Well, this is RC car week and its still going on and I have in my hands right now: the mjxrc hypergo. This is a phenomenal four wheel drive on road off road RC car. It is really good because it almost reminds me of a Traxxas vehicle, its almost like Traxxas quality in this tiny little vehicle, its really nice, its got a metal bumper on it, 45 amp ESC. It runs on a 3s, so its 3s power thats quite a bit. It does have a massive amount of torque, so thats, why theres a wheelie bar at the back, so when you buy it, it comes like this with the remote and the car. But if you want to spend a few extra dollars, then you get this remote, which is massive in size and its a Bluetooth, remote. So youre going what whats the difference so inside when you buy this remote, it comes with a GPS module that you put in the car and it comes with a Bluetooth system as well as a monitor for the ESC. So what that means is, if you have this upgraded kit and this car, you put your phone in this little holder and as youre driving the car, you can see a map of where your car is yeah. You could drive around and it keeps all your speed and your ESC settings your miles per hour, your kilometers per hour, your distance, you know you can do runs, races, drag strips everything else like that, and it keeps everything right in your phone on an app that It comes with so its very different in that regard, and it makes it kind of cool the axles are all metal.

The shocks are oil filled and metal. It even has, I believe, Metal Gear servos in it Im not 100 sure on that one, but they certainly look like it. It feels massively solid in your hands of all the buggies Ive driven this RC week. This one feels the most solid. It just has an awful lot of weight to it. The battery is interesting, its modular for beginners, but thats, not a bad thing, because this battery has a connector right here, which is a Deans connector, which is very common in the RC hobby. So you can buy any battery, you want off the shelf, 3s or even 2s. Stick it in here as long as its about that size and connect that little Deans connector and it will work you dont need to use their modular batteries. They only include their modular batteries because they put them in a hard case so that you can bash and crash this, and your battery wont catch on fire and also because, well then, its proprietary, but then again its not. I could put any 3s battery in here and get it moving its really cool all right. So enough, Chit Chat, uh, Im gon na go. Take it out for a drive here we go all right. Our car is on remotes connected all right. Here we go the cars over there, its connected Im just gon na take it for its first little spin. You have to be really careful.

I noticed on the throttle because uh this is why theres a wheelie bar Watch, What Happens see what I mean its got? A ton of torque which a lot of people love in buggies most buggies dont, have a lot of torque, but this one certainly does all right. So you want to see how fast it goes. This thing will rip off dirt. So let me just get it here down this way, a little bit and Ill spin it around so Ill just have to give it slow power all the way here we go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster thats, stopping coming at me. I know its so far away. You can barely see it so slow again, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster there. We go, hey were going to test out the durability now because thats, what happens? This is what these cars are made for. Theyre made to be bashed and crashed and when they have the wheelie bar and the metal front and everything else, so it should be good flop. You over and lets keep on going here. All right. It looks like itd, be a ripper and dirt Im just bringing over some of this gravel here, oh yeah, you could drive it off road, no problem, and you can spin it around its got. A lot of torque Ive got it on very low speed. To do that, its just got a ridiculous amount of torque to it.

Okay got my phone here and lets start up. The app hyper Wheels makes a cool startup sound motors going all right. So all you have to do is connect this to this and its very simple in the top left theres a Bluetooth, icon, flashing, just click on it. It will find this and then you select what you want to connect to, which is the hypergo 513c7 says, connect it and then look for the Red X up top right and there we go were connected. So now see my steering wheel at the bottom. As I turn right as I look, this way turn right and left it moves and other things will happen too. When I go throttle see the throttle move. So let me put this phone in here. It looks like either Ive installed this wrong or what, but it looks like youre supposed to go like this. You see if I drive like this, I can see see as Im driving, so you have your hand on an angle. All right lets see what it says. So Im recording the screen, so all the information be recorded Ill. Take it down do some speed, runs again, slow acceleration and then put the brakes on and then bring it back Ill show you the map feature in a second lets. Put it back at high speed. This time not crash it put the brakes on, you see where it says: TM d s t a v s m x s well, Im gon na hit the start; and now its going to record all that here we go and well get some numbers in there.

So lets go pick up, speed, Max and slow down and then come back, although you can go really far with this car, its got a huge range with this antenna, all right bring it back full speed and slow it down. So I dont kill it and then whip it around here, bring it back to me. There we go, I believe now it will tell me on the screen. So I have to hit theres a pause button. Where I hit the timer lets, try to pause stop. Does it do it? Oh there we go so distance. I drove a total of 0.16 kilometers. It took me 34 seconds. My maximum speed was 58 kilometers. My average speed was 17 kilometers per hour, thats, pretty cool, all right, so thats how you get your information. Let me show you the map feature so down on the lower left, theres a map and theres my car, its pretty cool. Look at that, okay. So now I want to see more of this map so lets see. If I can drive this car, this could be kind of scary Im going to drive it all the way down there. Cars are gon na no actually Ill go this way Ill. Go this way around up that ways a little bit but Im gon na be staring at my map on here on my phone. So here we go Ill hit the play button too so that it records it. So I should see my little car moving lets.

Go it around the corner because Im going to lose sight of it, its very low to the ground, so Im going slow. Looking at my map as its going around the corner, I could see it its hard to tell if its still under. I have no idea where it is. I have no idea its behind a tree. Im still live. I think here we go. Oh, I could see it now, Im crashing into things yeah. If anybody wants to do it its better to be off road to do something like that, lets see Ill bring it back there. We go lets change our map, so it looks more like a satellite map. There we are now we can see where were going so lets. Go this way, Im going to drive down this way, high, speed straight and slow it down, bring it back and then come on this way, full blast breaks, so all in all you can see. This is pretty sweet for anyone who wants to use something like this for having a blast driving out around and doing something a little bit different foreign foreign, all right, all right, all right next thing I want to show you with this baby is: what comes in The Box check this out. This is the box your car comes in, and these are some of the highlighted features of this car opening the box. The first thing youll find is the user manual. Then, if we take a close look at the car, we can see that awesome metal bumper up front, and we can also see that the graphics on this car look really really good.

This car has some of the best grippy tires Ive seen in a very long time. Metal oil filled shocks are standard, and you can see that the axles are all metal. The steering linkages look like something youd find on a Traxxas vehicle, which makes them very adjustable. Even the rear portion of the car has a metal bumper, and if we look at it from this angle, you can see it a bit better and heres the front metal bumper. You will see that the bottom base is solid, hard plastic, removing the top cover. We can take a look inside here. You can see the on off button notice that there is a fan, cooling, the brushless motor, the receiver is easily up gradable and even replaceable. This is a four wheel drive vehicle with plenty of torque, because the brushless motor has a lot of torque, especially with the gearing in here we can see the brushless motor the included battery is in a hard case and is designed to stay locked in place. You have to unlock it to remove it, and then you can pull the battery out. The included battery is a 3s battery at 1050. Milliamp hours. Take note that you can use any battery you want. You do not have to use the one that came with the car, so if you have your own with the deans connector, you can use it for people that are not already in the RC hobby.

A USB battery charger is included to connect the battery to simple as just connecting the deans connector into the battery and then locking the battery into place. So it doesnt move around when you bash and crash and youre all set to go. Other included items would be a screwdriver and a wheel, removal tool. You also get a rear wing and a wheelie bar kit and when both are installed, your car looks like this. The includer remote control is very basic, it has basic switches, but it will get you up and running with no problems. Just remember that you will need to supply two double a batteries because theyre not included if you decide to purchase the upgrade kit. This is the box. It comes in the first item. Youll find when you open the box will be the user manual. Taking a look at the new remote, you will see that it has more features than the standard remote, but it does require more batteries to operate. You will need to provide three double a batteries to get it up and running a GPS module is included as well as a new receiver with an upgraded antenna. A cell phone holder is also provided as well as installation cables here. Ive installed, the upgrade kit and the old receiver is on my right, holding it here and on the left. Is the new receiver already installed? Please note that I needed to use one of those cables that was provided to connect from the ESC to the receiver.

The GPS unit just plugs in and with double sided tape. You can attach it any place on the car. I attach mine back here, so you saw in the unboxing. It does come with this remote, but you have the option of getting the whole GPS system and changing everything out and using this remote here now. It might not have been apparent in this video, but I was pretty rough on this baby, just smashing it full blast. I wasnt even paying attention where I was going crashing into everything so Im looking at what do I have for damage on here? Well, of course, theres no damage, as per se, theres, the normal scuffs and everything so on the wing in the back Ive got a Ill hold it close theres a few scuffs. Can you see them, of course, when it goes upside down, this gets all scraped up, but its all right, wheelie bar rear, end its all perfect. Nothing there that metal, bumper right here, thank God its metal, because look at that there is a gouge right there. Oh, I hit something hard. I gouged it so thats pretty interesting and on the aluminum shocks right here shock Tower. You can see Ive scuffed, that but other than that there is no other damage and it works perfectly. Its a really good car Im very much impressed with this, and I highly recommend this one. If the price is right, I honestly dont know the price because it was sent to me.

I got the upgrade kit Im out here. Doing the review – and I havent checked the price on the total vehicle, but hopefully its not that much anyways links to it are below go check it out see if its the right price for you. I will find a link for this baby too, and hopefully its not too expensive either and its something you want to get yourself for Christmas or somebody. You know for Christmas, its a really good bash or Crasher car, and I like the size. This is a size. I like in the Basher Crasher, because its not too big and its not too small, very portable indoor, outdoor indoor course outdoor course anything you want, and this one like, I said out of all the buggies Ive reviewed on RC week. So far. This has the most torque, none of them, even none of the none of the other ones, come close to the torque that this one has, and these tires beautiful tires. I really like them really good anyways. So for me this gets a thumbs up. Hope you enjoyed this video If you enjoyed it.