This is the culture study im the channels, video producer and your host. You can call me pd, and today we are checking out siesta by wiki mickey. This is wiki mickeys first comeback in over a year. I believe its been a year and a month, i believe, is the case. Their previous comeback was for their title track, cool, which was frankly, cool and im looking forward to seeing what theyve got in store for us this time before we get into it, though, if you guys would like to support the channel consider visiting our patreon, we have Bonus reactions on there uh. We have variety listening parties, uh kdrama survival, show reaction, so you can check all that out over on our patreon. Of course you dont have to if you dont want to. If you just could simply like the video subscribe to our channel. Would be free ways to help us out appreciate everyone who supports the channel lets get into siesta by wiki mickey? This is your form of therapy Music, okay, Music, yes, Music! All right is Music is Music. Those aerial drone shots are gorgeous Music. Oh Music, Music. Music is Music, oh Music, Music, very sweet, ending, i dont know if its just a coincidence, but i feel, like ive, been hearing a lot more outros and k pop songs lately and im digging it. Oh theyre, bringing the theyre bringing the dance breaks back and theyre, bringing the outros back all right.

Siesta, i think, is one of wiki mickeys best songs. I think so. Wiki mickey breaks my heart a little bit to say this, but wiki mickey, i feel like has suffered uh from one crucial thing, since their debut is that they never really quite found their sound um. They never really had a hard concept going and uh. If you look at their title tracks, just across the board, theyre pretty diverse, but theyre also, i dont know its its hard to identify what makes a wiki mickey song a wiki song and so like some of my favorite songs as like pinky, for example, um its A fantastic song but its because its a well made song, not because its a song that i feel like has wiki mickeys soul, poured into it and thats, not necessarily saying that siesta is that song. I think we have to more so see uh if uh. This is like something that theyre gon na continue going forward, but i do feel like this is just a gut reaction to the song. I do feel like this is their best song and for me several things one. I think it really highlights their vocals really well. I think this is and mind you im a very casual wiki, makey listeners. Uh listener ive only heard a handful of their b sides but um. I feel like this song out of all their title tracks. I think really really utilizes their vocals really well, and it really really brings it alive and two something i talk about.

Sometimes uh doesnt always happen in k pop, especially with title tracks is, i feel, like i hear them singing with emotion. You know the emotional note. The kamjang note and i kind of feel their earnesty coming through in the vocals here, and so whoever like was the producer on this song. I think, did a really really good job of that. Third, based on the concept of what theyre deriving this all around siesta. Uh siesta is taking an afternoon nap, slash rest uh. I googled this by the way um. I i dont have a dictionary in my brain where, like uh im, just saying this off off my head, but its an afternoon napa rest you take during the hottest time of day, especially in a hot climate and so to kind of balance that between. If you look at the lyrics on this song to kind of balance that where they are talking about, like like ive, just now woken up from my nap – and you know, my heart is like fireworks or im like fireworks. Boom boom boom, its a song thats. Actually, incredibly difficult to navigate on multiple cylinders and i think they nailed it on all cylinders which is sonically. You are basically describing a song that is about sleeping and about partying. At the same time now mind you thats not necessarily what the definition of siesta means, but the way they describe the song, its its the contrast of the subtle nuances of just like what i guess rest can be considered and the loud expressive very colorful emotions that You know just fireworks or uh just just whatever.

I honestly i was listening more to the song. I was i wasnt paying attention to all the lyrics, but if its about feelings for somebody whatever it is, were gon na watch it again, dont worry um. They. Those are like loud colorful emotions, so youre balancing two things and they navigate that very, very, very well um. It doesnt sound like a song that thats like two sounds mashed up together: uh, it works as one cohesive song, and i also think siesta, and i really really i dont know who the producer on this song is, or i dont know who the anr on the Song was whoever it was that made the match of this song happen. I really really hope that we can make a sticks with working with this person, because i also think siesta did a great job of really maturing their sound. I think this shows a very mature side of wikimeki, while still not doing quote unquote a mature concept, its just a little bit more mature and a little bit more. I feel like nuanced and beautiful compared to their more pop cute, driven stuff and thats, not and dont. Get me wrong. I love their pop q driven stuff, but theyve been at this for x amount of years now and eventually your sound has to mature. As you grow older, as as the group goes older and i think siesta it could have been just a generic party song, it could have been just a generic song in general, but i really really think there is a level to this song.

That really feels very earnest and very mature, and i think they nailed that really really well, and i think the wiki mickey members did an incredible job with their vocals, with their singing to bring that to life as well. Um were gon na watch this again um and uh heres. The thing were gon na watch this again, but i dont really have any other reason to watch this again other than i just kind of want to listen to the song again thats. How good this song is? I really really think this song is that fantastic, the music video theres not really much. I can they pulled it off. Well um i can tell they were working with a little bit of a limited budget and we can talk about that. Uh when we watch the video but for a limited budget, they shot it so beautifully. In fact, 99 of this music video i have. I have such high praises for because the aesthetic of this music video, the cinematography of this music video, they went for definitely a much more cinematic vibe. They went for much more cinematic natural lighting, um the dimmer lighting and it worked, and they pulled that off. Really really well, they added in a lot of like blooming effects to give it that soft edge, which again you contrast that with like the colorful loud fireworks at the end, it really really gives the video a nice dual feeling that again feels very just homogeneous.

So i feel like the music video did really really well in that regard, i think its a very beautiful looking video is it that interesting, probably not um its just like a lot of b roll of like people looking pensive and stuff like that, but in that Regard of purely production value, i think its a gorgeous music video, i think, its honestly, their prettiest music, video to date. Um with that said uh. I do think there was a bit of a limited budget, especially in the dance scene um. They, i think, only had one dance set and one dance scene, and it was outdoors and there was nothing else. There were no props, no sets no smoke, no fog, no lighting, no nothing. They just shot out in an open field and hell for shooting out in an open field that looked gorgeous right, that looked beautiful and i think they pulled that off really well. I think they absolutely with what limited resources they had. They nailed it with this one. Um but yeah its a gorgeous music video. But beyond that i really have no nothing else to say about it, and so me, just wanting to see this again is purely to just enjoy the song. So lets check it out. Oh thats, not by the way, youre. Also getting that black swan video Music, oh that drone shot. Oh also, sorry, i i forgot to uh. I forgot to compliment one more person on this uh comeback.

Whoever was the color grader on this music video. You did such a good job. The color grading for this music video is one thousand percent, my aesthetic, but you know keeping my bias out of it, its just color graded so beautifully. They color graded this to look like to give it that film emulation, look and it looks gorgeous. It really comes alive. The most i think during the drone shots, but really even just like looking at this shot of jung looks gorgeous Music. I know theres a little rapping in the middle of the song, but it also isnt your typical wiki mickey title track format: Music. Who is that who? Who who whos saying that is it toy on? First of all, this is a side profile, so im not sure. If this is toying or not, it looks like toyota, but if that was doing singing, oh my gosh, that sounds so nice, Music im. Sorry you have to listen to that, but i love that part Music. I honestly like hold on uh here people people get mad at me when i turn up the volume and i dont warn them im warning you now im turning up the volume. I need to hear what this is real quick hold on all right, so i think theyre since i wasnt quite sure so when it trans transitions into this pre chorus um when it transitions into this pre chorus. Theres, like this very warm texture that comes it goes, it sounds so gorgeous its so so beautiful.

I was trying to wonder if those were synths or if they were horns, it could sound like they were horns im going to lean theyre, actually more synths than they are horns. Music lets get it Music, okay, Music! These lyrics are interesting. Music is Music lets, get it Music. Oh look at this shot, yo its color graded. So well it looks so nice Music. Also they shot this clearly early in the morning too, because you can see you can see the fog which makes it look even better. Music. Dare i say like if you like, cut to these holy crap? This is loud im. So sorry guys, i just im really enjoying this song, but if you cut to these clothes that shot of yu jung shot of her like this around right here, like like, especially with like i dont know, if this was intentional, but especially with like the sun right There like something about this, like music, video feels emotional and magical, and the song lyrics actually play a deeper role in that too. Now that im actually paying attention to the lyrics, theyre literally saying like its a very supportive song and its an inspirational song, its a very and like perhaps thats, actually the um. Why theyre shooting, on this bridge, like sort of theres, a light at the end of the tunnel type of thing? You know they talk about. Like you know i i know this darkness will end someday or like ill support you whenever youre like weak and weary and like stuff like that youre my siesta, like its its almost like saying like we, are each others support system.

You are my siesta. I am your siesta, its kind of what theyre saying just the way the music video was filmed with a little bit more of the cinematic vibe. You know the blooming. It gives it a very, not a romantic atmosphere, but a very emotional atmosphere if you want to interpret it in a romantic way. You could. But if you want to interpret this in just like a friendship way, you could – or if you want to interpret this in a way of wikimickey, is singing this to you to sing support to you. You could its. The lyrics are just vague and neutral enough that you could really interpret this in various ways and its a very emotionally supportive song and i think, thats why it works too. Music, uh, Music, Music. You know there could be a lot said. You know in terms of the context of what this means for the group too Music, i mean consider like the group. Hasnt had a comeback in a year and its almost like they just took their long rest, their long nap and now theyre Music, having a siesta. Theyre theyre theyre, theyre, theyre, now awake, you know and fireworks Music, the shots of them standing in a circle looking at each other Music, the song and the music video convey such a much more emotional tone. Oh my god, all right siesta by wikimeki. I think this is their finest song to date and im gon na even say that this is my favorite title track from them.

Uh. I know picky picky was my favorite song, but it was a commercial song. It was a pop song at the end of the day. For me, what will always win me over is ernesty and emotions, and perhaps im reading too much into it, relating siesta to their year long break or whatever, but, like i said, thats, how good siesta is. Is that its so vague? You can kind of apply this to a lot of various different scenarios and situations. You know i mean siesta could be a song about covid. You know like it could be any number of things. It could be a romantic song. It could be a friendship based song. It could be a song about family, whatever thats, how good it is ten out of ten. This, i think, is wiki mickeys best comeback, yet i think its really really mature. I think it shows us a very different side of wikimaki and i personally love it, and i kind of hope that wiki mickey can perhaps continue to tread down this path of like making such i dont know like good music, like this intimate music. Like this i mean lets not say their music hasnt been good, they have had some fantastic songs beforehand, but this just hits me a lot harder than the other ones. Do you know, but guys thats just me, you know thats my reaction and review to wikimeki siesta. Let me know what did you guys think of siesta? How does this stack up? I think this is a very big change up for them.

Title track wise, but for you guys, how does this stack compared to their previous title tracks? Do you like it is not your thing: do you want them to do their more pop sound? Let me know all right guys, uh whoa what just happened there. I just accidentally swallowed a gust of tornado, but if you guys uh enjoyed the video hit the like button down below, of course, if you want to support us a little bit more, you can visit our patreon. As i said, we have bonus reactions over there. We have bonus content over there, so we really appreciate your support and youll be getting something in return.