This is the culture study im the channels, video producer and your host. You can call me pd, and today we are checking out rock with you by 17.. This is 17s latest comeback, very excited. Um people have been asking me if ive seen any of the teasers. No, i have not. I have tried to refrain, i dont even mind, seeing photo teasers of comebacks and stuff like that, but when it comes to 17, i like to just go into it blind. I like to just preserve my infant brain for what is about to come, so im very excited uh before we get into the video. If you guys like what we do, if you guys would like to support the channel, please consider visiting our patreon uh, we are actually going to be starting up 17s in the soup in november. We actually just finished up watching all of uh going 17 20 20 and so were gon na be taking a break from coset and going into in the soup in november. So if you guys want to check that out, come join our patreon in november. All right, of course, you dont have to support us monetarily. You can just simply hit the like button down below uh. You can subscribe. Those are simple, free, easy ways to help out the channel now lets get into the video. This is rock with you by 17, and this is your form of therapy Music, oh Music.

I just want to love you Music. Sorry, his hair looked Music. Oh my god, Music holy holy holy. What the is this music video? What the Music Music? Oh Music? Oh, my god, what the Music i wan na stay with you, what the was that last shot! Wait what the f did they toss in like half a second of footage of like a racing drone. Sorry, one sec! What like, right before several several important things, happened in this music video. First of all, this is 17s greatest music, video of all time hands down im talking about budget talking about impact im talking about the cultural reset. This is the cultural reset that we have been waiting for uh, since i think maybe home home was like a very big cultural reset for 17, and then they were kind of like in everything. Theyve been doing since then has been like of that era, and then rock with you feels like its signaling. A a a new era, and i feel, like 17, is finally going full force with their hey were trying to go. Global 17 has been trying to go global for like the past two years and covet has literally gotten in the way, and i i wonder if thats, why ready to love was as mild as it was because heres the thing ready to love as much as i Liked the song um, the music video, the more and more, i watched it, the more i disliked it and that very rarely happens to me um and mind you its a very competent music video.

I i dont know how to both compliment this vid music video without also largely insulting the ready to love, video and thats, got nothing to do with 17, its really the team that shot ready to love. I was so disappointed like when i first watched it. I was like oh okay, but then the more i watched it. I was like okay, the songs getting better, but what is this music video? It just didnt, make sense to me and then i looked into it a little bit more and um like i. I didnt really like the really um saturated high pastelly. Look in that video either and then i looked into it, and that is that music, video directors, uh style and that person also has largely worked with yg artists, um haze and solo artists. And i felt like okay, so this person is like and theyve also filmed like icon stuff but like they are not used to filming a very dance heavy group. A dance, focused group, and so i feel like ready to love, was a huge misstep on the music video department, and so i was a little bit disappointed. But at the same time, i was just like its a different director that theyre working with for the first time, you know im sure, like itll, just itll, theyll change adjust itll get better but holy. This took it to the next level. This also something i have been waiting for, which is uh this amped up 17s budget.

With that high money, i have been wondering, when is 17 gon na start, showing that high money flex and mind you they have if you go into like their other stuff, like if youve seen the stuff that theyve performed on like ellen degeneres good morning, like you Know those american shows so hybe has been pushing a lot of their um uh, their hive artists, uh txt, i dont know if and hyphen has done any american shows. Yet i personally havent seen it but like txt, i watched like all of their magic performances, uh bts, and they have all these like crazy, elaborate sets with, like insane camera work and im. Just like do all this for like jimmy fallon, this is crazy and then they they did that for 17 as well um. They did. I think a crazy performance for 17s hit on ellen degeneres and i was like, oh my goodness, hide money that high money is insane, but i have been wanting to see that reflected in their music videos and holy moly. It finally happened. It finally reflected in their music video rock with you is perhaps 17s biggest high budget insane music video. I have seen you know its probably up there with something something with like fear. I think fear had a um um, pretty it had a pretty good decent budget. Um – and it was also like very artful, but rock with you – takes it to another level, also rock with you.

This song totally confirmed my suspicions of exactly what was going to happen with this comeback. So 17 has this track record of they when they change eras? They experiment with the new sound and it is usually very controversial, and that was the case with 17s dont want to cry 17s. Dont want to cry, was their first experiment, experimental move into edm and at the time it was very divisive. I think, for the large part everyone now can be like yeah dont want to cry its one of 17s best songs of all time. Absolutely i agree um i just agreed with myself whatever, but that song at the time, oh, i was like putting out fires left and right. I remember because one it there was like just people like oh theyre, just like trying to sound like the chainsmokers blah blah blah blah. It was like all this. All this stuff and um its just like after dont, want to cry happened. Then you listen. If you listen to like their follow up albums, it was like, as if like they were experimenting. I dont know if its uzi or ponzu or somebody else or prism like who it is necessarily that needs that kind of like transitional period, but like that. One is usually like always like very controversial, and then the follow ups are insanely good um uh, like if you listen to like i i like especially 17s dont, want to cry um.

They didnt do it again for their title tracks, but their b sides. They have like these, they have like spiritual sequels. That dont want to cry, i would say and kojima those songs are like they all sound like dont want to cries, brothers and sisters, and they are far superior to dont, want to cry. Dont want to cry. Well always have that impact because of the music video, and it was the first of its kind but uh uh, uh, bojar, sugo or uh li again, just like production, wise or like way better, and you could see like oh like it grew all of these stemmed And it grew from dont want to cry rock with. You is a direct evolution. I feel of ready to love. It has the elements in ready to love but like like that kind of like fast paced, emo rock pop vibes. I i know i just said a bunch of things that contradict each other, but muse were in new musical territory and so uh. I feel like this song executes all the things that they couldnt really nail with ready to love, and i think rock with you is insane um. I think rock with you touches on that weird dark emotional note, like i kind of got like weirdly, emotional and weirdly teary eyed, watching this it its the song that does that, and perhaps its also the lyrics. The lyrics itself are so like kind of dark.

If you think about it, you know, even if the world ends, i want to rock with you its both romantic and its dark, and, ah just its so good its so good. Um lets go ahead and watch it again. I mean jesus in my just first impressions, rant alone. I i went insane but uh theres a lot theres a lot. I want to um theres a lot. I want to talk about theres, so so much uh. I just noticed that the stop sign uh the thing right here. It has a heart symbol also what is with every hive artist simultaneously going through their emo emo phase, huh txt and him and hyphen. You know theirs was a little bit more upbeat, but trust me, an ibens emo phase is not over and then 17s rock with you, my goodness, what is going on in hyme, where everyones like lets. Do the emo rock pop vibes im totally digging it Music Music mingy got such a good part. I mean you got such a good part um in a lot of 17 title tracks, mingy gets like i mean you and wonu gets like the hype. Man, parts and man ming, you got such a good part. I mean you get really good parts of their b sides um, but i think you got a really good part here, uh, but one also uh phenomenal. Also. What is this set? What the f did they build here? They built like this, almost like a circular set with lights and then the stairs and the clouds – and they use this again later during, like vernons part uh, but the way they transform this.

This set its very rare to surprise me nowadays in k, pop and like k pop music videos for me to go. I havent seen that before i havent seen that before Music, i can kind of see the similarities to im ready to love that, like it just it feels like the spiritual sequel to ready to love. Also, my god, can we just talk? Oh sorry, can we talk about judes hair for a second, this dude looks so good. Why does it look like theyre not outside? Is it just me or does it look like theyre whats going on it looks like theyre feathered out. It looks kind of like theyre on a green screen, but they cant, be they literally cant, be. This is literally like natural lighting theres no way, but also like can you look at juns hair. Look at juns hair that part that part right there, where vernon hits that hits that what the falsetto going on with the choreo too. There is so much, oh, my god, oh my god, god, those okay, those led lights, are moving too wow. Look at this setup. They made such a claustrophobic setup where they are not social distancing and it is insane ive never seen a group formation like this, my god itd be so cool if they performed this like live as well, but i feel like thatd be way too difficult. Also, what the what the was he raspy singing? Was he trying to pull a tail? What hes specifically grinding his voice, hes specifically grinding his voice? Like i mean weve heard one whos singing, he can sing some smooth vocals hes, specifically, oh my god, man sounds so raspy.

I love it. Also one of the best things about the hive acquisition. I mean suddenly one whos getting a lot of title parts. A lot of title track parts singing parts hes the rapper remember he is the rapper of the group, yall Music wow – that editing was so clean, holy wait a minute. The series of shots here is so insane: okay, so the cameras moving with june and then it cut it as its crossing the body it cuts to this shot and the camera goes down on someone and then it travels out what the hell guys. When i say this is 17s greatest music, video of all time, it is on all cylinders. Even the camera work, the editing is insane Music. Oh, i didnt even hear that the first time that that move like this after image effect that theyre doing its its playing off the drums, the drums go like its like the drums, are like building up. Music is the first time we hear woozis lines. Okay, this is also one of another fantastic thing that has happened in this title track. The eight and june has more lines asterisk, its still, not a lot, but i feel like its like up there with its up there, its up there for 17 title tracks for june and the eight it is up there for their line distribution, its its really really Good for them for them for the current context, i always want.

I always want more ming outlines Music, oh my god, the series of shots, also as someone who Music as someone who loves that james dean, aesthetic – oh my goodness, vernon, looks so good wow. This shot right: how did they, how did they plan this video? How do you, how insane is your imagination, that this shot of hoshi, starting on his legs solo side profile, tight, shot? Music? Oh my god, the overhead angle? Oh, my god, even a bottom angled shot like the over. Do you see the sequence of shots they just stitched together in literally just one. Second is insane Music. This music video is insane holy. The way they incorporated hoshis solo scenes into the group set in the way that they incorporated coopss solo scenes into the group set was awesome: Music wow. He looks so good Music god, damn wow that magnet power. Jesus wow, sorry that turd Music im, sorry its so good Music, just lick his lips, oh my god, Music. They did it. They, finally did it. Oh my god they. Finally, i have its not necessarily a conspiracy theory, but i have something that i have been screaming about since debut and they havent done it really a lot since debut they do it occasionally here and there, but they dont. Do it a lot for their title tracks? In my opinion? Objectively, you know polio, isnt, my favorite member, but, in my opinion objectively togym is their hottest.

Member in terms of like visuals, like in terms of like damn, that is one hot person together, is the hottest member in 17., but they, the heres, the weird part together transitions from, and we all know, tokyos personality were only talking about like just like not like His like personality, but like just how he presents and presents himself like in music videos and cameras and stuff like that, togym is hottest when you show his forehead together, especially like, like he debuted with his hair pushed up and then after that he always had bangs. They always gave him bangs and it made him look more like a boy and it made him look less of a man and like less like sexier and more cuter and thats fine, thats, totally fine, but um. And you know when i say like yo tokyos the hottest member in 17. You know people would be like what are you talking about im like you, dont get it. You have not seen together with his hair pushed up. They gave me something better. They gave me something i didnt know i needed two gum with his hair parted with wet hair. My goodness look at this man look at this man, Music. He deserves this so much my god. He looks so good, my god. They finally made togym the sex appeal. I feel like they leaned into it a lot with like mingyu, um and minku. Trust me is one of the hotter members in 17.

, but this man look at him. This is what i have been envisioning since their debut era. Im like they can make togyom one of the hottest people in k pop if they just unleash him and this scene Music. Oh, my god, this this bridge made me want to cry: oh my god, Music jesus, what the oh did they throw in a little slow mo right there. I love the little moments of like little moments of slow mo, apparently its a its a very popular thing. On chinese, like reality, programs and survival programs, i would love to see that incorporated into music videos a little a little more Music. The way they used the action of this move. I think they they do like a foie lets, see yeah theyre, like the on the lap, the way they cut to that is Music and then the twinkling lights and just wow its grand. It is spectacular. It is their most ambitious music video to date. It is quite possibly my favorite 17 title track pretty. You will always hold a special candle in my heart, but, as time passes on and as i grow old and withered and gray and more um, more bitter of the world, i definitely find myself leaning towards songs. Like this songs, that kind of make me want to cry, and i dont know what it is. There is a kamjang note to this song. I dont know how to translate that into english, but in korean.

The kanjing note is its a note where you just play. Like a sound and it like triggers something in you it, it could be different for other people. It could be a trigger of sadness. It could be nostalgia melancholy what whatever it is, but the kamjang note the note where the song makes you feel something and comment down below. I would like to know. Am i the only one that feels weirdly emotional listening to this song? Is it because im such a longtime, 17 fan, or do you also hear it? Do you hear, do you hear it? Do you hear that emotional component to the song as fun and as addictive and as mainstream hooky as it is? It is also so nuanced, and it is like that is 17s bread and butter is making mainstream music thats. Also, really really just really artful, and i think rock with you is their best endeavor, yet i think they killed it with this comeback um, i would love to know your guyss thoughts, please, let me know in the comments down below. Do you guys also like have like a weird emotional reaction to this song? Let me know, but guys that was 17s rock with you. I think they executed here, like i think thats. What 17s ready to love was missing. It was missing the emotional component. I understand what they were going for with ready to love, but it did not. It didnt have the emotional component, it didnt have that genuineness and rock with you nails that it really, i think, takes 17 to new heights and i think they are on a.

They are going to be on a globe trotting trip to push 17 to be a global group. You know they resigned all their contracts a year. Early theyve got a lot left to do on their plates and so im very excited to see what this means for the future of 17 going forward, but with possibly 17s best comeback with possibly their best music video. I have to score this. An 11 out of 10. im. Sorry, there are not many groups out there that have executed a comeback like this. Even objectively. You cannot look at this music video and go. That was a boring music video that music video was subpar. There are other groups doing the music video like this. Absolutely not. This was 17s best music, video, but guys. Let me know in the comments down below what you guys thought about 17s rock with you. Do you guys feel that emotional component, that i do or what? What what do you guys think about the song? Let me know anyways guys, thank you for checking out rock with you by 17. uh. I hope you guys enjoyed watching, along with me, as i said, were gon na be starting up 17 in the soup uh in november. But if you join now, you can still check out uh the rest of our going 17 2020 uh reactions uh. It was a wild wild journey uh. So if you guys want to check that out thats over on our patreon, we also have bonus.

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