From my point of view, so weve got new leaked information on the dji mini 3. Let us believe that the release is imminent. You know the rumor april release date seems to be holding true, so we still again we basically what we can see from this is basically we appear to have what the final product is im im guessing. This is whats that final product now we havent seen any final specs. Yet, of course, we wont but theres been plenty of rumors im willing to believe the rumors based on history. So in this video this is not going to be a quote. Unquote, im going to reveal the leaks weve already seen these leaks in this video im, going to give my view on the leaks im going to talk about the basic observations that we can see from those pictures in the video that was released. So what i believe that appears to be good, what i believe appears to be bad and just simply what we just dont know yet anyway, looking at the pictures in the the video that was released, where you can see that the drone is going to be bigger Than the traditional mini, its going to be slightly bigger, its kind of going its going to be the size of the all tail nanos, but its definitely slightly bigger, while still being at you know, 249 grams, also theres, a new camera and a new gimbal. Now again, i havent seen any information on the camera.

What this camera is going to be capable of. I havent seen any rumors like that. Also, if you look at that gimbal it looks more like dji. Perhaps maybe are regressing because that gimbal looks a lot like the the same style gimbal. We saw in original mavic pro, which was kind of flimsy. So we again, we have to wait to see with more information on this now i will say that the gimbal will is going to be well protected. I mean its going to be well protected, more than ive seen any dji gimbal being protected where its being recessed within the body, but it also again it can pan up. So that definitely was accurate based upon looking at the original, the original kind of box, harsh pick that was released other than that, like i say, as for just basic observation, would appear what i think is going to be good about. This drone is, if you look at it, the battery size is definitely bigger its you know the um, the mini 2, has a like a 2500mah battery, where this is going to be about 10 to 15 percent. Bigger at you know, 24 53 thats going to be the military milliamps, so hows that going to translate into better flight. We have to see how much flight were going to get. Also, the power button is on the top thats good, its thats definitely better than having it on the bottom, even though it wasnt the biggest issue, but it just makes things a lot more easier and simpler.

The fact that you have the power button on top this time, Music, also im looking at those huge sensors. Now these are very huge sensors for drawing that size, um and im wondering why the dji go such as sensors im, hoping it equals to a greater. I mean a greater field of view. Kind of like the air 2s has the two sensors where, when the drone is moving forward, those top sensors can all see whats going around more straight or more whats in front and kind of top. Where the bottom sensors will. It will be harder for them to see up im, hoping that these sensors me these large sensors mean that you just get a wider field of view, creating more protection for the drone. Now what appears to be bad and really theres? Only one thing i can look at it that see it appears to be bad and thats, really the visual visual aesthetics of the drawing i mean those two big senses in the front and that whole you know in the front that in indentation in the front, so That the camera gimbal can panned up its, not the most appealing of a dji drone. Now im i mean i me personally ill take performance over aesthetics any day. So the fact that the camera can pan up uh, i dont know how often it will be used, but the fact that you have it available to me. I already have a tool available to me theyre.

Not so i would trade the ability to pan straight up of 90 degrees up then over aesthetics but, like i said, just not more the most physically appealing wrong. I mean looking drone of a dji, and what is the streamlinedness of this, you know is that you know looking how it looks in the front. If you look at it in the front it it doesnt appear to be very streamlined, but then, like i said, we have to see what the official specs are and release um on really whenever they have their uh release announcement. How how aerodynamically this thing is from the front and if its not so, then is it going to limit the battery life or the flight time thats pretty much only thing that appears to be bad. Now from that point is just what we dont know. You know we dont know what the official flight time is going to be its im guessing. It should be more than the mini 2 since he has a bigger battery, but we have to wait for the official specs. Also, what we dont know is the price. Obviously, thats going to be number one thing that people are going to be certain about. How much is this thing going to cost how how well its going to be priced between the the mavic air 2 and the mini 2, its going to have to be priced somewhere in between there, depending upon what the drone brings to again, we, we dont, know What the cameras capable of now theres also been rumors im willing to believe the rumors based upon history.

You know its going to say that rumor says hes going to have a 1 over 1.3 cmo sensor. You know its going to have a an f 1.7 stops. Aperture and also room is that its going to have, i can say, 3.0 now. The rumor that im most interested in is that control with the screen and our room would say that its going to release with the drone. But we have to wait and see that i would love for that to happen and for this to be dji standard drone from now on, but theres other rumors out there. That says otherwise theres also a rumor of a a new Music controller, a new n1. You know rc n1 controller, perhaps maybe or uh the rcn2, so ive heard rumors of this as well, and perhaps maybe thats going to be the standard controller and that control of the screen is going to be the pro version or thats. Just rumor and dji is going to stick with the the rcn1 im, hoping that the control of the screen and it becomes the standard, controller and dji produced that from now on, it is going to be much cheaper over the long haul. Doing this because youre going to produce so many – and this is the reason why the rcn1 is so inexpensive right now i mean you can get one for less than 100 brand new. That was never the case for the other controllers, but anyway we got these leaks.

We know that i mean rumor that is going to really really consume, and all we do is wait for the final specs for everything im seeing im. Overall again, i think dji is going to bring four degree progress, but only time can tell anyway yall.