It looks like my shelf's about to collapse there with all the tools up there and i've got my cool trendy, pink and purple light over there. But aside from all that, super super awesome benchness over there, uh we're gon na talk about lipo chargers today and the lipo charger that i'm talking about today is the ultra power up6 plus around 169, on the banggood website. But it is a dual charger that can do around ac 300 watts. It also has dc input and you can do it up to about 600 watts output, really awesome wireless charging on the top of this and dual ports on the front, and why am i talking about the up6 today? Well, because it's kind of like one of those last chargers, you'll ever have to buy as long as it doesn't go up in smoke on you within six months now some of these chargers, they can go bad, so keep in mind whatever charge you buy. It'S kind of like buying a car, some of the components were done by hand. Possibly some of them were done by machines, but some of the boards can burn up. I mean they're under a lot of load and that's, something you have to keep in consideration, because all the major brands that i've had have had some issue one time or another, so isdt. I haven't had a whole lot of problem with theirs. But i have heard about people having a q6 go up in smoke, so i've also had super expensive brands like pro tech.

Go bad on me as well. I'Ve burnt up power supplies sitting on the bench and all of a sudden it smells like burning, leaves and there you go, but today we're talking about the up6 plus, and i picked out this particular charger to review for you guys, mainly because it has dual ports On here, wireless charging for my iphone or android phone and it supports field charging, so you can plug it in on the bench, make it a full time, dedicated bench charger or plug in something like a 4s 10 000 milliamp out in the field. You can charge 1300s all day with that, so a pretty sweet duality for this particular charger, but under 200 it's a little bit better than my hobbymate smart charger from last year. This was the one and it looks like it's kind of modeled from that it has that same front display on there, but it has a bigger display. It is a backlit led screen on here as well, which i like, which is really easy to see. The balance ports are up front instead of on the side, like isdt does a lot of times. I, like the balance ports to be up front, so it's super easy to use and pretty intuitive, but let's go ahead and put it on the bench. Take a little quick run around on this charger. I'Ll show you what i like about it and i'll show you some of the things that maybe they could change for the future in the next version.

Here we go all right guys there. It is on the bench and let's just go ahead and jump right into this. You do have two wheels here for navigation wireless charging on top your xt60 up front and your balance, ports up front, which i mentioned before that i love you – have an ultra nice heavy duty, industrial looking fan on this side, and you also have an exit vent On the other side, which is nice, it looks kind of like a fan right here, but it's not actually a fan there's boards in there, but there is a metal screen here, which is nice for protection. We also have a really nice option for power supply, so i mentioned that it does dc and ac. It also switches right here on the back of it from the traditional us, 115 to 240 volt, so that's also kind of sweet, and you get this power cord with it, which is nice, and i got the us version and if you want to dc charge from A lipo battery you can do that in the field and that one's 9 to 32 volt, like i mentioned, let's, go ahead and plug it in now and get to see the load up screen ultra power load up screen and the lcd display is actually pretty nice. It shows a cell voltage here. It does also have a battery checker built into it. When you plug in your battery, it shows you automatically the cell volts.

You can do up to a 6s battery on this little guy. Now. What i do like about this one is the fact that it does have other options. Besides just being able to charge lipos, it can discharge a lipo on this side. You have an external discharge port right here say you want to kill a battery, you can do it with that port, which is super cool. You have a servo tester right here and a motor tester port, which is super cool as well. This charger seems to have packed in a lot of stuff. It also has the pc link right here, and it has an external charge port for usb 2.1 amp right there out to any of your devices, which is nice and pretty industrial. Looking fan on the side of here, it is really nice looking fan and on the other side it has what looks to be a dual fan setup, but it's not actually a fan it's another place for venting on the side. You also have venting on the very bottom as well, and a few of the specs on the charger down there and it's sweet that this one handles up to 15 amp per channel. Because, honestly, i don't think i'm going to be charging any of my batteries. More than 15 amp that's, just a lot so up to a 6s battery on here, i'm, not really going to be using this for that type of extreme charging, and while we're here let's just go ahead and plug in a battery.

I have a 6s lipo right here, we're just going to go ahead and make sure i have the balance port the right way, we're going to plug this into channel one on this side, that's the right way there we go – and now the xt60 in here and You can see it automatically comes up with cell detection here so it's, showing me all of my voltage in each cell on that battery. The total volts there, the resting volt so let's, go ahead, press down on the wheel and that will take you into the program menu. So you can change the battery type from lipo to life, lion batteries, li hv, which is lipo, hv versions, nickel, metal and cadmium and also pb. So i i think, it's nice, that i can also charge my lithium ion batteries, which is pretty sweet or hv so cells. You can go up to 6s on here all the way down to 1s, if you're charging sort of tiny whoop batteries we're going to put it on 6s there, because it also is set up to do auto detects when you plug it in it knows what type Of battery is plugged in and you can't make that mistake with older model chargers they used to have that problem. If you made a mistake, how many cells you had in your battery, you could blow something up on the bench. You could charge say a a 4s as a 5s on accident and it would overcharge it and it would go up in smoke so or catch on fire, so be very careful there, but we have charge and discharge options, also storage and external discharge.

If you decide you want to do that, we're going to stick with the charge method here and my current we're going to set the current up to about 1.8 amp that's, a safe mellow charge rate for something like a 6s battery, and this is not an hv. So i'm going to leave it at 4.20, volt per cell and down here we have start and back options, so we're going to go ahead and start that process. You can see. It turns blue here it's kind of hard to see on the screen, but this gray screen down here is gray and the screen is blue and now what i also think is kind of cool about this charger is that we have independent buttons per channel. I don't have to use a single button to switch back and forth. Some of my other dual chargers have only a single button, but i think it's kind of nice that we have two buttons here, independently per channel, which is nice, so i don't have to flip flop back and forth, which is cool. So i can get another battery over here and we can charge we'll do another 6s here just plug in that xd60 there and a balance port and the balance port is set up from 2 to 6s, guys so i'm, going to click that bottom button there for Channel two lipo success: everything is already set up to go there and it defaults to 1.

2 amp i'm just going to go up to 2 amp on that side and we'll go all the way down to start and now it's charging on both channels, sweet, so i'm. Gon na go back up to one here, i'm gon na long press that and that will immediately stop it long press down there same thing, go back long press again and now we get into the servo and motor tester. So if you want to do some servo testing or motor testing on the side, that's how you get to that, so we're going to go okay there and back to the main menu i'm going to long press on the top there, and that will get you into The system setup so that's channel one long, press language. We have set to english max input, power, 700 watt, pretty good and max minimum input voltage. You can change that which um that would be around the 3s battery that's. Just the default let's go back to 12 volt. There we go and power distribution 50 50 on both channels. There you can change that which is kind of cool. If you needed to do that. It'S kind of a cool option now capacity cut 15 000 milliamp there for the maximum size battery to charge in time cut 180 minutes. So maybe you want to have some type of time cut. You can reduce that if you want to or increase it depending on how big of a battery you're charging that's just kind of a safety feature that's built in and temperature cut, if it gets too hot over a 50c the backlight's set to medium.

I can change that to high i'm just going to leave that on high, because that's kind of nice volume let's turn that down to low now we'll go medium there and the servo pulse period, 20, milliseconds, servo, setup pulse step, which is nice and about and factory Reset this is the firmware. The current firmware on here version 1.11 hardware, version 1.03, so pretty much everything in this menu and i think there's actually more stuff in this menu than some of my isdt chargers and you're, going to long press to get out of that menu. So i think we have a lot of options here with this ultra power, up6 plus i mean we have more options than some of the my my favorite isdt chargers. So short press will get you back into this menu and you can continue your charge process and so far i think this charger is absolutely worth 169.. The fan it is more noisy than some of the other ones that only have uh say like the pd60. Only has a heatsink off of it. No fan included with this one um, so it's nice that you have a full size. What seems to be a very industrial size fan for some high end charging, which is a very good safety feature so i'm just going to go ahead and stop this now, and i have to say that if you are looking for a charger that can pretty much Do everything battery checker? It has firmware updates like isdt chargers, it has servo and motor testing external discharge, which is cool, smart charging, wireless charging for your phone, usb output, pc link on the side and all the ports up front.

I think this one is an easy bet. I would recommend it for my channel. This is the one that i'm going to be using this summer and going into the fall. This is one of my favorite new chargers. The ultra power up6 plus is legit. You guys, thanks again for watching my channel guys and checking out the up6 um i'll, put some links down below for my top five favorite lipo chargers for summer of 2020 and going into fall guys, i'm justin davis.