Little nano cine whip that i created from some other parts that ill explain here in a second. I posted this up on my instagram like a week ago and apparently a lot of you guys were interested in this, but this is something you guys have seen before. This is the meteor 65 hd and all ive done is ive. Inverted it and ive done the sideways battery mod here. In fact, um ive gone through all the details on how to do this mod in the other video. This is the non hd version of the meteor 65. So, im going to link this video in the description i do talk about the mod and how to make the changes in general or actually in more detail in that video im just going to talk about them in more general terms in this one, because really the Only difference is now: we have an hd camera board, so the meteor 65 features this um. I think this is some sort of a caddix um turtle board and the camera is also a turtle based as well. I believe 1080p 60 frames per second video, and this is a board that actually didnt even change anything here. So obviously the the whip comes like this and there was a canopy that covers the board, so the boards, in the same spot, its actually attached to the flight controller via pins and this flight controller, has the video transmitter and receiver all in the same board.

To keep the weight down and all he did is i got rid of the canopy. I flipped the quad over uh to make it inverted, and then i rotated the board 45 yeah, no 90 degrees to get the batteries sideways like this, and then i did have to take the board off of the frame to fish the camera through because the camera, Obviously the camera wire goes on the top normally, so you have to fish it through here um. I did also move the receiver antenna. This is the vtx antenna here and the receiver intense, the receiver antenna is soldered to the flight controller board and um. I just moved it from the top side of the board to the bottom side of the board, which is now the top side, because it when it was on the other side. Here it was kind of squished in between the camera board and the flight controller board. So the reception wasnt so great its much better here in in this position, so its optional, you dont, have to do that if youre just flying this indoors, you know its not youre. Gon na have plenty of range for indoor flights, so um yeah. Once you put the camera on here, i did just stick it down the frame with a rubber band using this part of the frame to hold it in place and you can adjust the angle. I have an nd filter on here for outdoor flights because in very sunny bright conditions, you are going to get some jello because it is attached directly to the frame.

Now someone can probably create a mount or something here – maybe a tpu and screw it to that. Little part right there, the frame – and i isolate the vibrations that go to the camera sensor, but the nd filter seems to work fine. I just uh, i dont know where i got this from. I think yeah i its an indie 64 but im not sure if its really an nd, 64. um im, not exactly sure with where i got this from pretty sure i bought it from amazon at some point in the past. So i know you guys are going to ask me where i can get the nd filter. I do. I did make a little custom, adapter, so itll fit over the um, the lens which is actually smaller than this uh. Also, you know that parts going to be useless to you, because i dont know where you can get this, but you can probably pretty much use any nd filter. You want, as long as its bigger than this lens, which most are going to be, are going to be a lot bigger than the then the lens itself, its like a tiny m7 lens, or something like that, and then just make a little adapter to hold the Filter on and that will basically lower the shutter speed to the point where the jello is not as apparent. Of course, you can look at the flight footage and make that judgment for yourself.

It was pretty sunny day when i flew this around. I did also make a bunch of modifications to the escs um. I flashed blue jay firmware the latest firmware like 14.2 uh 96 kilohertz, which is going to increase your flight time. I got almost three minutes, whereas before and 24 kilohertz, i was getting under two minutes on this when it was uh not flipped over. So the reason i did this is because i you know, obviously you can just buy a meteor 65 hd and just fly it around and get footage. But the camera angle is kind of high, so you cant really fly it, that slow um and the the front of the prop guards are in your video so that you know not that great. So if you want to not have your prop guards in the video and have this all the setup here is also a little bit lighter. This is um, not im, not a bad way to go, and then you get the you know, put the camera here, get the prop guards out of view, and you can lower the angle, so you can fly slow um. I did add this piece of foam here and use the existing screws to hold the foam in place again. This is optional, but you probably dont want to land on the circuit board with all the little components you want to protect that. So these little foam pieces they usually come with, like um other fpv parts, where you can use pretty much any kind of foam.

You want, i just cut it to that size and just use the uh just basically poke some holes in the foam to screw it on it and it just lands on that. Its been fine, no, no problem um in terms of uh, damaging the board or anything thats been ive actually had this built for months now. I just havent gotten around to making a video – and i figure well lets see whos interested in this or not. I wasnt really sure, because not too many of you guys were interested in this one. They i dont know im not exactly sure what happened uh. You got some interest at the beginning and then uh quickly faded. I actually love flying this guy around this. This is my best um tiny bit flyer out of all the ones ive ever flown uh, this one. I fly all the time indoors and it flies great at this because its the pusher configuration they just fly better in my opinion. Well, you know you guys can disagree if you want in the comments. Let me know what you guys think um yeah 35 grams, not sure if you can get this kind of footage and anything thats lighter and thats 35 grams, with the battery uh. Almost three minutes of flight time, uh pretty sure, theres, nothing else that can hit gaps that this thing can hit so yeah. If youve got something that can hit a gap thats smaller than this.

Let me know in the comments below what is out there, that is smaller than this gets. You 1080 60 footage flies for almost three minutes um and all that now i will put the cli dump to this down in the description, but i do have to warn you that um ive done that before for this guy and people can easily mess it up Because they dont have all the same things set up the same way, and this is not going to be easy if youre a first timer or beginner. So if youre, one of those i dont recommend you try this and i dont really sure. If were going to have a lot of time, answering questions about this youre going to probably refer you to this video, if you, if you need help because you have to do the uh, you have to reorient it, you have to reorient the flight controller, so its Going to be basically um flipped up, flipped upside down 180 degrees and then rotated 90 degrees. You got to keep all that stuff correct, otherwise it wont take off itll just flip over and disarm. When you try and take off, you have to have the props in the proper order you have to remap the motors make sure the motors are spinning in the correct direction so that you have to change all that in uh, esd configurator, when you, when you do Your bl um, when you do your bluej firmware flashing, so all that stuff you got ta take into account.

So if you dont know, if you know, if youre listening to me and your eyes are glazing over and you have no idea what im talking about, uh dont bother doing this one, because you uh, based on the experience that i had with helping people out with This one youre probably going to fail at this modification, probably about 80 percent of the time. This is not not easy by any means. If someone out there thinks is easy, let me know what you guys think, but yeah for those of you guys that have the skills and know what im talking about this is uh. This is going to be a pretty good mod if you can still get this model um, i think only place. I see its still selling is the actual bfb website its like 150 and yeah. But if you have this sitting around in the closet somewhere, you havent been using it yeah. I recommend uh, giving it a try. If you know what youre doing so, thats gon na do it for this one yeah thats, all that was you know, 35 gram, cinewoop uh yeah, pretty cool. I like it and uh. I actually, as this one im gon na, be keeping lets, give me a classic ill. Keep this one, probably forever anyway, heres some footage.