I aint going out there were going to do an indoor fix today. Man youve already seen this on the channel, just the holy ton. Ht02. You guys know if youve been following me. I have the red version of this and i also now have wow to go version, courtesy of my boys b over there tdr drones, e bikes and scooters guys. So i thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get this guy out for indoor flights, its so cold and, like i said i aint messing around out there unless i drag an rc car out or something so, but today were gon na be flying man. The indoor fix man i actually brought out a couple of my indoor flyers, so i might hit you guys with a couple of different episodes here today, who are gon na. Take the whole cap off um. Well, here it is man, the king, quadcopter buyer, the go boy. I didnt bring my red one. Now i might maybe i might bring my red one out there for uh. Follow a flight too bring the red one ill. Let you guys see it. You know what im saying, but this is the king: quadcopter comes with this transmitter im trying to put this cap back on im. Doing everything with one hand i accidentally took the uh top off. I didnt mean to do that im, trying to put this boy back on there, but it is what it is.

You know im saying it is what it is. I have to do that with two hands just gon na set it up like that. But uh comes in this transmitter. I didnt go over the buttons, but i know this is automatic takeoff. Some of these are these are the trim buttons here. These buttons are fake down here, and this is just a light up front. I know theres a camera version as well, so i know some of you have commented on some of my previous videos and said theres a camera version, but you know this is just the light version heres the battery underneath theres a proprietary battery, and they do give You three of these guys heres one of them right there. I forget the size, its a little tiny guy. You might be able to see it in there. If you look really good, i think its like a 280 or something like that, a little small boy but uh my voice is a little hoarse im, still getting over a little code that i had a few days ago, but um here we go man so got This boy charged up, you get two chargers. You get three of these little batteries. Of course the drone fits inside the transmitter like this one is gold. I got the red one hes gon na. Do a quick indoor fix man try to stay out of this cold weather with the king quadcopter. Let me get this boy bound up, but lets do this.

What we want to do is you want to plug this guy up? First, there is no on and off switch, so im going to plug the quadcopter up first, and it will turn on this little lead here. Turn this on see that starts flashing turn that guy on turn on remote control, do a up down double bind and we should be able to just take off. This is the automatic takeoff button. Let me scoot back a little bit ill have to hit the ceiling. All right, king quadcopter, we are in the air, yeah man. This is our first rate. Here we got red leds in the rear. We got blue in the front, its our first rate, theres, our yaw, slow yall. I cant remember press in on the throttle. Stick is our rates. This is our second rate theres our yaw second rate, yall, a little faster heres, our fourth flight, second rate Music and then lets go to three beats. This is our third rate. This is our fastest rate, so heres our yacht in the third rate very nice and heres our fourth flight, so its gon na get a lot more nimble and faster and its third right here, heres our third rate. Fourth, flight, Music, nice, Music, king quadcopter, very bright, led up front. You guys the white is at the front thats a very bright spotlight, excellent for night flyers. You guys should know that, with the red version im going to pick the red version a couple times out at night, i believe pressing in on the the right stick will be our flips nice tight flips on it does gain a little bit of altitude but thats To be expected, without the two holes, its trying to compensate with the flip, we could try that one more time that was a back flip there hes got to make sure you get enough yourself enough room to flip and youll be good to go Music.

So, just like my red version, this, this guy flies great man, no issues at all Music. Look at that very nimble, very sporty, very responsive Music, holy ton, ht02 man. This is a good little learn to fly a little quadcopter right here and its nice because it fits inside the transmitter, so the quad could be protected. You wanted to take this guy out on the go with you. You get three batteries, so youre gon na get plenty of flight time, and i think out about one of these batteries. This thing flies about eight minutes, eight to ten minutes on one battery, so youre gon na get about almost about 30 minutes of flight time. On a little boy like this, with the three batteries that they give, you thats awesome two chargers. You can charge two batteries at once so say. If i had two dead batteries already, i could have two of them charging while im flying this one. I could have two of them getting ready to go, thats pretty good and it doesnt take long at all to charge these little batteries, probably about 30 45 minutes Music yeah. This is awesome. Little flyer shout out to my boy b for sending me this one for adding it to my collection. Music. Look at that thing, though, get that all up in your fitness get that all up in your grazio Music, yeah man. Look at that thing. Go on a dime and it flies just as good outside too its just too cold to go outside right now, yall, it is too cold.

Nice little micro clock copter. There keep you out of the code. Keep you freshen it up on your flight skills, while its winter time, Music, Music, a minute trying to find his battery out for yall, so yall get a good idea of flight time indoors Music, but it just keeps going. Oh lets see how i stay lets see. If we can trim it up, see how stable it is, lets keep going to the just want to go to the left. A little bit lets see. If i can trim that out a little bit and see, i can get it to hover hes going to go to the right just a little bit there. We go trimming out a little bit better now now its going forward a little bit lets get back here. Going back to the right a little bit going forward a little bit! Look at that solid little hover right, a little bit just a little bit Music check it out, throw a little trim, get it back over here! So its not going to be perfectly still. But you can trim this guy out, get a nice solid little hover on this little dude, climbing a little bit now trying to climb on it. Put it down Music altitude a little bit so its bobbling up and down just a little bit, but its hovering. Pretty good there, it goes its starting to drip just a tad look at that its hovering.

There look at that, its pretty good guys, little toy thats, pretty good thats, pretty good theres our flashing lights, so we want to land. This guy now hit the lamb button. It drop right down holy ton. Ht02. Your boy drone, the dogs, quick indoor fix you already know what to do, smash that, like button dont forget to subscribe.