Usually, when we are out recording is to capture some reference footage for you, as well, as some photos were going to take full advantage in these beautiful surroundings of this new, really powerful micro, four third sensor at 20 megapixel. So this is the first flight with the DJI mavic, 3 classic and Ive picked this location because its very beautiful this is called the North Harbor of helsinger and right now we are recording in 5.1 K, 30 frames per second and the while were doing this. I want to show you a very, very nice feature that DJI has introduced with this uh yeah. I guess it will be available for all the mavic 3 owners, but thats cruise control, and that is exactly what you think it is its when I push the sticks in One Direction and I simply press this button, I can enable cruise control and then I can Let go of the sticks and then it will simply just continue to do the motion that the it was doing when I pressed the C2 control custom button, so I can check it out so thats, a very nice feature. Battery life on this drone is amazing, so its the weather this morning. Let me just show you the sunrise here with a nice castle in the background. So if I press this icon up here, you can see that the I have 25 minutes until the battery is fully depleted. I guess it was not a full battery when I started out so its the theoretical flight time of this drone is 46 minutes.

You can see its changing when Im moving around with the draw, so I guess its dynamically measuring whatever is uh is available yeah the power level that is available, so the mavic 3 classic is the third drone that is released in the meg3 series. I dont know the prices at the current state, but according to DJI, the price should be around the same level as the mavic 2 Pro. So it should be a very, very nice substitute for the mavic 2 Pro. If you want to consider upgrading from that one and another really really important fact that you need to know about this drone is that its actually the first C1 labeled drone that is put yeah, thats, basically, C1 labeled right out of the box, that you will be Allowed to fly the Drone in the A1 airspace, which means that you can basically fly it in the urban areas as long as you dont deliberately planning on flying over people Im not allowed to fly over the castle, but at least I can fly closer. So you can see it its so beautiful here in the morning its just rice it in a little bit here. This is normally a very Wi Fi polluted area, where I am, and sometimes you run into problems here, especially with the older drones, and I had a hard time – sometimes yeah, basically keeping a solid connection to the Drone. So as we normally do, when we do these first flight videos, I will make some video footage available for you, so you can mess around with this yourself.

Lets just give you 10 seconds of 5.1 K 30 frames per second here. In that way, you can mess around with the footage yourself, and I will also give you some D Lock, and one thing that I just want to show you here is: if I didnt have this color display assistant yeah enabled you can see, everything is really really Great on the screen and its sometimes hard to see whats going on and thats why they include this color display assistant. If I enable that one, you can see that I can basically see how the footage would look like uh once its color graded in post. So, Im just flying a little bit around here, giving you 10 seconds of the d lock, which is a 10 bit yeah, very high band, with a video clip. There should be a lot of Headroom in that I think its around 200 megabit per second that it records in in this maximum resolution. So there should be a lot of Headroom for you to color grade in post theres, also a HD format hlg. Let me just record a little bit of that for you and I will make these clips available as usual on the tech drone media website, and I will throw in a link in the description below lets snap, a few photos here as well. So you have those, so this is a as it is right now, its a 20 megapixel micro, four thirds sensor, so the images will be and they will be 20 megapixel just want to make sure that the format here is correct, so its full three, so thats, Nice, we can underexpose the image here a little bit and I make sure that you have both the JPEG and the raw version of the image lets just put the cast layer nicely in the center like this lets.

Just for the sake of it also grab aeb. Where we get one image, thats neutral exposure once that is all exposed and one that is underexposed, then you should have everything that is needed to play around with these photos and to study what details is available. Theres, of course, all the other stuff available on the Drone that we have come to expect theres the master shot capabilities. I dont want to spend flight time here on the master, shots theres, also the capabilities of doing quick shots. We can do like a circle here by marking the castle like this, and we want it to go in that direction. We wanted to go clockwise. So when I just do this, it seems the resolution is now being pumped down to 4K 30.. Music Im not sure that Im gon na, let it complete the full round here, because then I would basically fly all the area in the harbor which I am not allowed to at least that part of the harbor where the ferries are going in and out signal Strength is still really really good, despite that Im on the other side of the castle Im, not on the other side. 100. I am further away just let it go a little bit more here. I think Ill stop it now. Otherwise, the castle will basically block my path here. So and again I can use the cruise control as a substitute for this, so lets just throw it into video mode again and, as you can see, there are these options here for video thats, the normal mode thats.

The slow motion capability, where you can basically squeeze the Drone up to 120 FPS with 4K. Maybe we can do a little test of that, so you can get that and Ill just put it in cruise control. So I fly it manually point of Interest. Then I press the cruise control option and now it will continue doing whatever I set it out to do so. I just do for like five seconds of slow motion, thatd be really slow when you slow that down. So, basically, you want a lot more movement in the shot. If you really want to get something out of that, but as you saw here as well, theres this night mode, the night mode, basically crunches up the ISO and it messes around with the with that part – make sure that you get enough light to some really good Footage, but it doesnt make sense to use the night mode during a daylight shooting, because one of the disadvantages is that the sensors are disabled, like you can see here, so you will Ram into something if you rely on the sensors protecting the Drone thats for sure. So the night mode is actually limited to 4K 30 FPS. So you just fly this battery down until we get no more and also the camera is a micro four third like we talked about and what you actually see here. On the other side, its a bit hard to see but thats, actually Sweden, where the Hasselblad company is located to a little bit of video here.

So if I go in here under normal mode, make sure that its pumped up to 5.1 K 30 FPS, you see so what I was going to say is that so what you see over there on the other side of the ship is actually Sweden its a Lot closer than you think here and I can use the three times: digital Zoom, that is available here to just take a closer look, so thats kind of funny, because this camera in this drone is a micro, four third and its relying on the Hasselblad color signs And, as you probably know, Hasselblad is from Sweden at least the company was originally from Sweden until GGI bought it. I guess its still there, so the dynamic range of the camera is around 12.8 stops, so I dont think you will have a hard time preserving the highlights and the bright areas of the image, especially when youre flying under conditions like this. You will have a lot of stretch. You will have a lot of highlights as well as a lot of Shadows that might be crushed if you dont have sufficient uh yeah dynamic range in the camera. The Drone has a full 360 degree. Obstacle avoidance means that it has sensor in the front back top and bottom and also on the sides, so that makes it very very safe to fly the Drone. No doubt about that, but of course you should never rely 100 on these obstacle ones, its much better.

To avoid the situation and right now you might notice that theres no maps in the map field here. So maybe we can just put this one in there and thats, because the controller is not connected in any way to Wi Fi, as it is right now lets just try the zooming capability again, I can press this one down, so I can basically seamlessly zoom in And out and its equivalent when its one time, zooms and the Optics are equivalent to a 24 millimeter and if I move it into 72 or three times its equivalent to a 72 millimeter Optics and again, as I explained earlier, 120 meters is the maximum limit that I can utilize and also I have a focus, track capabilities on this drone, so we can just try that out a little bit. I will also release a separate video about that Ive been using my vintage sport. Car Ive been using that to fly around and test out the the focus tracking capabilities and, as you can see, it will not allow me to use Focus track as it is in this mode. So what I need to do here is, I need to pump down the resolution to 4K 30 FPS, and then we can just Spotlight this very so this one. This one is a new one and as you notice there, you can actually see that its a ship. So look at the icon in the middle of the screen here.

It actually shows that its a ship and then I dont, want to yeah Im a little afraid that I would fly over the castle, which I shouldnt do so lets see. Lets just see if subject lost okay, so what we can do here is the subject is in the sunset here, so we do active track and then we can maybe do it from. I dont know the left side here and lets. Try that see what happens. That has a little bit of a hard time here following the ferry here, so we can just cheat a little bit and zoom in on the ferry. Let me try the same thing again wanted to go on the left side of the ferry lets. Go no Laughter. It will not allow me to do that, but in general this is the DJI fly app. So so you have to wait to see what the actual performance is of the active track. When Im riding around on my vintage sport car – and I got ta – tell you, this was a kind of a thrilling experience. If you notice that the RC signal just dropped shortly – and this is because this area is quite polluted – and I guess its caused by the harbor over here – lets – just go to that one again and I got I got ta say I simply love this cruise control Feature we had it originally on the the DJI golf 4 app and it was called course lock.

It was simply so practical because you dont need to activate that flight mode to be able to use that. So you can see. One thing that I can do is I can go down here if I want to use the cruise control and then simply use it as a dolly cam. So maybe I dont want to go that close to this Harbor, so I can basically just zoom in like this and then I can ask the Drone to fly sidewards and then I click the C2 button which Ive customized for this purpose see. Then it just continues. So I get this really really nice and I can control the gimbal. If I want to turn the movement here, you can create some really really nice looking shots with that feature. Thats! No doubt about that uh. This is my first mavic 3 and its actually the first time Ive ever flown. A mavic 3 drone class like this and Im, really really really surprised how well it flies it um and Im, not saying this only because TGI so kindly provided the sample for me, but I was a big fan of my mavic 2. and that one was also Flying very very well, but they, of course this is maybe three years old, the mavic 2 Pro. So a lot has happened since so this this drone is not only faster, its also a yeah, a lot more responsive when you fly it around and the connectivity between the Drone and the controller is is really good.

So far, I havent seen any issues here with that. This is called the North Harbor theres, a lot of small ships there, private individuals that are having their boats. There just fly a little bit over here, oh yeah, and I can also use the wheel here to zoom it seamlessly the scroll wheel here. So this uh Hotel here is called Marine list and theres a casino in there and theres. Also, some pretty nice Apartments where you can stay and look over the water as Spa, thats everything. So if you get to this part of the country, you should really consider the marineless the castle not Castle, but the hotel thats a really really really really cool place. Our national team, I think, actually stays there. Sometimes the our national football team stay there. So now we are getting a little bit far away. So what I would do now is so what what you just saw here is say that I tried to show you a little bit before. If you do this, you do the maximum yeah Zoom, and you are turning around like this youre. Creating this Parallax effect where the objects in the foreground move a lot slower than the ones in the back thats. A pretty cool. Look: okay! Lets start by bringing the Drone back here before we get into problems, so lets go out here, still a beautiful morning, Music. Normally, I would get very very nervous if I only had this amount of percentage back on the battery, but because the battery is so huge on this drone theres really no reason to worry youre, just flying very slowly back two takeoff point which is somewhere here next To the harbor Music, look at this look at this look at this look at this gorgeous, but lets just park.

The Drone here for a second, its basically saying that I should head back now so Ill. Do that, if youre new around here, I am Henrik Olson and if you found value in this type of content, then consider subscribing to the channel. I will be making a lot of videos about this fantastic drone and well add all those to a playlist that you can access through this card. You could also, if you like, the video decide to give it a like if you did like it, feel free to press this like button twice.