This is the flywoo explorer lr long range miniature sub 250 gram. Little send it crossfire quad with my insta 360 camera on the front sporting 1080p stabilized footage, and it has gps on the very back. It also has a frame on here: that's been inspired by dave c fpv. So thanks to dave c fpv and it has sort of a traditional flat, end sort of dead cat style frame. So we see no props in the view, but the best thing about this entire quad is that. Well, yes, you can freestyle it, but the most important thing is that this little guy can do anything that the bigger traditional seven inch beast could do. For the last five years this has been the traditional ascended rig up the mountain. This has been the mountain surfer format forever in fpv and well flywoo decided to change that. So here we are with the explorer lr, and this little guy has cadets vista on here. It has gps, it has four inch props, it has daisy fpv motors or nin flywheel motors 1404 on here, and they are 2750kv. You can fly this on a 4s 1000 and get like 18 minutes flight time going in a straight line, just trying to get out there and send it. If you want to also go a little further, you can use something like a lion pack and this lion pack is going to get you on upwards of 30 minutes on this little guy.

Did you hear that 30 minutes so 30 minutes on something like this? With the insta360 go, the insta360 go in. My opinion is well worth the weight exchange between the gopro hero, 7 or 8. This is sort of the future of long range format. If insta360 ever gets to the point where they can update this to record about 30 minutes worth of flight footage or even 20 minutes with the flight footage we're going to be holding the golden channels of fpv right here in our hands. So this also has an f4 flight controllers, the goku f411 on here it does have escs it'll support up to a three or four s battery. You also have a no battery eject type of beeper on the back. If this battery flies off in the woods somewhere. This little beeper is gon na beep for probably a day or two, so it does have a button on the very bottom and it has a tpu mount all the way around it surrounding it, to give it a little more protection and safety. When you do crash, it looks like the bn220 on the back as well. This little tiny gps should get you on upwards of 12 to 15 satellites on here. Once you have a good satellite lock, you have gps return to home on here, set it up on a switch in beta flight and we have an extra tall, long range atomic dji antenna in the very back that comes in and out of that tpu mount right.

There just stick it right down in there and you have plenty of clearance above this entire rig, so keeping the rf down low signal up high. So let me go ahead now and just send you guys into the footage. This is going to be some of the most epic explorer lr footage you will see on youtube to date. Here we go Music, so Music, Music, Music. All right guys. Welcome back from my flight footage. Now this video would have been out over a week ago. They were supposed to have an early release and then they came back to all the reviewers and they said you guys released it by the 15th, but i wasn't able to get mine out on saturday. I was busy doing people stuff on the weekends, so i don't really release videos on the weekend. Sorry flywood, but um. I did get you guys, some insane stellar footage. Now. I did have one of my first flights out over the beach, and that was the one where i wanted to send it up the mountain and be able to film the side of that coastline along those cliffs, and it was quite windy. It was one of those days where you're, like i don't know. If i should send this, but it was you know it was make it or break it kind of flying. So we were just going to send it up there and see what happens now. The insta360 go, didn't really handle the footage, quite that.

Well, because there was some shake, and i mean it was a 25 mile, an hour wind up top and probably 35 coming off the top of that cliff out over the ocean. So when i pulled out from the edge of that cliff, it was cranking off the edge of the cliff, so it was smoking through there. I got the shot turned around and came back in and came down the beach and the battery voltage was dropping super quick on the way back to the the home point. So i was able to make it back land safely and get no sand in the motor. So i mean there was sand whipping across the beach. You could see that, but i think on a normal, calm, everyday type of situation, where you're flying, if you're going somewhere to fly up and down the beach with regular, moderate wind, which would be say 10 to 15 miles an hour shouldn't be a problem. This format is absolutely the future. I mean i've been traveling with this, this beast for a long time, and you know if i do go on a long range flight trip to eastern oregon or somewhere, where i like to go. This is generally what i would take. I would take this and fpv wing, but now i'm probably going to start leaving this home a little more, unless i really need some super super high end 4k. Footage because for this, for what we need it for just uploading it to the internet and showing it to our friends and things like that, the insta360 go is just the way to go.

So this is about a 200 camera, but you can hook it up to your iphone or android phone. You can get your clips off there pretty quick and again you have to put in fpv mode to be able to get five minutes of video off of it. So one of the things that might be limiting to this setup at the current time, but the size format the flight time being able to put an 18650 4s battery pack on there and get an upwards of 30 minutes flight time on. There is insane and we're. Looking at 300 price point for the dji version and around 150 for the analog version so either way you go, i mean i had a friend that just saw mine for the first time i was with diego last weekend and as soon as he saw this, he Fell in love with it, and i think most of you guys are too, if you see it in person or you fly it where you like long range, you already have crossfire get one of these. You will absolutely not regret it. It'S going to be probably the most popular quad this year, and i can say that, because this does what larger quads will do for under that 250 gram mark. This is really pushing the boundaries of the future here, so fpv is always changing, and here we are again with another game: changer it's easy to see and for the price 300 it's not 400 grab one uh i'll put the link down below i'm justin davis.

Guys hope you enjoy the footage. I'Ll see you on the next one.