Its a very unique scenario with that being said: the reason they call it devils den is because somebody came across this spring at one point back in the day, and it was cold, cold cold on an early morning and what ended up happening was steam was coming Out of the hole – and somebody thought it was a fire, but after closer inspection they realized its just an underwater spring. That is constantly 72 degrees year round. They use it for snorkeling scuba, diving. They have a cave system and ive made some preparations to come out here have a little bit of fun um. I got to tell you, though, the staff is amazing here, very, very amazing. I am out here to do a review of the worlds uh most affordable. Most affordable underwater submarine, submersible rov platform, the chasing dory and um ive run into so many situations where i dont have clear water, and this is one of those places i knew has clear water, so we came out here to do it and just a side note Guys i did a lot of work to be able to do this. This wasnt just something that we were able to do. We had to set this up communicate with the right people. This was a lot of work to make this happen, so dont just think youre going to show up with your rov and be like im going to use my rov and thats just the end of it thats not the case.

You have a lot of work ahead of you if you choose to to do that. I just want to give the staff a major shout out here. You guys are totally awesome, so lets get in here. Lets uh put this thing in the water, see how it functions and afterwards ill. Give you guys my first opinion, because ive used this a few times and the water hasnt been clear enough to actually give you my opinion of how this thing functions and works. So lets take this devils den. It is ill see you guys there all right, so we are actually at devils den before it opens, and i clearly see why they call it devils den now, because this is full of steam and theres bats whizzing around my head. Did you see him theyre? All over dude theres little bats just screaming around inside here. So yes, this place is currently closed. So we have access to the entire place to ourselves and were going to throw in what are we going to throw in dude were going to throw the dory in to the devils den cave uh and have a little fun so lets see if we can produce Some good footage – i do have some lights, but they have also turned the lights on inside the cave. For us, as you can see, it is gorgeous with no activity and nothing going on in the morning. It is currently 6 57 a.

m. Lets get. This started: Music. Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music do Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so whats up guys, im now home. So lets talk about the pros of this thing. The pros are works really well. I had it in low mode, so i wasnt going very fast. Obviously, when youre trying to get good footage, you dont want to be in high speed mode just ripping around. You know its when youre trying to get footage. You want to be in low mode. So i was in low mode, just kind of creeping along checking out the rocks um. Unfortunately, the time of day that we went like i said in the morning, theres theres not much light penetration coming through the ceiling. So when i had to turn on the leds, you got a lot of like debris floating around in the water. Unfortunately, during the day, it actually looks better. The reason we couldnt take the footage during the day insurance reasons and number two um. Clearly, people are snorkeling and scuba diving. We dont need an rov cable, getting tangled up in a bunch of people trying to do it. So we had a very limited time frame to do this, and so we did what we could. It still, i think, came out as good as it could have um battery life phenomenal played with it for 40 minutes, and i was only down to like 74 battery, so i mean clearly, if youre in low mode taking footage.

It does really really well had no wi fi problems. Um. You guys know that i set it up, so i can use a gamepad, a bluetooth, gamepad um. I have a video showing how to do that. If you guys are curious, i have a whole video showing you how to set up using a bluetooth gamepad for like twenty dollars. Instead of buying the transmitter that they offer you from chasing dory, i have a whole system. Uh set up so you can buy a cheap game controller for android or ios and be able to use it with your phone um and in the dory um speed was great. There is the only real gripe i have with this thing is that i would love to see more camera options available to you as far as settings go and the other thing is, i want an orientation map. I want to know whether, whether its looking at me or im away from myself what my pitch angle is tilt all that kind of stuff. I want to see that information on the screen. You know it has a gyro and accelerometer and all that kind of stuff. I want to see that that would be a major plus. If i knew that i was coming back to myself, i cant you know i was having to visually line a site. So if i went into a cave system it would be really hard to detect. If i was going away from myself for coming back, you know like that thats.

The downfall of this is that theres, no theres, no uh, you know uh orientation map, so i would love to see that other than that, i think it functioned really well um. The limitation was not being able to take it out during the day time. Obviously um we had to do it at a very specific time. For specific reasons, i think the footage still came out good. It was an enjoyable experience and by the way, if any of you guys ever want to try out devils den, it will put all of their information below. It is a very unique experience. They have camping, they almost have a petting zoo out there. They have emus, they got all sorts of crazy animals on their property. They got hiking snorkeling, they got all everything and its very affordable. It is extremely if youre, just primitive tank camping its twelve dollars a night thats with electricity and water included. Crazy, even their rv stuff is super cheap, its a very unique place. They have wi fi on property, they have everything you need, i mean, and if they dont 2.1 miles up, the road is a win dick. So you can get everything you need from winn dixie, so shout outs to devils den for letting me do this. I hope you guys enjoyed that. Try it during the day its a real fun experience. It was very unique for me to be able to do it in the morning because it was 52 degrees outside which was perfect conditions to actually see the steam rising out from the hole.

I never thought that we would actually get that footage, but i did it was 52 degrees. It was perfect, it was chilly as soon as we went down into the den it got hot. I was actually able to take my coat off because it wasnt cold down there. It was very warm so anyways guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that um its a 500 uh rov platform for anybody that has 500 bucks throw around and they have nice clear water around them to actually take it out. Take an adventure and throw it in the water get some cool footage. We have more stuff planned for it, so i hope you guys stick around for that. If youre not subscribed make sure you do that, push the notification bell and uh. If you like what i do or you have questions just leave a comment below. Let me know all right, guys: dont, worship, im out totals good afternoon. Please give your attention to my associate agent jay hes, going to demonstrate an electrobiomechanical neural, transmitting zero synapse repositioner. We call it the neuralizer. Keep it simple slit thanks a lot. Thank you. Agent, k.