The belt had meant the outer planets alliance and the opa had meant the people that mattered most. His people, it was only as hed grown up and started being allowed to listen when his father spoke with other adults that his understanding of the opa became deeper more nuanced and the word that redefined his people was alliance, not republic, not unity, government, not nation alliance. The free navy was not the opa and it was not meant to be. The free navy was the strongest of the old order forged together into a force that didnt need an enemy to define it. It was a promise of a future in which the yoke of the past was not only shrugged off but broken, hey, guys, pete. Here the expanse is back for its final run, and this is my breakdown of season six episode. One, a half of a year has passed since the battle of soul, gate and things are pretty dark. It turns out that the constant threat of the next asteroid hitting and the degradation of the biosphere are keeping things dire on earth six months in a ship either chasing or hiding with a bounty on your head. Isnt great for morale, but hey the free navy is feeling pretty good about where theyre at and we got a whole new planet, a new tree of life and everything. Although things could have went better for mother bird, there, im gon na recap, everything that happened in episode 1, which was titled strange dogs and then well get into what it all means and where things may be headed for this final season for a quick, spoiler warning.

If you havent watched the premiere of season 6, yet then this video wont be for you and with that out of the way lets get into it season, six opens on the planet laconia, which is in the system of the same name. This is where the martian breakaway fleet decided to call home and where they took that active proto molecule sample that they traded those fancy mcrn ships to the free navy for we meet kara a young girl, whos grown up on the planet, shes hanging out in the Forest shes, taking in all the alien wildlife that exists there, and she gives some of her snack to a mother sunbird that had brought her babies out of the nest she hears rustling in the bushes, and she discovers a little creature that she thinks looks like a Dog and as shes checking that out, she hears the mother bird shriek and its clear that theres something seriously wrong with it. She picks it up and runs away, and the camera pulls away from the surface in this great shot where we zoom out and then zoom in on the orbital platforms that we saw at the end of season. Five, which is, of course, an artifact left behind by the gate, builder civilization, the episode proper opens with a sort of newsreel montage that shows that there are still rocks being hurled at earth. You see multiple new impacts and well learn that those are fragments of rocks that they shot down, and these have caused casualties in the millions.

The experts are predicting severe biosphere damage, and so, if it wasnt clear at the end of season 5, the people on earth are suffering and things are getting worse rather than better theres footage of people rallying behind marco and the free navy in the belt. Several stations have declared their loyalty and survivors of the palestinian attack, bow revenge so way to go. Pastor. You probably should have listened to abasarala theres. Also, a chiron that reads: the un strikes back. The rossi joins the fight, and then we get the first callback character, who had a few memorable appearances in season 1, including the speech on series where he laid out the unsavory conditions of life as a belter and called our man miller out for working for the Inners here he says now: earthers know what it feels like to be belter and you can see the point that hes making out in space. You see some rocks, get shot down by a railgun barrage, coordinated between mars and earth. Then, on the surface of the planet, we catch up with bobby draper christian avasarala and a new member of her staff. Apparently theyve knocked down. Every rock marco has thrown at them for the last six months, but secondary fragments still make it through, which is causing a lot of problems and with so many individual strikes. Continuing to come. Thats kept their entire fleet pinned to the planet, to aid in the defense. Earth and mars are working on new ships, but none of this makes abasarala feel better theyre, looking on at a high yield grain farm and its clearly not producing any food, and she remarks its like a goddamn nuclear winter.

The biospheric data is grim, and the bottom line is that each rock is killing them a little more, even when they miss and dont forget the psychological effect that this would have on everyone on the planet, all of thats to say that the free navy is winning And on series we see that philips enjoying his new celebrity, at least the part where it makes him popular with the women. Marco has a meeting with two new characters: sandrani and rosenfeld theyre, both connected to opa factions that threw in with the free navy and theyre talking about how earth is too busy knocking down their rocks to have any real presence in the belt. Sandrani talks about upping the food production on ceres and its pretty clear that marcos, not that interested in the administrative side of things, and here we get some really bad news. When we find out that anderson dawes is dead, marcos says this is because he got tired of listening to him and i got ta say its a little bit disappointing that this happened off screen after i first saw this. I was holding out hope that we might get something in that x, ray mini episode that they were going to put out, but, alas, it doesnt look like well be getting any more anderson, dawes so rest in peace, as they continue to talk. It becomes clear that rosenfeld is very close to everything thats going on and she tells marco they got rid of some dissenters, but they havent been able to find drummer.

He decides to up the bounty by twenty percent on her and the ross ante. Philip has a new friend and marco makes the speech when a crowd forms around him its been years since hes been on series, but he considers it a home now that they have control of it. It will become the capital city of our belter nation, a place all belters can be proud of and forever call home. The crowd, cheers and, as philip looks on, he looks sort of messed up later. Well see him and yawn bring two girls over and when they ask about the attacks on earth, philip starts to freak out and has to leave the room and in a conversation between rosenfeld and marco, she says that ceres is not medina, that they owe these people. Nothing and its here, where you start to see that the free navy isnt really about helping everyone as much as it is about taking power. She says the people on series can tighten up on their rations, which sounds a lot like what earth did to them when they were in charge and when philip objects to this marco basically ignores him and takes the meeting somewhere else. So they can talk in private. Later well see that philip is continuing to spiral. We see him drinking at that same bar again and continuing to hit on the bartender who turned him down earlier: shes diplomatic, but not interested, and he freaks out and acts like a jerk.

He throws a drink at the wall and starts shouting about being a hero, how he killed the earther until his friend comes in and tries to get him to leave they get into a fight and when philip starts losing, he pulls out his gun. He shoots and he kills jones, which brings his story to an end so rest in peace there. We hardly got to know you and your alligator best elsewhere in the belt. A free navy bounty hunter has located the dewalt from drummers fleet and is getting ready to board it. He says he knows the tynan, is there too and tells them to show themselves or be destroyed? It turns out theyre using that as a decoy with drummer joseph and michio planning an attack from the hidden tainan when the time comes, michio hits the wrong button, which makes for a tense situation, and drummer has to act fast to destroy the dewalt. To take the ship out in the aftermath we find out, they were only able to salvage one missile from it, and that brings their grand total to three. So things are pretty rough for them. At this point later, they discussed their limited options on where they could go to refuel and to re arm and joseph brings up michio saying that shes a liability in so many words she costs them a ship and shes not cut out for what theyre dealing with. Alternatively, he says that hes a fighter now as drummer always was, and that this is not a place for michio anymore drummers, not convinced, and she brings up the fact that theyve lost so much already, which is absolutely the case with serge getting spaced by marco oxona And bartol leaving, and even though this would bring them to being a family of two at that point, she still decides that theyll leave michio behind when they find a safe place to dock and refuel.

The rossi is on a recon mission in the belt theyre engaged with two free navy affiliated belter ships that they destroy and theyve been at this for 187 days, and you can see that on their faces, theyre tired, alexs death is hanging over the mall. Holden is currently in the pilots chair. It appears that theyre investigating the ongoing rock attacks and when they look at the one thats there, they come to the conclusion that theres no way that the ships they just destroyed would have been able to throw them in earths direction. Holden wants to get closer, but naomi insists on sending a drone. Rather than approaching it directly. This sequence serves to catch us up on the crew dynamics. You get the idea that clarissa keeps to herself below and that shes become a reliable mechanic working under amos. He provides some really great space porn when he goes outside to look for damage and provides us with a nice dramatic moment when he stops to look at the plaque on his way out, and the drone discovers that theres a drive mounted on the surface of the Rock which holden decides to go down to investigate theyre, trying to figure out how these things are triggered since just about anyone could make one if they were willing to give up a drive and with the free navy capturing so many colony ships. There are plenty of those to go around theres a touching moment when naomi realizes.

This is the first time that shes flown the rasanante its the first time she had to, because alex was always there and you can see that shes struggling with it. When holden opens the box connected to the drive, he triggers a fail safe and it starts up. He gets tipped off when a piece of metal is attracted to the magnetic bottle. Naomi knows that this is gon na kill him and she begs him to get away, but he starts beating on it instead and is able to break it in the nick of time. When we go back inside, we can see that clarissa is avoiding being around naomi and when amos brings it up, they get into an argument. Naomi says, the only reason shes here is because you made her part of the crew as if that could replace alex it ends with him saying. Maybe you could cut peaches a break like we all did for you, and she just tells them that he should find somewhere else to be at that point later, holden discovers footage of the bar keith disappearing as it goes through. The ring. The red flashes remind him of the artifact on illus and amos is quick to say that its not their problem anymore. He doesnt even want to hear about it. Really. He says hes only out there to kill marco before he kills us and that the only reason hes there is that he didnt want to abandon holden.

So he pleads for holden not to abandon them. Naomi comes in to let them know that shes found out that the rock with the drive was waiting for a launch signal from a spottership. They discovered that previous bursts, like the one it was waiting for, were coming from an orbit from a specialized ship thats running dark. If they could take that out, they would drastically reduce marcos ability to keep the inner planets fleets pinned down. So they plan to find it and when theyre alone, holden apologizes to naomi for not being more careful on the rock, and she explains why shes so off. She says that she tried to stay away from the violence for so long and then marco pulled her back in now. Theyre hunting down belters and she doesnt know how much longer she can bear it. And finally, we see that avasarala is on a ship called the xenobia monica stewarts there and shes poking her a bit asking her if its true that she reached out to marco for a peace treaty and she forces abu sarah to say that all marco has to Offer her is his unconditional surrender in their heated back and forth. We get reminded that the colonies have been cut off from communication since the battle of seoul gate and then bobby steps in to cut her off later, when theyre alone she tells bobby. She knows she hates this job and tells her that they got a message from holden about the azure dragon spottership.

She breaks into a monologue about how their wounded broken, trying desperately to keep going by. Pretending were not little wins here and there wont hold us together. We need something more than that something big something to give a reason to hope and when bobby asked her. If she has something in mind, she says she does, and we see the rossi crew getting strapped in at that same time they destroy the rock on their way out and the episode ends there. It was a strong episode in that it had a lot to do to catch us up with where everyone was at now that six months has passed. A lot of that is conveyed in how beat down the crew is, and it was a little unsettling when i watched the episode for the first time, not that it didnt make sense, because it does theyve lost, alex and theyre doing a thankless job with only small Gains that havent been turning the tide, clarissa is still a point of contention and amos seems divided in his loyalties, which is a weird place for him to be. They are a family and you do see that they have the ability to push each others buttons when they want to. For me, it just took some time to adjust to that as a book reader. It was great to see laconia and get introduced to kara and the strange dog. There was also another mention of laconia when rosenfeld and marco were walking away from philip.

She said that medina needed more titanium, because the laconian pieces had been harder to install than they anticipated so thats. Something to remember drummers situation is absolutely bleak, which again makes perfect sense, but you kinda hate to see it. Her line that we lost so much already is what got me started on making the drummer video i put out yesterday and its definitely difficult to see her breaking up her family even more. Philip has never been a favorite character of mine beyond how his existence affects naomis story, but i like them, deciding to show him struggling with his place in things. He played a major role in killing a lot of people and he watched what he thought was his mother committing suicide as a last resort to get away from them only to find out later that she was still alive. Hes definitely feeling those things and now hes done something else. Thats going to contribute even more marco seems very pleased with himself, and it does feel that rosenfelds influence isnt, something that makes him better. They mentioned the issues with food on series a number of times, and it seems surprising that she was so indifferent about it. The good news is that abba sarala has a plan. It involves bobby leaving, where shes at now and doing something thats more upper alley, which is always a plus and its not hard to put together where thats going so the table is set.

Things are only gon na pick up from here and i think thats a good place to leave things. Let me know what you thought about the episode, what you think about the season so far and how youre hoping things are gon na play out in the comments.