No one high up. No one around me its just me its just this guy! Nothing has to be binary about this review either. Nothing has to be pigeonholed, nothing has to be put into red or to green. So hopefully, this whole thing is going to feel a lot more honest and im really excited to be back talking rubbish with all of you and thanks for keeping up with me. I do appreciate it anyway, this evening, chapter 1 of series, 13, better known as doctor who flux the halloween apocalypse aired and its about time. We took a look so we begin with the doctor and yaz trapped upside down by some dude in a weird mask hat thing and at this point the effects dont look all that good. Now, admittedly, we dont expect things like industrial light and magic levels of stuff. Here its doctor, who its always looking a bit ropey, but this scene especially looked a bit off, especially compared to what effects weve seen before irrelevant of that did. Anybody else have to turn on the subtitles at this point, because amy and i couldnt hear a bloody thing going on. Actually, after looking at twitter, after the episode, it seemed that we werent the only people who couldnt seem to hear anything might need a new, sound guy doctor who, but amidst that cacophony of stuff, we did here the decimation of earth. So the doctrine has escaped by flying their prison away.

It breaks in half, they fly like broomsticks kind of, and then they fall into the tardis trampoline as you do. But anyway, lets go to earth title sequence, which wasnt a bespoke title sequence, not exactly going to deduct points for that. But i was kind of hoping for something as big as doctor who flux is supposedly going to be wed, have a bespoke title sequence, but whatever boom were in liverpool 1820 some dudes building tunnels for an upcoming apocalypse. I think, and then we just go to 201 years later. Im sure thatll be relevant at some point in the show in the series, maybe at some point. Okay, so were finally introduced to john bishops, dan and hes, been showing around people in a museum and hes being kicked out because he doesnt actually work there. He loves liverpool. He loves this city and hes being kicked out of the museum for being a nice bloke say the guy who owns the museum is a bit of a bastard, but he organizes drinks with this lovely lady and uh yeah hes not gon na make those drinks. Is he back aboard the tardis, a psychic connection, reactivates within the doctor and shes transported, to seeing this dude trapped from supposedly the beginning of time? According to these two agents, who looking at their weaponry, pretty certain, they work for the elusive division anyway, matey here dissolves and absorbs one of the agents, does a really quite convincing cosplay of the needler reload animation from halo bit of a specific halloween costume.

That kills the other and escapes three two one: the doctors back in the room, the tardis is leaking, the sonic comes out and the doctor is lying about everything that happened pretty typical fashion. So far dan seemed like a pretty nice bloke and i do really quite like john bishop here he is volunteering at a food bank, turning down soup and just being an absolute ledge once hes home. We know a little more about him. His cupboards are empty, hes supposedly broke, but hes prioritized having stuff in for trick or treating kids. I love him already honestly, but he was being watched and followed by creepy hat dude, who turns out to be a big doggo carvinista after a pretty great exchange between dan and this big heckin pupperino. Obviously, he mistakes him for a dude in a pretty convincing, halloween costume dan gets cubed and off they go the doc and yaz land in liverpool too, and she starts scanning just scanning now, ive been pretty vocal about my thoughts on the doctor, just grabbing the sonic And just going to town with it every time something happens, the doctor in the past. Could you know sniff or taste or even sometimes just sense stuff going on or build a machine that goes ding, but instead its just the sonic and its the same thing here once shes drawn into dans house she even scans the glowing floor then has a taste To work out what it is make her more physical, chris ive asked this before, but please put the sonic away for a bit anyway turns out that sonic has chromecast built in thats pretty cool.

Actually, she works out that carvinista has been there and also deduces that this isnt dans laptop they escape, and the house is miniaturized bonus points for the joke, about the bloke on a bog, brilliant, but first thing we, the audience were introduced to dan as a really Really nice sound bloke, but hes, basically living in poverty. His cupboards are empty, etc, yaz and the doctor rock up, and they just see his name and a picture of him on the fridge thats it and then the doctor deduces, this flashy laptop cant be his and off they go. So how does the doctor deduce that this laptop isnt his? We know, of course, that if it were his hed probably sold it already to either feed himself or to get sweets for the kids trick or treating. But the doctor and yaz dont know that theyve not had that same introduction to him that we have its not exactly a major gripe but its a great nonetheless cut away to a random house on the arctic circle. As you do, this couple are arguing about chilis and a warning. Drone rocks up, lady smashes it, and we move on seems to be about as useful as liverpool 1820 anyway. Jib is going to chip moving on, so jazz is asking the right questions as per. Why is the doctor so obsessed with a giant dog? What is it about carvinista, thats, so important, but before the doctor can really get a chance to make excuses its claire claires here you know claire claire, who weve not met yet who will meet in the past? How will we meet her in the past thats right weeping, angel, yay, the doctor and yaz are now co piloting the tardis and thats flipping awesome and when things dont go to plan they get the hammer out nice little nod back to russell t davies.

There. However, much like earlier, the doctor is still adamant to dodge absolutely every question. Yaz throws at her. Why does the doctor keep avoiding her friend? This is pretty standard behavior for the doctor yeah, but it does lead me to something else. Im a little bit disappointed in after revolution of the daleks. I was looking forward to seeing how the doctor yas dynamic was going to play out when dan was introduced. I did say back then: i was a bit disappointed to see that maybe we wont get much time of just the two of them together, but as weve seen so far, dan hasnt just waltzed into the tardis. Yet i was hoping to see this relationship play out in these six parts, but it seems to be thats already kind of happened. Its almost been a year since we last saw them if we take into account that time in the universe is moving relative to ours. Obviously, we last saw them in january for january, the first for revolution of the daleks and its been 10 months since then, nearly 11 months since then, supposedly theyve had all that time going out and doing this that and the other and weve seen none of it More of that relationship has happened off screen than wed have probably liked it to now. We do have the remaining five episodes and the specials to see more of that happen, but it does feel like there have been moments, beats in their relationship, weve already leapfrogged, because its been nearly 11 months.

Hopefully, things will happen between now and the point where jody regenerates basically ill retract. This statement, if we do get some proper good development between these two characters by the end of this era, hopefully itll happen before other characters, rock up and potentially bog down the potential for characters to flourish. Anyway, speaking of characters rocking up to bogdan potential, its vinda bollocks, yes, the special guest from that comic con live stream a few months ago. He is simply watching nothing happen until the flux arrives, decimating everything and then hes out of there cool moving on put him in the bucket with the liverpool 1820 in the arctic circle couple anyway. Actually, the arctic circle couple are back in because mr needler has rocked up hes gon na dissolve old hubby, but wife shes, actually his sister right sure, no idea who they are yet or why theyre doing what theyre doing but im sure thatll be explained in the Future, hopefully, okay, so the doctor has tracked down calvinista and yaz is going to break out dan, as we mentioned earlier, shes baffled as to why seven billion lupari ships are on the way to, i guess, enslave humanity, but in reality theyre there to save them, because Heck and pup is a mans best friend irrelevant of how big or how anthropomorphic they are thats kind of cute. Actually i quite like that. Theyre saving their partnered race from bada boom, the flux, a big cloud of stuff that we saw from vinda station thats on its way to ruin, everyones, halloween, lovely, but saving dan isnt.

Really why the doctors here hes just collateral at this point. In reality, she wants to see carvanista because he knows something about the division and i basically cheered at this point very happy to know that irrelevant of whatever apocalyptic event is going on. The doctor is adamant to find out what the hell happened to her. In her past good on you doc, anyway, back onto the flux, because thats a little bit more pressing, the doctor, along with the lapari fleet, are going to protect the earth, hopefully from the fluxs effects. But the tardis is still being difficult and the know about the flux too got ta say i do love the fact. Theyve gone back to the classic era, designs of these legendary enemies. One thing ive got to give chidnal credit for is i love that flavor of the classic series hes brought back to new, who i mean i mentioned it before the cybermen, designed at the end of series 12, my god they were excellent, chefs kiss you could say, But once again, in this episode, the santarans, you see him youve been em, while im not actually done yet quickly running over the events of the episode theres, a thing i need to talk about which is kind of the main thing of this episode. A lot happens, a lot happens its very much suffering from part one of six syndrome, fellow nerds, who have seen the crimes of grindelwald. You know thats suffering from part one of four syndrome.

Now you might think, hang on part one of four its five films. Surely its part two of five well fantastic, beast was kind of standalone nice little complete chapter still led on to things, but crimes are great involved very much felt like a different beast. It felt more like one of four knots, two of five. If that makes sense, hopefully that analogy works moving on, though its far far less severe in the halloween apocalypses case. So now, ive covered all of those odd tangents, i feel like some of them could have been left for later on. Maybe these are all characters that are going to be at the top of the cool sheet for the rest of the series, but did they need to all be introduced in episode one now, the sontarans are pretty present in chapter two, so thats fair enough. But what about mr needler and mrs needler? What about vinder? What about liverpool 1820? What about claire did they all need to be introduced right here right now, as said its been 10 months since our last two, both in the real world and potentially canonically within the universe as well? Now i get that covert has made things difficult. So supposedly things did get cut out things that were shot, but more likely things that were scripted got left on the cutting room floor exhibit a being you know the doctor and yas finding out about dans. Particular you know lifestyle leading to him not needing a laptop that flashy but dropping the audience mega in the deep end and offloading everything in one 50 minute session may not have been the best way to go.

Surely some of those bits could have been left for episode, 2 or episode 3, potentially, but im not going to say that any of those segues were necessarily bad, because i, along with i guess, basically, everyone else – are hungry to know as to how it all fits Together and how it all plays out, but perhaps when i review episode two, maybe i can look back and go yeah that very much wasnt needed to be in episode, one that could have waited a week, but on the flip side, once we get to the end Of the series, i could be eating all of those words, because maybe the way that things panned out they needed to introduce everything in episode. One to make everything make sense, as these six weeks went on so take this critique with a pinch of salt, but since im reviewing everything per episode, thats, how i feel right now, so the doctor heads back to the edge of the solar system and sees the Flux in progress she sees the devastation its causing another psychic connection. If you will and thank you for putting in a contextual shot of what devastation the flux is causing and ive said this before doctor, who has needed to put more already said this context into something universal happening, just some shots of people being wiped the hell out To really put across how much danger there is going on, so thank you for that ten points to gryffindor.

I guess, is the doctor, a gryffindor or a hufflepuff or a ravenclaw speaking of psychic links. Needler boy is back at it again and he actually mentions how good they were at wiping him from the doctors memory. Definitely the division back at it again, im sure. Needless sister, though, is stalking diane dans date from earlier told you they werent gon na have that date shes lured into a house transported to a swamp. I guess, based on the splishy splashy and then bin lapari ships are instructed by the doctor to surround the earth and protect it, but with all the tardis doors, blasted open and the flux closing in not even pure vortex energy could stop it. The earth is supposedly safe, but the doctor has let this mess in through the front door. Sir plural, because its a bit weird, we get one more look across the ensemble cast weve been introduced to over the course of this episode and then theres the flux and boom credits roll. So its a shame that yaz and the doctor have developed a lot off screen dan looks to be an absolute joy and i hope he doesnt turn out to be a bad guy. Somehow, why was mrs needler targeting diane, if not to somehow get to dan, or was that just some happy coincidence or something a lot of things were thrown at the wall, and it seems to be that basically, everything has stuck even though, as said there, shouldnt have Been as many things thrown at the wall in this 50 minute time period, apart from the cold open, the cgi has looked pretty goddamn good and i really dont understand why people keep criticizing doctors cgi, especially in the chibnall era.

Yes, its tv cgi, its never going to look that great, but its definitely the best doctor who has ever looked ever, basically, even just down to the cinematography and the lighting and just everything it still looks just fantastic. Hopefully, chibs will have explanations for everything hes introduced. Thus far and since hes made this series just one big story – hopefully that plays in his favor and nothing gets left behind. If anything does thats gon na be a big red flag, not that it hasnt been before, but yeah even more so this time, because it feels like it should be quite easy to go back to something that was introduced in episode, one because yeah its just one. Big story no need to try and shoehorn this guy back in somewhere else, so lets hope, everythings tied up with a nice little bow. I went into this episode with basically no expectations and im feeling pretty good about flux so far, but if i can take a moment to be completely honest, i never went in to doctor who, especially in this jubilee era with low expectations expecting to dislike what i See – and i know that it might have seemed like that in the past im. Sorry, if my previous reviews made me sound like, i never gave chibbers a chance that i was just being an ass for the sake of being an ass. As said at the start of the video, that is a huge downside to doing reviews that are basically entirely binary, green or red.

I dont have that limitation here now that im completely independent when it comes to who content, i can do it all myself. So, im just to give it a score from 0 to 10., the halloween apocalypse is getting a solid 6.5 im, actually quite happy with how this went its not perfect by any stretch, but its definitely felt pretty goddamn solid and its giving me a good vibe for The rest of the series, if honestly, everything plays up to be this fine throughout the course of the series, if its nothing massively groundbreaking or whatever, im, okay with a series that just does it and does it fine. I can live with that. But what do you think? Where does this rank for you from zero to ten? Are there any points that you disagree with or any points you really really enjoyed? Let me know in the comments section below and i work in youtube. Ive got to do it. Please do subscribe to my channel its my channel, its me and two planet coaster, videos. So far. If you want to keep up with doctor who flux reviews im doing the whole series, and maybe even some doctor who stuff in the future personally just me not where i was before its just this guys, just me and also not done with the plugs. Yet, if you have found me doing this from where i was before, escaping gustavus did continue after i left my previous employer, its done completely independently as well.

So please do check it out on anchor dot, fm, slash, casterpod or on twitter. At castapop. We continued on from where we left off, which was uh rise of the my age of steel and were just about to start smith and jones series. Three im. Sorry its been a couple of weeks. Some big things have happened in a in amy and is lives in case you havent guessed what that might be or youve seen it on twitter and instagram and stuff, but yeah were hopefully getting on it this week coming wednesday, i think were going to hopefully record It so please go and follow us on twitter and go and subscribe to the podcast on whatever you listen to on whatever platform you get podcasts on. It should be there its basically on everything hopefully, but that was my review of the halloween apocalypse and thank you all for joining me. I really do appreciate it if you have come and found me again after all this time. I really appreciate it and ive missed you.