Pilots in canada lets get into it. Rc aircraft enthusiasts have the model aeronautics association of canada, industrial grade drone operators have aerial evolution, formerly known as unmanned systems, but the vast majority of the 65 000 certified drone pilots in canada, arent covered by the mandates of these organizations. Im talking about recreational and light commercial drone, pilots, recreational folks flying mostly for fun and the thousands of men and women using drones for real estate, roof inspections and a myriad of other applications involving a camera in the sky were hooked. On the amazing perspective, you can get from that birds, eye view and all the things you can do with it. So when faced with regulations and exams firmly entrenched in the aviation culture, lingo and archaic systems, our reactions, while they range from bewilderment to confusion, to sometimes downright fury, we want improvements, but without an organization to represent us, we are lonely. Voices in the prop wash sometimes listened to, and just as often ignored, this must change. So with that backdrop, i present the drone pilot association of canada or deepak for short, advocating on behalf of recreational and light commercial drone, pilots for a safe, simple and reasonable droning experience in canada. Our primary objective is to improve the drone regulatory environment, including the rules, exams, certifications airspace restrictions, procedures and, of course, fee structures. Membership is absolutely free with no strings attached and open to anyone eligible to be a certified drone pilot in canada.

Ive set up a no frills web page where you can enroll and download your membership package. The link is simply dronepilotassociationofcanada.com. Youll find it. In the description below this video. I will lead a small steering committee, whose role is to prioritize issues, agree on position, statements and execute action plans and ill keep everyone informed of whats, going on no bs, no fluff, no salaries, no overhead and speaking of no bs ill. Just stop here. If you want to join the unified voice for recreational and light commercial drone, pilots in canada and give deepak the mandate to be heard by transport, canada go to the deepak webpage and sign up right now. Its free and simple spread the word and encourage others to join the drone pilot association of canada.