If you crash all your drones, your team can call one of three cautions. If you break all your drones, your team is out most labs at the end of 12 hours of green flag racing wins i’m part of team heart of america, the reigning dawn to dusk team racing champions. There are two or three drone racing events that i most look forward to in any given year and mayhem tops the chart. I love the opportunity to test mental toughness to prove gear and build the strategy required to come out on top, and there is nothing like putting all that to the test against the best pilots and teams in the Music world Music. Oh baby morning, whoa viped up lights are on track, looks good long road ahead of us here. You know 12 hours of racing non stop in between cautions don’t matter, we’re racing for 12 hours non stop. A2A was looking amazing yesterday in the pits the vibe was right. Teamwork was right so i’m, just looking forward to seeing what we can do today for 12 hours honestly good morning. Brother welcome to mayhem. Don’T call me a show Music, prostate, stuff, Music. So, almost time for mayhem, anybody at mcdonald’s – i mean we changed it. If you want to sponsor us for these hash browns, i think sean would be in all right i’d, like to welcome you all out to the fifth installment of mayhem. The third installment of 12 hours of drone race, y’all ready to get this show on the road.

Yeah let’s go guys game time baby. All right, we are just about to kick off the race. We’Ve got a beautiful sunrise and silence is set in over top of everything. 12 hours and mayhem is only about to start in about 15 seconds 12 hours every day. Get on your goggles we’re going you ready. First stop 12 hours. Somebody’S got to do it. Buddy shannon says we are set to go all right. Pilot number, one from all 15 arm. Your quad let’s hold up all right 12 hours. Just kicked off. Uh we’ve got six pilots in the queue right now, we’re keeping the fastest four guys uh going back to back to back, and then we have two of the bottom four guys that are filling in to kind of help, keep the queue going so i’m. Actually, on battery duty with shames right now and then in a few hours, i’m going to queue in and kind of become one of those backup pilots, but 12 hours just kicked off holy crap let’s go i’m ready to get it over with first one’s, the worst One baby first one’s, the worst you’re up next then heads up you’re in the hole amari you’re on cue, nick you’re after that i’m here to race anybody. I don’t doesn’t, really matter to me. So i stepped up. There ended up first good pack had to get the hands warmed up out there this morning, but i’m ready to lay down some 20s today, bro, pretty good start.

I think we’re uh ready, i think we’re ready pack, one it’s, always a scary one right. There had a rough day yesterday was worried about quad wasn’t able to start off today but i’m. Confident right now, but, like i said yesterday, monotone like moved the whole way through not gon na get too excited. You got ta, keep it out for this 12 hours. So positive move the whole day, but it’s always good starting to get back Music. Take it from me so far so good trying to keep track of all the data march behind the operation dude, i am freaking cold. I i literally pulled out because my hands were taking too much. My hands are too cold, they’re, just tense and i’m going around the turns. I can’t keep it as tight, as i normally am so i put shames in and he’s going to go out there and kill it. So let’s see how it goes. We just crossed over into lap 100. We are at least two laps above the next closest team which is velocidron and then, after that, tbs is almost 20 laps back. So we are gapping on the rest of the field with a little bit of contention from velocitron. We are running some of our fast skies pretty hard right now, so i hope that fatigue doesn’t happen. That’S gon na could be a problem, it’s only eight o’clock in the morning, and we only started like 30 or 40 minutes ago.

So we got to make sure that we’re not burning out our top pilots so fast, but we’re trying to get enough of a gap ahead so that we can control the rest of the race. Oh we’re, doing great um. I have no words other than that. We’Re doing great when pilots would come into pit, they would crash into the banner the heart of america banner and then the next pilot would turn on their btx to take off. I was standing in front of the banner just grabbing the drones, bringing them back to the pilot so that we can get them back in the air. Quick, uh we’re, just we’re just messing with pilots when they put their cargo powering Music. So this is the replacement for the hammer. Is that the power hammer power, hamburger i’m, not sure issue? But we’ve got some video Music heart of america Music? I just uh power hammered chris in the butthole: oh it’s, incredible, yeah, everything’s, uh, honestly dialed in and uh the other teams are pushing their fastest guy, like pack after pack and we’re still just putting a sprite on them feeling pretty good at the moment. We’Re doing great, we are ahead by six laps um just gap in everybody. Honestly, you have any idea how fast you’re going back there. Mondo is perpetually bumped. Wonderful i’m, like hey you’re, upset no, never mind hey you’re up there, okay, so we’re calling a caution here. It’S, currently about 10 a.

m. We started racing at 7, 15, so we’ve been racing for almost or he’s closing in on three hours. Uh heart of america currently has like 240, some laps and we’re, probably about 10 laps ahead of the next closest people, so we’re, starting to get a pretty good gap, obviously there’s a potential for that to go away at any moment so we’re trying to just get Roll with that consistency, get it going i’ve, actually not flown yet i’m kind of being a reserve pilot to once. People start to get tired but i’m having a good time running out, grabbing quads, swapping out batteries, doing all that good stuff to make sure that we stay flying let’s get out. There finish this race at any point in the race. All teams have three cautions that they can throw at any time to get their drones that have crashed from the field getting ready to go fly ball, yeah, buddy, we’re, going from heads up to nerf fastest to slowest. Oh man, that’s rough it’s really windy out there, but it feels really good to fly a we’re almost five hours into this thing. Why the hell would we do a 12 hour race? This is ridiculous. It could be over right now, but it’s unbelievably close there’s. Only three laps difference between first and second place, it’s anyone’s race – it really depends on who is going to have the amount of hardware needed to win. We’Ll see what happens.

Oh little, drone out there, you can get the quad if you’re, not standing in a spot. That’S like on the track, as far as i know so, i think i can get an extension cord on it just like reel her in good job Music. Oh it’s, coming right for us dude pretty much. I literally found these extension codes on the walk over here. So we’ve been kind of on the grind for quite a while now it’s now, two o’clock so probably been a couple hours since we have updated we’re sitting at 625, laps with like seven hours to go still we’re gon na break a thousand that’s for sure. So that’s really cool we’re kind of just getting to that grind like we’re, literally just rowing. Our way through, like yeah, just get the next one up, get the next one up get the next one up make sure that somebody’s still in here make sure that we’re getting laps in and uh we’re. I mean honestly we’re kind of barely staying ahead of velocity drone like they have made a pretty big comeback, like we were up about 10 or 11 lives at one point now, we’re calling back a couple mistakes, a couple: uh penalties, all that good stuff, so we’re Trying to just reel it back in and then push ahead just moving forward. We got to keeping that rowing. We got to keep just getting pilots through through through through and then towards the end we’ll see where we balance out against team velocidrone.

We are now five hours into a 12 hour race and for some reason you haven’t subscribed. Yet so you should jump down there in the description subscribe check out heart of america and uh hang out for the rest of the race. Once we got into the middle of the race, it kind of just became a grind we’re constantly swapping out batteries or pushing through we’re kind of doing that, rowing that we’re talking about just making sure that we’re making forward progress. No matter what constantly we’re fixing drones charging batteries doing all that stuff, just making sure that we have the equipment. We need to stay ahead. Okay, so small update for you, we have fallen behind. We are no longer in the lead, but we have a lot of missed count, laps that are kind of slowly being added back, so we’re not really sure where we are relative to team velocidrone who has taken the lead in vermont. That being said, we’re putting in work we’re having a lot less mistakes than we have been, despite that we’re all getting more tired and we’re starting to claw our way back into contention, despite other difficulties with charging all that stuff. So we’re almost there we’re, almost there it’s over cocaine marking it right now. If i eat all this bag, we win the whole thing right now. You’Re we’ve welcome on a crazy grind. We got way ahead of our battery charger. We just got assistance evan and omari.

You over and over and over and over and over again we’re chipping away at that lead, we’re getting closer and closer to calling, i think, we’re gon na. Do it all right. I think we got this in the bag, so breaks oh i’m, losing my voice it’s insane. I can’t even stand up anymore Music, just trying to do the best i can for my team right here, and i just i hate losing all we got to do is just like feed these to heaven and then we’ll win it’s like it’s literally in the bag. So it’s getting close to getting down to the wire these guys, you can see the energy picking up in the pits they’re pushing to get back into first yeah i’m excited to see where tonight goes. I got ta hurry and get some shots, because this is gon na happen. Quick, but yeah i’m super stoked let’s check out what happens so we are out here in dallas, texas, at mayhem. There are two hours remaining into this 12 hour race and it is unbelievable. The difference between first and second place is only five and these teams have completed spending. I don’t know if we’ve got the stamina, but i would imagine the pilot’s just not like these last hours are usually the most dude. I can see it on your face. I love this box. Hey, hey, go fast, stay smooth, don’t crash that’s; all there is to it.

If we stay consistent, we’re gon na start catching them we’ve been crashing every here and then and uh we’ve stayed with them, but we need more laps in them. So we’re just going to not crash keep it fast. Seven points down last two hour stretch, but you know, i think, if we keep it steady and slow down a little bit, we’ll actually roll faster, because we won’t crash so much so i’m hopeful. Even though we started the race at seven in the morning – and it was past seven – which means it would have been longer than 12 hours, we were going for 12 hours of green flag racing, meaning every single stoppage. We pause the clock: hey there, baby, how you doing Music all right, it’s coming down to the wire. We have been freaking just clawing our way back, we’re running the four guys that are the bats, just like dogs, but like we’re, like we were four laps for a while. We were three left for a while we’re into the two lap range about an hour and a half to go. It is coming down to the wire i’m, so freaking stoked i don’t i’m. I need to get back long story short. We have like an hour and a half left it’s, getting crazy, we’re behind and it’s. Just like, i feel like the whole team is watching me. I want to take care of my team’s heart america. They’Ve had my back this entire day, this entire weekend and i’m.

Just trying to get it back for them all the people who believed in me and i’m doing everything i have right now in my top pretzels. You know it’s feeling good, but we got an hour left we’re, not ahead yet and uh i’m, not stopping until that. Last second uh timer is not by a single caution at this point in the race we’re down by such a small margin that all of our energy is coming back, we’re getting stoked we’re starting to really get on that grind because we see the goal. We see that something’s in reach. We know that we can achieve what we set out to achieve so at this point, let’s get in that grind and keep pushing with everything that you’ve got to win about. One quad left right now that i’m super confident as we stayed in this groove. We brought the lead lap down to just one lap between us and eventually step forward into the lead against team velocity all right i’m, not trying to jinx it or anything. But we just took the lead we’re starting to put the pressure on they’re starting to make mistakes and it’s freaking and i’m literally just sitting there like. If any of them can’t come up and launch is going to go up chasing yourself, like i’m ready team velocity drone just landed outside of their pits, somebody caught it and reported it, and that gave them a two lap penalty.

So that increases our lead by a very significant margin. 43 minutes left and we are 13 laps ahead. We’Re gon na walk away for a second, but the boys are killing it. They haven’t crashed in forever they’ve hit down solid laps um. This could not be going any better to finish it off. We came back baby chief, go we’re in the lead and that’s. What i like let’s go, babe heads up is back. Heads up is going next Music. All right. My back is killing me, but there’s. Only 20 minutes left. We still got heads up going strong and mari’s going strong, we’re gon na bring this thing home. Well, we have 20 minutes left. My eyes are starting to turn red from flying too much. I think the biggest thing we have to remember is just to not change the things. Okay, we’re gon na fly this 20 minutes like it’s the first 20 minutes, so uh let’s go how much time we got left uh three minutes just under and we are 12 left ahead. Still two minutes. Oh snap, i think we’re gon na do it 12 hours of green flag racing is a long time ready for you bringing her in Music. One minute get an extra. Oh congratulations! Music, Music, i’m dead, i’ve been running off of six hours of sleep. The last two nights combined, i feel, like i can’t, believe we’ve, been up like four a.m. This morning, i’m gon na pass out.

I need food. Thankfully i don’t need water. This would be a lot worse. I would say that the most challenging thing was to have longevity through the entire day. Uh doing this last time, 12 hours of mayhem was ridiculous. We did a 12 hour event total, like it was dawn to dust. I don’t even think it was 12 hours today. We did 12 hours of flight time, which was nuts so like managing people’s emotions like you, you got to make the call if someone’s starting to get a bunch of laps wrong, you have to decide, is going to be better to put them right back up so That they can write themselves or do they need to go like eat a cheeseburger. You got to be like so managing that aspect of it and staying out of the way for guys, i think, was important. Keeping the culture in our tent right, i wouldn’t, say that’s the hardest part but that’s the most important part when it be when it started to feel inevitable. That was absolutely the most incredible part of the day. You never want to get super cocky or jinx yourself. Applause yeah, once it felt inevitable it was relief and now i’m just looking forward to a shower and some sleep all right, so that’s the end of 12 hours. I mean you saw the celebration. We obviously got the win. Oh i do. I don’t even know, obviously, meaning we already filmed the ending.

Obviously we got the win yeah, so we i mean oh i’m, so tired, i can’t even think straight anymore, like my hands are like bleeding from like doing battery straps and all that stuff, but it was. It was an awesome time really proud of heart of america. For pulling out the big old win and uh yeah, i think we’re gon na go celebrate a little bit and then get up first thing in the morning for more racing, thanks very much for coming along for this journey. Please do this subscribe and all that stuff.