So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv. Welcome to a very special episode of drone camps. Rc today were gon na check out the drone industry five years ago and see where we are and where we have come in that five years, its amazing how far weve come to where we are today with aio flight controllers, we have high powered micro receivers that Are open source now that are in competition with tbs crossfire? We might have thought it would never happen, but it finally did happen still a work in progress. I know, but we are so far ahead of where we were. We are light years ahead of five years ago, so were going to take a dive, deep dive into rota, drone magazine, um and it says, display until january 17, 2017 kind of funny, but ive been holding this magazine for quite some time now and wanting to break It out once we hit that five year mark and just show you where we are today as compared to the old days. The my kids call it the odin days and they think that the olden days are like a year ago or two years ago, which is kind of scary uh. You know but the mind of a six year old. You know um so were gon na dive into this magazine today and uh. I hope you enjoying the drone camps channel over eight years on youtube now and just constant daily grind and drone reviews.

New product reviews, cameras, toy drones, airplanes, wings, rc cars, crawlers, all kinds of stuff games were talking about tech stuff like new blockchain and defy apps, and well get more into that. A little bit later, crypto coins stable coins all coins, even some crypto trading as well. Coming up in the future on this channel were gon na dive deep into tech on the drone camps channel coming up so stay tuned and fasten your seatbelt im going to take you back into memory lane in the rotor drone magazine, 2017 edition and im sure youre Going to get some laughs sit back and enjoy all right guys lets go ahead and take a deep dive back just five years ago to show you how far we have come in the fpv racing freestyle and the drone industry were talking. Everything here, multirotor well talk a little bit about fixed, fixed wing. Well talk about some of the gear thats in this magazine as well. In comparison to i mean some of the stuff, we have nowadays its kind of crazy, now weve moved on to open source elrs, and this is just to give you a comparison before we get started in this magazine. This is the flat antenna receiver from beta fpv, and this one came out. You know probably about a month ago now i didnt show it on the channel, but i really do need to do a review on this thing. You can grab these from beta fpv theyre super tiny, but the point of this one was that you had a flat antenna to include inside your tiny whoop builds.

The original they came out with was the tower, which was a ceramic antenna. It stood up off the top of the receiver and some guys complained. They wanted something that was easier to fit inside small spaces. So there we go the tiny, like maybe two grams flat antenna receiver, and you can see some testing on that one. It did. It did just as good as some of the other antennas out there, which is kind of crazy, and also some of you guys might not know what this is. This is uh, basically a security camera from back in the day that was converted to be used as an fpv camera. Ccd cameras back in those days were on boards like this, they were soldered up, and this is the original type of fpv camera and the resolution on these was terrible. I think it was something like 480p or something like that. Um and yeah yeah 480 used to be a thing you guys, but it had multiple jst harnesses on the back um it had. I believe it was a 5 volt power option for this camera and they were very easy to blow up but uh. You know just check out something like the run: cam racer, this one came out a few years ago in comparison, um, thats kind of wild right that weve come this far. I mean look at that. The lenses have even changed a ton. You could take these lenses off and replace them, but most times when you crash with this, if you just look at this camera wrong, it would break, and it had these thin little pcb across the back that you had to mount to and yeah.

We were forever replacing these, they would get super dirty. All the chips are exposed, and then they came along with something like the secondary size cameras which were really nice. These are, this is the run cam sparrow, still quite a bit bigger than the micro class cameras, as you can see, and some of these these size cameras are still out there, theyre not as in high demand as the nano cams are nowadays, and we also had Things like the innovations like the split from run, cam recording something like 1080p onto a dvr from your onboard camera, so it was kind of combination. Sport, cam, slash, analog, video back to your goggles um and heres another example of a crazy fpv camera um circa. You know these are also like circa 2014 by the way, so were diving deep here this. These came out of my shop and i have i have. I do have boxes and boxes of really old gear. Someone mentioned like man, you should do an fpv museum. I have tons of nostalgic stuff from from our hobby um and from some of the main manufacturers in our drone community um everybody from camera drones to fpv guys all the drones. So this is funny this episode or this this guide came out in 2016 and it was on newsstands starting in november and december in 2016, its kind of funny, because its the 2017 gear guide used to make people mad when they would do this type of stuff.

Because theyre forecasting an entire year, but they know whats coming up, because these new releases will be around for the first and second quarter until they were releasing new stuff in the next year later, half of the year of 2017. But first page getting into this guys. Kick back and relax because this this is fun for me, um and, if youre brand new to our hobby, welcome to the fun sport of fpv and drone flying uh. This is one of the first original release it to the public, buy and fly or ready to fly kits that horizon hobby sold. This was under the blade series manufacturer and this was the inductrix fpv. I believe this was a version 2 that came out. They ran on spectrum receivers, it had analog video on there. It did have a fixed camera on it, but its such a wide field of view that you really didnt need to turn it up or down. I think i remember flying this one in a bar in like a little tiny, whoop, multi gp race. Back in the day, we were just having some fun with some led gates and stuff at the bar. We had a lot of fun with these. This was a fun little quad and it was around. I think it was around 89, but they had a two page ad here, so they spent big bucks in the rotor drone magazine its just fun to scroll through these pages and see some of the stuff thats in here i mean look at this.

This is the i believe, its the phantom 3 here. I dont believe this before this might have been the version before the four different style motors it had the push on twist lock props. I called this one, the flying pillow the flying pillow because it almost looked like a meme itself, so funny. Looking this, this quad, the the evolution from this version from um the two and the three was just so so funny to me. But i still have this one over here i have a phantom 4 obsidian. I dont know if you guys remember the obsidian version, but the obsidian version was this cool black and i love the finish on this drone and look at that camera. I believe this is when they finally came out with like the one inch sensor in the back of this camera, and this is still a really nice drone and im going to try to charge up the batteries and well fly that one together coming up on the Channel just for funsies also the zero. This one doesnt exist anymore, this one dried up, um and that one was uh three. I believe it was 3dr. You guys remember 3dr, if you, if you dont, remember, 3dr 3dr was coming out around the time that dji was coming up and unit was coming up. So we had three main companies and we also had parrot kind of playing around in fpv and drone industry, and they made mostly kind of best buy quadcopter toy drone type stuff and they made some good stuff in the future, but um.

This was more for, like retail people, just the everyday flyer, and these are still out there, even though they stopped making them people still love this disco. This was a disco, fbv, plane, um. The zero went away. The buffalo but 3dr stuff had a ton of options in it. It made phantoms kind of look like the everyday guys drone, and this was the everyday guys. Drone still is, and theyre still i mean theyre dominating the industry. They shut down unique back in the day there was a war between unique and dji, and dji was actually suing unique back in the days so much drama in the industry. Back then, even still people are, you know, kind of its kind of you know. Its dog eat dog out there in business. So man you had manufacturers fighting, had shops fighting. I was shot back in those days in 2014 and i would i had my own rivals. I wont mention any names, but you know i had my own fights going on between retailers and we all tried to stick together for the for the most part. But you know business is business. This is a full page ad for a parrot disco, fb thats, pretty cool too. We also have uh some other guys in here. I dont even know who those dudes are hobbyco: releasing their flight simulator there rf realflight, realflight x back in those days, typhoon h and the typhoon h ad and check out the size of this transmitter.

Um, you know unique, i got ta say i got ta hand. It to unique they, they put up a good fight against dji um, and this drone. Still to this day, i have a facebook group that is very active for the typhoon age. People love this drone and i still have it. They sent me one, and i was so appreciative when this thing came through the door. They sent me like four batteries on it. This little transmitter not little huge. It actually ran android, so this can be updated to the latest and greatest version of android, and you could put all kinds of stuff on there, but dji eventually took them out. The mavic series was just too hard to compete with and there you can see the debut of the mavic pro right there isnt that cool. It was new york city on september 26, 2016.. That was when they raised the curtain on the newest camera, drone the mavic pro. How about that isnt that cool, um and now look where we are today with the mavic minis and all that good stuff, the mat, the mini threes coming out and then over here. We have uh what was called the what was coined the egg drone. I mean this was some crazy, ces stuff right here and i missed ces the amazing power egg come on um, it doesnt even say what the the price of this thing was. But if anybody has a power egg out there, please let me know because um this is the most alien looking thing ive ever seen and i dont believe those exist anymore, um, quite truthfully and amazing hobbies getting into the game.

Of course, full page double spread there vector 280. What company is that high tech crying out loud, so this was their version, high tech version of an fpv race, quad and back in those days we had these crazy youll see in this magazine. When i look back through this magazine, it was amazing to me, because youll notice, that we dont really do race canopies anymore and hold up my fingers. You know in quotations race, canopies, um kind of kind of silly, but it it was a thing back then, for the manufacturers that didnt quite get it and well talk about that a little bit later in this magazine. But we had some crazy stuff going on with multi spectral camera photography with using fliers on large agricultural drones, and that was a whole industry and still is we got our man, the owner, the ceo, the godfather of fpv, here, the the mainland retailer tim nilsson here Very very awesome pioneer in the early days of fpv um. He is still sending out stuff and im, not sure if tim is still the ceo of get fpv, because i havent talked to tim in a while, but um man. He really really changed the game. For so many multi gp race guys because most of us were getting lumineer quality gear from tim and get fpv back in those days. So really awesome awesome gear – and this was an early edition – freestyle drone right here.

The qavr series, as it was called and check that out that that frame right there is flat profile, as you can get right. There super simple, almost like mario brothers, simple, really flat, unibody frame with like like six standoffs there we started using plastic standoffs to begin with and we ended up moving over to aluminum standoffs, because plastic just broke every time. We touched the ground, but the early days of gopro couches on this one, probably 2205 series motors before we really got up into 2308 series motors, so much change lux flight controllers. There they were sending out people and back. Then you had pdbs and escs that were out on the arms, so most of us are starting our escs to the pdb and from the pdb the power distribution board up to the flight controller in the esc, vtx receiver, all that good stuff over here we have The mr steel edition purple lumineer special edition motors i had a set of these. I still do in my box um one of my favorite pilots of all time, mr steele and sharpu. Of course, back in those days, carlos, we had some lumineer gear and i also wanted to show you guys when i saw this magazine and i looked back at this man. This was interesting because you know these qavrs are about as simple as they get, and i talk about my reviews. A lot. We talk about long body design and these are kind of squash x, but usually truex setup on these.

They also had h setup. They had stretch x, and so we were experimenting with so many different types of frames back in those days, and it really was quite innovative. We had huge receivers on there. These are probably d4r early free sky receivers. Most people were still using spectrum back in those days practically, but you had to use the d4 r2. I believe it was that we were using huge tall antennas. They had a pretty good range on those, but so simplistic frames. And if you look at a modern frame today, like this hasnt, changed a whole lot still a flat bottom plate. Weve got replaceable arms. Of course, super skinny leds built into this one, a flat top plate classic long body design again, even in like 20 22, were still rocking the long body design and its just a continuing tradition in the fpv craze. You know we had some phantoms back in those days being outfitted with multi spectral, cameras for environmental use and agricultural use and thats still happening. Dji was getting into the videography scene, huge in the u.s back in those days just starting to really take off and we have a silly article called drone cowboys kind of funny. But these guys have some hardcore. Multi, lift multi use, helis old school zen, muse gimbals. On there from dji – and this is a great ad right here – hobbyco look at this – is that me, who is that the hoodie guy looks like a crypto dude or something um uh? You know the to this stereotypical, bad boy um and they they kind of labeled us the bad boys back in those days.

Uh hobbico just add: adrenaline, okay, fusion, extreme race pack, and you know what the guys over at hobbyco worked with me. They sent me one of these for a demo and i and i i casually reviewed it for new people and in my channel man. I try to keep it simple on the channel. I try to speak. People speak and keep things simple that so people understand it, but back in those days they were doing around 250 with the standard size for most quads out there, and this thing was kind of a beast. It had a huge body on it, long body design there. It was all in case it kind of had that racer look again, that a lot of these companies were doing and everything was included in this box. The goggles, the controller, the right hand circular polarized antenna a little flip up and flip down camera. You could fly it line of sight first, like i always recommended, then flip the camera up so um. You know they were redesigning the wheel with a lot of these. They didnt need to get quite as fancy as they did and this one you know i believe they had half a warehouse of these things sitting around after they came out because a lot of people didnt buy them because they were kind of big and slow banana Cases very popular – and i think people still using these for film and camera gear – very professional cases really expensive cases – and this was the ghost drone check it out – inverted phantom 3 style, drone kind of funny and pretty nostalgic to me.

I did get some stuff from ehang at some point. I might have had one of the original ghost drones on the channel, and this is funny to me aries z, line, race, quad, so wow. This was when they were using tube arms and they were also using my most hated piece of hardware in the entire. My entire drone career was the infamous bullet nut. I hated these things with a passion you would screw them on using a screwdriver through a hole in the very top, and sometimes the top of the threading would break and it would come through the aluminum. If the aluminum was manufactured too soft, you could never get them tight enough and they would freaking fly off so kind of funny that, like this manufacturer, just you know, hobby town, it was available at hobbytown, go figure: 560 grams, 12, amp, escs, 12 amp, yes, hes 15 amp peak so probably running a 3s battery on this race quad and its also its funny. This is named the crossfire. Anybody talk to trappy about this release did trappy work with hobbytown on that uh um traby is the owner of tbs crossfire tbs, black sheep, yeah, im pretty sure black jeep didnt approve the crossfire, aries z line racing tube, armed um yeah, whatever were moving on to Flir duro here flair was getting big in the competition for um multi spectrum market and they dominate, but also really fun. For me like check this out, you guys this is cool.

Now early 2000s. I was a huge 3d pilot and uh heli guy, so i was building helis and working with flight controllers back then building building everything in line and getting into sap goblin later but um they decided to release their own quadcopter and they never sent me one of These, like i emailed a line and for some reason, because i wasnt allen, sams bow junior or whatever or tariq, they just didnt care about drone camps, and they never sent me one of these, but then again tube arms on here. These manufacturers just didnt, get it bullet nuts again on the top of the motors they had shrouded. You know shrouds around the outside of the motorist, but again they have that silly race style canopy over the top of it trying to make it look fast sitting there. They were also using buy blade, props, which you know back in these days. These escs were a little bigger. They were a 25 amp max, but it says 3 and 4s on this one. So at a point we were only flying 3s on 250 size, race, quads, guys so uh back in 2014 2015. We started transitioning over to using 4s and then we had five s quads and then now we have 6s is like the norm. So i mean we have even have new guys, starting out on success, which is kind of crazy. Now this is way down nostalgia lane for me, so this was created by my buddy trent, very young man who worked for unique, went over to china on a trip.

Worked at the factory designed this one from the ground up to be something that could be easily packable, and this was kind of geared toward the selfie market or whatever, for the everyday person to just take a selfie with they even had a selfie mode on here. In the camera, the video was not very, it was okay to sub par as far as the video quality, so that one sold a ton of units, though, and also check it out. We have horizon hobby coming into the game back in 2016 with their theory x, and this is a true x high stack. This was one of the original gap. Rc chimp style frames right here. This was a kind of a thing back in those days. Truex was really big for racing and check out these props. Now these are old. School props huge, wide cord, rounded tips yeah, so weve moved on from those props and and even at the time i was flying a lot of hq props and they didnt look anything like what horizon was offering with this 350 dollar quadcopter blade conspiracy, quad was their Long body design again it was kind of short and stocky with sidewalls, and you know, look at the nascar five. Nowadays we still have the sidewalls still around still have flat top plates. I dont like the fact that they did this hard mount right in the middle because it kind of makes it really tight to get your camera in there.

But you know then again the most depressing thing about this whole design was the hard mount uh right hand circular polarized antenna off the back this. This baby right here, first crash broke off uh. I told manufacturers back in those days just knock this stuff off this hard mount on the top um, the r rp sma right there just break right off um, really a bad design, so weve moved on from that back in those days we were, we were actually Um, zip tying them to the back posts and then having them come out and bend up like that, so when they hit theyd bend back instead of ripping off the quad, and we were using extensions as well to do that, but ill. Tell robotics check that out. This is the nostalgic, orange copter and wow doesnt that look a lot like the dji phantom autel was really trying to compete with the phantom back in those days because phantoms were selling like crazy in 2016, and this is the x star series came in at 900. Bucks and now you can barely get any alte for 900 bucks unless its one of the minis, so thats thats a pretty good size drone there for that price. We also had some kind of line of sight, 3d machines, and this was made by helimax the voltage 500 millimeter reversing it had it had motors that reversed the direction and it would flip upside down kind of like a 3d heli and the original parrot bebop in Here for 900 bucks with the controller and the case and everything its kind of a crazy price, gdu dont, remember them that much another ehang article here and 8.

99. For that one and check this out this one, this one kind of flew like um, a a drunk guy driving a cadillac. This was a unique typhoon: q. 500 4k. It was a fifteen hundred dollar ready to fly. Drone people had giant cases. This was a really big aircraft and it sounded really cool taking off and i never got one of the zeros. Unfortunately, but you know zero drone, oh well, and then we have traxxas, which most people dont realize. Traxxas made some of the first multi rotors out there. In a little binding fly kits that were just made to fly indoors, one of my first quadcopters when i was first getting into it, was this little tiny one. They even had some high tech cameras back in those days for drones that were coming out, and this was a 210 dollar camera that only did 1080p 8 megapixel shooting so um guys. You can be happy about your insta360 go now or your go to in comparison to this thing, because this thing was like this half the maybe the size of a gopro and had a tiny little lens, not so great video on here. But it was a compact cam and back then i was using a mobius in in replace of that, and this is the vue pro by flair that would fit on a phantom that was brand new back in those days also fitting on the inspire one, and we Had venom ad in here, this is some of their original venom batteries that they sent me, and these were the best, the new venom batteries, not so great.

They puffed on me on a recent box that i got from them. So not super happy, but this old ones i still have, and they must have been a different, maybe a different factory or something, oh god. Oh god, everybody just everybody, take a shot right now. Every time you see this come up on the screen. Take a shot. Um just to be able to talk about these, i need to take a shot. These are the music musics eyewear video headphones. They they kind of look like you, know, oculus rift now, but without these giant earmuffs guys were wearing these at the field for fpv races and everybody wanted these back in the day. These are 500 bucks, and i begged for these for for months and finally, after everybody and their dog had reviewed it. They finally sent me a pair of these but um mine, didnt, even work that great, i couldnt even get them to turn on and they had problems from like the first time i took them out of the box. I mean: can you imagine, in the middle of the summer, wearing these giant ear muscles on top of your head, while youre doing fpv racing, you would just be dying in this pair of goggles? They had this huge head, strap over the top like i, i always would take the head straps off of a lot of these goggles, even for the one that goes over vertical. I never liked that.

So this this one was just huge. It was cumbersome and i just never got into using them, and speaking of gigantic now were going to go back into memory lane and were going to talk about the quantums, because the quantums were some of the cheapest goggles. You could get the other ones that i just showed you. They were 500 bucks. These were 28 and this was the set of quantum two goggles. If you wanted to look like rick moranis from honea shrunk, the kids and look like a complete dork in the field. Wear these they had a pretty big screen on them. I believe around a five inch screen. They were expandable, they had a retractable magnifier that went in and out right here it was had a little push button. You had to have add your own receiver on here. An antenna, but it came basically two pieces of block of foam. You would glue them together and put this sort of neoprene around it sandwich everything together and you had a pair of fpv goggles and back in the day. I i saw a lot of people using these because mainly because they were so cheap, but they seemed to people seemed to like this set of goggles and i wore them. It was like looking at like an imax movie screen. It was huge, and my eyes were just it would just mess with my eyes too much to wear box goggles and if you dont know what box goggles are theres, just one big screen in front of your eyes.

Unlike a set of binocular style, goggles binocular style goggles have just been better for me, but the quantums man, those were those were pretty popular with a lot of people. Fpv racers, fixed wing fpv guys using them. A good friend of mine had this set and he looked like a dork for years and probably still has his pair of these and his old pair of shoes that he used to wear in his hat back then probably still has everything in his garage, but yeah Hobby king was killing it with those back in the day, and i havent seen these in years so its its cool to see the quantums um. You know make a comment down below. If you had some quantums a lot of people did. This was another traxxas quadcopter. Here this was the aerial, acrobat adam attend series and they show it racing through gates here doing flips and rolls chasing and filming a t max extreme there um and dx6e, and no one really uses spectrum that much for fpv racing. So this is interesting. This is labeled racing drones here so now this will show you a lot about our industry. This says a lot about big manufacturers trying to get into the trenches of the hobby, but also still sell to the average guy. That was a kind of a big thing. They wanted to make something that looked as cool as say, something that sharpu made himself or mr steele or myself or say bardwell.

But look at this you guys this is the lumineer sharpu edition freestyle, fpv drone. It has a flat bottom plate here. It has the bent up antenna on the back, which is actually underneath the top plate, so it was made to like bend down if you hit heres another vertical mount on this one. This is high tech, quad racer 280., so this is 280 millimeters motor to motor. This was the vector 280. This was 400, this was 300 and this was 90 for this frame kit, so most guys were buying a lumineer frame kit and building up these with, like mr steel motors back in those days or with lumineer motors luminaire motors, i think i think they were like 40 dollars a motor or something so if you had that set up, you had a premium quad and i feel, like those motors, were a little bit soft. They could break pretty easily, but it was a really nice flying machine and getting really crazy down here. In the bottom right uh, what is that? Does anybody know what that? Can you identify that flying object, because this thing is crazy? I got a little bit of shadow there, but um god that is the ryze rxs 270 and go back on my channel. They sent me this one for review. I reviewed this thing. Man um, it flew like a battleship, it was huge, it does. I dont even know what inspired this design, but it had the battery sitting way back here.

Um we have everything, looks to be all out of balance, and this frame was like super scary, extreme speed, racer, and this was 230 dollars from hobbyco. They also created the ryze rxs255, and this was more of a compact all in one kind of like the other one. I showed you racer, but this was more for, like race class people and this one debuted at 400 and that had four s escs on it. With bl heli firmware, which was very progressive for them back in the day, you know it ran a 4s 1300, which was what most of us ran yeah, so a little much better quad than this one. But this one also had a stinking vertical top mount antenna on the very top which would break or have massive hits if you did crash and then over here, which was an interesting concept. This was kind of like the merge of like foamy airplanes to our quadcopters. This little guy right here, the rdx 250bl extreme durability, race quad. This was all foam so, except for the landing gear it had helicopter landing gear on the bottom of it. It did have a horizontal mount sort of uh looks like almost like a maybe its a uh immersion rc antenna back there, its kind of cool, a fat shark antenna, but yeah this one never really went anywhere, and neither did most of these. They all kind of dried up and lumineer is the only one that still kind of survives out of that pack.

I mean yeah go figure. If you dont know the market, then its hard to get into a market. You dont know so x. Star premium here, master. The sky for all tell robotics. They had some some cases and they had a white one to look like the phantom again back in those days, but theyve moved on to do the orange and thats kind of their signature nowadays and back then you know what was cool. There was only really one hd system on the market that really got the racers attention and back in those days it wasnt dji. It was connex, pro site, hd vision, kit, 500, for this receiver right here that you had four antennas on giant antennas. You had to mount this to a tripod. You had to come out of this with an hdmi cable to your in on your goggles and make sure everythings set up there and your goggles had to be decent enough resolution to be able to handle pro site. So a lot of guys didnt buy this, but the guys that did i know one guy clinton up in vancouver and clinton is a good racer anyway, but he was winning races with this and at the time it was kind of controversial because theyre, like hey uh, I dont know if you can use that hd system here at the race, because everybody else is flying analog and that kind of gives you an unfair advantage. But clinton would have an advantage otherwise anyway, because guys a good pilot and they also had the connex mini 1299 dollar hd system with 60 frames per second, so it had 1080p video at 60 frames per second uh with zero latency.

It says up to a range of 1600 feet so 1600 feet on a system here that cost twelve hundred thirteen hundred dollars, um yeah thats. What happened to connex, um so connex? Are you still out there uh im, still waiting for uh them to catch up with us, but also the focal v2s here, probably the most terrible goggles of all time 400.. These were 640 by 480p. Oh, they were. They were extremely low resolution and i felt sorry for anybody that bought these back in the day but um. You know it is what it is. Uh version two everybody bitched about the first version that came out because it had a built in module and it wasnt replaceable and what was cool in our at our time. Early in the days was replaceable modules, and you know one of my first ones was a tbs crossfire module 158 with fat shark dominators and those were my goggles for years. Aerial media pros they sold a bunch of um custom, film rigs, really nice stuff futaba. I mean who even flies futaba anymore thats. That reminds me of like 1985. uh, but i i dont mean to offend anybody. I know a lot of you guys not a lot of you guys, maybe two of you guys still have futaba radios, um im sure some of the older guys have one in their garage. They havent used for 20 years and then were getting into things in this magazine in the very back in the trenches of this magazine were looking at, like dubrow truspin prop balancers.

Now i use this for airplanes pretty much. Only. I had some early emails back in the early days. Guys were like how do i prop balance? My tiny whoop props im like dude um, you dont, need to if you see a little piece of uh extra plastic hanging off of it, take a pair of snips and snip it off, but otherwise you dont balance tiny woot props. I dont anyway. If you do thats totally up to you, they were teaching you about blue threat thread locker back in those days, thats cool to see that in the magazine prop modification tool not needed from turnigy, really hq props. You know theyre theyre close enough. They are out of whack, but with current modern flight controllers, you really dont need it. They have a four blade propeller set. This was like the early days of four blade props coming out and they also moved on to like five blade and stuff uh. The dromeda. Now i remember this one, you guys this was a big series right here: andromeda um, very nostalgic for a lot of new people. It got a lot of people started with drones and a lot of airplane guys at the ama field, started out with dramatis that ones pretty cool um. Getting to the very back of this gear guide were in the trenches now and look whats all the way in the very back. You guys, you wont, even recognize the drones.

Anybody recognize this raise your hand. If you do, this is the gopro karma and it came in at a street value drone. Only gigantic drone of 799 dollars come on and it uh. It also came with the camera the built in like take in and out modular camera. You put it on a gimbal on a stick or whatever and film your girlfriend on a mountain bike, one thousand ninety nine dollars, so it was right around the same price as the phantoms back in those days but um when gopro came out with this i started Laughing as soon as i saw the keynote, because the the oh, my god, do, you guys remember the picture of the guy like going like. Oh, like i wish i just google it like find a picture of this guy like he was so stoked. The the ceo of gopro was so stoked on the release of the karma. He was just like hes. The best drone ever im like no dude its, not its gon na burn its gon na fail, its gon na crash and burn and youre gon na have a warehouse full of these things left, because my guys in the drone industry will not like this and and And we didnt most everybody hated it. It was gigantic, it may have had folding arms, but i dont, i dont think it did. Even if it did, it was still like it was it made. The phantom 4 look smaller and you know what ate its lunch.

This came out around the same time as the most iconic dji drone of all time. The mavic pro the mavic series is has since killed the phantom series and thats why you dont really see phantoms as much anymore, because the mavic just killed everybody. This original design right here, folding arms and super compact, tiny consumer drone thats what people wanted this was a joke. Unfortunately, i know some guys out there somewhere in the woods that love the drone, but you know, probably not not my guys. The breeze unique 4k came out at 4.99. That was pretty pricey for this little guy, but it was kind of a selfie drone. I might even had some reviews back in the day early in the day on my channel for selfie drones, and this is bapu bapu great racer um use fat shark and i believe he was was he working with uh yeah? This is fat shark v3s on those and he was working with uh connex. So he has a conic set up right there for multi, gp, fpv racing, and it depended on the race coordinator whether they would let you use the hd back in those days. How controversial hd was and that funny we had some pretty progressive stuff, like apc props, coming out with their ad here with buy blade, and this looks like something like out of avatar or something we had. Some cool frames coming out and manufacturing was like at an all time high for the drone industry around 2015 2016.

even 2014. There was tons of new stuff coming out all the time and my all time, favorite analog antennas right here. These are the amway left hand circular polarized and right hand circular polarized, omnidirectional antennas. They had no shroud on the top, but these were some of the toughest antennas in the history of antennas, and this is interesting, its a little right up, question and answer series. With tim, it says, can you explain the difference between the clove relief and helical antenna and hes, basically saying a helical antenna its this one on the right hand, side of the picture right there? This is more of a directional long range style antenna, whereas this one is kind of a shorter range omnidirectional which is sort of the shape like an apple up down, left and right all the way around in a sphere spherical pattern radiation – and this is more of A kind of a narrow beam out in front of you, so if you flew your plane too far this way or this way you would run out of your signal and your your camera would go fuzzy. Your vtx would lose signal, and these are some of the early antennas as well without any type of cap on them. They used to make some caps back in the day and they had a hard time its really funny. They had a hard time making a cap that would stay on, because every time you crash the top would pop off yeah.

So weve come a long ways and back here we had ide an ad for the international drone expo business conference. That was in la super cool and i believe a multi gp might have been at that one as well so go go chris thomas there thats super cool chris thomas is the founder of multi gp and getting the back of the magazine. Looking at hobbyking right here check that out hobby king with their nova pro under the name quantum they sold a lot of these units and these things uh a friend of mine, my friend, jim, had one of these here in town, and i remember him kind of Being sheepish about it, hes like yeah its, not quite as good as your your dji phantom, but um. You know you know i could do some filming with it um. You know a cheap little box camera on there capture your next adventure, and these were for the this is like the poor, mans phantom um. I cant make fun of it too much because i mean i like cheap stuff. I do. I fly all the cheap stuff on the channel, um and and some of the most popular cheap stuff out. There is still what really sells right now. You know the eachine wizard. Originally it was cheap as dirt components. Im not pimping the eachine wizard by any means, but i feel like the the baby apes and the ape series. Quads right now are some of the most dirt cheap quads out there.

This company right here is is doing great um and this is dirt cheap stuff. This can get you started, but its not going to be anywhere. You know, like iflight or gap rc quality thats. What i usually recommend on my channel. So i appreciate you guys taking a trip down memory lane with me and checking out the 2016 edition of rotor drone. We have come a long ways in the drone industry and the fpv racing industry. Multi gp factor series racing. All of those guys that came up through multi gp, we have our freestyle guys and theres, just so many layers to our industry, really so many contacts and so many great people involved in the companies. I got to say a special thanks out to every single person that i have been in touch with in the past eight years that has made my dreams come true with my passion of rc, my passion with the rc started with airplanes and moved up into rc Helis in the early 2000s, mid 2000s started doing multi, rotors and then fpv and drones and racing drones and freestyle and tiny whoops and all of the rest of the stuff in the drone industry. If it flies, i want it if its rc, i want it so yeah and im happy still with an old school now old school pair of analog goggles. I still like analog fpv and i just hope these companies can survive the manufacturing setback that weve had this year and we can keep moving forward in the drone industry.

So if youre nostalgic about fpv drones and anything that has a camera on it, please do share this video with them, because this was fun. Taking a look back five years ago to where we are now, we have come quite a long way, guys uh, im, justin davis, one of the drone originals the original drone channel.