So in this episode i wanted to talk about the issue of uh, the drone conundrum. There has been a lot of talk a lot of conversation. There has been questions directed towards me in terms of the possible utilization of the uh, the turkish uh drone systems, uh that we have seen uh work, uh very well in other parts of the world, such as uh the uh azeri armenian conflict that took place over The karabakh and i would like to to just kind of address that and um talk about that in terms of why uh the tegra region, the de gray conflict, is different and you will not see uh. That same sort of issue replicate itself that we saw in in areas such as the armenian azeri conflict. So first you have to understand that uh, the the turks are, are deep allies with azer zerban and the turkish forces have had many years to operate with aj zerban to conduct inter military training exercises to assist the azeris in the deployment of different types of drones And you have to understand that the azeris have had many years of being able to work with these drones understand these drones. They have immense amount of capital to purchase top end drones from the israelis and obviously from the the turks themselves. Now compounding this uh, the the turks had a vested interest in helping the azeris in its conquest of the karabakh region. Okay, for all intents and purposes, the armenians were facing uh what you could almost define as the full weight of a nato uh army attacking them and uh the the turks have a very powerful military and uh.

They were able to utilize those forces in conjunction uh, with the azares to to just utterly pound the armenians into the dirt, with with these drones and and quite possibly other systems. Well, not quite possibly, we know other systems came into play as well. So the the turkish forces uh had quite literally again many years, as did the azeris, to prepare and utilize these drones and they had test operations where they used these drones prior and, unfortunately, for the armenians. The russian equipment did not work to to jam. Some of these data links and uh the another another issue at hand. Uh is the uh the size of the terrain that or the area and size of the terrain that these drones were operating in um its its much more of a condensed area uh. That is present inside of of the karabok and and that helped facilitate these these drone operations. Now, if we look at whats going on uh in the uh, the tagaya region inside of ethiopia, the the same sort of assets are simply not present. The ethiopian army has not had this uh immense, uh military to military interchange, where both sides were working together. Obviously, the turkish military has not been setting up uh uh drone operating stations – they they just theyre, not on the ground, like they were inside, of azure and its its you. You just cannot say: hey. The turks have decided to send these drones to uh to ethiopia, and the ethiopians would have this the sudden ability to to operate the these drones.

That, indeed, are not uh guided with a a satellite uplink. They they are for all intensive purposes: uh wirelessly, controlled via ground stations and ground terminals and and its just um completely different than the resources and assets that were on the ground in in terms of what took place in in the carabao completely different. Now could the uae and – and we do believe the uae did assist the eotrans and utilizing some of these uh these chinese long, a distance chinese produced drones inside of the tagai region. Yes, that is possible and probably did occur. Are they still there? We do not believe so. There has been an immense amount of pressure on the united arab emirates to not utilize those drones in this conflict and uh. That was drawing the attention uh to virtue to future arms procurement by the united arab emirates, especially in terms of the united states uh. That was possibly looking at cutting off uh the uh, the uae, from uh acquisition to uh to higher performance systems. So it was crucial that the uae cease and desist in terms of operating these drones uh over the tagrai region, and we believe that has occurred. But we weve heard of this developing relationship between russia, weve heard the developing relationships between the turks and ethiopia, but that process um would would take a tremendous amount of resources and training and capital money to uh effectively move these drones train the the ethiopian army, the Federal forces in the use of these drones, but it even gets more complicated than that, because you have to look at the types of munitions that are also being imported.

Obviously, the the mammal missile would have to be introduced and its just not the drones that the ethiopians would be purchasing and again, if intelligence agencies got wind, that a lot of these nato assets were being moved into place to help facilitate an internal conflict uh. That would jeopardize the turks um position in terms of acquiring uh future systems and such but uh and and again the the russian systems are, are just not the same by any means in terms of what is uh.