Man were gon na. Do this unboxing out here and were gon na go for the quick flight test all in one video now you guys know. Usually i typically do an unboxing and first look and then follow up with the flight video, but the weather has been so unpredictable and crappy. Here lately guys im just going to throw it all in one with this little guy, because you never know its. You know it was raining like two hours ago this morning, so i mean you never know when the rains got to come back. So you see all the trees are wet and stuff like that. So you never know when the rain is gon na come so ive already went ahead and pre charged these batteries were gon na. Do a quick, unboxing show you guys what comes in the box? That is san cisco, d15 mini drone has a 1080p hd camera. It says long flight time adjustable speed, headless mode and 360 flips you guys now. Forgive me my box is a little dirty if i had this guy off to the side for a minute waiting for the review, because the rain has been so crappy guys. So i finally caught a decent break in the rain and were gon na try to fly this little d15 so really quickly. Lets see what comes in this box. I have not flown this guy, yet this is going to be the maiden the first flight.

So this is the manual you guys go over the manual if you want to get familiar with it. The i this guy is the san cisco v app so heres a little qr code. You can pause and download that if you guys need that, so here is the instruction manual. It feels pretty good nice and thick has a few different languages in there. So lets take this little top piece of plastic off or not plastic, but foam thats covering the drone and uh. As you can see, wheres the drone its right there, man that little thing is so tiny. Look at that little thing now. This is the two battery version: uh yeah, the two battery version. It comes with two 3.7 volts: 580 580 milliamps. I dont know if you guys can see that 3.7 volt 500 milliamp milliamp hour batteries, two of these guys and it has a little micro, usb charging port there. So you know youre going to get a usb to micro, usb charger, for you got for this guy and it comes with a light. The red light is on and then when the battery is fully charged, the light will turn off. Here is the transmitter. It is out to hold and everything is labeled. I love when they label everything, so you really dont even have to refer to their instructions, because everything is labeled like you got your headless mode right here, automatic takeoff and land right here.

Emergency stop right here photo and video button right here, so you want to short press it for a photo long pressure for video got a power power on and off the transmitter. Here you got your phone mount right. There f for fpv live feed, wi, fi fpv, and you got your trim buttons to trim out the quad uh rates, three rates and flip button, and you need three double a no aaa batteries for the transmitter which ive already put in there. They do not provide you with any the gimbals feel pretty good. This feels like almost like a a game like a gaming. Remote is what i want to say. It feels like a gaming remote, so this should feel real good if youre used to playing like xbox or something like that, the transmitter should feel really good to you. So here is our goody bag inside the goody bag. We have our charger. We have a prop removal tool, we have a phillips screwdriver, we have a full set of extra propellers for the drone and we have thats it prop guards. Oh yeah and prop guards which i will not be using. So you guys can use the prop guards. If you are beginners primarily use the prop guard, if youre flying indoors, if you use the prop garage outside you, get caught up in a tree, youre primarily done look at this little thing. Ah, what is this like? The mavic mini nano, the mavic nano.

This is what im gon na call it. This is the mavic nano, no im just playing guys no affiliation to dji, but look how small this little thing is. I wish i would have bought my mavic mini out. This little thing is tiny. Look at that look at that little thing. Man look at that it is. It looks like a little nano mavic, oh, but no affiliation with dji guys. You know im just joking just kidding uh. This is the san francisco. D15 is what they call it, but it looks really cool, though man. This is tight uh, it has a power switch on the top im just laughing, because the way it looks is so funny has the powers. It even looks like it has a gimbal, but it doesnt it doesnt, but it looks like it has one uh power switch on the top uh direct drive motor, so thats good theres, no gears or nothing. So these this should be a nice decent little mini little flyer. You want to fold out the front arms first and the front arms even have them longer landing gear like a mavic. Look at that Laughter, oh god that is so funny its supposed to be a 1080p camera, but well see thats a small cam. This little thing is tiny man. Look at this little thing: oh my god! Almost it could fit in my hand. Almost its tiny cant get it out in my hand, quite but its tiny, so theres, no micro, sd card slot, theres no camera tilt button.

So i guess im guessing you can just manually tilt it that camera im not sure im not going to mess with it too. Much though i dont want to break anything but uh yeah. Look at that small little guy, it looked like we got some leds up front here and uh, where the obstacle avoidance sensors would be on a real mavic and im, not sure if thats a light there in the rear – and i like the little the little silver Accents across the tops look at that little silver like accents. They. This is pretty cool im digging this so lets, go ahead and pop a battery in this boy and lets see what it do, long press it there we go. We got a red led in the rear, a couple of white ones up front, yeah, yeah man, so no sd card slot. So let me turn it off. Let me get my phone out guys and we should be set to fly this san cisco d. One five. You guys give me a moment to get set up all right guys. So i got my phone out on the fpv. Mount were gon na go ahead and turn this guy on long press it, the lights, come on start flashing, all right and were gon na turn on the remote go up down. Nope we dont even have to do that. I think it already bound by just turning on a remote and to calibrate, i think its both joysticks down to the left.

Is it or is it right? I cant remember what the calibration was. Oh no, we dont want to do that. Both sticks down and out is the calibration. Okay, so pull both joysticks down an hour and that will calibrate it. So and now we want to connect to the wi fi, so go into your wi fi settings and look for the wi fi of this guy. First flight of this guy guys youre, seeing it all right here so san cisco, d15 aka to nano mavic, the mavic nano, oh yeah, thats, funny uh san francisco v app so were connected to the wi fi. Now were gon na go to the san cisco v. App here it is going to connect to that and buy ow. We got fpv feed, you guys pretty sweet, pretty sweet, so im going to see if i can start the recording from the transmitters, long press it to beat and the recording started you guys thats nice. So lets see if we can take off by hitting this automatic takeoff button short press, it nope thats not doing its beeping. I dont know why hes doing that, oh well its down and out oh down here and start down the inboard starts the motor then just throttle up. I guess so the automatic takeoff wasnt working for me, i dont, know why. So i just had to do down an inboard starts the motors and then just throttle up to take off.

So we are in the air with the little d15 you guys recording is started all right. Altitude hole works, it is drifting just a tad, so the altitude hole is working. Look at that its working just drifting back just a little bit this first rate. Here we are in the first rate, not too bad theres, our yall, okay. First one yall two beats. We are, in the second rate, heres our fourth flight second rate, the mavic nano lets go to the third rate, three beats. We are in the third right now, theres our yard and third, oh lets go back to the second rate check out the yall theres. Our second rate yall, okay, theres, our third rate yall, so the yall does increase in all three speeds, which is nice all right were in the third race lets check out the fourth flight in the third rate, all right finally got a day with no rain guys And you can see its still gloomy as oh, i lost connection for a second come on back, come on back, get away from that corn, oh yeah, so i lost a little bit of connection there for a second, so dont go too far with these little mini Guys you dont really ever want to go too far and it could be suffering wi, fi interference. Just like that nahimi was that nehemiah. I was getting interference from my wi fi from the 2.4 gigahertz from the controller to the wi fi and when i turned off the wi fi and then the hemi it was flying a lot better, so were approaching.

Three minutes of recording here lets: try a flip! Okay, okay, all directional flips with this boy and they crispy crispy three three minutes: 17 minutes three minutes and 17 seconds of recording i cant even talk today lets go ahead and uh. Stop that recording all right recording stop! I want to see if i can get a photo. Can i get a photo? Can you see your boy drawing the dogs in the photo? All right, i think it took one photo lets see if we can get another here. Can we get another here back up back up back up? Can we get another photo all right took a couple photos lets get a close look at this d15, so yeah dont go too far, because i noticed once you get too far from it gets a little bit of a lag in a command just flying pretty decent, But i bet you just like the nahimi. It will fly a lot better without that without the wi fi on it. Like i said, a lot of these guys suffer from wi fi lag, but the fly is good. Two batteries you get with this guy. I forget the price i mean it was like less than 50 bucks, though, and it came with like a 40 off coupon, you guys you get this guy dirt cheap christmas is coming up, so yeah man get yourself a little mavic nano uh, no, no affiliation with Dji guys this is the san cisco d15, but it looks pretty cool doesnt.

It lets go ahead and start another recording, recording started check out my little bitty mavic nano decent amount of flight time too. On this little dude, i said im not going to go too far for myself, because i know theyll suffer from that wi fi and i think they said wi fi distance is 50 meters and controlled. This is, is 100 meters with this guy. So just cruising around guys im trying to just pretty much show you guys what the camera looks like supposed to be 1080p. You guys need to judge that flying pretty good, though autumn flips. Looking on the camera, i got ta say this thing looks pretty cool, though. Definitely then, i caught a little lag there again flying over the top of myself, Music Music im, not saying much guys, im just having fun flying this little thing, im just im just shocked. Looking at this little thing, to be honest, just the look of it is pretty cool im quite impressed. This makes me want to set it on top of my mavic mini and just showcase it, even as even if this thing didnt fly, i was happy with it and it flies like i said, just dont go too far with it everything youre going to be getting Magic mini range youre not getting that, but for a little toy flyer: oh yeah, its definitely cool. Oh yeah, stop that recording. So we got about another three minutes and 17 seconds of recording.

So we got all together about six minutes of recording. So we know weve flown this guy, at least about a good seven minutes or so, and its still flying lets get it down there for a close look again, look at it. Definitely a cool looking little flyer and those direct driven motors are definitely they should. Last. You a little bit longer than the brushed gear motors Applause. This thing flies for a while, still flipping losing range come on back, come on back, oh transmitter, beeps! Let you know its time to land thats, pretty cool, so lets go ahead and land. This guy im gon na hit the land button Music. The land bud doesnt seem to work with this guy im. Just gon na throttle down yeah my take off land button is not working with this guy im just gon na throttle it all the way down until we hit the ground hold the throttle down. Hopefully, the motor shut down yeah my take on button and landing button is not working, but this guy. To my surprise, it flew pretty good san francisco d15, like i said, i might have to definitely do a follow up with it with without the wi fi. Attaching i bet youll fly a lot better and i just like the look of it, looks like a little mavic nano all right, im, your boy jones of docs, thanks for watching leave me a comment below what you guys think of this little flyer christmas coming up.

I think it might be a good gift idea, pretty decent. So thanks for watching dont forget to like and subscribe catch you guys in the next video you guys.