Can you see me down here? Well, i have this tiny little race whoop with me. This is a cine race, 2 and its by flywoo, and they call it the sceni race because its actually really fast thats what they say. Ive never flown it, and that means it can do freestyle and racing the cool thing about it is the form factor the size, its got these little. The other reason they call it. The two is because its got these gem fan props on it that are five bladed and theyre two inches so thats how they got the two in the name, but they left out the name whoop. At least i dont see it in a lot of the literature, its actually a sceni whoop race, because this is a race whoop here and thats, normally the size they come in. Look at how small this one is here by flywood its really cool, and this one is the hd version, its all digital. So ive got the polar nano camera which ive never tried before in the front. Digital got a cadx vista system in the center and im going to use a dji fpv radio to connect to the receiver in it and im going to use my little dji fpv goggles, to connect to the little camera in the front. Its got an f4 flight controller on it, so it should be pretty darn good and i put a little cad dx peanut camera up front to record some video so ill have video from this camera and video from the little one up front, and i want to Tell you about the batteries i just have so much stuff on my jeep here.

All right, so ive got three batteries in my hand and what i want to show you is this. So this is a 300 milliamp hour 4 lipo battery. That was sent to me with this here drone by flywoo, and they say if i fly it with this, i should get six minutes as long as i take this camera off and dont use any camera. So thats six minutes of flight on this little guy and then they sent me this ive thrown them all away. Then they sent me this one, the 900 milliamp hour lipo battery and they say if you fly with this one on here with no camera, youll get 12 minutes of flight time. But if you put a camera on it and fly with either of these batteries, youre going to cut your flight time in half, so i brought with me something in between both of those batteries. I brought with me a 550 milliamp hour lipo battery, which is not too heavy its a good size and thats. One im going to use on here as well now last thing to say before we go fly is even with all those heavy batteries on it and this little peanut up front were still under 250 grams. So this is going to be a very popular whoop um. If it flies as well as the specs say it should, then i think its going to be one of the most popular whoops around so uh lets go.

Try it now all right. So what im going to do is i have my gopro hat on up here and it should be filming this here, drone in front so im going to plug this in right. Now i have the battery on the cool thing. Is you can put the battery on sideways, or you know straight in line with the whole uh drone body, or you can put it sideways? Ive got it on sideways, so were ready to fly now, and what i want to do is just show this thing flying because even myself ive only flown in the basement, so i just want to see it flying out here. So let me just stick it in angle mode for flying here arm it there we go and take it on up and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Just like all sceni whoops there we go im just trying to keep it in the cameras right here. So the cameras can catch it, so its a little windy out here you can see if i go up to the tree here. If i look up or see the tree blowing in the wind theres, a sea whoop up there or a mycenae race, but its pretty sweet, all right, im gon na bring it really close to my head up there there it is flies, really nice. It should be really good flying around the area here. All right so lets put it down see if i can get on a nice little landing over here there we are all right so lets take it for a real flight.

This should be fun all right. So for this flight i am going to use the 550 milliamp hour lipo battery. That way, i should get more than three minutes of flight time, because i do have the little peanut camera on the front all right. We are ready to go, put an acro mode and arm it, and the recording on here should start working yes, its on. So i do have a recording of my goggles, which im going to show you plus the peanut camera and lets go im going against the wind a little bit, not as fast as i originally thought. Okay. Well, let me get away from the wind a little bit. The winds blowing me into the trees so im on a bit of an angle here. Uh lets go past that the wind is blowing. You probably hear it in my microphone, so there we go a little bit better flies. Well, it goes exactly where im pointing the nose, which is really good here, ill get out of the side. Oh, my god, can you hear that wind just a blowing now thats, not good all right lets, bring it back to me and ill fly around myself, its! So tiny, these little tiny guys in the wind they really are affected. You could just see as my my motion like going forward its not as fast as it should be, its like im going super slow but im actually moving here there.

I am back of my head, but look at this. You can just buzz beside myself really nice, so this could be used for a lot of cinematic stuff. It would just blew up some dirt there. You could have a blast with this flying in and out of places around things making cinematic movies. This is really decent. I like this all right, so lets go over here, im going to see reception. Oh, the wind almost blew me into that number seven side and go over here and go through these trees ill see. If i have reception going through the trees coming back should be because usually digital is pretty good. Its using a different type of antenna on here. Im going really low to these little nets, so theres the trees might have some blotchiness happening in my reception, video, but yeah very little its good, its good. It did well not an issue at all seems like it works quite well, man that wind is just blowing on my face here. You can see our trees are kind of changing. Color right now fall is happening and yeah theres one tree, not all trees have changed. Color but theres one this one here ill go on the other side, where you can actually see the colors there we go and look at it. That way. Now you can see some fall colors, maybe its green. There looked orangey to me. There we go. I see a little bit of orange now so over the next two three weeks the trees will change colors and yeah, then that will be followed by more rain and more snow and everything else all right.

So here we go lets uh, try out some freestyle with this im gon na get out of the sun, so the video looks good point it this way and there we are and just do some little flips, no problem ill. Keep it close. So you can hear the motors when i flip it so watch whoa. Oh, that was incredible. That was incredible. I flipped it. I killed the power and then i brought the power back on and it almost dived into my jeep, like it was inches away. That was incredible all right, so i will not try that again. I was very low to the ground. Doing the rotations of the flips lets go a little higher, so were safer. Here we go there. We are see if youre up high, not as much a problem there. We are it flips fast it flips faster than im used to hang on a second ill go slower there. We are so im slowing down the flips. Now there we are up to give it some gas, so we dont crash, but there we go thats good and the rolls ill go slow. So its all good. It is not killing itself and dropping like a rock after rolls. Even when i go slow, so thats uh, pretty decent its got lots of power and im looking at the voltage, and the voltage of my 550 is good. If i would have put the 300 milliamp hour lipo battery and the peanut camera on.

It would be much better because its less weight right now ive got quite a bit of weight on it with the 550. You know its only a little bit less than the 900, but yeah every little gram counts to make things much more easier to fly and maneuver and do all the stuff you like to do so pretty cool so far liking. This got to get up through there. There we go its so small that you can go in and out of anything, you desire, theres, no worries with that. All right next thing i want to do is just take it down the field, a bit im going to give it full power there we go. You can hear it screaming now, but thats about as fast. I can get im going into the wind, so yeah not much faster than that into the wind. This little guy you can see over to my right. There is a what is that a soccer game going on. You can see the kids there and theyre running towards the ball. Hopefully not me lets just look back. What were they running towards theyre all down there? All right lets go this way. Lets go away from them and come out back this way now im going with the wind, so it should be a little bit better there. We are so im just going to reiterate. I thought this would be faster, its not as fast as i thought in the wind.

If there was no wind, it would be pretty darn, quick but overall, its still pretty zippy with the 550.. If i put the 300 on, it should be faster and thatd be, and i mean if i put the 300 milliamp hour lipo battery on and take off the peanut camera, then it will be much faster because wont have all that weight right now, its like its Got like twice the weight of this drone almost like that its got to lift and push around all right, so lets bring it back for a landing and ill. Give you my final thoughts. So here we go coming around and where am i? Oh, the sun has gone out, so there we go lets just hover right here. Lets go put it instead of the landing pad over by my feet. There we are next thing i want to show. You is what i received when this drone came to me. Also, you probably noticed mine looks different than other reviewers. I have black on one side and a sort of greenish yellow. On the other side, i changed that because flywood sent me different ducks, so this is all like a lego block it just they click together, and then you put the two pieces of carbon fiber bottom and top to hook everything together. Now everything im about to show you is not what youre going to get. If you buy this drone analog or digital its just what flywood sent me youll get some of the pieces, but not everything.

Some of them are accessories and you have to buy them anyways enough of me talking, let me show you here: heres the box, the sceni race comes in, and these are the specifications of the drone shown in this video you can see here. The drone is rather small, look at the size of the drone compared to my thumbs. It does have an f4 flight controller. Mine is the vista system digital with the polar nano camera it has. 20 amp escs and 3 400 kv. Brushless motors included is a new mushroom, 5.8 gigahertz lhcp antenna for long range. If you order batteries or you own batteries, make sure they have an xd30 connector, a power supply is included for a naked gopro as well. There is a power supply and a connection for external receivers. My drone came with two sets of gem fan five blade of props. I also received a pile of extra screws, as well as a very long battery strap for large batteries. An extra landing protector and sticky battery pad was also included. Flywoo also sent me extra ducts in case. I wanted to install them as well as every conceivable camera. Adapter for this drone and finally flywoo also sent me a couple of batteries so that i could try them out as well as stickers. Please note that this drone also has a bluetooth device built in, so that you can connect to the speedy b app and do all your beta flight settings right on your phone.

Now, as seen in the video, my drone had a yellow, duct and a black duct, and here i am installing the yellow, removing the black it just comes apart, like a lego block. Finally, just to reiterate the drone is under 250 grams, even if you put a large battery on it and the peanut camera all right there we go. I have the three batteries together and i just want to show them to you, because the top one is the battery recommended by flywood its a 300 milliamp hour. They say if you put that battery on no camera on it, youll get six minutes of flight time. If you put the camera on like, i did its a lot of weight, youre gon na knock it down to three minutes of flight time, and also it wont, be as agile in doing freestyle and other things because of the camera on it. Adding more weight and wont go as fast, so if you want it to go fast, no camera on the front next is the one i used in the video today its in between these two, its the 550, and i thought that would be good. You know it is pretty heavy and with the peanut you could see with the wind. This here was not going as fast as i expected it to go, but it was still extremely agile and it went everywhere. I pointed this drone, so you could use this for those really cool videos that you see on youtube where people fly from outside come inside in a bowling alley fly around, do all that cool stuff between peoples legs in and out of things, look at how tiny It is and go back outside.

This is the drone for that it would do it with a little peanut camera youd have no problem with that. Finally, the last battery here this you can buy this all these batteries on the flywheel. No well, actually the top one. In the bottom, one on the flywheel website is the 900, so flywood sent me that, and they said if i use that dont dont use the peanut camera because its going to be a lot of weight. You know, but its going to get you like. 12 minutes of flight time. So if you want 12 minutes of flight time, just flying around having a great old time, then get yourself the 900 milliamp hour battery. So my final thoughts on this are its like any other whoop on the planet, and that is that theyre, a heck of a lot of fun man whoops, are so much fun. You have tiny whoops, you know the little tiny things. Then you have sceni whoops, which look like this because they have the ducks and the reason you have the ducks is because, when youre going under or through things, you might hit something and these drones will just bounce off whatever they hit and you can keep on Flying you dont have to go pick up your drone or anything like that. Theyre just made to bounce off stuff, so yeah really good for stuff, like that, i do like the size of it its going to come in handy on a lot of cool things.

I want to film in the future for some projects i have in mind, so this will be a really good drone for that. So what im going to do is im going to put links below to where you can get. This is the digital version. It comes in digital and i think two versions of analog so check them out. Everything is below check out the specifications whatever you can afford. If youre looking for something this small in a race, sceni whoop, then this might be the one for you, because its pretty much so far, the only one that i have seen that is true to form of a scene whoop in this size factor with powerful motors And the five bladed props. Other thing i want to make note is that everything is polycarbonate or partly carbonated. Carbonated like pop, i dont know partly carbonate. I dont know polycarbonate, is that the word anyways its the type of molded plastic? I believe im trying to say. Maybe thats what the brain is trying to say: uh molded plastic on here, which means that its not 3d printed and its the type of molded plastic. That is very strong unless you smack into something really hard, because then youre probably going to crack it, and you can just replace it its very inexpensive to buy the ducts they come in twos in any color. You want pretty much any color you want and, like i said its a lego, lego box, you just click them together, put the screws back in top and bottom and youre all set to go its really simple.

All right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you have questions on this drone, just post them below the sun is going out. So i guess i got to go and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future.