If you want to help me out on my patreon that'll, be awesome too I'm trying to really level up my patreon this year and get that going so that'd be a great help. But today we're talking about lipo chargers on the channel, and this is going to be the video if you're, looking for a lipo charger and you're kind of swamped and the ideas of what to get there's a lot of charters out there and like. If you just type in lipo charger on bag, good you're, gon na see like hundreds of different language articles and which one should you get. That depends on a few things. So a real quick advice for you here. If you're looking for a charger, that's going to be the last charger you have to buy for the nice five years, then this is going to be the one today. That is, that charger. It is up to par with more expensive chargers like the AI charger series. Don'T go out and buy a four hundred dollar charger to start with, because you're gon na find out that you can get the same type of quality for about half the price, which is awesome so and the company to do that is is DT. They have been making such great charges in the last three to four years that other big companies like spectrum, have taken notice of their design. So much so that spectrum had is DT actually designed their smart chargers, and it looks almost exactly identical to the marketing.

For the is DD chargers, it looks very similar to this for the whole entire spectrum series, but they're about twice the price or maybe a hundred dollars more so the is DT brands is something that you can trust. You can take this charger out. You can charge in the field with a larger battery, and what I like about the p30 here is the fact that not only does it look cool, this guy is a super powerhouse. You can charge off of a 4s 16000 down the field. You can an entire camping trip on a weekend with charging up your 4s 13 hundreds with this guy then take it back home and charge it back up using the adapter. So you can get an AC adapter. Then you can plug this guy into the wall and make it your bench charger. So you can charge up to probably around 12 batteries at once. With this using the adapters, you can get an adapter for the front here, it's a little parallel charging board, and then you know you can buy several different versions of that parallel charging board on Vanguard's website. You can look down in the frequently bought section right here and you'll see all kinds of adapters. You want to get something that has an XT 60 on here for the plug port right here and you can get XT 30 boards. You can get xt60 boards and you can even get the little pH 2.

0 board to plug right into this XT 60 and then you're ready to charge up a bunch of little tiny loop batteries, so whoomp batteries all the way up to 8's batteries. This guy can handle pretty much anything you throw about it, which is really cool, and it has the duality of being able to take it camping with you on an SUV, camping trip or, if you're, just trying to get home on the bench. It'S, like the last charger you'll ever need, but let's go ahead and take a little closer look at this guy and I'll talk about the specs. I won't bore you to death with a whole ton of tech, but I just want to show you the basics and show you what this charger is capable of yeah, and it also has bluetooth, which is super rad. So let's go ahead and put it on the bench and we'll take a little closer look at the p30. Here we go. Alright, guys let's go ahead and take a little closer look at the p30 from is DT. Now one thing I have to show you really quickly is that this exterior this is magnesium alloy. It is not aircraft aluminum like I originally thought I went back and looked at the specs, so that is a much higher quality. Metal DJI uses the same type of metal in some of the interior framework of their Mavic series. It is very simple to use guys the great thing about this charger also is that it has a lot of basic functions that are added into that really give it a good value.

Number one is bluetooth. You can load up the Bluetooth app on your phone from is DT. There is us a little QR code inside the manual and that will take you to the Google Play Store also for iOS and Android. So either way you go there. You can have all of the information that's normally here on your smartphone. You can also make changes on the fly which is cool. You can speed up the charge process by increasing the voltage, the amp or the amperage, going to the battery into the battery, which is cool, and you can also keep tabs on how the battery is doing. Just walking around your house it's kind of cool one other function, that's kind of nice. Aside from being able to charge on both these ports individually, you can also charge in parallel. So if you have a parallel, adapter cable coming off this, you can use both of these in sync as a single port coming out of this charger, which is really neat function. So I haven't seen that on any other charters. There portable chargers like this one, so that is a new function that that this one can handle, which is really cool, so dual channel or sync, with parallel that's a nice option. But if you want to go crazy, get a balanced board on here and you can charge up to like six batteries at once. Coming off here, I'll put a link down to the balanced ports down below, because it's nice to be able to charge like six to twelve batteries at once, if you're, in a hurry, if you're going out for a weekend trip or something but both of these ports.

Here we talked about these before these are supporting up to a thousand watts per channel, which is crazy or 1500 if you're running out parallel, total, so 30 amp max on each individual channel up to 60 max. Obviously, if you're running both sides at 30 but I'm, guessing that most of you guys don't have batteries that you charge at the 30 amp. My favorite part about this charger. Is that my big 4s 16 thousand here it has the xt 90 on it, and this one came ready to party with the xt 90 plug here, so i can go ahead and plug this in and the voltage range on the guys pretty good this. It goes. Ten volts all the way up to 34 volts, so you can run up to like a success battery on this guy, but you want to make sure that your input voltage. You look at that first before you plug in some kind of a test battery, but most of us are not doing that. So the first thing you see is that load up screen and we have these lit up buttons on the side and these are touch sensitive. So these are the up and down arrows essentially, and then the one in the middle is gon na. Take you to that channel that side of channel. So if I click on this side, it'll bring me over to channel two and back on that side is channel. One and then I can press it again and go back to dual screen if I'm charging to it once here, you also have the current voltage of the battery and then all the different cells.

Here you see like one through eight right here, so one s through 8 s battery we can charge and we're gon na play around with the 4s 1300 today, because that's the battery that we are normally charging on the channel for most of our aircraft, we're gon Na plug in the xt60 here and then on this side, you have a little negative sign and it says 2 s – 2 8 s here. So if you're charging 1s batteries, you're gon na use some type of board that comes out of this xt60 right here and then you're not using that balance port, so we're gon na head plug this one. In and now we will see the current cells, and so it should actually be already set up as a 4s cuz. It should have Auto detect happening here, we're just gon na press that middle button and press it again long press for about a second it'll. Take you into this main menu now this is cool because we can use these up and down arrows right here to navigate the menus, and we have a lot of different things here. We have the tasks we can charge or discharge. We can storage charge. We could even destroy, which is a wild option. They do make some smaller adapters that you can put on a battery and it'll kill the battery over time, but we're gon na charge today I'm not going to destroy this rdq battery because it's, a pretty nice battery and it's been serving me well, you can also Change from to li hv, which is your high voltage type of lipos running up to 4.

35, and this one is 4.2, you can also charge lie on lithium ion batteries, which is cool li fe, PB and nickel, metal, nickel, metal, cadmium batteries as well so we're gon Na stick to lipo today – and this is not an hv, so we're gon na stick to the standard, lipo 4.2 volt per cell, and now we have 4s. Here we can go from 1 to 8 s, which is cool. We can go back here by pressing this button again and again. The current you can go all the way crazy. Here you can go from 0.5 amp, which is my first setting, and it has saved different presets here, one through five or you can do it individually from 0.2 amp. All the way up to like 30 amp, you can go crazy here is keep going down. This thing will do a beasty charge at 30, amps so I'm, not gon na do that I'm gon na stick with the 1.5 amp here I don't want to blow this battery up. You don't want to over charge your batteries because you can have them swell and blow up in your shop and burn. Your house don't be very careful about that. So we're gon na go to leave the core voltage at 4.2 and we're gon na start at that process, and it just looks like that very simple. It also shows me the time elapsed, the channel that I'm on and I can go back home to set up something on this other channel now, I'm, in channel 2.

On the other side, here and you're, going to go down to the very bottom here and hit back we're gon na go back to the other side here and we're gon na change. The current here say I want to. I want to adjust the current say. I wanted to charge a little bit faster. You can do that. You can come in here and change the current, which is nice press it again you get that full screen here so now, it's showing me that I'm putting 1.7 in I up in the amperage and I've put in 21 milliamps so far 22, and it shows us The percentage of battery until it's a hundred percent up at the very top you can see it's just about 86 time elapsed and all that good stuff. So now, if I press this again, I can stop it or I can go back as well, but very simple charger to use, and I love it that I can charge from the field with something like this or I can use that bias. Dt AC adapter – and this goes up to 160 watts – so not a super high watt rating on this, but it will serve you well on the bench and you can charge up to a 6 s battery with this. So but this battery is charging well and let's. Just go ahead and take this battery off now we're gon na stop this and the way you stopped.

It is long press and just hit that middle button again and now we're stopped, and you can see that it was working on a balanced charge, so leveling out to 4.0 8 volt per cell, and then I have my my total max voltage from my battery here. At sixteen point three on that 4s battery, alright guys that is pretty much the basics of the p30 and also the box was gon na show you guys you do get the instruction manual here, that is in English, and you get a little screen protector, which is Nice, because most of my is DT charger screens are thrashed. I didn't have any screen protector on them, and now they include this in the box, which is also super nice. Now this is the p30 which I showed you guys and I have a nice review of the q6 nano coming up as well, but before I ended this video, I wanted to show you this little guy, and this is the box for it. Super tiny I'm just gon na pull it out of the box and show you guys, looks like a little Apple product or something, but it has an XT 64 input here and the input range on this one is 10 to 30 volts. So this one, you know you can still run this one on the 4s 1300 out of the fields, plugging it for us 1300. Just like that, and you get this little screen on here as well kind of a small screen.

But this one's all about portability and something you can just carry with you on an airplane. If you're going on a quick trip, you don't want a lot of weight in your bag. This one's, nice and I'll just lay this one for you in really quickly. You'Ll see how many grams this little guy weighs q6 nano weighs 115 grams vs. 736 for the p30, so quite a big difference in weight there. So travel like my charger and use a balance board with this one. When we charge up to six batteries at once or use something close to around the house and your close trips, maybe camping trip for the weekend for the ultimate charger portable or on the bench either way you go. These are awesome chargers, but thanks again guys for watching, you can check out the links down below if you want to grab either one of these this one, the Q Styx's before you go. Q 6 is coming in around 30. I believe so. The p30 is 189 right now, currently the making in this video. You know this. One is 29, so awesome deal on this little micro, nano charger, guys, I'm Justin Davis take care.