This is a quick update, video to show you all the new firmware updates for the evo, the evo lite plus, and the nano plus thats all i have so i have all three of those drones in here. You see. I have a huge case with controllers and drones, so im going to tell you what the new firmware updates are and then im going to show you them in action all right, so lets get started. Im going to put the announcements of the firmware up here. Just to tell you what they are and i have them printed out on a sheet of paper, so this is the evo lite plus. This is the one with the 6k camera. This drone from autel is in competition with the dji air 2s, except its newer technology, and i find personally that the camera on this is probably about 50 times better than the dji air 2s, especially in low light just general photography and videography. So let me tell you what they changed on here. According to the sheet, they said they made a shoot mode now, so they took the photo mode, the video mode and the pro mode, and they squished it all together in the shoot mode. I should also let you know that autel did send me a beta version of that software long ago and ive tried it out and ive played with it for weeks months on end and yeah. It works perfectly fine, but ill show it to you here.

Is there anything else? Oh, they also added some image stabilization. So images looked in my opinion really good before, but they look even better now and theyve, also added uh imme stabilization to hyperlapse, which is pretty cool, because if the drone is sitting in the air – and you just leave it there and you let the ground people On the ground move around and you do the hyperlapse, it has an image stabilization that causes it to look really really good. Actually so yeah ill show you that here really quick next. What i have this is the evo light. So this is the drone thats, not a 6k camera, its a 4k camera on the front, and this has some pretty cool features. It has all the features of the 6k version, except it cant shoot in 6k and it cant take photos as good as the 6k version, because the sensor is not as big. However, it does have a night mode on here, so it can take video and photos in low light really well, and it also has something really cool, so they came out with this really neat concept. A long time ago i dont know last year and everybodys been waiting for it, its for shooting vertically, i think, theyre, the only company that does it, where you can shoot vertically for tick, tock and snapchat, in a way that no other company does like dji has Added to the dji mini 3 pro theyve added the fact that the camera turns sideways to.

Let you shoot vertically. This is just a big sensor inside its a big sensor, with a shape in it that it can shoot vertically and horizontally, and because of that, they can do some pretty nifty things in all photo modes, and your app can also go vertically and horizontally in all The modes as well, its pretty nifty ill, show you that is there anything else they did uh. They said they added the stability to hyperlapse blah blah blah same thing as the last one and yeah they just made it smoother the portrait rotation, because i can rotate the image in portrait mode to go from horizontal to vertical, and you can see it in real Time and theyve smoothed it out so ill show you that coming up now, a lot of you are probably wondering hey. How do you have an evo light? I cant even buy one. I dont know they sent me this a long time ago, so i could test it out and ive been testing it out, so it must be coming close to being launched next one is the evo nano plus this one here, which i really like. This is my favorite little mini camera because in my opinion, it has the best camera on it that ive ever seen. I have not tested out the dji mini 3 pro camera, but i will test it out to see if its just as good as this or better well see what happens when i do my test.

But for now this thing here from a photographers point of view, because thats what i am background, videography photography – this is really good uh. They did a few fixes on it, so they put that shoot mode like on the other ones. So everything is all stuck into shoot mode. They did a bunch of bug, fixes uh, they fixed hyper laps and they said they optimized wind resistance, performance and flight control. Ive never had a problem flying this in the wind and if you watch my motorcycle video that i did recently, oh my god that was so windy that day over water. Everything – and i flew this with no issues. However, i do agree if you are a newbie or youre, not a very good drone pilot. You might have issues because you might not realize that when its really windy – and you want the drone to come back against the wind – you kind of got to put it in sport mode on here. They call it ludicrous mode yeah, i think thats it so uh lets go, try them out. Okay, first up is the evo light plus. Okay, one thing i want to show you really quick is the shooting modes. There is a 60 fps. I think that was there before, but ill just show you. So if i go into 4k, i can go up to 60 fps thats on both drones. Now other items like the hdr and log are still there.

So if you take a look at my screen notice, i have portrait and then i have shoot mode so in shoot. Everything is there altogether. So i can go from video to photo im gon na switch it to photo mode right there and back to video mode, and i have all the settings for both. Also, this is whats new on my screen. I have so much traffic going by here. Hopefully, you can still hear me also my screen. Whats new is, if you look along the bottom, everything you need as a photographer is right. There so say im shooting out here. It says right now your iso is 100 and i dont know say it was nighttime. I wanted to crank up the iso. I just touched the iso see on the side and i could switch to anything i want. I can move it and, of course my image will get really bad because it will get overexposed. Then i can put it back down to 100 and click on the auto. You can do that for all the settings along the bottom. So right now the aperture is wide open. If i wanted to change that, let me see im on f 2.8. So a lot of drones they like to film at about f, i dont know about f8, so there we go. You would never do f8 at night, but on a sunny day, f8 is good. It gives you a better image overall but ill put it back on auto and ill.

Let it decide what it wants to do now. Sorry about that. All that beeping you heard is because i have my phone audio turned on, so the beeping sound comes through, and that is your obstacle avoidance. Of course ive got them all set, because i have trees all around me. So when its hovering, i dont want it flying into anything. So here we go im going to bring the camera up and just look at a road lets see lets take lets pick the road in front of my house, so this one here and ill bring the camera down there. We go and im going to shoot it. So it looks away up the road there we go like that, all right there we go its, not a lot of traffic today in my neighborhood, but here we go theres a school bus and now im going to go into hyperlapse mode. Let me just check my settings to make sure its going to turn it into a video, so lets go down here to hyperlapse hyperlapse uh video. Only there we go put it on that. There we go so. In other words, i wanted to make a video. I dont want to do the hyperlapse later. I want it to make the video so ive got a hyperlapse video. Only close that and now lets go back to manual and go to my settings and go to well take a picture every two seconds. How long do we want your video to be im gon na make it uh lets go over here, its gon na be a four second video, and it tells me its going to take a little bit of time, thats good thats.

What i want and then i just hit – go and now any cars going by will end up in this hyperlapse, so its going to look like lots of cars going by because its just going to sit up there for three minutes and 20 seconds. Oh, let me just mention, as the hyperlapse is going, it is pretty windy out here. Trees are moving uh, things are getting blown around, so its sitting up above the trees and its bouncing around in the wind so well see how smooth that hyperlapse is because they do have stability on it. Okay were almost done. It says im at 96 photos out of 100 and then its going to squish the video all together, well, theyre, going to squish all the photos together to make a video and itll show to you now, Music. All right ive got the camera on, because i want to show you something else. I forgot to show you before thats really good on this drone, its on this drone and the evo light, so thats the light plus and its on the light, and that is portrait mode. If i take a shot in portrait mode, its going to blur out the background slightly and its going to look awesome, i love the portrait mode on here. So let me show it to you all right. So look at my phone screen, ive picked portrait mode and then i pick me so i put a little plus on me.

There we go. It knows its me and i want to take a shot close. So let me just hold this up and show you. So i can hit close now see everything behind me that should become a little bit blurry when i take the picture so its got me and notice the exposure im in the shade and out there its bright, it should fix everything so watch this. I got to take a shot and that should have worked and just to double check, im going to click on the shot and look at it, and i want to go to sd card yes and there i am just going to click on me. I dont know, hopefully it worked Music. So next up is the evo light and if i show you the difference in camera, thats a camera on an evo light right there oops can, i point it forward. There we go and theres the camera on the evo light plus, which is a larger sensor on it. One thing to show you, with the controller of the evo light, its identical identical to the evo plus. However man that wind is just blowing stuff. However, uh you notice on top here, i have this unit, so i got that from atel. I dont know if autel includes it with the evo light, but its different because watch see my phone, its designed that you can spin your phone like this theres. A reason for that, because you can actually fly in vertical mode and the app goes vertical and you can fly in horizontal mode and the app goes horizontal, so im going to try it in this video.

Taking a look at this camera. This camera is filming me over on the evo light. All the settings and features are almost identical to the evo light plus. So if you watch my previous reviews on the evo light, plus theyre, almost all the same, what is different is this here. Drone has the ability to go vertical vertical images; they call it a four axis, gimbal stabilization type system. Let me show it okay. When you look at my phone at the top left, you could see that there is an icon of phones. One is straight up and down thats vertical, and one is horizontal. So when i tap on that, my phone screen should change from horizontal to vertical, which it has. This is what i want to show you look on the right hand, side everything on the app thats designed now for vertical shooting and the video will record in vertical. So if i hit record right now, ive hit record so now its actually filming me in vertical mode. It can do everything that you can do in horizontal mode in vertical mode, its going to get better hang on a sec. So let me just stop that now over on the right hand, side look, it ive got uh portrait mode. I can do that in vid in vertical ive got quick shots. I can do that in vertical. I could do tracking in vertical and lets go up. What else could i do? Could i do hyperlapse in vertical? I could do hyperlapse in vertical.

I cant do a pano shot. Oh no, i cant do a pano shot, shot and vertical. Now that would make sense, but i could do night mode in vertical. So pretty much everything except for pano seems to be in vertical that you can do your normal stuff, but just do it all in vertical, so that when the image saves its in vertical and you can put it on social media sites like snapchat ticktalk or whatever, Hey now it gets even better than that. So i have to show you here so you see my phone okay watch this theres, my phone, so theres the image because it the reason im showing it this way. It may not show up when i record on here its recording right now so im gon na get my fingers out of the way now watch what happens if i do this im to spin it like that there we go now. The entire app is in vertical mode, so everything is vertical, so everything you do now is its going to show you on your phone, exactly the image youre going to receive. So if you have a big tablet, it looks pretty cool its really really good that they allow this. And if you go back automatically, it will switch itself back pretty cool okay, now youre, not convinced thats cool. Let me show you another neat thing that they added now my screen is kind of compressed because im in photo mode, so let me go into video mode.

There we go its going to take up the whole screen there. We go and now lets go to settings in the top right up here and if you look down ive got the normal stuff, i could shoot in video frame rate. I could shoot them 4k. At 30, all the way up to 60 – if i want up here, go all the way up to 60, but im not gon na leave it at 30., but heres the cool thing, thats new, look at camera rotation. I can do a 360 camera swirl or i could do it twice. 720. So youre probably wondering what the heck is he talking about. Let me show you next i go down, you can take photos hdr log normal stuff. So let me go here and im going to go. I want 360 and it says how long do you want to do that swirl for do you want to go for 2 seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds, uh 60 seconds, so im gon na say lets make a. I dont know lets make a 15 second one. This is something i would do for tick, tock or snapchat. So anyways hop out of that im going to put record on so youre actually going to see the result so records on and now on my screen, i have a little button that i touch, which shows my camera and it shows the swirl and its at the Top right watch what happens so i i pick 15 seconds didnt i here we go 15 seconds of swirling there we go and its all smooth and its stabilized.

The internal sensor stays as it stays as far as i could tell, but its so large that it could handle the image spinning smoothly like that. So you can lengthen that to 60 seconds, if you like, and if i tap it again its going to unwind so its going to go the other direction there we go its like. I got unwind, you wound me up, so i got unwind and it goes back. The other way now ive got it going slow and just imagine if im flying forward – and i do that youre gon na think youre in some sort of hollywood movie like theres some out there that do this. So the autel evil light is identical to the light plus, but the differences are the camera. You know the light plus has the 6k camera so a bigger sensor. This one here has the 4k camera, but this one could do the little swirly things and the vertical stuff, so its more for social media and stuff, like that. So now what im going to do is im going to have the drone track me dynamic track as i walk around here in vertical mode, just in case i want to throw the video up on snapchat or i dont know something in vertical mode. So now ive got an audience over here. All these kids coming home from school, but im going to spin this really quick and it should go into vertical mode automatically.

There we are were in vertical mode on you, probably cant, see it too much, and then i just have to pick on the screen here tracking. So i got quick shots track, so theres tracking. So now it wants to track me im going to turn the drone. So it sees me there, we are and im going to walk this way a bit all right, so i put a little hit the plus and now i just have to hit follow, and it should start following me as i move its going to get closer a Little bit, i got to wait for these cars to go by, like i said it is end of day everybodys coming home, but here we go im going to follow this pickup truck walk in here, so the dynamic track will just track me in vertical mode and The video that youre watching should be in vertical and im going to come around. You can see my neighbors all looking at me saying what is this guy doing and were coming back? All right lets come back to this camera over here all right and, of course, with dynamic track. You have obstacle avoidance active as well, so it goes around everything if i came up to an obstacle. It goes around it, but since everybodys coming home i know theyre wondering what is that neighbor of mine doing all right. So let me stop that all right, so that was the evil light and i do not know when this is going to be released.

But i dont think its going to be too long because to me it works perfect, so lets go on to the nano plus the nano plus has tracking dynamic track, but its not released yet but im going to show it to you right now, all right! Next, let me show you the nano they fixed. Some bug fixes theyve enhanced. The ability to fly in the wind ive had a beta version on here of the dynamic track and it does work but theyre still working on it until they get it. 100. Perfect. Theyre not going to release it, but i can show it to you right now, really quick now, because i only have the beta version of the dynamic track and theres not a full release. Yet i have it running on my android triple tech tablet, which is extremely bright for outdoor flying uh in android. So im going to try to record the screen in android and show you it working there you go. I just want to show you how bright this is outside. You can see thats the video feed from the nano on the ground, its not bad, its pretty bright, going on up and the same thing as before, im gon na. Have it track me so once again, this software that im about to show you is not available for the public, as of this date, ill put the date. It is today right here, but it is coming as soon as they make it perfect.

So once again you hear the beeps thats, the beeps, from the obstacle avoidance im, just going to turn that down wheres my volume here there we go turn it right off. We dont need that and ill bring the camera down and find me okay. If this is recording on the side, i have a spot to select track so im going to stop the video recording right now and on the side ill pick track there. It is right there, tracking mode. I pick me theres a plus sign on me, and i click on record start that and then i click on follow and now it will follow. So it sees me and its in the wind its bouncing around and the image should look pretty stable and then i turn around so its got to follow the back of my body. So here let me go through the shadows and out this way once again to my neighbors over there, who are cant notice me as much because the nanos pretty quiet but anyways lets go this way come around the side and i know ill look up at it. There it is right there coming around it, doesnt do like the light plus and the light drone, those ones there. The gimbal actually turns when its following you and then the drone turns to follow you afterwards, but this one here just tracks you normally just like any other drone on the market. There we go going through the shadows and it does track you with obstacle avoidance.

So if it sees objects around me, like the jeep, you see how everythings just behind me its just a big black. It thinks thats a wall watch this. If i walk towards it, its going to think were going into the a wall here so its going to follow me, but at some point its going to say theres too many objects see this tree. It might come around and say somethings wrong with the tree. So lets go this way. Its still got me its doing well, actually so, im walking up around the tree, it should go around the tree. Theres, a branch is going to hit it, it did pretty well and there we are its got to make its way over. That branch, its up there its trying to get over look at that it just screws through and now i think it saw its reflection whoa. It almost hit the wall all right, so it knows theres my house wall behind it its like yikes, its pretty good. It works, but i theyre still tweaking it that had me a little bit nervous there, all right so uh lets go. I cant go this way. Theres trees stuck everywhere all right, so im going to go back and stand over here by this camera, and that thing there will just have to land itself so im going to hit the stop recording. So the little nano here is pretty cool its pretty good for going around my neighborhood, because not everybody notices it because its not super loud, its probably loud right now its right beside a microphone, but here ill, take it over and land it all right.

So those were all the features on the nano, mostly just tweaks and everything else and, like i say, the dynamic track is coming, but it wont be available for everybody as a firmware update until they have it perfect all right so so ends this video. If you have any questions, just post them below and ill get back to, you ill bring the autel evo and the nano out some other time and fly it around and do some other cool stuff im waiting for the dji mini 3 pro. And when i get that, i will put it up against this just for the camera, because thats why you buy a drone, you buy it for the camera.