This rc car is supposed to be a 110 scale. Although to me it looks more like a 1 11 scale if that exists, it’s just a smaller body than a 1 10, but the wheels are definitely quite large. What is the claim to fame on this? You ask well first, let me tell you what the name of this car is well, there is really no name on it. It says looks like xl on the car and if i look at the description on the tomtop website, it’s called the f14 alpha, so let’s call it the f14 that’s, basically it. So what is the claim to fame? Why is this car so great, and why am i reviewing it? Well, it has all metal parts look at that. Like parts are metal all over it and inside it’s got a brushless motor and it comes with a battery a lot of rc cars you buy. Do not come with a battery. This comes with a battery and a tiny charger. You’Ll see it in the. When i show you what comes in the box, and the interesting thing is that this car is different than a lot of rc cars i’ve. Seen in the past – and that is when they put metal parts in a car, they also usually put a metal frame, but this only has a little metal piece here, uh even inside it’s kind of interesting, a lot of the metal parts. You know it’s got a metal, diff, it’s got metal shocks, it’s got all the stuff, the metal, arms everything you would think of, except they’re using this type of plastic, which is called nylon plastic.

And if you know what nylon plastic is it’s, a very flexible plastic. It’S kind of what they use for you know like the wheelie bars in the back. You can’t break it. It bends. So inside a lot of the plastic parts which are you know, less important are nylon plastic, so there’s a flex. So you can’t crack the plastic. Like it’s, just all bendable, they say just like a lot of the sights say they show the speed to get. You all excited to buy it. It says it goes 70 kilometers per hour. I think that’s, like 40 miles per hour, i’ll put below if i’m wrong or right exactly what that is so do i think it goes 70 well, i’ve said it in many of my videos before, and that is that when you see the specs on a car For the speed, usually the cars don’t go that speed. They usually go less. I don’t know why everybody boosts it. I don’t know if it means it goes that fast. If you throw the car off a cliff, i don’t know what it is, but we’re gon na see right here, hey prove me wrong car. So let me take this out for a spin right now, i’m gon na do a speed test right from over there to back here and we’ll see how fast it goes. Oh, i have a. I do have a gps to put on it all right here we go first thing to do: let’s, take the body clips off and look inside and connect our included battery so included down.

Here is a 2 cell lipo battery. I think it’s at 2 000 milliamp hours, if i’m wrong i’ll put below what it is it’s supposed to get you 15 minutes to 20 minutes of runtime, depending how you drive this beast, so let’s plug this in and we’ll be all set to go. This is the includer remote control. It has. A 200 meter range let’s power that, on we should see some lights flashing up here, you can barely see them next down. Here is our on off button press that and we are connected and ready to rock and roll next on the back here i have my sky rc gps unit i’m, just going to power that on you’ll start to see it’s going to grab the gps signal in A second and i’m just going to there’s velcro on the back i’ll velcro. It right here point and let it get the gps and let’s take it for a speed run. There we go. You can see the display in the back it’s getting itself all set up. Let’S go so let’s see how it drives. So you do have a slow mode like this that’s pretty nice. So if you want to take it slow, you can take it slow and it has yeah there we go. It’S got it’s got power. Okay, so oh it doesn’t flip over nice. Look at that! Look at that! You can slide out the back too. Oh that’s nice! I, like that that’s a lot of fun on cars when you can slide out the back all right, so let’s uh do some runs here and let’s see we can get up to so let me just take it down and get used to it.

While the range is pretty good, i have it away down there and i still have full control over it. That’S pretty good it’s, full speed. All right, let’s bring it back to me. Put the brakes on slide it here. All right, let’s see what we got. Let’S see max speed, i guarantee that’s, not 70.. I went i’m sideways. I guarantee that’s, not 70.. So let me just see here mode let’s, go peak, speed, speed, 44 kilometers per hour, that’s, not 70 and that’s exactly what i expected 44 kilometers per hour. So my guess is in china when they did the translation from mandarin to english. They saw 44 kilometers an hour and somebody goofed up and thought it was 44 miles per hour and 44 miles per hour is about 70 kilometers per hour, so it’s backwards. So this here car goes 44 kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. Here we go full speed, let’s see what the gopro says for full speed. One good thing is, i notice i haven’t been able to flip it over yet so that’s a good thing. You know a lot of times these cars will flip over, but the wheels the way they’re stuck out on the sides. It does quite well for not flipping and with the gopro up top that’s a lot of weight and it’s still not causing it to flip. I can go in circles: yeah wheels, aren’t, even lifting off the ground, that’s pretty good, all right, so the video probably doesn’t look spectacular because it’s not sunny it’s kind of dull out, but so far let me tell you the good things about this car so far.

So far i haven’t been able to flip it over. So i could drive really fast on the pavement turn the wheel spin it it will just slide, but it doesn’t flip a lot of cars on the market. They flip and you got ta, go pick them up and put them back upright this one here. The stance of the wheels look at how they are it. Doesn’T flip it’s, pretty good, certainly it’s. Only a 44 kilometer speed type car, so yeah you’re not going to break any world speed records, but that’s pretty safe. If you want to get it for somebody younger or you want to drive it someplace in a parking lot like this it’s, not it’s, not overly fast for this sort of thing and the metal parts and the flexing plastic, maybe that’s, why it doesn’t flip over it’s? Pretty good so let’s go take it to another area. Here we go all right. I got the car at another location and i was gon na drive it over there, but there’s a guy with a paraglider doing his thing. So i’m gon na drive it here at first, oh there’s, our paraglider. He looks like he’s about to take off. This might be his first flight doesn’t have a motor on oh he’s. Just practicing all right, let’s see how this little guy does in the gravel because that’s, where most people are going to drive this thing, so she spins out you can get it to do some crazy, donuts see i can’t get it to flip, even at the speeds.

It’S, a four wheel drive, so it’s got tons of power i’m still on the same battery. Here still on the same battery goes to the grass no problem, that’s, not even full speed, all right here, i’ll, take it full speed right. Let me just spin it around. Come around come around come around i’m going to gun it, whoa there’s, my all right here we go. I gunned it. There we go it’s in the grass full speed tearing up the lawn let’s, bring it back this way brakes. I flipped it. This is much too windy to be paragliding today, guys i don’t know about those people but yeah, i wouldn’t be doing it. Yeah they’ll jump off the cliff there we go. They are correct on the battery lasting 15 or 20 minutes, because this is the same battery that i started. This review with and i’ve been out here for a while yeah he’d love to chase that. Oh she would. She would like fully attack it. Yeah that’s it. The battery has died. I have nothing to just died right like that, so that was my 15 minutes to 20 minutes of fame. I think there’s too much wind out here, but all right, all right, buddy here we go i’ll. Take you away. Let these guys do their paragliding all right. We got our paragliders back they’re still trying to get in the air uh. Next thing i want to show you with this: car is uh.

What comes in the box, so uh really quick check out what comes in the box, and it will also show you a little bit more close. Ups of all the features of this here card check it out. Here we have the box, the rc comes in and when we open the box, it looks like this. The tires are big soft and squishy, and the metal parts are all colored different colors. It looks really good taking off the car’s lexan cover. We can see the inner workings and there is an included battery with this car it’s a 7.4 volt 2200 milliamp hour lipo battery. That large green item you see is the brushless motor and it’s rated at 3000 kv. Here you can see the steering servo. I have no idea what it’s rated at as well as the esc. Once again, i do not know what the rating of the esc is. Here is a suspension drop test and the car does extremely well. The includer remote control is very basic. It does have a trim control, so you can adjust the steering if your car is going wonky, you will need three double a batteries to power it other items in the box include a wheelie bar and a speed fin, and when you attach them, it looks like This a usb charger is included for the lipo battery, as well as a pile of little accessories, you’ll need for the car. Finally, an instruction manual in various languages is included all right: okay, all right, they’re, still not in the air that’s for sure.

So let me give you the final thoughts in this car. Uh final thoughts are, if you were buying this for yourself or for a child, i think you would really enjoy it. I think you’d enjoy it. So far, everything has lived up to the expectations of uh. What i expected for a car like this, it did really well, it does really well in the gravel it does really well in the grass. The only thing it doesn’t do well in is that the grass is very, very high. Obviously you know the car is only so high off the ground, so it has to push that grass slows it down, but you know even with the gopro on top it was very, very difficult to flip it almost every rc car i have they always flip. You know their tires hit something and they flip on pavement uh in grass. You can always get a car to flip if it goes and hits grass or bumps or dirt, but this one did well in both areas and i’m surprised on the battery, because the battery comes with it. You don’t have to buy an extra battery. You get the remote and everything else, as you saw in the unboxing, so with the battery right out of the box, you it’s pretty much fully charged when you get at least mine was and you’re up and running you go out and have some fun. So, all in all, really good, i don’t think you can break the parts on here with all the metal parts and it’s a brushless motor not brushed like a lot of the cheapy vehicles are brushed.

This is brushless. All i can say is uh check out the links below it’s on sale. So if this is a gift for somebody, i think they’ll like it, i don’t know how easy it is to get parts. If you smash up stuff, i don’t think you can break a lot of parts unless you purposely want to break it like drive it into cement objects. Then you’ll break the parts, but it is designed to be super strong in its design, and it is exactly that so enough said on this. The links are below go check them out and check out the discount and see if the price is something for you for you or a gift for somebody else, all right guys. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on this car post them below, if you want to know if these guys ever got in the air post, the question below and i’ll tell you, i don’t think they’re ever gon na get in the air. They look like newbies all right guys. Thanks for watching this, video we’ll catch you in the next one with many more reviews now, one last thing to say before i go is when you see me reviewing rc cars it’s, usually because i don’t have any drones to review and right now i have no Drones to review so i jump over to the rc cars that are new on the market and if you see rc cars in the future once again, it’s because i don’t have any drones to review at that time.

All right guys take care, bye, Music. I painted skies that won’t.