This should be a fun video today, because today we have the go, go bird eagle: do you remember? I flew the go, go birds around in the winter time, they’re very small in size, and i had all sorts of problems because it was cold out and the wind was just a howling they’re, not designed to fly in the wind. Well, today, i came out this morning it’s very early. The sun is just coming up over there it’s very early, and there was no wind, but now because the sun is coming up, there’s winds, so we could have the same problems. Let me show you the eagle. This, my friends, is the go, go bird eagle, it is massive in size. It can actually fly for 25 minutes on the included battery. It does come with two batteries and it has a range of 500 meters. I’M, not gon na fly at 500 meters, because i wouldn’t even see it anymore. It would just be a spec, the wings flap. I tried this in my backyard, the wings flap really fast, and they make that really scary sound and i swear birds are going to just take off everywhere as soon as i start flying this thing, because it is scary for little birds, they think it’s, a predator. It does come with a remote, just like all the other gogo birds, and it even has sound in it. Let me just turn on the remote. Oh and mine.

Uh came direct from china uh. If you order, one you’ll, probably get yours if you’re in north america or europe, you’ll get one from north america or europe, but mine came direct from china. So when i turn this on, i think it’s only in mandarin or chinese watch, so it’s, basically saying uh in my terrible translation from what i understand. It just basically means you are connected and not only that this here bird makes sound. So when you fly, you can do this yeah it’s got birdie sounds just to scare the heck out of everything else around here. So on your remote. You have all these buttons. You have uh, you can probably see it. There you’ll see it in the unboxing. I have four buttons up top. I have one to launch to take it to go up. I have one to bring it down. I can make it go in a circle. I can steer it. I have a little joist whoa, a little joystick to steer it. You see how the back just moves as i steer like that and on the front. Uh i’m, not really sure what these buttons are, because all my instructions came in chinese, oh it’s still talking. I guess it just randomly talks to you. Okay, so let’s go fly. This Music it’s still making sound this is so cool all right. All right here we go. I got this camera working, so it could see me and uh well, let’s, give it a shot so i’m right handed, so i want to fly with my right hand or do i can i do it.

In my left hand, i don’t know hang on no i’m kind of kind of clunky. With my left hand, i’ll try out my right, so it means i’m going to throw it with my left, so it’s ready to go there. We go hold it up this way. So this hat cam can get it there’s a switch on here to start the wings of flapping. Here we go so press this switch there we go and whoa look at it go and lightly toss it. Well, this time i’m gon na try to steer it upwards. Oh, i got it now. I got it. Oh no! No! No! Come on back to me. Yes, i hear you all right, so my net here has trapped the bird all right. All right, let’s get you out of there. I’M gon na shoot it. That way. This time it’s, my left arm is so useless. So let’s try this again got it got it. I want it to go to the right. I’Ve got to go left there, it’s going let’s go to the right. Oh it’s, whoa it’s, still good. I had to kill it because it was going like way over there. You need a big field to fly these things in holy cow, all right, okay, so let’s. Try this again put the nose up there we go, you got ta, throw the nose up. That was my problem before i kept so here we go. I got ta go in a circle.

Come back to me. Come back to me. Come on come on, okay, i’m, getting the hang of it. So when you throw this thing, i was doing it wrong. So when you throw it, you got ta got ta, you got ta, throw it sort of like like not like. I was doing like this, but a little bit like this, and then it just stays in the wind and you can get it to do. I press the circle thing on here: there’s a orbit, yes orbit mode and when you press the orbit mode it comes around back to you. There we go here we go here. We go to go it up and right through the all past, the sign post i’m going to run to it i’m running to it i’m running to it. It’S still going i’m running, look i’ve got it going i’ve got it going here. It is oh, oh, i have to bring it down because i’m afraid it’s just going to fly away right birdie. Here we go start you up, it’s going and let’s, throw it up up up up up hit the circle thing. Oh, i hit the down arrow. Sorry, oh wrong: arrow there’s, my circle button there that’s the one i wanted to hit here. We go, throw it hit circle there we go. It should come back to me. I’Ve got it in circle mode i’m, not doing anything it’s. Just flying and it’s going into the neighbor’s yard.

I’Ve got down. I hit the wrong button. I went to hit down and i hit this one, so it just kept on flying heading over to our highway. Over here, thank god there’s trees here, or else it would have went right through this here city bus would have had a bird smacked into the windshield ooh. What a sound all right i got! Ta try to fly it all the way straight down. There i’m gon na try these little buttons on the front and see what they do because i’m not really sure what they do. So i think their altitude hold there. We go and up up up up up altitude hold there. We go and i’m gon na fly into my jeep i’ll bring it back to me. Could you see it it’s like pretty far oh there’s dogs over there i’ll bring it up up up up. I want to go right right, right, right, all right. So far, i’m. Getting pretty impressed with this thing, it really flies, but i need more space. I have to be out in the field the way out there so uh here we go. I got ta shoot it on an angle. This way here we go, got it going. Oh, not the fence. Again, oh, i missed the fence. Oh i hit that fence over there. Oh that one hurt got his head stuck in the fence in this one, so make sure everything’s good. I got my steering see a little steering things at the end back and on the other side right there there we go all right so let’s take it back towards my jeep again and i’ll get it to go higher this time.

I’Ll. Take it up up up up up up up up up up don’t go too high, oh there’s, the highway. I want to go there tree tree pick the tree i said tree. Oh, i hit a tree. What is it with this bird and trees? No that’s a tree a tree. Okay, i got ta bring it back, bring it back watch over the tree, ah again out in the football field now so let’s. Try it out here see if i can get it going higher out here, but i can’t go over the school or the water. So nearby, okay go through the gold post through the gold post. Oh almost got it through the goal post here: let’s bring it back, bring it up. Here, come on back i’m, bringing it over me there we go, bring it back this way through the gold post. No, almost oh, oh! I don’t want to go into the water. Oh look at the bird attacking it look at the bird chasing it. I had to bring it down, see that fence there there’s water on the other side, so i brought it down right there before the fence. Okay, i can’t fly that way because there’s water there so i’m gon na fly this way. The bird that tried to attack this guy is up there someplace, so i’m gon na send it over the field that way. Applause, all right and i’m gon na run over there see if i can get it into the goal posts: okay, still flying i’m, bringing it back to me as i’m running here.

All right, oh no! I got ta bring it down the water. Is there all right? Let’S get this through the goal post. Here we go Applause i went under the gold poles. I want to go to the right to the right, bring it back, bring it back to me through the goal post come on here. It goes. Oh it’s just hovering in the air. What are you doing buddy? I need you over here uh, oh it’s, gon na go into the water. If i let it go down here, we go. I finally got it to turn there. We go okay, come on back to me, it’s still over there i’m turning it. Here we go okay there she goes gon na, get it no, not through that almost through the goal post here, let’s land, it okay, this is into the wind last time. We’Re gon na try this through the goal post and we’re gon na we’re gon na head out there you go up up up it’s in the wind. Ah come on! Yes! Yes, yes, all right next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out? Your go. Go eagle actually comes in a hard case that you can reuse when we open that hard case. Here we go, we see our eagle and it’s really well laid out. You do have to assemble it. A quick start guide is included. However, the only english word is quick start guide and the word eagle.

Everything else is in well mandarin, but you do get this tiny little book that does have some english words in it. Here we have the joystick that i was using to control the bird. You can see the two top buttons one on the left is take off. The other one is land, as well as the sounds and the orbit mode on the front. We have our altitude hold buttons and as well. It takes two aaa batteries to power, it two batteries are included and you do get a quick charger which actually works. The batteries will charge up extremely fast in this unit when you plug a usb c cable in it also included, is a micro, philips screwdriver with extra screws. You will need the screwdriver to assemble the eagle it’s, very, very simple, all components fit together nicely here. We see the power button to turn the eagle on and off, and this is the location where you’ll place your battery to power. The eagle taking a close look at the tail of the eagle. You can see the two servos which power the left and right turning modes. The wings have a carbon fiber insert for rigidity. Assembly of the gogo bird takes about five minutes when it’s all assembled. It looks like this. The controller when powered on with the goku bird makes this sound when the bottom right button is pushed Music all right. My final thoughts on the gogo bird eagle well it’s a really cool concept, because the gogo bird was super super popular, so the eagle is going to be even more popular.

You can just see it happening now. It’S big it’s large in size, they’ve actually put uh the rods in the wings. You know when you crash, or you saw me crash lots of times the rods and the weight just here is just going to keep on talking. The rods in the wings are actually carbon fiber, so it’s pretty hard to damage it that’s. Why it’s light and it’s strong, apparently inside the body as well, there’s a carbon fiber type frame to keep it strengthened and whatever, but i can’t really see it. I do like it’s pretty cool that they just put a little zipper here. Uh you can actually take the whole material off and replace it with something else. If you want it to i’m, not really sure how you do that looking at mine, but they do sell a different skin for it. At least i see it on the website uh that you can turn it into a giant parrot or something a bird of fire or something else like that. But it does look, pretty cool i’ve already had a few people walk over and ask me about it that were walking their dogs and saying what the heck is that, so they were pretty interested in it. I think, if you’re a family and you’re out at a park with your kids or your grandkids, this would be a lot of fun. They’D have a blast flying it and as soon as you get in the air, you can control it with the buttons here you can go higher if you want.

I didn’t want to go too high because i have the road behind me and i would just lose it and i have buildings on houses on the side. But if you have a big park and you want to go really high – just pull the joystick back and the nose will go up and it will fly up upwards that’s for sure. So, for the number of times i landed it hard into the ground smash into the fence. Everything else nothing is broken on here. Watch this it’ll flap it up again there we go and i’ll turn it off and there we go there. We go perfect, so it’s, pretty simple. The power button to turn it on and off is right on the top, and the power button for here is just on the side of the controller. Now the last thing to tell you about this: if you want to go on amazon and buy one now, you can’t the company. What they told me is that the only place to buy it right now, because it’s so new is kickstarter. What they did is they did something with kickstarter to raise some money to make more of these uh birds and sell them around the world, because they don’t know what the interest is going to be. So what they’ve done is they’ve gone on kickstarter and they started a campaign and it’s one of those campaigns where, if you go on kickstarter and you pre order, then you’ll get your go.

Go bird eagle at a discounted price, so i’m going to put the links to that below you go check it out and see. If this is something for you, the go, go eagle all right guys are you finished. Are you finished all right, guys hope you enjoyed this video uh? If you have any questions on this here, go, go eagle! Well, just post them below i’ll. Tell you all about it, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch. You in a future review coming up bye going to the jeep going to the jeep over the jeep whoa where’s it going now.