Unorthodox, we are checking out the cf 100s i’m, going to link them down below they’re kind of from atom rc. These are for the micro, boys and girls who like to go exploring flying around it’s on analog and we’re, going to try and break these. So how many of you guys out there actually think i don’t want to break my drone. I want to have something: that’s robust that’s, going to hold up it’s, going to protect my components, well, we’re going to find out just how well does this do it, because you can see if i put in the roof shot right there. It is looking a little bit different, a very blingy as well so we’re, going to add the field we’re going to fly it around we’ll, see what gt thinks i’ll show you my impressions and then we’re going to be smashing it into stuff we’re going to take It up into the air we’re going to be disarming it, dropping it down, trying to break this and finding out just how well does it hold up and spoiler alert. It was kind of uh, pretty shocking, actually so stay tuned. What we’ll do first we’re going to put on the bench? Look at the text and the specs and then we’ll go have some fun so very quickly as an overview. You can see. I’Ve got a hd version here. I’Ve got my standard cf 100 right here. They’Re. Both from adam rc, which i believe is a subsidiary subsidiary, that’s a tricky word to say, i believe their sister company might be skyzone but uh.

The only difference really between these two is that we have an onboard sort of like a cadx recorder thing in here. If you’re interested in doing some hd recording as well well, i’d be getting the hd version, but mainly today, we’re just going to be looking at the air the standard version, without the recording capabilities just trying to smash it just saying how well does this frame actually Hold up so you can see if we look at the frame, it is a fairly small little quadcopter it’s got some tiny little tri blade props on here, but the big thing you’ll notice. It is a very low profile. Quad that you take out of the box. You fly around on like a 3s 450 battery, but it is very, very well protected. I mean this thing right here. It has some strange material around the outside and i do think that it’s actually metal but uh it’s like a weird metal, plasticky mix. I know that doesn’t even make sense, because i can’t understand it either, because um it’s not fragile, like plastic it’s. Actually we did end up bending it and we’re able to bend it back, which uh i’m not too sure what it is right. There it’s very very light let’s, stick it on some scales as well, wherever they are let’s go. Thank you very much. Rs7 driver. I hope you appreciate the shirt as well it’s coming in at 108 grams. The hd version i think, it’s about 117, then so about 10 grams, heavier um and this bad boy, uh it’s, just it’s got some strange graffiti pattern on it, but the main part is: it protects your components so well, so, actually the specifics of what we have Inside, if we look at the components outside of the frame you can see, we just got some tiny little tri blade props.

I think there are 1105 motors 5000k 1105 uh. They are 5000 kv. Uh moving towards the middle we’ve. Just got our normal f405 stack, it’s rock and beater flight it’s got 15 amp esc’s in there. We didn’t have any problems. If you are new to the fpv space you’re new to flying analog drones just know it works, it works well. It’S got a 300 milliwatt of vtx in there, which means you’re going to get some decent range, especially for something on a little micro size like this and, of course, a little cadex cam at the front. And what i really like is. It is very well protected. You’Re going to get very unlucky uh if you happen to break this thing, because i think it’s, one of the best protected quads i’ve, seen in quite some time, little dipole antenna towards the back and that’s about it. I’Ve got a standard, xm plus receiver in mind. Actually, i did have that taped down, but i need to probably uh zip tie that down yeah all in all it’s a pretty fancy, a little quad, some standard sort of stuff. What we’re talking about with the designer thing i like it it’s got one job and that is exploring and protecting its components, and it does that in spades, it’s, very, very good for that uh. The quality of the thing adam rc makes one of the best uh drones i have ever flown in toothpick size.

You can see that little review that pops up there and this thing it doesn’t quite fly as well as that, but the quality and for what it wants to do. I’Ve got no qualms whatsoever and then talking about the pros and the cons pros you’re going to have a lot of fun with it. You can do exploring and flying this thing places that are you normally wouldn’t fly some other non protected drones, it’s not going to be for you, digital people out there at all it’s way too small for that and it’s. Also, not not gon na really be suited for carrying a gopro or anything. If you didn’t want the hd version, you still have this version with the uh cf 100 hd and the other part. I think the price is fairly reasonable as well, so all in all i’ve got to say. I thought this thing was actually not going to fly as well as it did. Um it’s quite interesting out in the field, so you’re gon na have to stay tuned. For the rest of that, video you’ll see exactly what i’m talking about, but i got ta admit when i first took this out of the box. I thought it looked very gimmicky, but after flying it it definitely changed my tune, which is a wonderful thing to have happen on this channel to still be surprised and impressed about drones. You know it just goes to show. I don’t know everything years later after flying hundreds of them.

Well, you can still be pleasantly a surprise, so let’s do it now let’s get out of the field flight around show some impressions with the grumpy bugger himself. Show you my impression to show you some footage and then, most importantly, let’s, try and break this thing, and you be the judge if it’s something you’d like to get so let’s. Do it in three two one radio out here in the field, the little atomic bad boy we’re gon na fly it around see what it’s like show you, some dvr it’s, very shiny the perfect day. Actually, cruise around the in laws, we’ve got gt. You even got gunner in the background we’re gon na see what gt thinks of this show his impressions, all that sort of stuff, but let’s do it, have some fun and show you some dvr of this thing from atomic rc in three two one radio. Here we are, and i want to say when we fly boner flies like this one of the things that i think is really important. Is i don’t mess with any of the settings. I don’t mess with the tune or the osd, because i want to show you exactly what it’s like, if you’re, just an everyday joe who buys this drone. What experience are you going to get out of the box? I can’t stress that enough and i’m happy to say the pids felt great. It felt great on the sticks, we’re even doing a tiny little bit of aqua there, which is not really what these quads are made for.

But you can do some flippy floppies rolls and flips. If you wanted to, but one thing i definitely would change and lucky it takes about two seconds. Is this osd? They haven’t even changed the craft name right there, so you could put you know you sort of need your handle or something down there and also a get rid of those uh horizon bars and those sorts of things on the side that has taken up uh, valuable, Real estate on your screen, you don’t need them at all. This is not the sort of craft that needs those parts on the osd. So if this was yours – and you do have one – please change that now – let’s talk about it, we’ve got our 300 milliwatt vtx. In here getting a little bit of flicker when we’re going behind some of the denser trees, there was a little bit of, i guess rain in the air, but not not too bad cruising around the colors. I think look very very nice and i got ta say it has a fair bit of pop as well. So it’s got a little bit of speed. If you want to take this and where this really shines is not only is its size, but also it is made for exploring so you’re not going to take this racing or anything like that. But if you’ve got a small park and you’re just cruising around you’re going to have a great time with this, it really was a bluff and it was pleasantly surprising to fly.

I thought it would feel a lot heavier than it did. Um you’re going to be just having an awesome time to take it out to a park, a small playground. You probably could even fly this thing around indoors. I think i have a little stack right there, but i was lucky: it didn’t fall in the pond and then here we go with a bit of take too not even a fresh battery on there still kept the same battery plugged in but yeah all in all. It’S, a great fun explorer quad that has plenty of pop for its little size. Look it’s not going to be any racer or crazy thing like that. It’S got stability mode, acro mode here i think i’ve flicked it into uh self level mode. I did actually find that harder to fly. I do prefer acro for sure, but i think for the price as well it’s, just a fun. Little drone you can cruise around with have some fun, protect your components and uh it’s you’re gon na see it’s very, very robust, actually so let’s head over to grumpy trevor see what he thinks is what you can see here doing some very, very slow cruising. So if you wanted to fly this indoors, uh yep, you definitely could do that, but let’s hand it over to the grumpy bugger and see what he thinks as well, and i think he even changes his mind here. We go doing some real exploring through the garden right.

There let’s see what grumpy trev thinks as well: radio gt so uh. The actual name is the cf 100 from sky zone or atomic rc, but here it is uh, and what are you doing with that? Screwdriver? In your hand, mate. What are you doing? Well, i don’t know whether this is um plastic, cracking it’s plastic. It is too it’s plastic. It is cheese, it’s strong, we’re, trying to get it like you, can’t, even press it in it’s, really strong plastic. I wonder how that’s going to go if we drop it out of the sky and smash it, maybe that’s what we should do disarm and land on the concrete and find out what happens. Yeah dragon will break. Oh, i don’t know it’s. Ah, okay, we’re getting it’s got a lot of bling on it. Yep um it’s. What i’m surprised it’s well put together, but uh it’s seems a bit heavy, so uh runs three and four s yeah! Well, that you know it says a pusher, sir. All right ready to rip it around yeah we’ll, give it a go um. I don’t think we’re gon na be i’m, not too excited about it, but uh all right. Maybe you could be surprised. Maybe it could be. Let down let’s find out. All right is that radio on uh turn it off on me, radio’s not on catch me right here, it’s, not even on yeah. Sorry, all right here we go responding up now up all the way there you go and it’s in self level mode.

To start you off, oh wow, it’s gutless. Well, it is, it can run a 3s or a 4s. I should say so: we’ve got to under 3s at the moment. What about if this was indoors, take a sick, yeah. It doesn’t seem to be too bad. Yeah probably be right indoors, you crashing it already trevor no i’m, still flying where the hell am i, oh god, since that trip was trying to drive here. Where do i go? Oh here we are now. I know where i am uh. Do you want me to put it in acro mode, all right, what’s up what’s trevor crash, you ready we’re, going to act right, oh that’s, better! I didn’t like it in self level. To be honest, oh i don’t either now that’s that’s, actually not bad. Oh, you that’s. Why i floated on the quad. Why did you make me fight in self level mode? You wanted to start it like that just to test it. I just wanted to save any good and bloody proximity, but that was really actually this is. Is it easier and aggro it doesn’t feel heavy anymore? It really felt heavy uh in self level mode. Yep i’m really surprised how well it’s flying. Why do you say that? Well, it was. I was watching you flight, it might have been just your crappy flying, but you made it look really heavy but what’s the camera, like the camera’s good it’s. This thing, i’m actually i’m, a bit gobsmacked because it’s uh it flies pretty good.

Okay, so we’re changing your mind, starting self level. You said no now turn it into acro mode, you’re enjoying it and it can go faster. If you put a 4s on there, let’s see if you can get under there without clipping anything man. I don’t believe that you’re not that good of a pilot actually i’m quite enjoying this. Besides all the bling, i mean it looks it’s really blingy. I don’t know why anyone would want to design something looks so ugly but uh yeah. I don’t really like all the colors and stuff either, but really uh, it’s uh, pretty damn impressive Music all right. It recovers. Look at that. No worries that just as well it’s got those little fingers on it reckon they’re gon na break let’s test it well. I do i’m gon na test, it i’m gon na fly it up and drop. It look i’ll run in the gutter and see what happens. No. I don’t trust that one i don’t think it’s a safe all right yeah, and what do you think for about 150 bucks? Oh well, look i don’t think it’s bad. It flies surprisingly good. Are you going to go and purchase one? No okay! I don’t like it that much all right, uh performance out of 10 uh i’ll, give it a seven yep that’s, probably what i was thinking as well and uh value for money, uh 150 bucks for that value, uh, probably probably about a seven again yeah yeah.

I agree when you think you can spend 50 bucks more and you get like a five inch. Nas. Oh something yeah just tested it yeah it just the battery. Just too easy i’ll go, get it. Hey! God hold that thought. Yeah look it’s over there there. It is look, oh it’s, smoking. Look at that yeah all right! Final thoughts: 7 out of 10 for value 7 out of 10 for performance, the uh cf, 100 atomic rc. Look at it! What do you reckon it feels a it does feel heavy. But once you go into acro mode, it didn’t feel heavy to fly. It sucks the flight in uh on stable mode um, and you know, do you like the look of it? Oh look, no it’s a bit blingy for me a juicy tail. It does look strong. So i think stu that you really should uh yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na test that now right so here’s. The plan we’re gon na fly it up into the air as high as we can drop it over the driveway and see. If we can shatter these outside pieces, draken’s going to break you’re going to fight up in the air, then you’re going to fly it into the ground. Oh you want to do that. Yeah! You want to power into the ground. I think come down a little bit harder. I was just going to kill it. I was just oh, you wanted that’s just going to bounce you.

You want me to power into the ground at we’re, not going to try and destroy it, but see if you can handle a a hit that hit into the ground like a fast hit. Okay, i think that’s a better judge rather than dropping it out of the sky. So, if it’s going to hit, how are we going to fast hit it into the end of the ground, though we’ll just look, oh you mean, do you mean just just powering along and then just clipping into something all right? What about this palm tree full speed into the palm tree? Okay, that sounds good. Okay, all right! Is it going to break or not, or actually even better, full speed into this full speed into this solid piece of timber right we’ll see if we can break it? Do you reckon we’re going to break the uh the front of this quad i reckon gun is more solid, okay, anyway that’s what we’re doing let’s roll this fly out as fast as we can into uh that i’ll, probably miss, but we’ll see what happens. What are you gon na hit this thing here? Yeah yeah, yeah, okay, the kids swing set. Here we go stew, i reckon this is going to really Music it up. Music should have been. You could gauge that let’s have a look because it’s still gon na happen. Oh let’s, try again there take two all right. Your job trevor is to based on where the yeah you’ve got to go up or down.

Do you know what i mean, depending on your skin, fly straight Music i’m, just doing a little quick overview here. I want to mention that this is all one take which is uh, i think pretty impressive. It shows the frame Music missed it no way. What do you mean? Oh there’s, only a little skid Music. Oh, i forgot to record my dvr though i know i did it. No, i did it all right now like this. Let me try again all right. Well, it seemed to survive. Hang on. Oh look! What let’s move the batteries at us? Music? Oh, what do you reckon yeah about there you go where? Is it oh it’s, going to land in the pool? Oh, you really got a bird in the way down. Where is that guys had one job to watch that drop it there we’re, never finding that it’s over here, yeah Music, it’s, giving amateur a job to do. Look what he does hang on now, it’s still got video. Is that way to go let’s fire it up? Let’S see nah it’s it’s in here somewhere i was hoping it would hit the road to be honest. Music, just on top of the snake, looks all right all right Music. Do we have to do it again, yeah i’d. Do it over here somewhere let’s. Do it on the road, no um, all right, okay, i’ll, look i’m gon na. Do this line of sight stronger than what it looks.

Music want a bit of singing music on the way back, Music, all right man, the right way up. Oh no! No! I didn’t let’s see we’re caught in some grass there. Let’S have a look here. This is that spinning it is getting. This part has been. No, no is this yeah, so just here this has been bent. You’Re gon na have to bend that bend that back so that was getting caught on the props, so nice in there. Thank you. Thank you. You know you could always get a job after uh Laughter, all right, final impressions, final impressions. What do you reckon trev give me this camera? What do you reckon of this thing? Well, i’m impressed now it didn’t break, i mean uh. It did bend, though so yeah, i guess, that’s better. You just bend it back anything else. We would have been picking up the pieces by now so too easy bloody, strong, look for a newbie that wants to get into it. I recommend that a bit more durable than we’re expecting way more radio. So there it is uh. There is my review of these atom rc uh cf 100s, and i got ta say what did you guys think because i was pleasantly surprised. I thought well what a gimmick i don’t think that’s gon na fly too. Well, it handled okay, we got some decent flight times and, most importantly, it protected your components like uh what’s, something that protects things like i don’t know an angry alligator.

I need a better analogy there. It protects your components anyway. Please give me your best. It protects it like and then put some analogy down in the comments if you watch this far in the video yeah they’ll, give me a bit of a chuckle, but on that subscribe for more fpv relay related content uh. If you hit that bell notification, we’re gon na be doing a lot of videos coming up my patreon link down below as well. If you did appreciate that this video well, that is greatly appreciated, and i am very thankful for the patrons that i have. Most importantly, the message i want to say to you guys out there in the fpv community but be kind to each other and most of all be kind to yourself. Why? Because you deserve it, you guys are awesome thanks. So much for watching subscribe for more fbv, related content and, as always happy flying.