As you can see, the gino mini pro, it is a great color theme. Even the remote control and the charging hub is also the grey color. It is affordable, arm design and with the three sc gimbal camera and for the weight. It is only 249 grams on this. Camera came with 48 mega pieces and can be recorded in 4k, 30 fps. It also got a nine mode and six time zoom so about the features on the hubsan genome mini pro. They have a lot of features, but for me i was more excited on the ai active tracking 3.0. This feature is a new on hubsan, good job. Awesome. Okay lets see whats inside on this package, for the hubsan gino mini pro got the two version: 64 gig and one to eight gig. It is built in memory and youll need to use sd card for now on this table. It is a 4 gig, portable combo version with 2 batteries, so we got a portable mini bed, two manual boots, english and chinese, and three type: otg cables, lining type c and micro usb, and we got another two cables, one for charging and another one is for Connect to pc – and we got a screwdriver here – to install the propellers and one protection cover. This tower is protect your hand gunner sheet, and we got the two spare purpose and screws and the spare joystick for the remote control and one adapter, one multiple charging hub and we got another one extra battery last remote control.

This mini multiple charging hub. It can continue to charge with 4 batteries. I love this charger hub so much because it is easy to manage your charging mwah mamma mia gino mini pro batteries. It is 3000 mah for the maximum flight time on this battery. It is 40 minutes and the maximum range of this genome mini pro. It is 10 km 10km. This is portable combo version for 64 gig. I know what you think. You want to know how the performance on this genome mini pro right: okay, wait, hi! Ah, mr bro hi hi hi, mr blue, show them show them all the features. All the performance – okay, oh, okay, okay, oh, oh so now lets go test. The absent genome mini pro lets go okay, so now lets test. How table is Music Applause? Music now lets set the ring resistance Applause, Music, so now lets try disconnect the remote control. Rainfly Music, Music now lets test the obstacle sensor in front Music. Now lets press the optical sensor in there Music Applause, okay: this is our test, so lets watch the video record by the awesome genome mini pro im taking through the glove box. I thought i had a map in here the drivers door, doesnt lock. I bought the car my junior year, theres candy in my backpack, and you can pick our soundtrack were heading for the east coast tonight. So pack, your bags and hold on tight cause were taking off back here.

Run away with me were on the way to new york city, take my hand and see manhattan. Look so pretty travel light and see the world right. Youll never know if youll never go so run away with me and say hello to new york, city Music and they love new york city and sail of new york city feet. Up on the dashboard were driving with the windows. Take my hand, Music were on the way to new york. City, take my hand and see manhattan. Look so pretty travel light and see the world right. Youll, never know. If you let Music and go out of new york, city Music were on the way to new york city, take my hand and see man id. Never look so pretty travel light and see the world right, but youll never know if youll never go okay. This is our test in this thompson: genome mini pro. So how do you think? Do you love this drone for me im very interesting on this genome mini pro the new model from the hudson, its very small and light, and the most important thing is: got an obstacle advisor sensor, good job. Hudson, thank you for watching.