This is the drone mask now ive been flying this for a couple weeks now and im kind of liking. It uh, thanks to the folks over at movie, mask they sent this out to me to test and uh, do a review on it and give my highness a penny on it, and although they sent this unit out to me, i will give you both the pros And cons, so the mask comes packaged in a nice little cloth bag, and then it comes with a nice little thank you card and some instructions. You also get a cleaning wipe for your lens, so the goggles are well made um, its, not plastic, its more of a breathable cloth lining on it. So the lens is one single lens, as opposed to the two lenses that you get in the normal vr goggles. It also has a nice foam strip around here, removable foam strip that you can probably take off and wash if you need to it, fits well around the face and also over glasses. This one thing i like about that. Definitely a lot of these vr glasses dont feel fit well over the glasses, so thats, one plus for it. However, if you do wear glasses, you might not even need to wear them because you can adjust the focal length. All you need to do is just use this knob here to unlock it on the bottom and then extend it. If you need to – or you know bring it closer to your face, if you need to now to get your phone in here, all you need to do is unzip the front portion of it and slide your phone in here in these expandable clips.

It fits pretty much any phone, and the one thing that you need to do is get a an extended data. Cable. All you do is plug it in right here on the side and then just zip it up and then plug it in to your remote, its starting to get cold out here. So im going to put my hat on real quick. So, in a couple of minutes, im going to head out to another location im going to meet up with a couple buddies and im going to fly this with the mini 2.. But one big thing about this is: you can use this mask with any drone that uses a phone app to fly? So if you have multiple drones, this would definitely be worth getting so im about to head out to the other location and meet up with my buddies theyre, going to help me out with something i wanted to try for a little while now so make sure you Stick around to the end and ill. Tell you how you can win a pair of these thanks to the folks over at movie mask they provided me with an extra one to give away to my audience in appreciation for reaching 8 000 subscribers. Now i wanted to do it at 10 000, but the timing and everything wasnt right so uh, 8, 000, and maybe at 10 000. Well, do another giveaway so make sure you stick around okay, so lets go Music Music, whats up whats up whats up its my man cory right here, everybody hows it going wheres donella! He should be here in a little bit here.

You come now Music Applause. What up what up, what up man whats going on Music all right! So what im going to need you guys to do is help me out im going to need a spotter, but im going to uh actually fly that over there. The tower, according to uh faa regulations, part 107 uh. Pilots can um fly 400 feet above the structure, so thats good. All right lets. Do this Music, uh, Music Music, try to fly through something real quick, definitely can see a lot better. Music yeah. Those goggles seem very lightweight yeah, Music Applause, its definitely nice are you able to fit glasses in there yep, okay, its been right over my glasses. Now this is cool yeah thats, a big deterrent of people buying the box goggle styles, because they cant fit their glasses. In so thats a plus yeah, and actually i dont even really have to use my glasses, because this is adjustable so im nearsighted. So all i need to do is bring it in a little bit closer and i really dont need to use my glasses. Oh yeah, youre, right, okay, Music lets see how close i can get to this uh Music, these lights here it does make it a little better when youre doing um close quarter stuff and you can like i said you can see pretty much every detail so im Gon na go over here to the um, the tower and corey.

I just need you to uh, monitor the airspace for me, yep and donald. You can probably you know, keep an eye on the drone too Music. This is good for like if you want to do inspections or something like that, yeah, because i know when uh im flying with my phone, its like im, always getting a glare. This here protects it from the sun, so im pretty much my crosshairs at the top of the tower and im at 336.. So if you guys do the math 400 feet, put me at 7, 36. So im gon na go straight up, like i said, according to uh faa regulations, 107 pilot part 107 pilot can fly 400 feet above the tallest structure, which im about to do Music, so ill probably go up just to 700 feet, and i never actually been this High so im gon na go up to like seven im at 720 right now, im directly over the um, the tower and uh like i said you have to be within 400 feet of the tower or 400 feet of the structure, and then you can fly 400 Feet above the structure: where is he with something? How was he with the? Are you calculating it? No, no! No pulling up the wind profile: okay, oh yeah, thats, a big difference up yeah, but im, not getting any wind warnings or anything im good. This is nice. I havent uh ive, never been up this high, all right, so im going to start coming down all right down over the tower right over the tower, probably back out just a little bit now.

This would be even better if we were like in the city or something yeah and over a building, but you know closest city here is dc and you cant fly this huh Music Music. I got 27 left im gon na put it in fpv mode, real, quick Music. I should have programmed it Music now. I just put it in fpv mode, but you can uh program the function button to actually to actually activate that, so its a quicker way to do it, but i didnt have it programmed. So i was unprepared. This is not as smooth as the air 2s. All right, so i only got like 22 left, so im gon na come back landing area is clear: Music Applause all right, so thanks for making it this far, i do want to give a big thanks to uh, corey and darnell for helping me out. I also want to give a shout out to drone syndrome who also played a part in setting up this whole review, so overall i do enjoy flying with the drone mask. I will continue to fly with him, especially in fv mode on my dji air 2s. It fits over my glasses. It fits tight tightly on the face and theres no light leaking. You know through the foam here, so this is definitely good for those sunny days when your phone screen is constantly dimming because its you know too bright out. So with this, you definitely see everything in detail its a clear image and definitely makes it easier for flying through you know tighter spaces or flying.

You know close to things, so one disadvantage i would just you know mention is that you have to unzip it to get to your phone screen thats pretty much with any vr goggles. You dont have access to your phone screen, but um one good thing: you can just unzip it and keep your goggles on to adjust your your parameters. So if you do want to enter to win this pair of uh, goggles um, actually not this pair, but this pair uh because ive been wearing these pairs. You dont want this, but if you do want to enter and win, all you need to do is like this video and then you should be a subscriber and also comment in the comment section below which drone or drones youll be uh. Using this mask with ill leave the giveaway open for about seven days after the posting of this video, at which time i would do a live event to announce the winner, so thats it im not going to make you jump through hoops just to win a pair Of these im just going to keep it simple, but if you want to try your chances at winning a pair of these, you can also purchase it. I will leave a link in the description below to where you can find it. Okay. So thanks for the love and support and helping this channel reach 8 000 subscribers and hopefully, 10 000 is just around the corner and as always, if you want to watch more of my videos, itll be right here and ill see you guys on the next one.