It has some crazy wild features. Oh my god, this curvature is aggressive. Look at the back whoa now! Oh boy, 88 degree curved screen: 50 watt wireless charging, 160 watt, ultra flash charge 160 watt Music supposedly 10 minutes to charge the entire thing 10 minutes to charge the entire thing keep going watch this look at the back of the device. Look at it. You know. I, like the animation on the front side, the back of the device is color changing and then showcases certain elements of the phone, including charging. If you receive a phone call that that color changing thing on the back it’s real it’s, not a graphic just in the video that’s, what i’m told Music now, they also got one of those big time: zoom, lenses, 60x, 160, guys the big concept feature and then The color changing tech on the back, so the promo video is nice. You get the tunes getting amped up and whatnot. Let me put that away and get into the box real quick all right, so you can tell it’s a concept device, no specs or anything on the pack plus you have this. This kind of nice contrast on the packaging with the black and white, a pull tab seal like so okay concept, phone 2021, again in black and white. This is the device. Remember it’s, a concept right now. Oh my god. First things! First, this curvature is aggressive. They say 88 degrees that screen wrap is out of control things all screen, yet they somehow were able to fit in the buttons right on the back edge super subtle.

The way they poke out right here. Look at the back whoa now: listen, it’s, a concept, it’s kind of like an f1 car type scenario, so you’re looking at the design saying uh, that’s kind of loud it’s meant to be loud. They’Re showcasing some new technology in here and and that’s the point. But i can tell looking at it at this back already that something’s going on as i shift it in the light here, but it isn’t like some of those color text that you see saw in the past on the back, where it’s just a reflection thing. This is different than that. This is actually capable of emitting multiple colors and you’ll, see that after i get it, booted up here’s your camera layout up in the top left there’s that periscope camera that they mentioned in the promo up on the top infinix concept. Phone 2021 down on the bottom, usb type c, that’s going to be key for testing out this 160 watt we’re, going to actually test the 10 minute charge and the speakers there and your sim tray as well otherwise it’s pretty slick around the perimeter. Now listen. We have to check out this charger because that’s a key component in what makes this thing special. Oh, my goodness, gracious look at this beast holy cow and you knew it was gon na be to deliver that amount of power usb type c over here you get the neon color, which is indicating straight out the gate that you’re dealing with something different, infinix ultra Flash charge also inside the pack is the type c cable that’s, the other important component.

So i think it’s about time we get to some testing all right, so the key with testing any type of crazy, fast, recharge time is that you have to discharge the battery on the device first, and we had quite a bit of battery life on this 4. 000 milliamp hour, so we were watching all kinds of 4k video to get it down to zero, so it is completely dead. Applause. Dad i’ve got a timer over here as well a stopwatch, so we can track it like that, and i have the phone completely turned off to maximize the charge speed. So the speed that we’re capable of achieving right here might not be exactly the same. If the phone is turned on, but it should only be a couple of minutes, one way or the other and the special feature on the back, which can showcase your charge as well via this light, will add around two minutes to your charge time so that’s disabled. As well for this initial test, because we want to do that record run, we are looking for the 10 minute complete recharge so i’m, just going to flip this over i’m going to plug in the 160 watt monster, ultra flash charge and i’m going to go ahead And start the timer, so the first indicator we get. Is this tiny little lightning bolt that’s only because the phone is completely dead? I was watching video right up until the point that it shut down, and now you see the zero percent indicated.

So you have nothing and we’re about 18 19 seconds into it now i’m going to tap on the phone a couple of times through this recharge, but it should be roughly around that 10 minute mark so i’m, going to wait at least till i don’t know one Minute before i tap on it Music, one minute in and we are already at seven percent, so it’s flying 23 percent, two minutes in 23, what Music, just past three minutes and we’re at 34 percent Music, four minutes in 44, Music yeah! I think we’re on target we’re on a 10 minute target, we’re super close Music just past the 5 minute mark 55 charged it’s gon na be tight, though, because, as you know, that first portion of the battery is the fastest to charge and the last bit is The slowest so it’s going to be tight all right, so we just passed nine and we are at 88. it’s going to be tight. Remember what i said before it’s that last little bit of the way and 10 minutes is such an aggressive target to fill up 400 to fill up 4 000 milliamp Music hour. Four three, two one Music, 95 super close let’s! Keep it running here and see exactly where we land it’s, probably going to be somewhere between 10 and 11. My guess 97 Music – there. It is okay, so right around uh, 10. 48. Maybe a little bit before that, because i was clicking the button to check that is ridiculous.

We’Re talking about 4 000 milliamp hour battery, that was just completely recharged from dead dead i’m, not talking like one percent. Definitely if it was from one percent, it would be doing it in that exact 10 minute mark, but from zero dead percent like it shut down, because we used it right up until that point, which is obviously a rare scenario, but even at 10 48 on this Test right here, this is, of course, obliterating the records of other devices that i’ve had here. Personally, it really doesn’t matter. If you forget to charge your phone at night in the morning as you’re, brushing your teeth, it’s gon na be ready to a hundred percent, not quick charge up to 50 in, like 15 minutes no 100 percent battery life in 10 minutes, as demonstrated here with this Incredible concept and 160 watt power brick now the other cool feature that i’ve never seen on a smartphone. Myself is the way it has. This color changing back now, we’ve seen all kinds of color shifting stuff for the purpose of appearance, but this one takes it a step further. As far as putting a different color portion, that’s activated during certain activities, whether it’s charging or, if you’re receiving a phone call or something like that, so that option is inside the display and brightness settings and it’s called the color changing battery cover that’s. What we’re about to witness on the back here? Oh moody! So this is an actual section of the device which, as you can see, is illuminated so it’s flashing right now, because it’s not completely charged at a hundred percent.

But this is going to progress as your battery progresses on your recharge and then it turns off completely when you have a hundred percent charge. So this is a really cool kind of indicator. You know you have it on the bedside table or you have it in the kitchen or whatever that you can see from a distance again it’s a concept of something that they’re capable of doing thinking of different ways to utilize. The back cover to actually display some information back to you Music. So here are the remaining specs on the infinix concept: phone for 2021. it’s, a 6.67 inch fhd plus amoled super curved screen, it’s packing a helio, g95 processor, 128 of storage and 8 gigs of ram. The selfie camera is 32 megapixel and then the rear camera is 64.. The ultra wide comes in at 8 megapixels and the telephoto 8 megapixels. Also, the battery is 4 000 milliamp hours, but the exciting part there is that 160 watt charge, which we showcased here in this video there’s, also a 50 watt wireless charge, which i can’t try right now, but obviously that’s a very impressive figure when it comes to Wireless charging, the fingerprint scanner is under the display and the weight comes in at 205 grams it’s also running android 11..