All right, you guys so today were gon na, be checking out this holy ton, ht02 mini drone, guys all right sent over to me from my boy b over there at tdr drones, e bikes and scooters. You guys all right now its interesting about that that he sent me this guy, because i actually had one of these. You know im saying i actually have the red versions, so its kind of cool to add to my collection. So now i have the red, and now i have to go version. You know im, saying notice. It says: king quadcopter is this god, king of all, quadcopters were going to find out so notice. It says modular battery 360 flips three speed modes altitude hold. If you guys been following me, you probably youve seen the red version on the channel before its not too much more on the box. You guys here. This is the holy ton. Ht02. So give me a quick moment ill show you everything that comes in this box. So, looking at the contents of the box, you guys you do get three batteries with this guy, so you have two batteries here, one inside the drone, of course get this real. These unique looking little prop guards that kind of just wrap around the drone um. If you guys wanted me to show you how to put these on leave me, a comment below ill, do a separate video im showing you how to put the prop guards on, but its pretty simple.

You know what im saying, but i dont usually fly with prop cards, even though these are typically just pretty much lightweight plastic still. You want me to show you guys how to put those on leave a comment ill put them on, for you get a full set of extra propellers. Of course you get a proper removal tool. You get two chargers, thats pretty unique and then thats just the bag. That it came with so really simple, cool setup here is the quadcopter itself, the gold boy, the king quadcopter. You know what im saying and for a special treat for you guys. I did so bring out the red one to show you guys, which one you like so here today were all talking about this one. You guys these are fake buttons. Here we do got some buttons here, uh. The only thing i can remember from my red one. I know thats the power switch and this little top arrow up here, thats the launch thats, the uh automatic takeoff button, and i think you got theres no bumper buttons. You got like speeds and rates inside the joysticks pressing on one of these guys would be your speed and pressing on another one. Be your rates and these other buttons do a couple different things, but hey well, find out on the fly comes with the instruction manual as well. I dont have that out with me. I actually have that in my other room right now, but you guys know read over the instructions.

You guys are not familiar with these little mini quadcopters read the instructions that will help you here is the go boy bio. I like how it sits inside the case. Like that it even it has these little like footies or notches, that makes the quadcopter sit inside the case. It sits really well. So, even if you tilt it, it wont even fall out. Look at that, so it just sits inside there and i also like how they make a match to transmitter even with the red one. Everything matches black and black and gold, black and red everything matches so thats really cool how they did that this boy just pulls out heres our battery, underneath there uh im not really sure of the size of the about, if theyre, like 300 milliamp hour batteries to Be honest: you just stick that little prong there inside the hole there and this guy is on – has an led up front. There theres a led up there and i believe thats the only led. Well, i think it has leds underneath too yeah. If i cant remember yet ill think of that, im not sure well have to find that out on the fly. Guys is the ht02. The king quadcopter shout out to my boy b over there tdr drones and ebikes for sending this over. I will drop a link to this channel, of course, below so heres. A really quick glance at everything that comes in the box again and uh well go outside for a quick fly.

Lets do this all right guys, so here we are outside with the ht02. I forgot to mention in the table review that this transmitter does take three aaa batteries that are not included, but mine were included shout out to my boy b for uh, sending this guy with the batteries. But when you guys get this guy, it will not have battery so make sure you pick you up some batteries and i was right. Theres a white led in front blue in the front red in the rear im going to take off the single king quadcopter. You guys, as i said what i can remember from my red one, i believe pressing this arrow right here. This top arrow will launch this guy yep. I was right and pressing in on a throttle. Stick or the left. Joystick will increase your rates. I had to jump into the second rate right away because it is a little breezy, so were not in the first rate. Anymore were in a second rate. You guys look at that. Little gold quadcopter were flying right into the the breeze and im full on the stick right now into the breeze. So lets go three beeps into the higher rate now were in the highest rate and, like i said its by pressing in on the left, joystick or the throttle, stick Music. So i believe precedent when the sun is blinding me. Let me get the sun to my back.

My son is finding me, so i believe that pressing in on our right joystick, we should get flips yep so pressing in on the right joystick and giving it a direction. Well, flip this little gold boy, you hear me, can you hear me so its a good flyer, very responsive, very zippy, even with the breeze getting on it right now. Its still good, though, were still hanging. This swag uh wind, starting to get on in there interesting thing that it came with three batteries, two chargers, so you should get pretty decent flights out of this guy, maybe thats why they call it the king, quad, copper, Music. The breeze is kind of breezy, especially for a little guy out here. Look at the finals on that boy, Music, yeah. I like these little minis that fly like this man, these little micro joints that fly good. You cant ask for more, especially in the winter time when it gets cold outside you, dont want to go outside, but youre jonesing and you want to fly you pop one of these little boys out and its a its a done deal. You know you flying in the living room and itll turn any type of room into a large flying space with this type of little guy, because you dont need a large space to fly this head, except when you, maybe when you do a flip, it does raise A little bit you dont want to smack the ceiling, give yourself enough clearance to flip this guy yeah.

This thing is flying great, just like my red one. They both fly really good. Just the same same flight characteristics same drones, but this ones gold, its a go boy, its the golden one. Okay, this thing flies good man. I like these little small ones that fly good because theyre great beginner drones Music, especially for uh people who just want to get into a hobby and learn theyre, so small you can like. I said you can fly them indoors. You dont need a lot of space. So thats going to give you a lot of a lot of time to practice, especially in an indoors. You aint got to worry about the drone getting too far away from you, Music yeah, its fine get in there even in the breeze, and that that spotlight in front is very visible, even in the daytime. It is very visible. I dont know i dont know if you guys can see it on the camera or you might be. You should be able to see it. If i face it, this way maybe bring it over here face it. This way there you go, you might be able to see it right there, but that spotlight is very visible on this guy Music yeah, its a good fire, definitely its a great little flyer. The wind is coming from behind me, so lets find head forward into the wind when its coming at me, yo, oh Music, Music, yeah, look at that man very responsive, doing everything i wanted to do.

Zipping around banking turns thats. One thing i did remember about my red one: i love how these little guys, how you can bank them little turns like that and just bank them and bank the other way very good flyer. Music, Music, i think, were flashing. Are we flashing? Yeah were flashing, so i guess the white light i cant remember i guess the white light up front, dont flash just the ones underneath i thought. Maybe they did im, not sure i thought. Maybe it did maybe im tripping. Let me get this guy over here that witness i cant, i cant really see it. No theyre, not flashing, my bad guys. I almost said i thought that white light up front does flash when you get through a low battery and it aint flashing. Yet so i thought you know uh under the lower lights flashing, but maybe i was just tripping my bad. You got my bad, but i could tell that battery is starting to subside a little bit because im losing power its getting its a little bit more trouble to fight into the wind now so im gon na have to start side strafing it yeah. If i side straight, if i can get into that wind now, thats a little beginner tip for you guys when youre flying directly into the wind, if you cant fight the wind fly, sideways and youll be able to cut it, youll be able to cut through the Breeze a lot better Music.

This thing got plenty fly time on it. Plenty, you get three batteries, you guys. This is definitely a good christmas contender right here. I think so fits right in the controller nice box easy for wrapping three batteries, two chargers: a ton of flight time on one battery who wouldnt be happy with this, who wouldnt be happy if you, if the hobby is what you are all about, or somebody that You know is all about get them. Mr chris theyll be happy, they will be happy and lets go or get the red one. If you like the red one, but its cool look at that were still flipping there. We go that flip.