind of stuff. So if youre looking for magic, thats a great one to have now, there is a path to glory section im going to do a dedicated video talking about that, because i actually like it quite a bit and were going to talk about the core of this. So we have core battalions: um battle tactics, grand strategies. All these kinds of things go listen to man who reads book ash over on gorilla, muncher games. He does a great job of just reading it off me. I will lose my voice and ive got a lot of catching up on content to do with my family around. So the one that really matters to me specifically is the rott bringer syst, which is going to basically be a rott bringer leader, so mortal magicking of neural leader with a wound characteristic of less than 10, which is most of them and uh three mortal maggot kin Of nurgle units thats, not a leader, its not artillery or a behemoth, and so its just basically a makes them a one drop mortal army.

Doesnt that sound cool. It sounds cool to me um as far as the other one, which is basically just three grand clean ones. They still have the thrice bold buffalo, which is fun um. They do magnificent when you pick your enhancements, you get an extra one. So its a lot more tame than the last ones, but hey they are quite cool um now for different actual war, scroll entries, you know theyre going to go up on the app here, pretty pretty much immediately. I think, after this video is released rather than going through and reviewing each one of them. I was actually going to do. A video specifically talking about okay were going to tackle demons today were going to tackle mortals today, because to me, what i would say is the one of the issues that i had with the the last battle tone. Was it really felt like you had to lean in one direction? You had to lean into mortals and go with the battalions that buffed blight kings to a bazillion or you had to go demons, and you had to really lean into thrice fault, fulfillment and spell casting and all that kind of stuff. What i would say about the new book, as i do feel like it, does a much better job of balancing the two, and when i mean balancing, i dont mean like you know that this is like a perfectly balanced army and it needs no point changes or Clarifications or faqs, when i say balanced, i mean i dont, feel railroaded into choosing mortals or demons i personally like mortal stuff, but because of that with the last book, i never got to play with any of the demons, because the summoning mechanic was so terrible.

I didnt feel like i was really accruing enough contagion points to be able to meaningfully summon things and so between. You know, effectual naromas, some of these spells and abilities and that kind of stuff i really do feel like summoning – will be more meaningful with this army. Its not going to be like you know, die hard fast, but it will be a lot more meaningful, so i feel like ill get the chance to engage with both halves of the army more so than i did in the last book. Thats. My personal opinion well see how it goes on the tabletop, uh herticulous slimex still uh. Once per battle lets you poop out a tree within three inches, pretty cool. We have lets, see the beasts of nurgle. I think, got some really cool stuff. They used to be this weird kind of dumpy in the middle of the road unit, where they they were aggressive and could get there, but they couldnt do anything. They had hit like a wet pool noodle for this now he can run retreat and still charge later. In the same turn, in addition, when this unit retreats it can pass across other models in the same manner as a model that can fly so thats cool and when he does that he has a slime trail. Roll a dice for each enemy unit within three inches of this unit on a four up, it suffers a disease point thats cool um after a model in this unit finishes a charge, move roll a dice for each enemy thats within an inch of it.

On a two up, it suffers d3 mortal wounds if that unit has more than one model roll to determine if mortal wounds are caused after each model finishes its charge move but do not allocate mortal wounds yeah. If you have a bunch of these guys in a single unit and they all pile in youre, just gon na roll for each of them really quick, but you dont apply it to the damage until you determine how many wounds are being spread. That way, your guy, your opponent, cant, pull models out of range and therefore deny you charge things all your charges are going to go off. Then you calculate how many wounds are done now. Nurglings are super fun. I love knurklings theyre, just theyre theyre adorable. Four inch move four wounds: bravery, ten, six up, save which is a better save than they deserve, because griffons got nothing um, so melee weapons, tiny, sharp teeth; they get five attacks, fives to hit fives to wound; no rend; one damage the saddest profile in all of Warhammerdom but endless swarm at the end of the battleshock phase, heal all the wounds that have been allocated to this unit, so each of those little swarm bases heals back up all the way at the end of the round, hidden infestations during deployment. Instead of setting up this unit on the battlefield, you can place it to one side and say that it will set up a hidden infestation as a reserve unit.

If you do so at the end of your first movement phase, you must set up this unit on the battlefield holy outside of your territory within three inches of a terrain feature more than nine from all enemy units, so they are slow and they are derpy, but They can like basically um hide out in terrain pre game, which is really nice, because then you can pop stuff up. You can have them be close to an objective. To get early holds thats, actually, a really great move its much better than like a scout move. A pregame thing i would much rather have this, i like it a lot now. Realistically, you know. If you have three stands in this, its 15 attacks thats pretty reasonable to get all three of them in youre, not looking to do damage youre looking to put on disease points. Okay, thats, all thats, reasonable expectations. Theyre gon na hide in terrain pop up, clap an objective round. One force your opponent to pull themselves way forward to get these guys off that objective, or you know away from near it so theyre not even threatening it and then theyre just gon na fish for sixes. If you expect anything else from these guys im sorry, i dont know how to help you uh. Then we have plague drones, which i think are still pretty killy. I wish they had more rend, but essentially a lot of these things are focused on delivering disease points and and mortal wounds via that way, the attacks characteristics of a deaths head is equal to the number of models in the target unit to a maximum of seven.

So they actually do have some weirdly good, close range, shooting its only a range seven, but you know if you pile, drive a whole unit of these into your enemy. You can actually get a lot of attacks out of that. Um lets see plague sword. You get the clowning mouth parts again when im looking at these profiles, its not just how well do the actual profiles look like to hit into wound and rend and damage, but its also how many attacks, because that is a huge deal to me. How many attacks are they throwing how many chances do i get to get sixes for disease points now? Lets talk, glocken, hes, one that i do want to focus on what i would say for the glocken. Is they took him from im going to say a trio of trophy husbands which are like they look good, but they dont do a whole lot and turn them into what is closer to a god tier character. Okay, like when i say god tier. I mean these huge models that have a very meaningful impact on the game and they are priced to fit and so cha boy boys collectively are now 700 points, okay, which is huge thats that sucks. But what do you get for that? Well, five inch move, uh 20 wounds and a four up: save nine bravery, not no thats good hes, a fat slow, wrecking ball um. The missile weapon is ottos gut spray, which is i love.

It 12 inch range. The attacks lets see, starts at seven and it degrades from there threes to hit threes to wound minus two rend and one damage this used to be the one where you got like one shot and it almost never landed, at least for me he was just useless, But it had an incredible rend and incredible damage and they kind of just tweaked it around so now its like more attacks, but they dont quite do as much, which is fine. You know its whatever melee weapons. We have gerks tentacle. He starts at four attacks: threes to hit twos to wound minus two running three damage. That thing is nasty um, gerks, lamprey, ma three attacks: threes to hit twos to wound minus two rent: three damage: you dont want him getting into you, keep in mind the tentacle attacks, those degrade, but nothing degrades about the lamprey maw and then lastly, is ottos. Scythe. The guy, on top with the big scythe, that this picture cropped out or covered up rather four attacks, threes to hit threes to wound minus one and rend and d3 damage. So he is, i think, far scarier in melee than he was before. Okay, as far as what degrades its just the number of attacks when it comes to the ranged attack and the tentacle arm, basically that gets weaker as he goes thats it. So he has a lot of ways to meaningfully deliver. You know threes to hit twos to wound uh ren, two three damage weapons, nice so lets talk about his abilities, warmaster.

If this unit is included in a mega kin of nerve army, it is treated as a general, even if it is not the model to be picked as the general. We saw that starting in the soul blight book. I believe – and i like it just because it gives you ways to like include characters but like theyre, not saddled to that being your general. So like thematically, these guys would always be in charge. And if you did a thematic list before you wouldnt be able to use any of the enhancements because named characters, cant use them. So i like that change hes a wizard because of one brother here and uh. He can attempt to cast two spells and attempt to unbind two spells. I like that uh he has the rule blight krieg. You can use this command ability at the end of the movement phase. Sorry at the end of the enemy movement phase. If this unit is within 12 inches of an enemy unit, the command must be issued by this unit, and it must be received by another another friendly, magnet kind of neural unit, thats within 12 inches of an enemy unit. This unit and the unit that it received the command can attempt a charge. So essentially, if the glockkin and the rest of your inertial forces are moving up at the end of your opponents movement phase, you get a chance to counter charge. So you can pull in more of their units into engagement than they had expected or you could double down like lets.

Say your opponent only charges you once you can then counter charge to really smoke that unit, so its cool, its just a utility thing, its not going to come up and be useful every game, but it is a very useful thing for kind of. Certainly you put your opponent on tilt. Next is horrific opponent at the start of the enemy movement phase, you must roll 2d6 for each enemy unit, thats within 3, inches of this unit. If the role is equal to or greater than that units, bravery characteristic. That unit must retreat in that phase or it suffers d6 mortal wounds. So that is interesting. That theres still a choice. I, like that, its in your enemy movement phase, it doesnt happen in yours, which is nice so um, i dont know i mean its its just its either more damage or youre controlling what they do and anytime you can take decisions away from your opponent or deliver Damage just because they happen to be near him, his good stuff, mountain of lonesome flesh. You can carry out this monstrous rampage, which is interesting uh with this unit, instead of any other monstrous rampage you can carry out with, for this unit, thats a very strange way to wear that if you do so pick, one enemy unit within three inches of this Unit and roll a dice on a two up – the enemy unit suffers a number of mortal wounds equal to the mountain of loathsome flesh value on its damage table.

That is the third thing that degrades as you take damage. So if somebody charges into you, you have the option. Sorry, um yeah its at the end of the charge phase, so i mean thats when monsters rampages happen, its just one more way to do damage which i like um and honestly, it makes them quite scary, makes them quite scary, because that way, you know whatever you Charge into this guy, it has to be able to endure whatever profile hes at so it starts at five. On a two up suffers five mortal wounds barf, i love it and then his abundance of flesh. This is the spell that uh ethrac, the golot, the wizard. Here knows: has a casting value of six range of 14 pick a friendly magnikin of nerve, mortal unit uh within range and visible to the caster. Add one to their wounds, characteristics thats, exactly what it was before, at least in terms of the effect. So i like that quite a bit and theres a designers note, it can cause models to go above like when it when it falls off. If a model had a wound, they only had one wound: theyll just die, so things can die because of it, but in general it makes things far more tanky um we have our new rotbringer sorcerer, which i love the model for, and i really want to talk About the putrid blight kings because they really are a lot of the baseline of the army as well as the secular, gnarl mall.

So lets start actually lets start with the normal mom um set up it kind of works the same after territories are determined but um. You can set up this faction train feature holy within your territory and more than three inches from all objectives. Other terrain features and the spells and so on. If both players can do it, you roll off so its a little bit different in the sense that now before it used to be you put it on the table and then you determine deployment zones, so it could be in yours. It could be not its always safe to put it in the middle now, its always on your side, um three inches away from a whole bunch of stuff impassable. You cannot move a model over this terrain unless it can fly and you cannot move a model onto this terrain feature or set up a model. Basically, you cant garrison it. You cant, hide. You know, inside of it that kind of stuff spreading disease. This faction train feature can never be set up within seven inches of another secular, normal or within three inches of an objective. Okay, and then i mean and and really the value in that is its spreading, so its a minimum distance to the next tree. So you have to push them outward, which is cool if this terrain feature is affected by a rule that says you cannot use the scenery rules on its war scroll for the rest of the battle.

Remove this terrain feature. There are a few ways, particularly with monsters, to shut down faction terrain, and so i, like the inclusion of that uh just because it makes things nice and clean you just get rid of it right, no more arguing about well. Does it affect this rule? Does it affect that nope take it off and then the last one is encroaching corruption. This terrain feature is treated as a friendly unit with the mega kin of nurgle keyword for the purposes of the diseased battle trait. So if an enemy is within three inches, they will get it at the end, get a disease token at the end of the movement phase and the combat phase um. In addition, at start of your hero phase, you receive one extra contagion point for each fecult neural mod in your army, that is on the battlefield and has no enemy models within three inches of it. So what that does is it? It takes away. Some of the summoning capabilities, because i think it was d3 before its just one now, which is fine um to me. They dont have the same ohm for board, presence or scariness that they had before, because they dont allow running and charging. However, they do allow you to be near objectives, maybe some areas where your opponent doesnt want you to have any kind of influence and just deliver more and more of the disease. Token, so again, its a very sharp change from what it was before.

This is a thing that people are going to whine about on the internet. You can taste the salt already, but honestly i i didnt really like that. It didnt feel nergly to me that they could be so fast. So i like this, a bit more thats. Just an opinion of course um as far as their basic units ill do blight, kings and also um the. What are they plague bears so for blighted weapons. Oh sorry, i should do this uh movement, four wounds, four, eight bravery and four up save uh the champion steam as before. He has an extra wound on him, which is nice um. One in every five models in this unit can be an icon bearer at one of the bravery characteristics. While it has one one in every five can be a musician um. That has the big bell on his back. You can reroll battleshock rolls of one for enemy units that are within six inches of that dude um, relentless attackers lets see at the end of the combat phase, pick one enemy unit with a wound characteristic of three or less thats within three inches of this unit. Roll one dice for each model in this unit, thats within three inches of that enemy unit, for each roll that exceeds the enemys wounds characteristic. It suffers a mortal wound. Okay, thats thats a bit much to be honest with you and its. Not i just i see it as something thats gon na be easily forgotten, not that its a complicated rule but yeah youre for every dude whos next to a unit or in combat.

They have a chance to do mortal wounds to the enemy, which is not bad. Um but realistically you know with the size of their bases, you can imagine to get three or four into combat pretty easily, and so that being said, you roll a dice for each model in that in this unit, thats within three inches, so lets say: four dice. Uh for each roll that exceeds the and it has to exceed it so its going to be on a two up minimum um. It does immortal wound to me. I see that as just kind of like an extra little freebie, because its going to be those mortal wounds, in addition to any of the disease tokens that they get because youre within three inches um theyre blighted weapons, it used to be they exploded on sixes into D6 attacks theyve gotten rid of that each one of them now does five attacks. Three is to hit threes, to wound minus one rend and one damage, so they lost the explosions they gained rend permanently. That used to be part of a battalion and um. You know theyre just different. I really think they are. I think they want to get stuck in, because when you combine um some of the buffs, the heroes can give them to disgustingly resilient, which they would have um. I dont know man they just they seem like they want to get stuck in and just keep delivering mortal wounds through various means from all over the place, um and grind your opponent out, which to me is more nurgly.

It is a very different. I understand from how they were before, but it is to me more, i dont know lore friendly how about that thats? Why you guys come here and then lets go to the plague bearers as the other basic troop and then well round out. Our discussion. Um lets see move into four two wounds each now they used to only be one, and that is nice, two wounds with that uh disgustingly resilient nice. They got it.