Let me just say: if youre not familiar with the hubsan xeno mini pro, that it is the most advanced piece of technology on the market today for a drone under 250 grams, nothing else on the market comes close to it. So what does that make it? Does it make it the best under 250 gram drone on the market in some categories? Yes, in other categories, not really so to kick off my review. How about i bring this drone a little bit closer to the camera and tell you about the features available on this here, little mini guy. First off in the back, we have two obstacle: avoidance sensors right there, which is something that no other mini drone under 250 grams on the market currently has and in the center. That is a usb designed to turn this unit into an external hard drive going around the side right here. That would look like a spot to put a micro sd card right wrong. It looks like they designed it that way, but you cannot put a micro sd card in there. All there is is a tiny little bind button in there. If you ever have to use the bind button, spinning it around to the front. What do we have so up here? We have two more obstacle: avoidance, sensors and down. Here we have a 4k camera with a 3 axis, gimbal whoa thats, pretty decent spinning around to the other side. What do we have? It looks like another micro sd card slot.

Here, but no, that is not another micro sd card slot. Okay, so by now youre wondering where is the micro sd card slot? Well, there is none theres, none theres, none on this drone. So when you buy this drone, you have two versions: two memory configurations the memorys inside, so it comes with 64 gigs of memory inside or 128 gigs thats. Why the price on this goes way up, because companies like dji, they only put like eight gigs of memory. In their drones, this has got like 64 and 128. That is unheard of in a tiny little thing like this now lets flip it around and look at the underside. So what do we have here? So let me get some light over there. So up here we have two sensors thats for landing, so it knows how high it is off the ground and a few other avoidance issues down here. You have something they call a bottom optical flow, but they actually call it an avoidance system, but its really an optical flow and down here is a landing light. You dont have that on any of the dji minis, because thats an led landing light. It weighs quite a bit and it does work and it does come on if the light gets low so that the optical flow works. So if you fly this in low light, this light comes on and the optical flow works and your drone stays perfectly stable in the air now.

Another thing very different about this drone is that, unlike other mini drones on the market, this battery thats included, will get you 40 minutes of flight time. Its a 3 000 milliamp hour battery so theyve really packed a massive battery into this tiny little drone now youre wondering 249 grams with all that holy cow. Well, actually, it is 249 grams on the nose, but if you leave this bottom protective landing plate on its over 250 grams, so what hubsan did is they said you can leave it on or take it off. So if you fly it, you just pull this off. Watch this its like its almost like putting prop guards on, but its a landing thing see it comes off and there you go and youre left with this and now youre at 249 grams. All right so ill put this aside, because im not going to use this for the rest of the video, its not necessary, now lets jump over to the controller. I think i got everything on the drone. The basic stuff. Your controller is the same controller that you would get with a xeno. Unlike you know, like a dji controller dji, really, you know they they could have put a display in their controllers. They never do. You do get a display in this controller and its very useful. Its your basic controller, you put your cell phone down here and everything else fits up top. You do get a 10 kilometer ill, get that my head in the center.

You do get a 10 kilometer range with this controller uh, and it really does work. It has really good penetration, you can fly behind trees and buildings. Penetration is really good, depending on the version you buy. You also get this charging block, so mine came with this charging block and you could put four batteries on it. My drone came with two batteries, and this here case plus a few other things uh. I think this is pretty sweet because it charges up the batteries quickly and you dont have to sit there and plug one battery in after another after another. You just put four batteries on this and it will charge them all up nicely. So now, youre thinking man, this hubsan zeto mini pro, is like phenomenal. I got ta buy one. It must be better than the dji mini 2 right. Well, let me pull over the mini 2 and tell you the following: if you look at the specs on paper of this here, hubsan drone, it makes this mini 2, look like it was made by the caveman it its very basic theres, no obstacle avoidance on the Mini 2 theres no tracking system on the mini 2 theres, no landing light led for flying at night at the bottom. On the mini 2, its only got a 30 minute flight time, its got a host of other things, its missing compared to this drone thats the specs. And if i compare to the phoeni look at this, the femi mini.

If i compare this one to the femi mini youd go wow, this ones pretty awesome compared to the mini, because theres no obstacle avoidance on here, theres no landing light on here. Flight time is only just like the mini 2 30 minutes. You know yeah so uh. What is the best drone? Well thats, a tricky question: if all you want to do is film the family and film events or go on vacation and do a few other things. The mini 2 is awesome for you and if you want range, this is awesome. If you need to track something – and you want a low cost drone, then this ones pretty good, but it doesnt have the range like the mini. Two lets knock those out of the way this ones got pretty much the same range as the mini two. A lot of the features of the mini two, not all of them, but some most of the the gooder ones. Do you like that word, but it also includes tracking and obstacle avoidance and a longer flight time and the ability for flying at low light. With this little light at the bottom, so that it stays stable, whereas the other guys dont have it so does that answer your question youd have to want something like this: that does everything it does to buy this for the price it sells at. Does that answer your question? How about i get into this video a bit more and tell you all the great things about this and some of the not so great things and you can decide now.

The first thing i want to say is: this: is a product made by hubsan now theres a lot of people out there in the world who are not familiar with hubsan products? I have every xenodrone ever made by hubsan and theyre. All the same. Hubsan is a company that puts out a product always always always before its ready to be put out to market and they use the 80 rule. If the drone is 80 good enough, lets launch it and get it out there in peoples hands and then let the people tell us everything thats wrong with it and then well fix it, and it usually takes them about six months to fix all the problems. So are there problems with this drone? Well theres little niggly annoyances that you know that to me are something you would not see in a dji drum so when dji puts out a product they work on like the 95 rule. So if the product is 95 good and 5 percents got problems, theyll put it out there, but those little five percent of problems. They will fix them and theyre, usually pretty quick at fixing them. In other words, if dji puts out a drone – and it has issues which every drone they put out has had issues uh, usually within the first month, they have put out firmware updates to fix those problems so that the drone is almost like its closer to like To 98 perfect, they never get their drones to be 100 perfect, but they get them pretty close, whereas hubsan.

On the other hand, you know they put out a drone and they will fix the issues, but it takes them like six months. Its firmware update after firmware update after firmware update, and sometimes they fix things and things are great and then they make other things worse and then they put another update so thats what you can expect with a hubsan drone, so you got to be in it. For the long haul, all right, so what im going to do now is im going to go through all my tests and features of this drone, so every drone i get that is kind of expensive or leading edge bleeding edge, which this is. I put it through. A series of tests to see if it would stand up to you know someone like me, would i use it. You know i. I fly a lot of pro drones and these little minis i kind of like them. So i really want some good quality, so lets go through my observations of this drone. First off many of you want to know how is the video quality because thats, what youre going to buy a drone for first youre, going to buy it for the video quality? The photo quality and then youre going to buy it for the obstacle avoidance and then youre going to buy it for the tracking abilities thats. What you want so this drone has it all. So how is the video quality? Well, i think, because of the chip shortage, they have a weird chip in here, in other words, when this drone, when you power it on and its on the ground, it turns the video off.

You cannot see what the camera sees when its on the ground. It turns off the video transmitter, because the video transmitter located in the drone gets very, very hot, because thatd be very powerful to shoot out 10 kilometers, so they shut it off. So there is no video coming out, so that makes it kind of odd. If you want to use the drone like in your hand, without flying it, walking around and filming somebody, you cant do it with this. The motors have to be running. It has to be flying for the video to work and thats. True for the photos as well. So if anybody was thinking of putting this on a tripod and walking around and filming, you cant do that with this baby, now its kind of funny hubs and xenos since way back in the day they started making hubsencinos they do something different with their file format And how they save videos – and so many people goof it up even reviewers goof it up so on a hubsan xeno. When you record video through the front camera and its recorded, they always make two files. One is high resolution and the other is low resolution. I dont know how many people pull out the low resolution and go my god. The camera is terrible. Its got such low resolution. You got to pull out the file with the high resolution ill. Give you a hint. The high resolution file usually has the letters a a beside it.

So just look for something with a a beside video. You took and thatll be your high resolution file. This maxes out at 4k 30 frames per second. However, hubsan thought you know what most people are more concerned with bitrate, so what they did is they put a manual bitrate in this drone? What i mean by that is, if you take a dji drone here, most of them, you cannot play with the bit rate when you record video, the bit rate its recorded at is pretty much set. You cant mess with it. However, in the xeno pro drone, you can mess with the bit rate, so you can bump the bit rate up if you put the bit rate up to like 200 megabits per second, the file size is massive and the resolution and the detail is high. It looks like somebody put a sharpening on almost, but by default it goes to like 100 megabits per second, which is pretty much the same as the mini two so ill show you an example of that here. So, as you can see here, i have the drone. Looking down at me, with a bit rate, set at 100 megabits per second now im going to change it im going to crank it up to 182 megabits per second, you go up to 200, but i went to 182. and now heres what the resulting video looks Like do you see any difference, probably not right now to save space on the memory system im just going to drop it all the way down to 54 megabits per second and lets see what the image quality looks like.

Do you see any difference? Uh, you really cant see too much difference. You might see some blotching if i was shooting, maybe a tree. The leaves might look a little bit more blotchy, but all in all the details, good, so you can see the camera quality is actually quite decent on this drone and having that feature of adjusting the megabits per second is a nice feature, you can make a really High quality file, out of that that you can manipulate later in editing now i will mention. I flew this drone on the windiest of windiest days and i was hoping everything would come out perfect, but no, it does have a level 5 wind resistance, so you can fly it on windy days. However, the gimbal when wind is blowing on it hard and this drone is pushing through the wind theres some vibration. I can see it when you take a look at this video here as im flying along look at the horizon. Do you see like a jitter happening? I notice it. I can see a little bit of jittering going on when the wind is there and in some cases i swear. I saw a little bit of jello happening on windy days. If you fly it on a non windy day and youre just hovering around filming normal stuff, i didnt notice any of that so theres something strange going on with the gimbal. You know, and the wind, as this is plowing through the wind, because its very small and its getting knocked around quite a bit.

So that is something that hubsan will have to address in a future. Firmware update and thatll all be fixed because so many drones on the market when they first come to market, have those type of issues and the companies usually address them. Eventually, speaking of that theres, the common issue, you have on so many drones out on the market and that is horizon tilt thats when youre flying your drone and the horizon is like this and then for some reason. The horizon is like this as if your drone is tilted, while your drone is tilted because the wind is blowing it like that, but your gimbal is supposed to adjust for that and stay level. You know thats what a gimbal does. Not all cameras, get it correct and this one here every now and then it doesnt get it correct. So what did hubsan do? They knew that happens? They didnt have a fix for it when they launched this. So what they have is in the app on the app you can see it all the time there is an option on the app right, on the right hand, side that you can adjust the horizon if youre, if youre filming and your gimbal is going wonky, you Can adjust it manually at any point? Hubsan theyre gon na have to address that because i dont think a lot of you out. There want to be flying along and next thing. You know hey my horizons kind of wonky, and then you got to manually fix it, because if you manually fix it as soon as you turn that drone and look a different direction now, your horizon is goofed up because you manually fix it.

You have to put it back to default so that it readjusts itself, so that was the video quality, but how about the photo quality? Well, the photo quality is really good. I have no issues there. I took a ton of photos with this and theyre really really good. The only thing ill warn you now is, if you use some of the features on here like it has panoramic mode and a few other cool little features you can do with the camera. All it does is saves the photos in the memory. It does not stitch them together. So if you have the drone going like this, taking a huge panorama of some sight or a sphere or whatever it doesnt stitch them together, you have to take those photos and go: stick them in your own software to stitch them all together to make a sphere Or a panorama photo as you can see here, you know it, it works, but you got to do it yourself now, im just going to bring in the dji mini 2 right now, because theres one feature on it that i adore that i wish the xeno had And that is the zoom now i know youre going to say hey, but the xeno has a six times zoom. Well, it does but theres a difference. So on this here, dji mini 2. I can be filming something you know, video mode and use the zoom and it records the zoom, as i was you know, zooming in and that ends up on my micro, sd card and thats.

My end result and its really good. I use it for roof inspections. All the time or when somethings too far away, i want to zoom in to capture it so on the hubsan xeno mini pro, it has a six time zoom and that zoom works really really well, and i was having a blast using it in video, as you Can see here, zooming in on myself, when this thing was doing all its little uh functions and flying around? I was using it in photos, as you can see here, and i thought it was really good. However, none of the zooms i took transferred themselves to the memory inside so in other words, if im just filming in 4k and i go zoom in 4k 30, it looks like it should work, but it doesnt transfer itself back on to the file. I dont know. If i have to be in a lower resolution for that to work same as when i was taking photos, i could zoom in on the photos, but it doesnt capture the zoom the photo. It wants me to do that afterwards in my own editing software, so thats one feature i wish hubsan had added now. Another thing about this drone is im not really sure what sensor theyre using in the camera hobson seems to always use a sony sensor, but i didnt see too much in the literature where they mentioned a sony sensor in this one. They do say its a larger sensor than on a lot of mini drones, its supposed to be bigger than probably the sensor on some of these other drones im assuming because thats what they say in their literature and they say because of the larger sensor, you can Do night video and photos with this drone, no problem, so i tried it in the night to see how it works first thing ill tell you is that flying this at night is a joy, because this little light at the bottom automatically comes on.

You just leave it on auto mode. The drone locks itself steady in the air, so when youre flying at night, it could just zoom along the ground. If you want – and it looks so cool with that light shining at the ground – you can see it here in this video whats happening, but i will say just like every other drone on the market. I was disappointed with the nighttime video shooting, with a drone like this. The only benefit i can say is that in the video, as you see, uh, blacks or blacks and non blacks are non black, so at least its its not putting noise in the video, which is a bonus. So how about the obstacle avoidance on this drone? This is the reason many of you out. There are gon na buy this because you want a drone thats under 250 grams, that has obstacle avoidance, rear and front, and you want the ability to fly for like 40 minutes and you want the ability to track yourself or track something else. So im gon na get into the tracking in a bit. Let me just tell you about the obstacle avoidance. Well, it works perfectly in my tests. I flew this at myself, full throttle with the joystick and it stopped and thats front and rear, so they work really well. You get that beeping sound as its coming at you or going at an obstacle and at the same time you get a display on your phone.

That shows you that theres something in front of you. That is stopping this drone from working. Now i fly with obstacle avoidance off on every drone. I fly i you know as soon as you know how to fly a drone really well. You dont really use obstacle avoidance, so its its put there for beginners on this one, its pretty interesting, i think, hubsan made it. Maybe they made it for pros, because the obstacle avoidance is always off every time you power it on. So, if you go for a flight, you land, you change. The battery. You put a new battery in you, go to take off again. The obstacle avoidance is off. Youre, like what hey i was using it. Why is it off? So you have to remember to put it on and what opsin does is theres an audio uh that record or a sound voice that pops out – and it says your obstacle avoidance is off. You might want to put it on known obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution, so thats up to you to turn it on or off. Maybe hubsan left it off because it does suck a lot of power out of the battery. So when they have that 40 minute flight time, they probably did it with the obstacle avoidance off, because, yes, obstacle avoidance will cause your flight time to reduce. It takes quite a bit of power if its always on now the situations where i turn obstacle avoidance on for me as not a beginner, but a pro is when i have a drone tracking me.

So if im walking and the drone is following me tracking me ill put the obstacle avoidance on because i dont walk in open fields, you know maybe ill walk around buildings or around trees, its got to go under the trees and everything else. This does not have that smart functionality like an expensive, dji drone if theres an object in front here, ill put my hand uh its like this, its just going to stop. It will stop. It wont go around the object up over or anything like that, its not that smart, maybe if dji makes a mini 3 and they put obstacle avoidance in it. Will they put something like that. I certainly hope so, because that would make the mini 3 really good. Thats another thing i dont think the mini 3 will have obstacle avoidance in the front in the back. I think the mini 3 by dji, when it comes out next year, is only going to have it in the front, but enough about dji lets get back to this babies because it exists its right here. I can feel it and touch it. So the obstacle avoidance on here is really good, but just remember if its tracking you its not on the side. So i want to show you something here. I was out on my skateboard and i was using the tracking system which ill talk to you about. In a bit – and i had the obstacle avoidance on – and you can see right here, its filming me and all of a sudden – this drone hits a lamp post thats way up in the sky for a football field.

It smashes into it. It recovers and it keeps on flying and it keeps on tracking me and thats, because its following me sideways and theres no obstacle avoidance on the side. So keep that in mind if youre buying a drone always have it follow you from the back of you or the front so lets get into the tracking on this here model. So you have two types of tracking. You have active track and you have gps track. So active track is just basically draw a box around yourself draw a box around a car and hubsan says you can draw a box around a pet. This will follow pets according to hubsan. I couldnt try it because i dont have any pets but im sure it does, because it seems to whenever you draw a box around, it seems to work and follow whatever you drew the box around. So you can see in this series of clips im showing you. I was following everything out of my field. I was following me me on a skateboard. I was following a tractor, the guy running the tractor a little tractor and in every case it works perfectly. The active track works it doesnt matter. Whatever you draw a box around thats what it follows, however, i will say the following: the active track on here only works as long as it doesnt lose you and it can lose you if you or whatever its tracking goes behind something and all of a sudden, Your image is no longer there.

It is not smart enough to know that. Hey you walk behind something, so you must be coming out and ill follow. Keep on following you. It doesnt do that. It just loses you and sits and sits in the air. It says its trying to reacquire the target or look for you, but it never does so then, if you wanted to follow you 100, you have to use the gps tracking now in both of those types of tracking the obstacle avoidance does work, which is a bonus. So once again, here i am with the gps tracking on a skateboard and i can go behind trees, no matter what, and it will continue to follow me its not a problem all right. Let me tell you some of the features on this drone. I dont want this video to be too long, but i think its getting long already, but let me tell you the features really quick, so you have features as of the date when i reviewed this drone, which is now which is a september the year 2021 hopsin Is adding features every month so right now in the month of september? These are the features, so you have an orbit mode orbit mode works just like every other xeno on the planet. You put the drone over yourself or over something else, and then you just select the radius and it will orbit around the object. You pick at the speed you set and you can do cool little things in orbit.

Some drones will only if this is the center. The only orbit around like that uh the xenos, all of them, if its in the center you can orbit around that way, but you can then spin the drone and have it look outwards as youre going around. So you can do both with this. Next, you have waypoint mode, which is on all drones. The cool thing about the xeno is that it saves your waypoints so that you can repeat them at a later date. And if you do the waypoints thats, pretty cool that each waypoint you select or make you can touch your waypoint and you can either delete it or configure it. So you can say well at that white point. I want the drone to be this high off the ground and i want to do the following. So it is pretty configurable and it does work quite well on the xeno minipro next for people that want to do cinematic footage. You have line fly mode, so you just pick a point on your map and then the drone will fly to that point. But you get to choose how fast and at what height you want the drone to fly to that point and as its flying to that point, then you take your controller, which is over here and use the joysticks, and you can move the drone around to look At different things, but it will carry on going straight, doesnt matter which you, which way you turn the drone, and you can move the camera up and down.

So you see by doing that, you can then get some cinematic filming shots because it looks like you know. It looks like youre on a trolley or something as the drone is flying through the air. Looking around looks pretty cool in other hubs and xenos. They have like their version of quick shots, but theyre supposed to exist, but they werent in this version right now, not in the app so theyll be coming to the app i assume in the near future. One interesting thing that ive never seen on any other drone is the cpu core temperature is shown on the app as youre flying its in the bottom right hand corner, and if you touch that say youre flying on a hot day, you can see if your drone Is starting to overheat and lose performance. So you tap on that and it gives you a color coding and it tells you the temperature of the cpu, which i think is pretty cool, because if youre flying this on a hot day and its getting kind of warm its not going to function as well. So that kind of warns you that no, you might want to land and cool off your battery now for the range on this they say: 10 kilometers, which is like over six miles. I believe – and it probably doesnt, because i found it – has really good penetration power. Im in canada – and i cant fly this thing six miles out or ten kilometers its illegal.

To do that, i can only fly it as far as my eyeballs can keep it in range. With that, i can see it thats the way we have to do it in canada, probably in other countries too. So i flew this out just over a thousand meters. I can still see it because its blue skies and um by then its its way too small to keep it in my view, so i had to turn around, but i will say flying it out over all sorts of interference, then flying it away over forests and Fields, farmers fields and back to me, never once did i ever get any glitches in the screen. Any jumping of video transmission back to me, so their claim of 10 kilometers im going to say theyre, probably not far off. So how is the speed on this thing? Is it really fast, because a lot of people always want a fast drone? Well, it does have a sport mode. Uh. You have a bunch of features on here. You have camera mode, sport mode and normal mode on your controller, and if you put it in sport mode, i i only got it up to like 57 kilometers per hour, which is about 35 miles per hour. Now, of course, when youre flying it, it depends on the temperature outside the wind and everything else, but maybe you can get faster than me, but that was that was pretty much my average top super sport speed was about 57 kilometers per hour flight time.

They claim 40 minutes. Uh mine came with two batteries and ill. Tell you a funny story. Really, quick is every time i review a drone, it doesnt matter if its dji or whatever, and they have their claim flight time. I can normally fly two batteries worth and i usually have a gopro on my hat, thats filming and that gopro lasts over an hour over an hour with the battery in the gopro. When i flew this on two batteries, the battery in the gopro died before the batteries died. In other words, this flies for a very, very long time, so theyre 40 minutes. I dont think theyre far off with that flight time. Obviously, youd have to turn off the obstacle avoidance, the tracking, a lot of other features. Anything thats sucking power to get that 40 minutes. But if you do, then you probably get close to it all right. So this is the part of the video where i give you my final thoughts on this hubsan xeno mini pro. First thing you want to know is: is it a buy well for some of you out there its 100 a buy, because you need a 4k camera. You need obstacle avoidance, you need tracking, you need a long flight time. You need the ability, with that landing light to fly in low light at night and have it or even indoors, where theres not a lot of light and have it stable. So for all of that, its its the drone for you, no matter what the price tag is and im kind of surprised at the price tag, because by putting all that memory inside and everything else, they squished into here with the technology to get it under 250 Grams, you know the price is really not that expensive when you think of it.

That way, however, its not perfect, as ive already mentioned in this video firmware updates, have to fix many of the little glitches that ive noted and when that happens, then youre going to have an awesome drone. So, for some of you, this is definitely a buy for others. If you dont need tracking and you dont need obstacle avoidance, you dont need any of that stuff. Youre just going out filming a few things uh whatever, then the dji mini 2 is the best drone on the market. Currently, for that, when the mini 3 comes out, thatd be the best drone. I dont expect the mini three because of the chip shortage. I dont expect it to come out this year, maybe next year, if it comes out this year, i think theyll suffer the same problem that hubsan had hubsan said they delayed their launch because of the chip shortage, and i wouldnt be surprised if they used different chips In their drone that they then they wanted to use in the first place and i think dji when they make the mini three thats, probably gon na happen to them as well. So they might have the overheating issues and stuff like that, because the more you stick in these drones in this tiny little package it gets hot. So they have to really deal with that heating issue and hubsan has dealt with it by turning everything off before you. Take off and then, when you fly, you can check the cpu core temperature and see how things are going with the heat.

So, with all of that said about the hubsan xeno mini pro im sure you can make up your mind now about which one of these drones, you know you want, which you know whatever your budget can afford. So with that said, i will also mention that banggood is the company that sent me this drone and because banggood sent it to me, i have to use their links thats why it works in the reviewer world, so their links are below. However, because im a reviewer, i also get to ask banggood and say: well, if you want me to review the drone, please provide a discount code that i can give my viewers, so they can save money and banggood did so theres a discount code below. So, in other words, if you buy this drone off of banggood, you will pay less money than maybe elsewhere, because you get the discount as well so check out that discount code see if its the price for you with the options or the features you want, because It is kind of configurable on the website. You can get it with a bag without a bag. With this, with one battery two batteries – and i dont know the memory changes and a few other things check it out and, as i mentioned, with every hubsan drone, i have had in my entire life of hubs and drones. They all start out like this. They all start out with minor niggly issues that just pop up, and then they get better so by buying this drone.

Now most of the issues i mentioned in this video will probably be resolved, but it might take about six months until that happens. So maybe sometime in 2022, it would be a perfect drone with all the firmware updates anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a thumbs up and finally, if you have questions on the hubsan xeno mini pro or the dji mavic mini or the mini 2 or the mini sc, i have them all. I can answer your questions or, if you have questions on the fimmy mini just post them below, and i will get back to you and i can tell you any differences between all of the drones that are under 250 grams on the market. And what would be the best for you youve seen the video you can decide, which one is probably best for you, because ive done reviews on all these drones, all right guys, thanks for watching this video catch you in the next one bye Music.