How do you want to play it? In answer the former martian marine climbed down from the gunner station hand over hand in the high gravity. The muscles in her arms were like cords of wire and her grimace said both that the sheer effort hurt and that she kind of liked it. Let them know if they open up on us. They wont get crash couches on the way to jail. She said passing down toward the airlock im, just gon na slip into something more comfortable, hey guys, pete, here today, im gon na break down the expanse season. Six episode two azure dragon was a wild ride, with the promise of things starting to take shape for a real showdown between the inners and marco anarros. Drummer may have found an ally to do her part for the belt and abasarallo is out there pulling on some strings im going. To recap: everything that happened in the episode get into all of those things plus whats, going on with philip and the crew of the rossi right after this quick, spoiler warning. If you havent watched the second episode of the expanse season 6, this video wont be for you and with that out of the way lets get into it. The episode opens on laconia again and caras, really bad day, isnt getting any better. The mother bird that shes trying to save dies shortly after she arrives home on the way shes almost hit by a soldier driving what looks like a jeep through the forest and to make it all much worse.

She realizes that she essentially poisoned the bird by giving it part of her protein bar. Her mother explains that the plants and animals that evolved on laconia have a different kind of chemistry that doesnt work with ours. The planet has a different tree of life, so at best our food would be nutritionless for creatures that evolved on laconia and at worst it would be poison, and we see that here shes worried about the babies that were left behind and once helped to return them Back to their nest, but her mother and father cant help because they have to attend a meeting that the soldiers called for all the settlers. And you hear her parents talking to each other about the soldiers. And you can take away from that that this group of settlers has been there for a while before the soldiers arrived so cara and her family arent part of the martian breakaway fleet. They were already on the planet when they leave to go for the meeting. Cara grabs a drone that shes not supposed to use theres a sign there. That says these arent toys, she grabs a shovel, and then she tells her little brother zan, who we met just briefly that he cant go with her. He has to stay home after she gets the first baby back in the nest. The drone breaks and gets stuck things still not going her way and while shes digging the hole to bury the mother, the mysterious dog, like creature, comes over and carries the bird away back in seoul system.

The rossi is docked with a unn supply ship in the belt theyre resupplying and when they get ready to leave, theyre told that their mission specialist is transferring over. This is not something that holden was expecting, so he calls clarissa and tells her to go to her quarters and its funny, because he actually calls her peaches here, but it turns out to be nothing to worry about its just bobby and her power armor coming aboard. When he asks whats up, she says change of plans, time to lock and load a little later. Shell explain that they have located the azure dragon its running dark, which gives it a false sense of security, and even though it would be much easier just to blow it up, avasarala wants to capture it, so she can get her hands on all of its data. Amos points out that she has a navy for things like that. Holden reminds him that shes lost strike teams before and the optics of losing another one wouldnt be good politically. So as an independent ship. If things were to go wrong, it would be on them, rather than on. Her bobby makes the argument that its really about morale, that they need a win and that they arent going to mess this thing up much like the crew stuff. We saw in episode 1. This exchange establishes where everyone is at in relation to their role in this fight against the free navy.

No one is excited about this plan. Besides bobby, it makes sense for her shes happy to get back out there and put her skills to good use. Do what she does best but thats in stark contrast to everyone else involved amos doesnt like the added risk, and there seems to be an ongoing thing where hes having trouble understanding. If any of this is worth it, as he said in the premiere hes just there to kill marco before he can kill them, and you know it must be risky if he doesnt want to do it. Naomi isnt in love with the idea of bobby taking care of the belter crew on the ship. The violence involved with that and holden respects that, even with a good plan that this is just a difficult operation to pull off when everyone starts to go back to work, holden asks bobby. If shes heard of any ships going missing at the ring during transits. She had heard intel about a number of martian ships that went dark when passing through the gates. The thinking at the time was that they slipped off and joined inaros, but the ships had never been accounted for. He then shows her the bar keith footage and asks for her to get him that intel on series, philip, is in a holding cell and sandrani, brings marco in to see him. He undermines their authority and the laws on series stating that this is a free navy matter and that hell deal with it personally.

He orders that philip be released into his custody immediately outside. He gives him back his gun and tells him that once they get back to the ship to clean himself up and to report for duty, johan assaulted, a superior officer and you defended yourself thats what happened when philip looks confused, he says, would you like me to Punish you some more, i would think that the embarrassment youve become since we arrived on series would be punishment enough back on the pella, we see marco looking at the locations of his supply depots relative to the ring, and you can see that there are a lot Of them hes trying to figure out if theres a faster way to get supplies to medina rosenfeld brings up philip and how hes completely lost his focus, and the crew has recognized this. She says it probably has a lot to do with his mother, but marco blames philip because he brought her there in the first place. He says it cost us all so much and you get the sense that marco resents his son because of what happened in his quarters. Philip looks through yuans things and sees his blood on the alligator skin vest he watches video feeds on his hand, terminal of the two of them when they were younger and its clear that he does feel remorse about what happened. Rosenfeld is able to score some points by talking to marco honestly about how the situation is playing out.

He says that he wants his son to be better and she points out that he cant afford to be angry with so many important things going on later. Philip comes to her and says that johans family should be taken care of, and she reminds him of the obvious that the official story is that he assaulted a superior officer and if he had survived, he would no longer be in the free navy. He realizes what shes saying is true, but then she scores some points with him by saying that they will give the family something, because this is a gracious impulse on his part. We see him struggle with sending a message to the family and, in the end, hes able to pull together the resolve to do this as he knows, he should, and you come away thinking. This is just another thing thats going to haunt him elsewhere in the belt. The titan has rendezvoused, with the in a zombie joseph points out that theyre, probably considering taking them out for the bounty and of course they are drummer, says that walker is a smuggler and a thief. And if i had a better option, i would have used it. Theres an unspoken thought between them where its like wait a minute. Is it really a good idea, then, to leave michio with them and drummer just says that shell be safer with them than on the tynan with her family? They meet with liang walker at the airlock door and we learn a lot of important things in their short exchange.

The original plan was to take michio to ganymede, but he tells them that this is going to be a problem, because the free navy took over security. There and put up checkpoints, so she wont be safe. This confuses drummer. She doesnt understand why that would be a problem for him because hes in the free navy, he makes the distinction that hes golden bow and that some of their faction went against marco, so hes humiliating the rest of them by giving them shitty jobs. He also says that marco doesnt, like him personally, because in his own words, he intimidates him sexually and the delivery of this and the way that everyone sort of looks at him. After is a nice little bit of comedy. He says they arent involved in any fighting. They only move freight when she asks what kind things get interesting, because its food and water and other things people need in the belt theyre transferring it from places like ganymede and ceres to supply depots that marco spun up all over the belt. This ties into him being more concerned with medina and really underlines the situation theyre not just unwilling to help series theyre actually taking stuff away from there. So you can see why sandranis in such a tough position even before they let his son go after he killed. Somebody on the station hearing about those supply depots gives drummer an idea, and she invites walker onto the tynan for that tour that he was interested in when they start talking.

They bring up marco and, despite all his faults, that he is good at getting people to follow him. Drummer points out that walker doesnt seem to like it and that she didnt either. But when golden bough splintered, he did choose marcos side and he explains that he did get caught up in it all. Finally, striking back against the inners it felt glorious. He eventually asks her to get to the point of what shes after and she lays it out. Isnt he, tired of getting by on a little skim when the fat prize is right out there for the taking they can take the food right off inaross plate like a true pirate. Would she asks if hes still in contact with some of the ships that didnt join the free navy and its clear that shes won him over to this idea? And after this exchange, you might hear book readers referring to drummer as the pirate queen theres a quick shot of monica eavesdropping on unn command on the xenobia. She then goes to abasarala to ask whats going on and she shuts her down by telling her that shell have her access revoked if she keeps abusing it. We know that the buzz is over the fact that the rossis getting ready to do their mission there. We see them getting suited up and theres this great moment where amos asked bobby how he could get one of those suits. Referring to her power, armor and bobby responds youd only hurt yourself, pee wee.

We see clarissas involved shes preparing the emp device. They open both airlocks and the azure dragon fires up their drive, indicating that they did spot them. They take off. The rossi gives chase and holden wants to put a railgun round through their drive cone but bobby wont. Let him she has operational control and insists that they try to board the ship. She orders him to get close and hold steady and wait for her signal. Everyone thats, not in power armor, is pinned to the deck. The dragon is doing. Maneuvers and holden does his best to stay close and stay out of their drive. Plume in an audible, bobby grabs the emp and takes this crazy leap over to the other ship, where shes able to activate that and cut their drive amos crosses to blow the airlock and when its naomis time to go, she gets a flashback to her transit to The chets mocha with no suit and gets frozen in place, clarissa grabs her kit and goes instead. Holden joins amos theyre, ready to breach, while clarissa is making sure they cant start their reactor back up on the other side of the ship. Three crew members make their way outside naomi is able to get it together enough to help clarissa who finds what she needs in time. But at the same time, the crew members attack her and bobby two are coming straight on and she starts firing at them and as thats happening.

The third one sneaks up with the clear shot of some kind of rocket launcher and clarissa has to make a split. Second decision to activate her mods, taking the guy out and causing his shot to miss while knocking his helmet off and killing him at the same time, shes able to save bobbys life and when she approaches them, where theyre sort of stuck in place by their mag Boots we see that clarissa vomited inside of her helmet. You also saw that the damage the rocket did to the ships outer hull was serious, so it would have been a game changer if that would have hit bobby holden and amos get inside. They shoot the last remaining crew member. They see that they were trying to wipe the data cores, but didnt get finished in time and as naomi is cracking, the encryption holden asked her what happened out there, and this is a really great exchange when she says that shes all right. He asked really all right or not ready to talk about it all right and its, the second one and we see their connection as crewmates as lovers as partners, and he just says: okay when they get access, they realize just how many rocks the free navy strategy Involves which is impressive, and this is exactly what abasarala needed to find out she calls for monica after the mission is complete. She tells her that she wants to commission her to do a project.

In her words, she wants the belt to see what theyre doing to us. Monica refuses at first saying that she doesnt do propaganda, but then she does a really great job of guilt, tripping her into it. She wants her to humanize earthers and even if it wont change many minds, it might just make it a little bit harder to feel good about killing them on the rossi. Amos is with clarissa backing up the idea that she did save bobbys life and holden comes in and asks to talk to her. He takes responsibility for treating her like an obligation rather than forging a real working relationship, but tells her that they had a plan and any changes have to go through him. It has to work that way. He knows she was trying to help, but shes got ta. Follow the chain of command she apologizes and acknowledges that she made a mistake and then, when he leaves she cant help herself from smiling because, as she tells amos, this was the first time he referred to her as part of the crew on the pela, marco and Rosenfeld get word that the azure dragon and its data were captured. They know that the inners will be able to locate all the rocks that were on their way or that are waiting to launch and then theyll be able to redeploy their fleets. Theyre not thrilled about this. But marco assures her that when they come for series – and he believes that they will, that theyll be ready for them, apparently he has a plan, but he doesnt reveal it and the episode ends there.

A really solid episode and it kind of blew my mind when i was taking the notes because its short, but there are so many important details in every line of dialogue and every interaction between characters being able to secure the data on all the rocks. That are pointed towards earth is as important as abasarala made it out to be now. The conflict can move into the next phase, its great that bobby is now on the rossi and that the action was able to bring them together for the time being, and even though naomi is out of sorts because of what happened to her last season, i thought That brought out a great moment between her and holden that speaks volumes about the crews, experiences together, theyre all sort of at a low point here because of whats going on, but they all are loyal and dedicated to each other. Theres, really nothing wrong. With this episode beyond the fact that it flew by, and even though its impressive in its efficiency and what its able to get done, it does still feel short. It sort of feels like fixing a problem that didnt exist. Ive never thought that the expanse would be better if they could just trim it down some, and i think, if theres one place, i could say it sort of took away from it. It was after clarissa activated her mods. It was kind of hard to track. What was going on there without going back and watching it a couple times it doesnt lose much considering that everything is working so well, but i was left wanting more at the end.

It had some really funny moments with bobby and walker, and i thought they did a good job of introducing him this late in the game. There are so many little things in every episode like holden floating down the stairs to meet bobby, and it goes without saying that they really nailed the action sequence. Drummers scenes were great, as was abasarala and monica together, and i liked watching rosenfeld working her way into the middle of things with marco and phillip and i think ill leave it. There ill put out a follow up video in a couple of days and get into the x ray scene and whatever teasers they put out so check back.