An honest review of the new hdlrc veyron 3.5 version is the little larger version than the original veyron, with the the larger thicker. Prop ducts, this one has very similar ducts to uh or not ducts, prop guards similar to the gap. Rc cinnalog 35 – that we just reviewed – and these are designed a little bit differently. You can see that one of them did break in my review. So in this honest review, im going to give you a pretty good comparison between the two, so you can decide for yourself with my own experience, based on a grain of salt, of course, and you can decide which one to get. I know this has been a big push recently to get me to compare these two. So here we go, lets go ahead and start with flight test. Then well come back to the bench right here in the van and we will talk about the design and the aftermath of this one hitting the concrete. So the good, the bad and ugly right here on this review lets do some flying okay, my friends lets go ahead and get the veyron 3.5 up in the air and do the flight test were riding on a 6s 1400 milliamp battery today and if you have No gopro youll probably expect around eight minutes flight time with that type of setup. If you have a gopro in there, youre, probably looking at like something like six minutes flight time, uh five to six minutes, depending on how heavy you are on the throttle, if youre gon na freestyle, you might even see like four and a half minutes on that Battery, i will suggest the 1400 battery and the 1300 battery, if youre doing the 6s combo around the same size, if youre going to do a 4s combo, if youre going to get that, they have two different versions of this one again 4s and 6s, which one Would i go for i go for the 6s one.

I just feel like you get a little longer flight time on the 6s one and you get pretty good power to weight ratio as well. I do feel like the veyron 35 felt heavier in the air, even though i was flying a 6s versus my flight test on the analog or the analog cine log 35, that one was actually flying a 4s battery. So but i was able to fly a smaller battery, something like a 4s 850 on that one and it feels way lighter for cinema stuff, its nice to feel light. But with that heavy battery on there today bam hit the concrete, and it looks like this now they did not include another prop guard inside the veyron 3.5 box. So i was kind of disappointed there because now im flying on my second flight test without a prop guard, but as you can see, it flies fine and theres, not a lot of jello if any in that tune on the veyron 35. So its looking really good um on both of these quads, and i just put both of them up on the screen right here. So you can kind of see a comparison of the two and there really doesnt seem to be a lot of difference in the speed here. But when you go into the forest, canopy is where the cinelog 35s really nice, smooth tune on the sticks and i say smooth tune. I mean kind of a dampened feeling on the sticks when you do flips and rolls with it.

It doesnt roll as fast and flip as fast as the veyron 3.5, but both of them can handle a dive here, im just going to go ahead and dive. This tree its around a 70 foot tree down to the soccer field, no problem kind of an easy going dive, but no flight controller freak out and again now i have it cranked up to 350 milliwatt, the first flight test. We did 25 milliwatt and, as you can expect, there was some break up around the parking lot, but um. Sometimes i like to show both 25 milliwatt my reviews and how it handles a larger transmission. But again, on the three five, the veyron three five youre only gon na get 350 milliwatt of maximum power on the analog vtx and look over on the right hand screen with the cinelog 35. You get 600 milliwatt there, so youre going to be blasting a little bit better and during this flight test you can see that the one on the right hand, side syn log 35, has a little bit better um penetration down low in the parking lot. You just go back and rewind and look you will see that in this flight comparison so theyre both the same exact camera, again theyre the retail 2, and you see the cinelog 35 on the right. It was a cloudy overcast day and the colors still look nice and bright saturated. They both seem to track pretty well again.

As far as the track goes, i think the cinelog 35 tracks better close to the ground, whereas the veyron 35 felt looser on the sticks. So where i feel like that would be more of a freestyle tune up high fast power loops and things like that. The veyron 3.5 performance is its going to outperform the cenlock 35 in the freestyle realm. But if youre looking for cinema, slow, controlled and even some high speed tracking with sonolog 35, it seems to track really really well a little more precision and control for cinema stuff with the cinelog 35 and i think, thats. What we pretty much the big gist of this comparison here, guys if youre looking for which one is better, it depends on what you want. Do you want to freestyle with a cinewoop, or do you want to film cinema with a cinewood? I think theyre theyre made to do cinema. So if you want some nice high speed cinema, even with a gopro or dks, the synalogue 35 is going to do that. The 4s or the 6s version and the 6s version may be a little bit faster. Its maybe a little longer flight time and again, if you want my opinion, id go for the 6s cinelog 35 versus the 4s version, but i was very happy with the cinelog and it did really well lets, go back to the bench and check it out. All right guys welcome back from the flight test now.

Um lets just jump right into this here, its going to be like this is kind of like the boxing, like the heavyweight title boxing match between the three five cinewoops out there um these two are going head to head on the internet and um im gon na Kind of shed some light here on the differences, the big differences between the two thats. What you guys want in this review so were gon na just jump to that um hglrc, first of all, has done a fantastic job on theirs. If you want the faster one and uh, probably a more aggressive one, its gon na – be this one. If you want one that has a softer tune on it, with a little more control for cinema and slower speed, flying with more control and precision a little softer on the sticks for the beginners to get some fantastic cinema, get this cinelog 3.5 by gaprc. That ones down in the link below too, but this one is faster, more agile and it had less control at slower speeds for me, because the tune on here is looser, so that means that its more responsive on the sticks, which means i made more mistakes close In around branches and kind of making those just hooks around a tree or scraggle or things like that also is a big difference. In the motors there are 21.05 motors on here um. I believe those were like. Let me double check that i think those are 25 2800 kv were looking at 2800 kv for the 6s version.

They also have a 4s version. You can get those with 3600 kv motors. I think the respective flight time on a for, like a 6s 1400, that i have sitting here from tattoos, probably going to be around like six to eight minutes, if youre toting a gopro, probably more like six, eight minutes without the gopro. They also both have the same camera on there. They both are sharing the caddux retell 2 on there, so the analog version looks fantastic. The retal 2 looks so good. It almost looks like dji hd, video, very, very nice, high quality camera for analog. Now, as far as price goes theres only about a 6 difference between these two quads, the cinelog 35 is 275 dollars and thats a lot for an analog quad, but this ones 269., so um and thats pnp thats without your receiver. So you still got to add. Like your elrs receiver, your fr sky receiver, your xm plus, or your tbs crossfire nano on there, so um tbs crossfire nano on this quad is going to get you up to 301 dollars on the banggood site, um, so yeah. Those are the quickest biggest differences. Now the next difference is the vtx on board. This one comes with the zeus: 350 milliwatt vtx. If you want to crank it up past there, you cannot thats the maximum amount of power youre going to get out of this video system. Thats on board here thats acceptable the the synalog 35.

It has a 600 milliwatt vtx on there. So i mean you can get miles out on a 600 milliwatt video transmitter. What does that mean? 350 versus 600 whats? The big difference there well youre going to get a little better penetration, um around trees and brushes things like that. If you go low to the ground and youre cranking 600 youre just going to get a little bit better signal back to your goggles if youre running 600 and if youre running 600 next to anyone else, flying a quad, youre, probably going to blast them out a Lot of times im asking people to turn down their dji equipment because theyre always running 700. It seems like i show up on the analog, quad and im getting blasted, but its nice also that they gave us three different foam colors here, black gray and yellow. You can put those on it comes with some extra 3m sticky tape here to do that, you get some extra bolts in the box and you get two different types of mounts with this quad versus the cinelog 35, which is kind of cool. This is the smaller one for dkst or you can put on a go 2 on there or it comes with a mount. They can put a full size gopro on there, and this is the hardware for that. Its a little thicker bolt and a smaller bolt for this mount, so i like that hdlrc gave you two options there for this.

One now lets talk about durability. I think that this frame right here should be pretty durable, uh. The frame itself were not talking about the prop guards. The prop guards are the weakest link in this equation. Um when i hit the concrete, of course, youre going to break things but theres a big difference here between this design and the cinelog design, you might notice it right away. We have a thinner support strut in here, so this support strut, you know just um – did not survive that head first crash into concrete, which i didnt expect it to, but they have plenty of struts in here, and i think the issue with that, though, is that How thin they are, they look pretty thin and once they break theyre going to go into the props and ill tell you when i went to pick this quad up. Every single blade on this prop was broken, which was very interesting, uh, its completely shredded and the motor was hot. So i almost burnt out the motor grinding against the broken prop guard pieces there and i had to snip this off because it was kind of hanging there and i wasnt going to be able to do my next flight test for you guys but um xt 60. In the back right there as well, we have the zeus three five pro on here. This is the zeus: three five pro aio and its around 13.8 grams uh.

It runs three to six s. It is a 20 by 20 mounting point and its an f7 as well, so the cinelog 35 also has an f7 on board, which is great, so i realistically, i think both of these fly grey as far as the tune is concerned very nice. This one is more loose on the tune, meaning its more sensitive on the sticks, its more like tuned, like a freestyle quad. In my opinion, it will power lube, it will do maddie. I mean this thing will just about do any type of freestyle trick. You want, if you had a gopro on there, probably not its going to be more of a cruiser, but having a gopro in here is a lot of extra weight, and this one weighs more than the cinelog 35 as well. So a couple of big points to take away here is that, yes, it has a smaller vtx, 350 milliwatt. It does have larger power system on here. So it is probably going to be faster than the cinelog 35 by gap rc. It has a beefier top plate. It has a dual top plate set up here, where you can see this yellow part and this top plate here, carbon top plate sandwich. We have going on its like two different types of material, and it has two different types of camera mounting systems on here. So this one is a hard mount right straight to that unibody top plate, whereas the cinelog 35 has that larger, full size, grommet suspension on the front where the analog camera hangs from so this one is bolted straight to the frame.

I didnt see a lot of jello in the flight test on this one, but this camera is actually hanging by these two front bolts. So these two front bolts go through and attach to this tpu piece here where the camera is hanging from. So those are two different pieces of tpu on the side of this camera which which you know its its kind of out front. It doesnt have a lot of um uh protection on the front. So this camera is kind of riding out front a little bit, but it did not, it did survive. The crash, which is, is good news. You also have a tpu mount back here for your immortal t. If you want to put crossfire here, you can see that right there, its empty right now, but i have my xm plus antennas coming out the back here and came with two extra little antenna posts, but those fell off in the crash. Here is my tall hammer antenna coming out the back and we have a suspended vtx its inverted here up inside here. If you can see that that is the zeus, 350 milliwatt vtx and i believe, theres a beeper on here somewhere. We have my xm plus down here and we have a capacitor on there as well to clean up some of that esc noise in your camera and overall, i feel like i feel, like the the video back to the goggles. Looked pretty good.

My sky zones werent great um, its fast, its fun um, but my only big drawback again was like i did. I got all this extra stuff in the box, but they didnt send me an extra prop guard. It would have been great to have one more of these, or even just two of these in the box would really help buyers out, because if you have that concrete crash, these break first, which is the good news. If you put the foam on there, its still probably going to break thats thats going to be up to you, where you decide to fly it but um, i feel like its a pretty good, offering um. I feel like the cinelog 35 has kind of a little better value for the money, because youre getting 600 milliwatt, vtx um and the tune is softer youre still getting an f7 flight controller and youre getting smaller motors on that one. Those are 2005 motors and a little more controlled in the really tight spaces. So you know there are two different animals. This one is more of a hot rod and the synalog 35 is still faster than the other center whoops out there, but not as fast as the veyron 3.5. So what do you want? Do you want speed, or do you want like slow ultimate control ill leave that up to you, you can check out the links down below now that you know the differences between the cinelog 35 and the veyron 3.

5, so there it is guys. Hopefully you enjoyed the flight test and um my opinion on this one. It is what it is, as always guys honest reviews on the channel. Please do subscribe and i will keep the new stuff coming on the channel. You get to see whats new coming out here. Just about before anywhere else so take care, keep it in the blue and happy fpv ill.