It’S got suicidal tendencies: Music, Music, well, the sky deal 2 is an impressive drone with its ability to uh miss objects. I did take it down this road with the truck had the snow. The road is fairly clear forward and naf, so i was trying to get the drone to track both in front of the vehicle and behind it did really well. I came down to a curve here, that’s behind me kind of a downhill with an open area, some trees off to my right and i transitioned the drone from behind the truck to the front of the truck going almost no miles per hour. And i could hear the drone fly off to my right to try to get in front of me and then it struck one of these trees and disappeared. This is the third crash. Now, with the sky deal, the first two were landing crashes. This is the first time it’s been a flight crash. This is my second sky do2 in just a few months. I’Ve also broken almost every rule that skydeal put out for this drone. The video i produce is for motorcycle instructors and for riders to do that. I’M. Almost always solo and i need a drone that can fly itself. The skydio2 one of the major features is the fact i don’t have to have a big controller. All i need is the drone, my phone and the beacon. Now, when you buy the drone, it’s gon na cost you a thousand dollars for the drone and for a battery and just a cord to charge it.

But if you’re doing it with motorsports or if you’re doing any kind of high speed running horses. If you’re into any of that kind of stuff, you’re gon na need the beacon and because the battery is only good for about 20 minutes you’re going to need more batteries. Also, it has one major flaw when it lands, it turns off all its obstacle avoidance, and i learned that when i was practicing with it and landed it just off target. The other thing i just discovered today is here’s. My skydio and you’ll see one more broken. Prop and a battery sitting off of it and what happened was when the bike or the drone ran out of battery it. Auto loaded, well, auto, landed and whatever was underneath it. It landed on so it doesn’t have a return to return to base or return to. The original point that i expected to find the djis have to keep a track on the battery and make sure you land it before the drone decides it’s time to land. This is where drones are supposed to fly: there’s, no branches, there’s, no twigs, there’s, no power lines, there’s no cars, but the sky do2 takes us to a new level. I produce primarily motorcycle riding videos and mostly off road videos, a couple of things that are really good to know about this drone, as opposed to anything else. When i shoot with any other drone, i have to come up with audio for everything that i’m doing, which means that, if, if i’m riding through the woods, i have to run a second camera that second camera has to be collecting the audio, so that i can Get the engine sound or i have to cover the whole thing up with music.

This drone is the only one i know of that captures audio i’m on my phone i’ve got my my rode. Wireless go 2, which is attach the jacket and that’s allowing a separate soundtrack. So i have one video track on the drone, which is what you’re watching and i have a soundtrack that’s being recorded. Now i am using the beacon and for anybody considering this drone for motorsports use or anything that’s really challenging. You have to have the beacon, otherwise it’s never going to find you right now. The drone is trying to find me because i’m in the woods it’s lost the visual. It can only track what’s on the beacon. Now the drone is also not supposed to be flowing around small twigs and around me here currently are a lot of twigs now. These are pretty good, they have pine needles on them which make it easier for the drone to see turns out. This drone has six full 360 degree, cameras on it and those 360 degree cameras are what are helping. It not run into everything so it’s going up and over branches and in fact this drone’s flying places. I could never fly my drone. Even if i was running with a pilot with somebody helping the beacon’s critical when i hook it up to the beacon and then i also pair it to the phone for visual tracking that’s when you get the optimal results, the beacon also allows the drone to pick Up sound at this source – and this is cool, pay attention point it at the drone and then go park over there drone park up there drone and no matter where i point this: it tells the drone to go there and that’s where it starts.

Also, if i’m, not using the phone or if i want to fly the drone with only the beacon, i can do that now i can push on the screen and select where i want the drone to be around me whether i want to lead whether i want To follow me stay at my side. I can do that from the beacon. Also i can fly the drone manually with the beacon as well, by using the buttons and controls on it. This is a must have if you do decide. The sky do 2. Is the right drone for you, the beacon and a couple of extra batteries are a must. The skydio2 has two propellers pointed up and two pointed down what that means is if this drone lands and it has no landing gear, it lands on its battery when it lands. These props are spinning down into the grass or wherever you’re landing it. It means the drone needs to land on a perfect surface concrete or something solid when they send this out to you. It comes in a hard container. That container has a basically a qr code, that’s on it it’s a symbol that it locks onto and allows it to land on that and that will protect the props. My preferred method is to reach up into the air and just pick the drone up out of the air, and it works very well full disclosure. This drone was not sent to me to do free reviews for skydio.

They did not give me a discount, they did not rush the drone to me and they have no intent of repairing the drone without me, sending them more money with with the faults that skydio does have, which is its suicidal landing tendencies it’s relatively short battery life. It’S, not collapsible, but it is very thin. It does store and pack easily – and i mean it’s – definitely not the drone i’m going to pick if i want to do drone type flying if i want to fly high altitude and do drone photography this isn’t, the drone i’m gon na pick i’m gon na go Straight back to my my dji, i’m gon na grab my mavic i’m gon na fly that, but when it comes down to an autonomous drone that can track and follow me that can help me create better content and educational content for riders is still the best game. In town perfect, absolutely not flawed, yeah there’s, some silly flaws on this and, unfortunately, i’m afraid this isn’t the last time i’m going to be sending it back for repairs. But i have a lot of hope and i’m looking forward to the future. With this, to make some really good content, whatever you decide just go in knowing what you’re going to get thanks for watching make sure you hit subscribe, leave comments down below, and if you really like what i have on the channel, please jump onto patreon, throw a Little support each month help.