The community is looking for, something that will be under 250 grams, but just as fast as a 5 inch, so 4 inch might be. The new 5 inch 149 for the dolphin toothpick under 250 grams, with a 4 s 850 battery onboard, we have a wheelbase of 153 millimeters on this baby and I'm running the HQ props. Today we also have a durable TPU canopy, which seems bomber, tough and there's. Multiple points on the back for your slots, you have your antenna slots, dipole and a standard sized antenna. Whole 200 milliwatts etx on the back with smart, audio and IRC trent, which is sweet and we've, got the cat x, turbo iOS on board, which is a pretty decent camera, also we're running the gap, RC 20 amp es es and f4. This is an A io board, it's an all in one board. It also has mate X, F for 11 firmware onboard if you're looking for inside beta flight to reflash it, and we have 3k carbon arms, 4 millimeter, thickness, 3 bolts on the very end right there. Holding the motor on and I recommend the HQ props I'm running those 4 inch HQ props today that are pretty smooth you'll see coming up. Also, we have low profile nuts to shave a little more weight off the total weight of the quad, and we have speed X, branded motors, which are pretty good in the past 1507. 3200 kV motors are the power system on here, and this thing is one of the fastest quads I've seen decent camera protection.

The camera does stick out just a little bit, but this thing feels really really durable and super beasty. So let's go ahead and put it on the scale. Let me give you a dry weight. It'S gon na set the dolphin on there see what we get no battery 142 grams that's, not bad, and now with a 4s 850 which is going to get you about. Three minutes flight time, it's gon na get us up to two hundred and forty four grams. That is incredible and this thing is like a little rocket check. It out all right, let's. Do the fpv flight test on the gap, our seat, dolphin, toothpick I'm running out for s 850 today, and I noticed so fast right off of my first flight. I blew out of that corner almost flew into the tree, so I decided to go for a power loop right here. Look how much height above the tree. I don't get as much height with a five inch, usually unless I'm flying 6s, with something like a regular standard, 4s 1300 battery power system. This quad is fast as balls across the field it just rips across the field there's the all snap on it. Looking pretty good – and it reminds me of these old school Truex designs that were super nimble – really really crazy in the corners really fast corner, not a lot of blow out in the corner once you learn how to control the power.

Obviously, but here I just wanted to try some high up stuff, for you give it a throttle boost. I didn't see any vibes on the ascent coming up, looking really good nice and fast and low to the ground right there, just another snap, gon na transition back the other way and another boost and a flip back off the end of that drainage. Ditch right there and then we're gon na go back through the trees right here, you're gon na see about, if there's any blowout in this cornering and not hardly any blowout right there. I usually have a little bit of floating around that tree, sometimes and back around and across the field and what's crazy about this quad. You guys is that it covers so much fields, so fast, I'm, not even sure how fast this quad actually is. Really neat a radar gun on the dolphin tooth. They can see how fast this 4s 850 million battery is pushing this power system it's crazy. It feels like a little 6 s rig. I think if they came out with a quad that was under 250 grams, with a four inch prop on there with 6s, it might actually destroy the 5 inch category, because you could still, you can still put a GoPro on a 4 inch quad. But if you're trying to get under that 250 gram mark the unregulated mark, that's that's, where the future of fpv might might be, it might be trying to push the components smaller increase the power make things faster and that's really what gets done here.

It'S kind of amazing uh I don't really classify it as a traditional toothpick by any means, but four inch to me. Looking at this Display of power and control look at me. I was like leaning back in that I was physically leaning back. It seems to me that, like this would be the new direction for FPV and racing in general, because four inch with all this power on the racetrack would slay a heavier five inch race quad, especially if this thing was running 6s right now, even on four 4s Battery it's, just bananas back around that tree a little bit lower that time, not quite as much height. Look at that snap back around just insane. If I had a week to fly this quad, I I could probably produce a pretty wild video and there we go a little bit of durability test for you guys to take him back off and getting lucky. I didn't even break a prop on that one and now I'm resetting back for another part of the battery it's pretty cold today, so I was losing some battery flight time. You'Re gon na expect, like three minutes out of a 4s 850 milliamp battery nice power loop around that road, no big deal a little bit smaller profile on the 4s Wow or the four inch quad. So you can kind of shoot some smaller gaps if you're doing freestyle around trees, super snappy, so freaking, fastest quad, I didn't, even know what, where to go or what to do next, I was just having so much fun and you guys know this is the kind Of quad that I like to fly, I like to fly something that is like ridiculously fast, the faster and lighter it is the more fun I have with it, and the more chances I'll take with it as well.

I'M. Lucky that I didn't actually smash this one. All the pieces today with some of the loops and things I was trying, but it's just so quick across the field, I can't believe it. I didn't expect this from this quad. I wasn't expecting to come out here today and have the ultimate Ripper. So I think this one could probably double as a freestyle, quad or racing quad. Either way you go, it will freestyle a hundred and fifty percent, and I think, on the course with someone that knows how to take gates and time everything right with the throttle and maybe lower down the rates on the quad, make it a little softer in the Turns you have a real serious contender with something that's fine and fly and gap. Rc has just been one of those companies that has been able to do that from time to time come out with a release like this. It just kind of as a game changer as far as the components the tune, the power experience and the overall quality of the quad is freakin phenomenal. So I just I'm blown away with the dolphin. I love it. Let'S go ahead and go back to the studio guys and give some final thoughts and comments about the dolphin toothpick. Here we go okay. So after watching the flight test, you've you've got to agree with me that this quad is just it's ridiculously fast. The power to weight ratio.

I love it if you were to fly this quad if you're a person that enjoys like super high throttle a really nimble design. Freestyle guys are gon na love it. The race guys, are gon na love it. I feel like it's gon na be an all around good quad. If you put this up against some five inch quads in a race. I would like to see the result of that, because I think that this might be the future of fpv racing. Four inch might just be the new 5 inch honestly. Some of these companies should probably start looking at trying to build a five inch under 250 g, but it's gon na be a big challenge so being able to just run 4 inch instead might be the answer, and maybe in 2020 we'll have more 5 inch props Going away of the buffalo versus the 4 inch 4 inch lost its popularity a few years ago, but with all the regs coming down the pipe it looks like the forage might be making a comeback. So I think this is definitely the future of freestyle and fpv. In general, you won't have to put a transponder on this one. It is under that 250 g mark, which is really really awesome. So I think that this kit is is probably going to sell, really well really really well, mainly because of power system on here the durability and the possibilities for the future. It seems like if we had a 6s version that's coming up.

It would blow the doors on the fpv racing, so stay tuned for more stuff from gap bars that's it in my review guys. This one is definitely a hit with me.