They give you okay, heres the heres. The thing um lets throw lets, throw that there for a second uh today were talking about the mavic 3 theyve made uh the mavic 3 cine theyve made a huge update to this drone. Look at that uh. You can tell just with like the leather hard shell combo leather magnetized, like look at that this thing is built to last. I dont know why the little details get me, but i swear this. This lens cover might be my my favorite feature. This is magnetic clips on and then it slaps down right, really really cool propeller guard camera cover gimbal safety, and that thing just slides right off. Look at that yikes. Where does it hit the light? Oh look, beautiful, beautiful, theres, the back side, other side. It sounds good too, when it takes off and just rips by it sounds different. It sounds meaner, more aggressive. It kind of reminds me of the phantom obsidian that they made, so it is classic mavic size cameras all over it, vents up top boom. Dual cameras: two cameras on the front this time, thats the new hype right there thats. What h is for hype, hasselblad, um propeller motors – are black everythings black on this, its just it looks awesome. The batteries quite large look at this bam and they sit in that big tray. Okay: three batteries in a tray plug that tray in they all charge consecutively, not all at the same time rather just uh one, then the next then the next, all your sensors and cameras on the bottom, its a good looking drone, it looks updated, looks upgraded, but Is it any good because none of this matters, if its no good, we can load it with features, but if those features dont provide you any additional value as a creator of any kind who cares, lets keep going through it? The remote the new, updated smart controller uh that is sick with the screen built in the screens fantastic.

You can actually record the screen thats one of the features in here theres an sd card slot in the in the smart controller itself, which is in there right now very comfortable to hold. I love not using my phone love, not using my phone huge fan of that. Its also massive like it is. Do you remember game gear who had a game gear its like bigger than a game gear, its huge it is huge, its its bigger than an ipad mini yeah. You know what hang on a second. They are like the same size. The ipad mini might be a little bigger, so its its a big, its a big remote thats, taking up space in your camera bag for sure all right. What else is cool mavic cine? What does that mean? We got nds nice little nd packages. You know me. I love an nd filter. These are cool coming from dji on these ones, straight from the home brand. This little thing flips down they open up that way beautiful. You got 4, 8, 16 and 32, and these ones go to the moon. 64. 128. 256. 512.. That is some serious nd 512, like i dont know when i would ever use that unless i was shooting on the surface of the sun, i might use it theyre pretty hyped on this cable here. This high quality braided usbc to usbc, that is a thick cable thats, a sturdy like you, could repel down the side of a building with this cable, and i wouldnt be worried that anything would happen, and you could probably be transferring data from both ends while repelling.

I even like this little power, brick usb c. On the end, these flip up. Thank you for letting them flip up. Nothing should not flip when youre talking about a power, brick that fits in bags and pouches that goes in the trash pumped pump pump pumped battery life very, very good thats. The biggest complaint i have with drones is typically, if you send it up and by the time you find something that you like. You got to bring it back because that things beeping at you and its beeping at you, its super stressful, so the battery improvement. Here i wrote it down. I wrote it in a note yeah we were seeing like we were seeing over 40 minutes of flight time, which is for a drone thats, so good if you cant, get what you need in 40 minutes with one battery youve got three batteries here. If you get extras its like in almost an hour and a half no two hours of flying before you got to charge thats thats thats fantastic. I also noticed the speed of this camera. The speed of this camera was really really fast were talking on a normal day without like crazy winds or anything like that 70 kilometers an hour if youre american time to open up google kirk flash the miles per hour there. The signal strength with this thing rock solid, even at ridiculous distances. Not once do we have any type of signal, failure or its getting weak or the transmission is starting to flicker, or you start getting that like uh.

Oh should probably turn around didnt even enter the head, which is great when battery life and signal arent a thing to worry about when youre flying a drone. It makes flying the drone a lot more enjoyable, which gives you time to find the footage to find the angles you dont have to worry about, like okay, dont have a lot of time got ta make this count like you can just peruse around and look for What might be cool and thats how half of these shots of the intro were shot and found? Pull over? Send the drone up look around film, something bring it back repeat the low light performance both in photos and video was exceptional, mostly think when youre like flying a drone, its just not really like a nighttime activity, its like oh, its getting dark lets lets bring lets Bring that in, i think, nighttime drone stuff is really interesting. I think its really really cool i kind of want to do more of it. I would almost rather fly at night than fly during the day, especially if you live anywhere near a city and its safe and youre within proper zones, where youre able and allowed to do that licensed all those things. It looks so good. Okay lets talk about the zoom camera, real, quick, all right, so two cameras on this theres, a zoom camera which is 160 mil with an aperture of f 4.4. Now this zoom camera shoots in jpeg, only its a half inch sensor, so thats 12 megapixels.

The second camera is a 24 millimeter camera and that ones a micro, four third sensor with 20 megapixels, and it shoots jpeg and raw. Now i found as you zoomed in more and more with those cameras, the quality seems to get softer and softer. I snapped several photos of comparison, so you could see one gabriels car if we go from the far wide shot and we move all the way in to the closest shot. Youll see that quality kind of deteriorates and gets soft. As you get closer now, there were a lot of features that i didnt get to try out, because those will be coming in january via a new firmware update that was hyperlapse master shots focus track with the new active track. 5.0 point of interest quick shots panorama, quick transfer, 4g transmission, which i dont believe is available in europe, so thats thats a lot of exciting stuff that i did not get to play with, because its coming in a january 2022 firmware update. Definitely something to look forward to because i feel like active track, only gets better and better. So i can imagine in this thing it would be so sick, okay. This is gon na blow your mind now its only with the cine version of the mavic 3, but this has a built in internal one terabyte hard drive, and it is amazing, amazing, its amazing. How many times have you gone to fly a drone and been like? Oh, i didnt, i dont have a micro sd like youre all ready.

The controller is out youre ready to send it to the sky, and you dont have a micro sd. That happens all the time for me anyway. So internal one terabyte incredible and the transfer speeds of that. Can you guys literally hear you guys literally hear uncle dom outside just burning up and down this street sheesh? The transfer speeds from the internal terabyte drive are incredible and super fast, so that is a its a welcomed, update love that so that is an incredible feature which im pumped on one less thing to remember, one less thing to forget: actually i was very excited about That, by the time we were done flying this thing, there was still pretty much 30 left of that battery every single time. I never had to bring it back once because it was beeping on me, its the most responsive and stable drone. To date. I think adjusting some of the camera settings in the pro mode was a little a little cumbersome if i had to nitpick something kind of wish. Dji would come up with a little more of an intuitive interface to change that and make those settings a little easier and faster to spot on the fly. Thats thats nitpicking. If i had to its not like a big issue by any means, but you know would be nice, oh lets talk about the bag. It came in. This came in this kit. Ive personally never used dgi bags, like i usually just unbox it and then throw it into my own kit.

This is pretty cool, though um its a side bag. This opens up inside very soft. Like look, you can see how soft that is. Drone obviously goes in here, underneath this youve got slots for all the batteries. The controller right behind it, like everything, has a beautiful slot, just perfect like when you go to fly with this thing, the nds fit in this little zippered, pouch, together side by side, so thats just super awesome, those fit in there. The controller slides right in obviously, if you take the thumb, sticks off and store them inside the remote like youre supposed to that just fits down in there so good, and then, when that cover is on the front of this drone. It just slides in careful not to cut yourself if youre doing that without a cover it just slides in there absolutely perfect that goes over top with how soft it is. You just know anything you put in this thing is protected, screens are protected, lenses are protected and these are protected, youre, feeling good and up here in the lid. If you unzip this all the way get this strap out of the way here. You unzip it backpack straps roll out and it kind of turns into like a little backpack. Where have i seen that before ive seen that somewhere before? Where was that so thats about all? I can tell you about this new drone. Um hope you enjoyed the footage.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of the intro uh. What it looks like. I hope that was enough to kind of get you acquainted with this new hardware. I would really have loved to have tried those new features. This is how you put that uh. This crazy thing back on so so these two bumps cover the two rotors on the bottom, so this just kind of drapes over top bam covers it up, make sure your propellers are underneath there that clips over the back. You turn it around make sure propellers. Are there clips them its kind of like a bungee cord, pull that up magnetizes on and youre set, so its very easy to do way better than anything they have ever made thats the greatest drone cover in existence. Theyve done a lot of upgrades here, its phenomenal with those firmware updates when we can actually take advantage of a lot of the tech that theyve built into these. You know little miracle flying robots. I think well be well be getting some real awesome footage. You wont be missing, you wont be missing as much as you. You know human errors removed from drone flying and thats a good thing, because theres a lot of it weve all missed, focused, missed shots, crashed drones and the more tech that goes into these, to prevent all of that and make sure those things are not happening and, Being focused on thats cool, and this will definitely deliver on that.

I know once that firmware update comes out. This thing is going to rip more than it already did so thats your first look at the mavic 3.. If youre, just looking for something like that one and done drone thats going to give you that cinematic buff with all the features to not have to worry about certain things that you used to have to worry about, this is going to be it man. This is going to be it. This is the ticket right here, so dji, thanks so much for sending this along and letting me play with it uh. I appreciate that. I appreciate you and great job. You guys do you sleep. Do you do anything other than just make products every day, and the answer is probably no, because who comes out with a cinema camera, a new action camera and like a fully redesigned cinema drone like in a month whos doing this kudos to that team, because you Guys are on another level thats it for me, guys hit the like button. If you like this video subscribe, do whatever you want, do whatever you want. I appreciate you thanks for hanging out thanks for sticking with me. While i checked out this camera its a little more casual, i wanted to make it different. I want to, i dont know make it feel like uh, like you were just here hanging, i had a good time. I love making vids. I love new tech too.

This is just unreal, its unreal, where its going where its gone.