I sound drunk welcome to todays video everybody. Today, uh, i i dont have okay, so id be like i dont have any gopros, but i do i have like three gopros. I have a gopro nine uh. My gopro eights are on their way back to best buy my gopro eights broke so theyre back this. I dont like holding this microphone like this, so my hero, eights that i prefer to use for freestyle both broke so theyre on the way at best buy. I have this gopro nine uh right here. Should i show it to you. I dont know how to do youtube anymore. Oh, you think youre supposed to show things. So i have my gopro nine right here, but i dont like using it for freestyle. I, like saving for cines stuff because more expensive and i like the screen in the front, so i dont like to just go faster than scratch it about, and i told some people this on the discord and they had some to say i was like yeah. I got a nine, but i want to freestyle it and they heres one uh dont be quit being a just freestyle it. I hate you jesus yeah, so anyway, im gon na go do some long range today, some long range and a tiny bit of cine dont worry its real short now normally. This is when people lie to you and theyre like im. Gon na go. Do this today, like i just did i actually already did this like a couple days ago, im just filming the intro, now thats a pro tip.

Do you film your intros afterwards in case something cool happens? You can talk about it. Like oh well, hope this happens. We everythings a lie shout out to my inrc: they made these new batteries or these satan worshiper batteries or whatever 1350s. They have other ones coming as well, theyre a little bit thick for freestyle, but they got some 1100s coming that im gon na pick up. Definitely to use for freestyle to pick up when we like send me some bro heres a link here. If i do this, can i have some eleven hundreds? I love you, but they look like theyre, pretty damn good for some long range on a six inch. Do i have a six inch long range? You bet youre corn pipe a goddamn six inch long. This one is either hdrc or flywood. Whatever puts the zeus in it all the time. Also, this mount right here for insta360 go to. This was uh first, whoever won the 360 go to the i gave away, but i kept it. I think, z, bones maybe made it. I could be wrong, whoever made it. Thank you very much. I didnt give it away in the giveaway its way too cool. So i kept it from a piece of, but i have this six inch long range drone, so im gon na try to beat my record im gon na my longest flight is like two kilometers two and a half ish im gon na try to beat that today.

Two days ago, lord wolf has a spot lets go. Did i plug everything i had to buy some i supposed to buy my motors oh also, im, giving this away at the end, i said i would give away this frame ill, announce the winner at the end of the video or maybe in the middle, so dont Skip around just watch this Music boy, this spot is sweet, even comes with its own bathrooms, theres places to charge. Here we go shout out to lord wolf for finding this, so i guess i go shout him out over here now. Lets make him watch this video im going to go set. My stuff up were going to do. Some long range were going to do some chasing some wings, its going to be freaking fantastic right. Oh look, vampires here! Look at this crazy guy, oh hes, great! What are you guys guys doing? Oh you know were just uh around bro. What are you youre? The best one out of all three im just going to know that camera Music, all right, mid bid to long range here we go, lets go and im hitting something all right – god i dont have enough satellites, damn it hi future buck. Grinder here editing this video. Just a couple things real, quick theres, a little buzzing sound going on. I believe that is the wi fi from my fusion module, even though i thought i had the wi fi turned off, maybe its the wi fi for my radio.

Actually. Now that i say that i should go check that anyway, okay number two yeah ignore the buzzing. Itll go away. Number two thing i forgot to put my little insta 360 go to on pro mode. I left it on regular old mode, so its real shaky and theres, no smoothing thing: theres, no fpv mode where it gets better like real, steady for insta360 go because they use the regular mode. I didnt use the pro mode thats all anyway, heres whatever. I think my record is two kilometers like im drifting already. I bet thats because of the freaking wind. I think two kilometers is my record. So lets beat that. How far are we? Oh, my god, were only a matter of meters away. Oh oh wow wow. My video got really bad weird. My video just like went out. I dont know if you all saw that how good theres wind, which direction is good video, this direction, maybe that direction theres some houses and things you go a little bit higher. Oh, you know that video is trying to poop out there ill try to go two kilometers bruh im holding my radio up too. I dont know if you can see it im holding my radio ball stupid. Oh long range is so freaking sketchy to me im. So bad at this im, so bad at long range lets just go. Oh world record bog ran a record two kilometers thats, all im trying to beat oh there goes, did somebody just plug it.

Hey did somebody plug in sorry, no youre good, youre, good, two kilometers out bro, two kilometers out its cold man, its its digital. It should not mess with you at all. Oh, my god, 2.29 2.29 kilometers is the world record. For me, oh boy, i got no video 2.2 and a half kilometers. All right lets turn it around lets turn it around 2.6 kilometers. Oh, my god. This is the farthest ive flown my drone. I am so good at drones, so good, oh whoo, get the! Oh god, now my video is breaking up. Whats happening, you said plug in. Did you cant? Oh, i cant see what happened. What happened? Oh and i can see, wait i for real. That may have you got something plugged in now. Oh, my dvr is so bad. Can yall see this dvr? Oh no, wrong way where the heck is my quad? Oh im, this way im drifting, im drift, oh god, ill be landing soon, just hold it. My video keeps dropping okay. At least my radio link is good, at least theres that this little quads getting it. Oh, i forgot to shout out these batteries whoops. These are those lions, theres lie ion. Why i on our c batteries, not the not the did i talk about it yet, oh god do a voice over or something all right, headed home, kilometer and a half. Oh look at that. They got a little pond right there.

My video is nice. Now, im gon na bring oh hey, oh hey was all the way over there. All right, i want to bring it back. This is working great. This squad is doing freaking, fantastic, double a beads and the patch shout out to piney justice. Oh theres little road cars, cars, roads thats, a road. How do i oh wait? Where am i oh, my gps might be wrong. My gps might be way wrong. I might just be going nowhere except, i feel, like the video is coming back. Oh boy, are we going the right way, whos gon na? Oh? Is that it oh dog? I think that is it. I think we are going the right way. Dont. Look at that road theres. What road are you speaking of sick? We are right here. All right lets bring this back. Was that a four minute little flight? Wait, no thats, not it thats, not it. Oh god. I dont know where we are. I really think my uh gps might be wrong and i might not be flying back to where were supposed to be flying back. Wait. No, i hear my drone thats it okay, im so good at this dude. I hope this insta360 go part. Two got the whole thing damn this is a loud quad. Hopefully the insta360 two got all of this. I may have forgot to charge it. At least you got a little bit of hd footage. I think maybe whatever this is some decent uh video here all right lets land lets do something else: im hogging up the airwaves.

Nobody else can fly because im doing freaking long range, so lets come land and give everybody else a chance. Is there somebody behind me? How long have you been behind me? Oh, my god, this thing flies like its a six inch for rails come in for the smooth landing. What were you guys see there? What were you doing to me? Sir? Excuse me. Excuse me, sir sir. Well that was a new record for me. I think im gon na go back and look at my other like mid range. Its not long range dont. Go that far my mid range videos whatever and see how far i flew but im, pretty sure two and a half kilometers is the farthest ive ever flown. That was like two point ever flune that was like 2.63 or some. So i definitely, i believe, is the farthest. Is that the farthest it might be the farthest lets just say it is damn. I just flew the farthest ive ever flown. That was super fun, but if i may have your attention this way so were in delaware. Right now, but over that ridge is pennsylvania, so i can fly state to say it again. Just like i did in new jersey. Go watch that video. If you didnt watch its pretty baller, i think im gon na fly from delaware to pennsylvania. Now vampires got something bro bro, just fyi. This is maryland, not delaware, learn geography. What the is a maryland Music.

Well, as i said at the top of the video, my gopro eights are off to freaking best buy to get fixed or whatever. So i was my nine, which i dont really like freestyling i like to keep that one nice for cinematic stuff, so im so paranoid, vampires gon na do something behind me that i thought he was there but hes like way over here, all right! So im not gon na freestyle it. All. I brought was my cinematic quad, my little camera butter, one because its dead cat and i like it so im gon na fly it here watch me fly my city. I know last video had some cinematic, whatever you might be seeing cinematic in the next couple, but i promise it wont be like a regular thing. Pretty much just freestyle on this channel go follow my second channel. If you want to see cinematic stuff, i do cinematic stuff on bot grinder too no spaces, okay, everybodys leaving so its, oh god, what the its everybodys leaving so its time for me to do something: fun, vampire, yeah, you wan na do a chase like we didnt Talk about this three seconds ago, you want to do a just ill chase. You chasing me around that sounds fun right. Cool lets go! Do that yeah im glad we just thought of that right now, when i turn this camera on watch this bradleys on the microphone with ross mg, all people in the dance will agree that will well qualified to represent the lbc d and me and luira young run To the party and dance to the rhythm, it gets harder that was pretty tight chasing vampires.

You see that little flip, oh always bring protection. Ah like its like weiner jokes. Oh, i put my teeth way too close its like weiner jokes. I i dont know what i was saying beforehand that was just to set up him coming over here with camera condoms or whatever i dont know. You know what im saying is that cool i dont want to final freestyle. With my nine i got my nine. I got two weights that i can bash up. Im just gon na match those and leave the nine nice, because you know what i dont freestyle, the nine thats, why i still have it and its still working the suns going down. I have one long range pack left im gon na do another long range flight. I have no idea if that insta360 go captured the whole thing, because obviously im still filming this video in this moment in time this multiverse reality. You know im saying, though, by the way the reality where im a professional drone guy with a youtube channel for work. Are you kidding me every other multiverse me has a shitty restaurant job, so i i lucked out on this one. I checked all right lets. Get this ready lets. Do another long range pack thats what this battle was about. There was six well, never mind this just chopped. Can you see it im gon na unplug this before i well, never mind we ate long range and uh the antenna just chopped the out of my thing when i say the props chop, the out of my antenna so uh its all the way broken.

Damn i cant be doing it long range now. I guess if i really wanted to go, take the immortal tee off im, not doing all that well thats done with thanks for watching. Is this still recording lets go home and talk about some Music? Well, what a fun day of ripping with friends, i was supposed to chase some planes, but that didnt end up happening. The homie had to leave, but next time, next time, ill chase them next time ill chase some planes. Thank you so much everybody for watching. I really appreciate it. I promise you next time well be better im going to be going on a couple trips in the next two weeks, so therell be some travel vlogs and check out my instagram for exciting travel pictures make sure you follow my stupid second channel. This is very important. Listen, listen to me become a patron! Please, please become a patron if you want your name on the thing become a top tier patron. If you want it once a month im going to keep bugging you about the patreon im so high, this is what i do for a living. If you, if you with it, then uh just be on patreon a couple bucks whatever you can afford that, maybe its cheaper than losing two dollars on the ground.