I have a 6s analog version here. They also have a dji version. The analog version comes in around 230 dollars. I believe around 250 with an xm plus style receiver. You can also get tbs crossfire on there, which i do have we’re going to send it out over the mountains today and we’re also going to do some freestyle with this quad. So if you’re going to ask me which version should you get, i honestly would get the 6s version, because i, like the 6s power system on here, we have lower kv motors under 2000 kv on here, 1800 2207 we’ve got 45 amp esc it’s a susex f4 Flight controller, it is a two up stack on here and we have an 800 milliwatt vtx. So i’ve talked about this before as well. Mr steele likes to run 800 milliwatt when he’s flying bandos and things like that and that’s. What i’m going to suggest for you guys it has the best penetration for analog now, if you’re rocking the dji, cadx vista version that one’s around 300, and you can crank that one up to 700 or hack it up to 1000. So this one is just a little bit lighter with that analog vtx in the very back. It sits in the same exact spot if you want to upgrade it to dji later, you can do that. This frame will allow that um. The only complaint that i saw that steel had was maybe it could have a little bit better antenna and if you’re going to be sending it out there with tbs crossfire honestly, it could use a little taller antenna off the back here.

So, but for a close in freestyle, maneuvers and just some general bashing around and some bando flying this antenna worked pretty good. For me, it has 5 inch. Nasgol, 5140 props and i’ve talked about these before on the channel too. These are kind of a narrow cord. Prop to a really nice thin tapered edge on the outside of this prop making them super ultra smooth. I also kind of like this, like neon green on here kind of like that drone camp’s color almost matching the flag back there and the prop and the logo, but let’s go ahead now and let’s fire this one up on a 6s battery let’s. Take this one for a cruise, let me show you what the nasdaq v5 v2 is all about. Uh, probably still one of the best binderfly freestyle rigs with a great tune on here out of the box, so let’s go ahead and check it out in the air and after we come back we’ll check it out on the bench, we’ll see what the components are. All about on this big bad boy here we go all right, guys, i’m, going to ride along with you in this flight. First thing: we’re going to do is we’re going to send it out there for some range flying some medium range mountain surfing with a gopro on the board, and i just wanted you guys to see what the tune was like way up high because way up high Is where you can see more jello? I am using a gopro with some hyper smooth on here, so that really smooths things out, but the tune on here is quite flowy um.

It has rates that are dialed back and steel mentioned that in his review that he felt like he wanted higher rates for his his style of flying um for my style. Flying too, i like to fly fast and furious and just try to make crazy gaps and do quick, snap, yaw, snap type stuff, and i feel like the race for me – could be a little higher. But i fight tune this for beginner to intermediate. So if you’re, looking for your first freestyle, bandeau, ripper or medium range mountain surfer, this has been tuned specifically for you guys not so much for for steel and i or others, but you can achieve beautiful vistas with a gopro and this type of setup. I mean absolutely beautiful. Video today was like the perfect sunny day. I’M super happy with that now. We’Re gon na do some parking lot ripping with a 6s 1300, and i treat this squad on my first flight in this parking lot today i found a really thick green branch and it just i hit the scraggle and scraggle. Just like almost took me out. It did break one of the wire covers here in the front on the right hand, side of the quad but that’s good, because it shows that it protected the motor wires they’re still intact, and i could still fly for the rest of the day. So they did their job in the old days we used to take the props and snip them off and put them over top of the motor wires here with a couple of zip ties and that’s a nice motor wire cover.

So if you break yours that’s, what you can do you can take an old prop that you’re not using anymore and make a motor wire cover there. So old school trick for you guys, but i feel like again it’s super flowy. It feels nice and flowy, and cinema like when i’m flying this quad. The 2207 motors 1800 kv seems to be the right choice for this prop power system combination, and i do like the fact that at the bottom end of the dive with the gopro i wasn’t bottoming out, which means you know, hitting the ground coming back down from A big dive, so in oregon and washington we have 60 and 70 foot trees so coming down on a really steep, almost inverted dive. Sometimes the weight of a gopro will have quad bottom out in the grass and this one didn’t do that that’s that’s. The good news, so i feel, like you know overall, you guys are kind of as far as flight goes, flight characteristic goes you’re getting your money out of it and it is a beasty frame and that’s what you want in a freestyle frame. You want something that’s, nice and big and heavy, and that can take a crash and also this quad he’ll, pretty much saw through tree branches. I’Ve flown similar quads like this before and just taken out of tree branch and kept flying, and i hit another tree branch in this flight test. One of these trees here in the parking lot and i kind of bounced out of it and kept flying.

So it will take some hits and the props are actually quite durable and break a single prop in that flight test. These are the same props that i came home with after running three or four packs this afternoon, so they are very, very durable. The frame is also durable and 800 milliwatt was working nice right there close up in the parking lot. You really don’t even need to run 800. If you’re wondering how far we can get out on 800, i know guys that have flown six miles on 800 um easily three miles on something like you know: uh, 400 to 600 milliwatt, no problem, but overall i’m happy with power system. The power weight ratio feels good, it does feel peppy on 6s. So you know if you’re going to ask me in the comments down below which one should i get. Should i get the 4s or the 6s? I would go for the 6s just because i feel like you’re, going to get a better flight time off the 6. you’re not going to be pulling quite as many amps out of the pack, but it will power loop. It will flip and roll. You can get away with some crazy stuff, here’s a power loop back around these trees and i found a little gap to shoot through there that was kind of nice that was kind of a blind power loop back to that little tree tunnel super fun. So you can get creative with this quad and you can make some mistakes, which is good news for you guys if you this is your first freestyle quad got a couple nicks on the props but that’s pretty much all i came home with so one little broken Wire cover and that’s it for a day of action, so uh nice, freestyle, quad, let’s, take it back in the studio now let’s take a little closer look at this quad on the bench and i’m just gon na land it right inside the van here we go All right guys welcome back to the bench here.

Let’S, take a look at this quad on the scale it’s getting 520 grams with the gopro, and this is actually hero 8 case, so it’s not actually 4 by 7. But i just want to give you an idea. What the weight was without the battery and a gopro and the case so with the 1300 6s battery from tattoo here. This is my battery of choice brand new one getting us up to 724.4 grams total takeoff weight, so it is a freestyle beast and while i feel like the weight is a little bit high on this quad, some guys were talking about recently on the forums they Were talking about a heavier quad flies better freestyle that’s, like a huge debate, um some people like an ultra light. Some people like a heavier quad, maybe it’s more durable. If it’s heavier it’s, i mean it’s got to be heavier if it’s going to have super thick arms on here, but we’re. Looking at like six millimeter arms, tpu bumpers on the bottom of the motors, which look all really nice they’ve got that new led on the bottom and this tpu mount in the very back for your tbs antenna. You also have the option to put xm plus on there as well, and you have posts coming off the back right there. It has all m3 hardware and it has the long body design as well. So this is a classic long body, with a truex design and replaceable arms, so with a bando, basher that’s.

What you want, you want something that you can buy new hardware for uh and arms, for which you can for this quad, so also makes it really easy to access the stack, there’s, eight bolts on the top of this frame, and once you pull that up, you Can get to your sussex f4 there so you’ve got your usb port right here. You’Ve got your bind button right there. This is your boot button and we have our 45 amp esc’s down here, and these are nicely labeled. They actually do show you that this is m3, m4, m1, m2, so typically in betaflight. What we have is one two three four just like that, and we have a strap large enough out of the box, which is awesome that it accommodates all the way up to my 1500 6s battery 1400 battery. Look at this one. This is a pretty big battery and this one still fits with this strap and the straps seem to be pretty durable for those heavier batteries, so it does have some nice kind of it feels like a pleather coating. Over top of it, i wouldn’t say it’s leather, but it holds the battery in place and it does its job now, if you’re going to be flying freestyle, i would not recommend using this 3m sticky grip tape here i would actually put velcro on the battery it. Just keeps the battery from flying off a lot better than this type of stuff.

Whenever i have really hardcore crashes with this type of stuff, i have had batteries eject and when they eject it can break the battery wires off of the esc. So think about that one thing to think about there, but i’m happy also with the 2207s. I haven’t flown these in a while. These are the e pro versions of these zing motors, and these are 1800 kv. Five millimeter shaft on top of those really nice stator inside this bell, really thick coils standard size prop nut on there and our 51 40 props. You see it took a little bit of gnarl off that tree and the shorter iflight antenna, and i also wanted to mention that you can buy a taller version of this antenna. I’Ll try to find the link and put that down below for you guys. So you guys can have a taller one if you’re doing any type of mountain surfing plenty of camera protection up front on this particular quad, and this one was, i believe it was a cad x retell. They also have tpu on the inside of this carbon wall side plate right here. I don’t know if you guys can see this, but they do have tpu on the inside and that helps dampen it a lot and get rid of a lot of jello. You’Ve got plenty of tilt and some guys might not like props and view. You can definitely see props in view here when you’re recording dvr from the camera, but as far as your gopro goes, you tilt this back to about 30 degrees and you’re not going to see any props here in your gopro cinema footage, so that’s kind of nice.

So some final thoughts about this quad let’s just talk about it for what it is. It is a good budget, 6s freestyle quad with some gear on here that should last you, your first freestyle quad experience you’re going to crash this quad you’re, going to beat this quad up you’re going to hit trees with it. You might even hit a wall or bounce off concrete with it. It will survive quite a bit of punishment. I mean tpu bumpers on the bottom plate. Here, we’ve got really nice high quality carbon fiber. You guys can see that that is no joke right there. It is not the super cheapy barely polished carbon fiber, it looks nice. I don’t really see any big beveled edges on here, but it does have all the tpu trim on here to keep the carbon safe, which is nice. If you do belly out on the concrete, it should be: okay, six millimeter arms as well replaceable all the way around and you can get parts for the nascar series squads, which is great. You do have to buy your own gopro mount uh, tpu, gopro holder, so i’ll try to put some links down below for the the six seven and eight and i’ll also put some links down below for my freestyle choice. Battery which is gon na, be the 1300 for parking lot freestyle and then, if you’re going to do some long range sort of longer, mountain surfing with tbs, crossfire i’d use the 1500 battery.

So tattoo r lines have been great for me: there’s version 4.0. If i can’t find 4.0 i’ll put 3.0 down there for you, it doesn’t really make a huge difference. I’D get either one, but i feel like the power weight ratio is great. I didn’t bottom out with the gopro on there as well, and it took a hit in the tree really hard, didn’t even break a prop, so that’s good news. The biggest thing i would change on here is probably just buy a taller antenna. I believe they make a taller version of this. If you’re gon na fly a little more range flying with 800, you can get six miles out there on that type of vtx, so um yeah. That would be awesome. You might get a little bit better penetration with a higher up above the quad too so um for some some more range freestyle, so that’s that’s totally up to you, i’ll put the link down below for that one as well, but i feel like you know if, If steele bought this with his own money and he enjoys flying it for a basher freestyle, bando quad, 6s ripper – i think that you guys would enjoy it too, especially with the tune on here. That’S tuned down for a softer, flowier feel and that’s kind of the style that we all want to achieve anyway. So i think that’s pretty cool that they did, that they made it nice and flowy for you you’re, going to get some epic footage with your gopro.

So i’ll put the link down below for the 4s version. I would go for the 6s version. If i were you with the 2207 1800 kv motors, the new pro updated versions and just enjoy this rig with 800 on there so crank it up. It’S got smart audio already set up, you can press your stick left and up and go in and change bands and channels and the power on that vtx and the rssi was already set up too for my tbs crossfire, which is great and iflight’s been really killing. It lately so this one’s probably going to be on sale for the rest of the summer, possibly until these sell out. But i feel like the nazca series has just been a winner since the first one came out and this one’s a little bit better than the first one. So between the two, if you ask me which one to get the other one’s a better deal, i might still grab this one, because the pro motors are pretty beasty for freestyle, so a great rig overall guys. You can check it out in the link down below. Please check me out on my patreon by the way, if you enjoy the videos and please click subscribe and the notification bell stay humble and be kind guys and as always be nice to each other out there in the fpb community. Please make a comment down below if you enjoyed the video and give me a thumbs up on this video.

If you liked it, i will definitely be bringing you more tests and flight tests right here on the channel guys.