it’s a 360 fpv quad. What does that mean exactly well? In 2020, i was able to review the insta360 one r. I was also able to review the x night. Five. The one r is an awesome 360 action. Cam x95 is a five inch sub 250 gram, six cell quad. Well, this is kind of a conglomeration of the two it’s, a 360 fpv quad, so basically it’s an invisible quad, meaning that that insta 360 lens rides both higher and lower than the topmost and bottom most extremities and points of this fpv quad. So the fpv quad will disappear from the 360 cam view, which is pretty nuts. If you recall, when i was reviewing the one r by insta360, you could see the fpv quad all up in the shot behind underneath or if i mounted the 1r underneath the quad. You could see the quad above it this time around. The fpv quad should completely disappear and we can use that insta studio software, the insta360 studio software to manipulate the image and basically get whatever framing. We want without ever seeing the fpv quad in the shot. This special uh, four cell thousand milliamp hour battery is less than 23 millimeters in height, which means it can slip in right here and then take the xt60 connector and plug it in right. There it’s important to keep this on a blanket like. I have right now because, if i was laying this down on this concrete table, that i’m sitting on i’ll be scratching up the insta360 one r lens, because that lens on the bottom is the lowest thing, the lowest thing on this quad.

So if i’m, laying it down i’m, actually laying it down on the lens i’ll, be using some gaffers tape to tape this up, because there are some battery straps that come with the x9360, but they’re they’re not low enough profile. I’Ve seen them in the image before flying around, they don’t completely disappear because they ride a little bit too high. So the tape is even lower profile and then we just have to re tape every battery it’s kind of a pain, but whatever now the insta360 one r is incorporated into the quad we’ve built it in there. However, we don’t have the battery in there we’re. Using this battery eliminator circuit special from beta fpv to power, the insta360 1r directly off of our lipo battery there’s, both good things and bad things about that, the good thing is less batteries to worry about, um, also, a lot less weight, so you don’t have to Worry about carrying this around on your quad it’s, a lot of weight reduction. The bad thing is, if you unplug this prematurely, if you crash and it unplugs itself or if you stop recording and power off the drone too quickly before the file is completely saved. On the one r, you will corrupt your file and lose your footage. Okay, so here is the x knight 360, with the taped down 4 cell thousand milliamp hour battery and i think we’re pretty good. It looks like that’s low enough profile that the tape and the battery should not show up in the 360 feed using that battery eliminator circuit.

We see that we have indeed power on the insta360 one r there there’s the screen. We also have access to the record buttons right there in the front. You can also be sure that this is going to work by scrolling around with the app there’s, an insta 360 app that you can use and you can make sure the stitching works. Now there is going to be some obvious stitching right there, some issues with with when you’re, really up close, you can see the stitching is really obvious, but far away. You can see that the stitching does a pretty good job and it does it even better when we take off when we use the insta360 studio app later on now. This is analog. Fpv, obviously we’re, not using the digital fpv system. Unfortunately – and there are digital versions of this, what i’m probably going to do is add a cadx vista to this quad in the future, and that way we can get some nice hd quality video as we’re flying around Music, so Applause Music. I got about eight eight and a half minutes flight time out of this battery, which is great. I don’t fly like freestyle with this type of quad. What i do is i try and fly. You know pretty much straight lines curves, but but nothing too crazy. I never go inverted or do flips or stuff like that, because what i can do is i can do that in post production and usually i can end up timing it or doing something a little bit better than it could have in real life.

So if you get a pretty boring flight, you know if you do a pretty boring flight with the insta 360 1r or the x9360. You have a pretty decent open canvas to be messing with an insta360 studio on the computer. If you start doing too much crazy movements with that, it might be more difficult to process on the computer and to get a look or a movement that you want in post production. Just my my thoughts, if you noticed in the fpv feed the analog fpv feed, you could see this point in the fpv feed it’s, like the top left it’s, seeing this little point. So what i’m going to probably do is end up snipping that off with some clippers, because at this point, it’s just kind of hindering my performance with the quad and getting in the way the video feed is strong, um maxed out 350 milliwatts. It really is strong. The only problem is, it does have a little bit of a jello in the camera that cadets ant it’s the first time i’ve flown the caddix ant before it looks. Okay it’s, not overly sharp, but the thing is um. It does have a little bit of jello. I’M, not sure if that’s, because of the 3d printed camera mount, the little cadx ant is held in by a 3d printed like a tpu printed mount i’m wondering if some of the oscillations are coming through into the camera from that all right, i’m at a different Spot now and we’re going to be flying a little bit more see what kind of battery life we can get.

Also, what kind of shots we can get i’m using the dji fpv goggles but i’m, using the digi adapter that i reviewed a couple months ago and so that’s how i’m getting the dvr and i’m not going to lie having to deal with the blanket is a Little bit cumbersome, especially because you have to make sure the blank is completely flat before you arm the motors, obviously um. So, if it’s completely flat, you could take off and landing’s really no issue in that regard again we have that battery taped up and it looks like it’s perfect. At least we can hope Music, so Music, so Music, all right. So here is the beta fpv x, night, 360 quad pretty much exactly how you get it. I did one make one a modification i fly crossfire. They gave me a free sky version, so that’s. All i did is just change out the receiver. Otherwise, this is exactly how you get it in the box um. So first, first off i mean it’s obvious. This is the gaping hole for the insta 360 1r action cam right there. It fits inside and then the lens sort of protrudes out the top and the bottom so that the lens is both the lowest and the highest thing on the frame. That also means that everything else needs to be within that 23 millimeter margin. Basically, let’s talk a little bit more about it. We have 2004 3000 kv motors.

We have the caddix ant camera 1200 tvl. Apparently this is only 2 grams in weight. Very, very tiny. We got a right hand polarized antenna out the back along with a capacitor in the xt60 chilling right there and so that’s how the battery is going to be plugged in. Finally, we have this thing sticking out which at first glance, i thought was like camera control. No, this is actually part of the battery eliminator circuit. When you put the insta360 camera inside, you don’t need the battery so that’s a lot of weight reduction right there. It powers directly off of your lipo battery by using a little circuit and i’ll get. I guess i’ll get the goody bag out here, it’s a usbc so that plugs right into the side just like so, and then that would plug in right here to this cable and that’s, how you get your power directly off your lipo. So this is pretty much exactly how it looked, although all they had was an xm plus. Instead of my current crossfire nano – and you can see the camera wires, come around this direction, so that’s the beta fpv mo2, 5.8 gigahertz vtx, and then we also have the f722 underneath that, with the all in one 35, amp esc and so that’s, pretty much the Guts, pretty simple um the magic happens with this camera and how it sits in there nicely the way you really want to have it.

I don’t know why you’d have it any other way is to have the screen facing upward, and then you have the camera poking through the bottom, like so screwing in these two um or three screws in the front makes me a little nervous that i’m going to Crack this carbon fiber, because it seems as if the insta 360 is a little bit taller than the actual frame is see how it’s bowing in. If you see the front here, these two pieces, the top and the bottom plate they’re bowing in a little bit. Now you don’t want it to be any thicker than than need be because you want to make sure that it’s not going to show up in your image and yes, that’s happened before i didn’t screw these down all the way once and i did see a bit Of the front plate in the image as i’m flying around, that was a big bummer, but at the same time, if you go, if you do that again and again and again, you might end up cracking i’m, not sure it might, it might happen. Maybe it won’t. You might end up crack that top plate. If you really wrench this down too far i’m going to stuff this little bc a little bit further in and then plug the lead into the circuitry. I have learned to eliminate these battery straps because, no matter how tight you try and pull these battery straps, the bottom still always has a bit of a bulge.

Can you see right there just that much of a bulge will get into the bottom lens? In my experience anyway, i see a little back black strip in the back of some of my footage. Unless the stitching is a hundred percent, perfect uh, the the effect is kind of ruined all right. So i like the x9360 – i like the x95 earlier this year. I, like the insta360 one r, so when you put them together and you actually are getting the most out of your insta360 one, i think it’s a great thing. The only thing is: it’s a delicate quad and it’s a little bit finicky and if you don’t know how to um operate it in a certain way. You can end up corrupting your 360 video file. You could end up scratching that lens on the bottom um. You could be showing a bit of the frame or the battery in the 360 view by accident, but once you get past all that and you learn those quirks – you learn how to get around them. Then i think it’s going to be a good experience for you. Also, since it’s so freaking quiet, you can fly it in a lot of places, you’re not going to bother anybody that’s another bonus. There are some lens protectors that are specifically designed for when you use this with fpv. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to secure those and they seemed to be out of stock everywhere.

I tried to get them but check the link in the description to those specific protectors, and perhaps once you uh check on that they might be in stock. Who knows also in the description, is a link to my x night 5 review and my insta 360 1r review.